The Roots of Satanic Reds Organization


1972 Fiasco with Mythos writers and their cult groups, and Dr. Michael Aquino (at that time, in the Church of Satan) - this fills in important details about something in the book Dr. Aquino wrote on the pre-1975 COS

"The Church of Satan" by Dr. Michael A. Aquino - extensive history of the pre-1975 Church of Satan (Sold on

Who Used the word SATANAS First - spelled that way?

"CheKa" out our NKVD song in MIDI format

Listen to a MIDI excerpt from Samuel Barber's beautiful Adagio for Strings, which was used to announce the death of beloved US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, SR Saint FDR

Satanic Reds Interview with T. Casey Brennan

For American Comrades - a poignant statement of truth from Pointman USA

TRIBUTE FOR AND FROM A FALLEN SATANIST: Lord Veneficus - we salute you! A true Comrade in the struggle

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