Our Pentacle at left is red, to represent us in this context. Within the pentacle, you see two tools: one represents agriculture and the other represents industry, both cooperating on our sea-green earth under our blue sky. Nations need a strong self-sufficient agrarian and industrial base if they are to survive as healthy nations. Below are Socio-Political articles as they pertain to the modern world, and other historical material. POWER TO THE WORKING PEOPLE! Tani Jantsang


Why Franklin Delano Roosevelt is a Worthy Mentor

The Other War: FDR's Battle Against Churchill and the British Empire - excellent article submitted to Satanic Reds by Comrade Walter Alter

The Four Freedoms of FDRoosevelt

Ayn Rand - Serial KIiller Fangirl - Her Importance Today

For American Comrades: a poignant statement of truth from Pointman USA

Two Articles on Systematic Ideology: Tani Jantsang and Walter Alter

Philosophy - a Brief Assessment

Enlightened Voices: excellent words spoken by brave voices during the Enlightenment

To Boldly Go: How Star Trek Explodes some Myths and Misconceptions about Life in a Socialistic Economy. And a Reality check for some Economic Liberterians.

Might is Right? Four essays of interest and insight on the notion of might being right, on the original writer and his intentions, and on what it has become

Instinct versus Culture, Nature versus Nurture, Genes versus Environment, Race and Racism, and Having Children - or not.

On Education in a Real Merit System - by a Satanist from the Soviet System

Genetic Determinism Refuted - with quotes from Professor Richard Lewontin and an introduction by Tani Jantsang

Is There Such a Thing as Race? - with human tree chart - by Tani Jantsang

Tree of Destruction: A Synthetic Analysis of Human Societal Problems Since the Agrarian Age by Tani Jantsang

DiaMat: Taking the Mystery out of Dialectical Materialism by Comrade Jerome and others

Animal Intelligence and More: a different look at different animals that will surprise you and may even scare you

Monopoly and Evolution: discusses economic trends in capitalist societies from an evolutionary biology perspective and points out some amazing things now known about real evolution, with an idea about how monopolies could be put to the service of The People - by Comrade Brendan

Egoism - What is It? Egoism in its modern interpretation, is the antithesis, not of altruism, but of idealism.  It is the enemy of idealism and the friend of Realism

The Crux of Christianity by Dennis McKinsey

Is Fascism Satanic? - by many authors, as listed - an old subject rehashed anew in interesting and very entertaining new ways

The Moral Obligation to be Intelligent - by Erskine

Eugenics in Communist China: an account from an Army Official of positive and negative eugenics put into law and practice by the Chinese People's Republic

Revolutionaries: they were definitely not bleeding hearts. Some notes on the Anarchist Nachaev and the Satanist Bakunin

Quotes by Lavrenty Beria - by Beria, from a speech in 1930's USSR - this might blow some minds

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