This is the place where nothing is ever sacred, especially ourselves. See below for a view of some of the Most Serious Occultists "channeling in" the God of Silliness. Tani Jantsang


OMG! What happened to T. Casey Brennan, His Divine Grace, T. Casey Brennan "Srila Kasipada"? Find out new and shocking information about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and how TC Brennan had a run in with Eldritch things!

Home of the Flying Monkeys - where NOTHING is Sacred

The Great Debate: Between President Shrub and Say Damn Who's Sayin'

Comrade Yahudi and the Gang at Star Gate HQ

The revolutionary shrine of The God Stalin and the Goddess Tani

The Cyclone Rollercoaster - hoooo weeee!

Atlas Farted, by Ann Randy and the Minister of the Sinister

Tanimamma's baby toys - or at least what remains of them: their heads

The Toe Duh Ching

The Cheese Doctrine

The Zebra's Stripes

Where do Dogs and Cats Come From?

Wise Advice and Sayings from the Sages of the Ages

Let's Hear it for Violence Against Boiled Rice

Getting Even with the Banksters - funny true story

To All the Ladies: About the Bolsheviks: a pro-Bolshevik view of the early Soviets, with a Satanic spin

Diabolical Soviets: humorous commentary on ancient Western knee-jerk stereotypes about the looks of people from what were the Soviet lands - that is, from the "Evil Empire"

"Christian Right Lobbies to Overturn Second Law of Thermodynamics": make sure you're not drinking anything near your keyboard when you read this!

Equality! Survival of the Fittest! and other buzz words: written exclusively for the morons who try to spam our chatroom with their idiotic yammerings

Conservative Buzz Words: what they say, and what they really mean

Does God Exist Or Not: this age old question is answered by our Dialectical Reasoner

Seeing Red by Satan's Commissar: a discussion of the merits of Socialism, Communism, and the Soviet Union, and the faults of Capitalism, in a Satanic perspective

Stalin was Right: against the Orwellian myth and other frantic ravings

Stalin Didn't Tolerate LOOTerz: Reds were never pro-welfare leeches

The Bolshevik Ethic: discusses the Real Thing, as opposed to the fairy tale

Slava Stalin! He was a regular Robin Hood: is that what this knee-jerk hate some feel for him is about?

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