1972 Fiasco with Mythos writers and their cult groups, and Dr. Aquino (at the time, in the Church of Satan) who ended up in the middle of something he obviously knew nothing about.

A peek into this is in "COS" by Dr. Michael Aquino, Chapter 15, on page 154 where it begins with a letter from Billington. This is the rest of the story.

This is produced in order to fill in the gaps in a strange incident . Prior documents that had nothing to do with SSS/COS are removed. This is not produced to "bash" any organization, but to fill in the gaps on something that happened in 1972 when no one else had the pieces to the puzzle and no one else knew that copyrighted fiction-in-the-making was involved.

Also, let me state this very clearly. Neither Phil Marsh nor I, Tani Jantsang, had a thing to do with the creation of this SSS organization, or of the cards that people had at the time. Both of us saw these, both of us were handed "calling cards" but neither of us had a thing to do with the name of the SSS organization (which in Latin means absolutely nothing). . It was taken by all people that ever saw these cards, to be a parody and joke at the expense of the Templars who did use the Baphometis to represent the goddess Sofia (Mary, Queen of Heaven).

No one in that group of people had anything to do with with public, organized, or any other kind of Satanism. The cards and the name of the SSS was considered to be all in fun. The only member of it that ever had a thing to do with organized Satanism was W. Chojnicki - as the documents and letters below show.

Further, Lin Carter is the inventor of the "Demon Trinity" which is not Lovecraftian at all, but which is anti-Catholic in spirit. He himself was the "personna" of Anton Zarnak or Mr. N., the so-called occult investigator and master magus. He is the one that thought up the name for those cards and who made them. Lin, in all probability, got the spelling of "Satanas" from The Eyclopedia of Witchcraft and Demonology by Robbins, 1959, but that's just a guess. In that book there is shown an actual court document, a "pact with the Devil," where Satan is spelled "Satanas." More detailed information on this, plus an image of the actual pact, is shown at the bottom of this document.

Neither Phil nor I were ever members of the SSS; nor would we ever join anything with a name like that. The mythemes Carter was writing about were just not Lovecraftian, in our opinion; hence we formed our own group: first the SWS and then the Kishites. Phil Marsh knew of the SWS but was not a member of it. Phil and I were both part of the Kishites where the predominant esotericism was Dark Doctrines - in mythos jargon.

The 1972 Fiasco:

People into the Cthulhu Mythos and people from LHP type backgrounds, occult lodges, mystical orientations, etc. came head to head with Aquino, who was then in the COS, and some other COS people - some of whom were in on the Mythos stuff, at least peripherally.

This fiasco was a long mystery to the COS, claimed Gilmore in 1989 when asked about it, since they didn’t know any details. Well, I knew all about it since 1978. I got the correspondence from Chojnicki, who clearly (in plain English) explained what happened. He, at the time, did not realize that I was the author of the stolen poem/song - and I also knew Riza, who also had material stolen from her. . I told Peter Gilmore (of the Church of Satan) way back in 1989 about it; he claimed that LaVey had no idea what the "strange incidents" were about. Did LaVey know at the time? Or did he just tell Gilmore he didn't know? Who knows. Aquino definitely knew a tiny piece of it since he documented his bump into it in his book The COS, he bumped smack into it. Apparently, he didn't see much of or any of the correspondence that passed between these cults at all. He saw just a few things from Chojnicki, which he saw wholly out of context (it would have been interesting to have seen his face when he read it.... = HAAAAAAAA!!!) One might even take his flabberghasted and dumbfounded reaction to Chojnicki and write it up as a mythos story :) It would be perfect.

Below, at the end of this document, are pictures of the SSS (Societas Selectus Satanas) cards, and a building. that Chonicki and other students had rented the upstairs rooms in, and either got permission to put SSS on the building or the letters were already on the building and stood for something else (??). The address of the building was 430 Shaw Avenue, McKeesport, PA. (Someone might want to check what used to be at that address in 1972!) Also, there are pictures of Lori or Lorelei (Phyllis Rose), Bug-Shoggog (Bill S.), Zond Malek (Chojnicki.) and Alijah Billington (Dale Seago).

Dale Seago rather comes off, in this whole compilation here, as Aquino’s spy. Remember, it "comes off" that way because we know, on hindsight, that Seago left the COS with Aquino to form the TOS. This stuff happened in 1972, three years prior to that.

There are also letters from Carter (Zarnak) to Bug and Zond in mythos lingo. One would have had to have known the mythos inside out - during a time when most of it was out of print - to even begin to understand what they were saying to each other, and then separate the in-jokes from the serious stuff.

On February 17, 2000, Dale Seago was contacted and asked to read this manuscript. He agreed with the details, but he denied being a spy for anyone; but admits to telling Aquino things as a military person (Dale was also in the military).

Dale never met Chojnicki; Dale immediately recognized Phyllis Rose from the photo and did meet her, apparently he knew her personally; Dale did not know Bill S at all. I met Bill S once. I knew Rose a little bit in the 1960s, I lived next door to her (I knew her enough, as did friends of mine, to borrow her license to use as age ID to get into clubs where you had to be 21). Phil and I both met and visited Chojnicki in Pennsylvania when he was at Penn State U and again in New England where he moved after serving in the military himself. Chojnicki was a photographer.

This is where I got most of this correspondence from. I got the "Aklo Tablets" from our own group, not the SSS, though Chojnicki did start that document and started to write his own story for it, but never finished it (I wrote my own story for "How I Got The Aklo Tablets" in the 1990's and published it). Our original group in the 1960s was the Starry Wisdom Sect; our later group in the 1970s was Kishites and I took the Aklo text with me there.

This was fiction in the making, copyright stuff that we planned to pass onto Lin Carter for either his Necronomicon, or something else. It was Cthulhu Mythos fiction mixed with actual Esoteric Doctrines told using mythos words and names in an effort to systemitized the Cthulhu Mythos. Back then, not much was written on it and it was easy to do this. Back then Lin was also fond of declaring what was or was not a Mythos story. As I said, I finally typed the Aklo Tablets up myself, recently, and wrote my own story, since no one else ever got to it. The Aklo Tablets (not the story) are on rit-aklo.html with explanations about what I wrote, what I did not write, and where it came from.

Dale Seago was one of the main COS members that bumped into this. He may be the COS member that started the entire correspondence with these cults and anyone in the COS in the first place. I don't know for sure. Chojnicki was a CoS member apparently, but never corresponded with any of them before this (?). (I never saw anything from him to COS members except Zabrecky and Seago.) The membership or calling card for this SSS has a Baphomet with colored-in Hebrew letters on it (previous to 1972 they had this) and later they adopted a different one, see both versions at the end of this document. The later cards were not laminated (when you get a lot of members, that gets expensive!). The SSS and Baphomet were also used on correspondence between these Mythos "cult" people at least as early as 1963. The address on the letters is Lin Carter's. At that time, the SSS was in New York.

Short Preface

In the 1960’s Lin Carter, now well known in the Cthulhu Mythos (and loved and hated passionately) wanted to systemetize the mythos, correlate it to real things from other cultures, and ‘WRITE THE AWFUL BOOKS’ as if they were authentic, worthy of what HP Lovecraft wrote about - SCARY - using real doctrines from other places in a mythos language. This never got done. Lin Carter got cancer.

1. From what I can gather up, Aquino, who got dragged into it without knowing any details, and/or others and someone who stole something, got into a royal miff with the Church of Satan. It appears, on hindsight, as if Aquino was standing in the way of LaVey getting this. If this is incorrect, if Aquino was told to do what he did by LaVey, then we don't know this or have any correspondence showing this. Chojnicki and the others who would be in a position to know, claim that it was LaVey himself that played the games, condoned the theft of a poem/song and told his lower ranking members what to do. It wouldn't be the first time LaVey took something that someone else wrote.

Then again, did anyone seriously write and SAY in clear English that this was a cooperative writing venture that would make a lot of money? If so, I do not have this correspondence. Again, this is not what Chojnicki told any of us. Consider that heaps of correspondence passed back and forth with these people, I have very little of this. From Aquino's own book, "COS," he apparently has even LESS of it. Much less of it. He doesn't even have the draft of the "Aklo Tablets," which he should have if he saw the entire letter that Chojnicki sent to Zabrecky!

2. This discouraged the intial people involved who had collected VOLUMES of data during a time when most Cthulhu mythos stories were out of print and never seen, and during a time when hardly anyone ever saw HPL’s own collected letters. Many of those people were extremely hostile to the COS and LaVey and all of that anyway. Apparently, some were not, but they soon became hostile.

3. Finally, later, Lin Carter got sick. He also made some serious enemies of other writers and publishers, for sometimes taking their ideas and "mentioning them" in his own tales (without permission - he did that to me, too!). To this day, he is passionately hated and also loved for his fun mythos. (Praise be to Xoth, in the Sign of Kish......:)

The entire endeavor, unfortunately missing all the research others had done thatI had saved, (AND STILL HAVE MOST OF!!) fell into the hands of Robert M. Price who did a fine job of reprinting all of what Lin Carter had of it and publishing all of Carter’s works (which mention volumes of missing and/or even stolen text, information and diagrams!). Price also got a heap of this from me early on, but didn't know what to do with it (nor do I think I ever sent cover letters explaining what it was or who it was for). Lin was too sick to do anything with it. Carter didn’t even know where it all went or who had it. Dick Tierney had some of it, but he had some kind of falling out with Lin Carter.

As I said, I have most of it, probably 99% of it. None of it is in etext, some isn't even typed. It's hand written. You can read a whole synopsis of some of this research and read some of it on this url: sirius.html
You can read about how SWS and Kishites used the mythos names available (plus our own) on this url:

Much of this is spelled out in the "Roots of the Satanic Reds Organization." SR is an org - and the org itself has roots that are directly from the SWS and the Kishites - not from any other more-modern occult order. These groups that formed were very secretive - you could not find them - they would find you if you were "the right kind." However, if they talked to you, they were not secretive at all! One of our SR members is presently the head of the EOD occult order. One word for them is: Supremely Strange.

As I said, I did send copies of some of it to Robert Price for Lin, but Lin was sick and Price didn’t know what it was for - or even what it was! It would have had to have been written up in a story form with plots. None of it was or is written in story form. It would have been had Lin done what he originally set out to do. The Cthulhu Mythos research was not just Dark Tradition; the Kishites brought that into it. It was everything from Gnosticism to even Christianity (Jesus the Fish - a good Deep One!), Judaism (Yog-Sothoth, the Jewish God) and standard Greek and other mythology.

Michael Aquino and how he bumped into this:

How did Aquino get involved? Well, apparently, as I was told and as letters confirm, some of what appear on hindsight to be "his clique" were already involved, like Dale Seago. Dale Seago admits he knew and met Phyllis Rose, from the early NJ mythos group; he recognized her photo immediately even though the photos I put on here are photos of her in the 1970s. He did not know the other people in the photos put up. But how did Aquino get involved?

Someone filched a song-poem I wrote. Somehow, it ended up printed in the Cloven Hoof. At the time, early 1970’s, Wayne Chojnicki and a bunch of university students were involved and Wayne tried to do something about the filched poem. There wasn’t much he could do except make threats because he wasn’t the author of the poem nor did he know who wrote it at that time. That’s how Aquino got involved. It looks like Aquino claimed to be THE spokesperson of the COS in his letter to Wayne. He also either 1. had the gall to pretend that these people believed in this stuff when it was OBVIOUS to everyone involved that letters had been passing back and forth with this kind of “cultish” language; or 2. he genuinely did not know what it was about and had no idea this was going on; in which case, that's hilariously funny! One look at a letter from Count Zarnak to Zond Malek or Bug Shoggog or any of the correspondence reproduced here would give you an idea of what a person might think if they had no clue what was going on. From Aquino's side of what he shows in his book "COS," he never saw the cult stories or any of that stuff - he only saw Chojnicki's letter. Chojnicki absolutely sent the partial story "Aklo Tablets" to Zabrecky with his letter. I have original copies of both Chojnicki's letter to Aquino and the text he was using to make the Aklo Tablets, these were some stanzas from Blavatsky's "Book of Dzyan."

Keep in mind - the people involved in this were very angry at Anton LaVey for this because Aquino was speaking FOR Anton LaVey. Keep in mind, on hindsight, this looks radically different, because in 1975, Aquino left the COS to form the Temple of Set, taking the entire priesthood with him. So, on HINDSIGHT, it looks very different. Secondly, LaVey just took the Baphomet itself not knowing what it was and plastered it on a book , "Satanic Bible" when the Baphomet is SOPHIA encoded with the Atbash Cipher with the letters for Baphomet! Seems he was in the habit of just taking things. As for the rest of the people involved, eg, in the groups I was involved with, the CoS was regarded as outcast. Why this was so is simple: the COS attracted the worst sorts of dregs and people who knew abolutely NOTHING about anything LHP. They were arrogant and always tried to start trouble by "acting tough." That's why. No one else did this. LaVey himself referred to the Grottos as "bitch fests." Obviously, by 1975, Aquino himself would agree with this assessment!

Here are some documents regarding this particular mess. It’s all I managed to collect - there are probably many more. As I said, I have most of the mythos stuff, however. Incredible stuff. Dark Tradition and other traditions in mythos words.

I have at home the documents that are shown here in their original form, copies of them, some hand-written, turned into etext. The typed letters are also in etext here with the typos and etc. all fixed. Anyone who wants to see the originals can write to PO BOX 85, Lehigh Acres, FL 33970-0085 for copies: send $6.00 to cover copy costs and postage, payable to Philip Marsh.

This appeared in the old Cloven Hoof. Truth to tell, it’s ALMOST a different poem!

Note: Around 1989 when asked about this, Peter Gilmore said that no one knew who John Dee was, including Aquino. I imagine they asked about it. SOMEONE must know who SZZ-910 is. That's a membership number in the CoS.

"The Chant of the Strange Angles" - by Warlock John Dee SZZ-910

"Through Strange Angles are the Gates
Through which Those Who lost can find.
They shall come forth and increase in all Their strength.

"Through the Angles of the Planes shall They come.
(verbatim, from my poem)

"And the Curves of Space shall break
And shall open Their Kind
Who walk between the stars and ride the wind.

"Through the Angles of the Planes shall They come.

"From the Sea's depths shall arise
That Beach hidden from all sight,
And One shall waken from His sleep and dream no more.

"Through the Angles of the Planes shall They come.

"Then the Sun shall be bedimmed
By those Globes of Light Unquenched
As the Lurking One shall cross the Gate of Time.

"Through the Angles of the Planes shall They come.

"Through Strange Angles are the Gates
Through which Those Who lost shall find.
They shall come forth and increase in all Their strength.

"Through the Angles of the Planes shall They come."

This appeared in the same issue on the same page of Cloven Hoof:
The Old Occultist's Almanac for April VII - by Warlock Solomon Weir SZZ-939

2 - (Sunday) Easter, an ancient European spring fertility festival named after Easter, the Teutonic dawn goddess.
11 - (Tuesday) Birthday of Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey.
21 - (Friday) The Sun enters the sign of Taurus.
27-28 - (Thursday night) Full Moon, 7:45 A.M.
30-May 1 - (Sunday night) Walpurgisnacht, also called Beltane, May Eve, or Roodmas;
the sixth anniversary of the founding of the Church of Satan.

NOTE: Didn't they know that Easter comes from Ishtar? Guess not! Literally, know-nothings.


THIS is a letter from DALE SEAGO using a name from a mythos story, A. Billington. NOTE: he is ASKING for contacts. On hindsight, this looks suspicious. It was in the Cloven Hoof. Apparently, Dale GOT contacted and it all turned sour.

"Concern'g ye Chant of ye Strange Angles from ye Booke of ye Arab Alhazred which our esteem'd Brother, Warlock John Dee, did submit in ye preceding issue: I was much astonish'd thereat, for I had thought mine own copy of Al-Azif to be ye Last. I desire greatly to discuss with him a matter of certain Business which I believe might be of interest to him, and which cou'd prove to be of no small benefit to us both, as well as advanc'g ye Cause of ye Gr. Old Ones & Hasten'g their com'g Again. I am at present us'g ye name "Dale Seago" & may be reach'd at ye H&HS Station, Correctional Facility; MCAS; Cherry Point, North Carolina 28533. Hop'g to have word from him so on as Brother in Satan & in Him Who is Not to be Nam'd I am"


A. Billington, Gent. (Warlock, SZZ-927)


The actual chant that I wrote, put to music:

Through strange angles are the Gates
Through which those our Lords can find;
Come forth Old Ones and increase in all your strength!
Through the angles of the planes They shall come.

The curves of space shall break
And shall open to our Kind;
Walk forever between space and beyond time!
Through the angles of the planes They shall come.

From in the Mindless Void
A crawling chaos howls the night.
Come forth, Dark One, cross the barrier of Light!
Through the angles of the planes They shall come.

All shall be stricken blind
By One whose Being cannot be.
Black God of Chaos, come forth from knighted void,
Through the angles of the planes They shall come.

From inner-most infinity
A One who sees the All as Is,
Come forth and rend the veils that all may see!
Through the angles of the planes They shall come.

You are, were, and will be
And we, your children, One with Thee:
Come forth, Old One and release the barrier of Light
Through the angles of the planes They shall come.

NOTE: this refers to THE Old One and the five Towo forms connected to Dharma, or in the Pythagorean system, the five Daimones. It does not refer to anything Lovecraftian. I never heard of Lovecraft at the time I wrote this song. There were diagrams with this showing what it all meant - and written music in the Locrian mode.

Verse One had the lower 7 circles of the Sephiroth showing.

Verse Two had four circles on top horizontally, like with four other broken circles below

)( )(

Verse Three had the pentacle, 2 points up

Verse Four had a portion of upper triangle and bottom alpha of the pentacle.


Verse Five had the triangle with Eye in it.

Verse Six had the pentacle with Vajra in it in the center of it, coming up from bottom point of pentacle, through the "House" or pentagon in the center, and up through the top, where the triangle and Eye would be in Verse Five.


This is Chojnicki's letter to Bill S. Explanations and my notes in parenthesis in bold.

February 15, VII A.S.

Bill S
340 Kearney Avenue, 2nd Floor
Kearney, N.J.

Dear Bill,

Can you supply more information on the partial Razi Rota Nekiimanu you sent, specifically the Chant To The Void. Is this copyrighted? Did Riza write it? I would assume so since she wrote the rest of the Rota. That's some heavy stuff in there, our stuff. How do you suppose we can fit this into the Cthulhu Cycle Entities? All of the characteristics seem to fit into one entity, Nyarlathotep. Perhaps Atlach Nacha? Or some of the lesser entities from Derleth?

(They are referring to a Kabalistic book of notes, that is, Riza wrote it as notes and they called it the Razi Rota Nekiimanu). She didn't write the Chant to the Void, I, Tani Jantsang, wrote it as a song.)

I've run into a bit of a problem. Someone I sent copies to must have sent the song, rewritten as a poem, to the Church of Satan as it appeared in their newsletter the Cloven Hoof in an altered form, by John Dee. This could run us all into a lot of trouble, legal trouble, and if the Old Ones (particularly daddy-dearest) find out what we are up to, they'd shit a fit.

(He is referring to his parents or to Lin Carter).

I plan to send off a missive to the Church of Satan's Regional Agent, an idiot named Zabrecky, naturally, filled to the brim with proper mythos appellations and innuendoes and such ilk as this crowd seem to be used to. The way they sound, you'd think they had Beelzebub and Asmodeus over for dinner on a weekly basis. I wonder what they'd do if I ever asked to be invited so that I could see these demons they claim to conjure up. What's the use, they remind me of the loonie-tunes that talk to jesus. So I shall couch my missive in the appropriate terminology, and perhaps peak their interest as I assume these christlings never heard of these entities. You never know, the Church of Satan might even adopt the Cthulhu Mythos as their new religion--and believe in the entities to wit, that would be pretty much their speed. We could even get rich printing up the "real Necronomicon" and selling it to them. I'm surprised no one thought of that before.

(Chojnicki did do this, sent Zabrecky a letter. He got his answer and then Aquino stepped in and declared on this situation in a way that did not reflect the situation at all, as if he didn't know that a story was in progress. - Or, perhaps Aquino never SAW the story that was sent to Zabrecky? He reproduced Chojnicki's letter in his "COS" book, but not the story, not even a mention of it. (I have to IMAGINE getting a letter like that out of the blue, with no clue or explanation - and I have to LMAO).

Shavers has come up with a name appropriate to our congeries of college nerds: Dholes. On the bright side also, I came upon a most incredible find in used books: The Trail of Cthulhu by August Derleth. We are going to need help to translate all that Derleth wrote in there, he is an expert in Polynesian mythology--I mean the REAL THING, he even knew about Dravidians. Also, the Big N. plans on reprinting all of these in paper, or he did? I called him but didn't have time to get details, plus my ceph was clogged with worries mentioned above. He also plans to write a Necronomicon, but one in which short stories of his own are compiled. Also, me thinks we have to change the spelling a bit on the entities. Believe it or not, they are copyrighted I heard! What else? What is Zoth Syra? Sothis? Sirius? Or an entity and if so, what is the reference for this?

(The college clique is calling themselves The Dholes, at the time a very obscure term from the Mythos. They want to figure out what Derleth wrote in his fiction about Polynesians and fit real Polynesian lore into Mythos. Lin Carter plans to publish this in paperback - and finally did. At the time, Arkham House and August Derleth owned the copyright to the HPL spelling of these mythos names. The summation of that Polynesian stuff was finally written by me and published in Cthulhu Cultus with a map. It can also be read here)

May the Hounds of Tindalos bite the hands that steal another author's work. May the thing that howleth in darkness consume the perpetrators of this foul deed, for as ye know, They can assume the semblance of man. And may Yog-sothothe grant that ye Dholes find more bookshelves at ye Salvation Army at a reasonable price!

(They are referring to bookshelves for the apartment they rented to store this stuff and work on it. If this sounds like it was being kept a secret, consider that this was unpublished work and there was a lot of money that could be made from this: WAS MADE.)

Yours in the Dykand Star
Chojnicki, SSS. OST. CoS.


From Chojnicki to Arthur Zabrecky February 17, 1972 as quoted in Aquino's book "Church of Satan" (Notes in parenthesis)

In the most recent edition of the C.H. is a work supposedly composed by John Dee, SZZ something or other, the work is entitled "The Chant of Strange Angles". It is my sad duty to have to announce at this time that, unless Mr. Dee is contacted and a sufficiently plausible reason for the publication of said "chant" is furnished to me, I and my order do hereby declare and pronounce a fate worse than death on one John Dee - the reason for such drastic action being that because of his lack of Satanic wisdom he, through the over-indulgence of his ego, (no, the theft of a person’s poetry) has placed in the hands of hundreds of unsuspecting members of the Church of Satan a possible means not only for their destruction but also that of the Church. (i.e., law suit)

The "Chant" is but a prelude or preparatory for a working involving the opening of a time gate, a warp in which are imprisoned a series of elementals who by violent means would render man into bondage. The entire working goes under the title of the Dhol Chants. (these were being written) The original copies of said Chants are part of the Aklo Tablets, which also warn strongly against the release of said beings.(Refers to chant already written and the Aklo Tablets, a fiction in progress). These beings are not to be confused with the nature deities of old or even the supreme countenance of Lucifer himself. (The Mythos is not Satanic or Pagan or Witchcraft: HP Lovecraft said so in The Call of Cthulhu.) For "Lucifer" is but the Hebrew Semitic name for the eldritch deity Shub-Niggarth (should be Shub-Niggurath) of Lovecraftian fame. This is to whom the Church has ties (if any) in the format of a deitific figurehead, because S.N. is translated into the Black Goat of a Thousand Young. Sound vaguely like the Goat of Mendes? However, John Dee advocates utilization of 1/4 of the Dhol Chants by practitioners of our Church, who do not and at this time cannot comprehend what would be required to rid themselves of the plague which would not only triumph over the Christian do-gooders but our people too. These beings are not the Angels (angles) of Revelation of which Dr. LaVey speaks, as John Dee supposes, but are the antithesis of everything our Satanic lifestyle advocates... (i.e., HPL’s concepts are not christian and not satanic - they are not pro human!).

Do now what I request, for the internal security of the Church, or I'll have to hold you too responsible for this abomination. Don't make me harm you. I'll be expecting some reply in 3 weeks or less. The counter spell will be evoked at the end of that time, with a corollary spell to punish x3 those responsible for endangering this many of our people. This oath I make: "By the services of the Unspeakable Hastur and Maskim 7x7, and lastly that which is unnamable, what I have said will be done!

Shemhamforash! So mote it be!"

Vade retro Pan!


(Obviously, as he wrote to Bill, he worded his request regarding copyrighted poem in occultnik lingo. This is not strange IF you consider that everyone was writing to each other this way - and it was all very tongue in cheek with the mythos crowd. He was threatening to do something regarding theft of poem, legal action, using mythos jargon as he said he would. This was obvious from the preface of the story, which these people SAW. Aquino, in his version of this fiasco, presented only this letter, which sounds crazy if you don’t know what they are talking about OR talking about written fiction in progress - the only other possibility is that Aquino never saw the draft for a story "Aklo Tablets.")

This is what they all saw! Zabrecky got a copy of this too. Did Zabrecky forward THIS to Aquino along with Chojnicki’s letter? This went with the above letter:

Starts here:

The Aklo Tablets of the Dhole Chants

Aklo is the most ancient language used by the most horrific of cults throughout the ages. It was the language of the Valusians who worshiped the Great Yig. Yet Aklo also was used during a far remoter age when the Deep Ones and Outer Ones ruled. And as it was used in Dunwich in 1928 by our Brethren and The Brother who had too much of Outsideness in him to remain in our Plane. It is by the use of Aklo that the Angles of the Nine are opened wide by esoteric cults existing among peoples who carry our lore from prehistoric times. The Aklo Sabaoth refers to certain formulae that are hidden and contained within the Tablets themselves known to the Highest Adepts who have passed the line of heritage. For it is said that in the features of man one may know their semblance. Be warned that the chanting and rituals carry an ancient warning against Unifying fields of Force that would nullify our own space-time continuum and all manner of sentient being and then shall the Gates be Open once again, and They shall rule where Once they ruled and walk where man now walks. Nyarlathotep, who takes on the form of man shall show us the way and then The Great Day shall come. And the Dykand Star shall break open and the day be with us, our Time shall arrive, for That Is Not-Dead that eternal lies and with strange aeons even death may die. And know the signs and sigals of protection that you perform on the Aklo Sabaoth of the Dhole Chants well. Circumscribe ye circle and make the Sign of Kish.

"The Chant of Strange Angles"

Through strange angles are the Gates Through which those ancient Lords may flee, Come forth, and increase in all their strength. The very curves of space shall break, cease to be, And open to their kind: They who move in primal serenity And dwell forever between space and beyond time. In a mindless, black abyssal sea The Crawling Chaos howls in Eternal Night. Break the Barrier of Light and set It free And all would be stricken as blind By this One Whose Being can not be. The Black Lord of Chaos would unfold And from this innermost infinity The One Whose Eye Sees All as was and is Would come forth and rend the Veils that ALL may see. And it is through the angles of the planes they shall come!

Ends here.

Does this last part SOUND FAMILIAR? You bet. It's my song!

This is all I had from Chojnicki but recognized what he was GOING TO USE for the chants; a portion from Blavatsky's "Book of Dzyan" stanzas! I rewrote this story in a much more modern format with some "academic sounding stuff" in there, and wrote the chants out as per mythos format as was planned. I had to also invent a bunch of stanzas for the tale since no one finished the original. I relied on Dan Harmes' Encyclopedia Cthulhuiana and some other standard stuff for what I wrote. I couldn't make sense of Blavatsky's stanzas after the first few ones that were used. It was LIN CARTER who had the original idea to do this and who had people helping him, as stated before. I also wrote the story "how I got the chants." So my theme deviates quite a bit from this thing Chojnicki wrote, but I HAD the actual text all these years. And all these years it NEVER GOT WRITTEN. One can clearly see "MY POEM" is inherent in this chant that appears on this page. The one in Cloven Hoof is slightly different yet. No one ever found out WHO wrote it in there, but "John Dee" has a COS membership number: SZZ-910. SOMEONE knows who he is.


Zabrecky's Letter to Chojnicki

The following is a transcript of Zabrecky's letter to Chojnicki in regards to Chojnicki's request for John Dee's explanation of "The Chant of the Strange Angles."

1118 CLIFTON BLVD. #21

513 Mifflin Hall

Dear Wayne,

I am in receipt of your Certified letter of 17 February, VII A.S.

I have set copies of your letter to Central Grotto per your request. Since I have had no personal contact with Mr. Dee SZZ-910, I have requested Central Grotto to forward a copy to him, as to send me his address so I can send him a copy. I'm sure Mr. Dee will offer some sort of explanation for this, and as soon as I hear from Central Grotto, I will inform you as to what is being done. If I can be of any further help in this matter, please contact me. I can be reached at 281-9865 (HOME) any evening of the week between 5:30 and 7:00 P.M., or often 10:00 P.M., if you feel a phone call is in order.

Please keep me informed on any new developments in this matter.

Rege Satanas!
(signed) Zabrecky, SZZ892
Regional Agent

It is obvious from Zabrecky's response that he understood what Chojnicki was yabbering about through all that mystical lingo. For the record, this is the man Aquino promoted to Grotto Leader or Regional Agent over Chojnicki (according to Wayne). Apparently LaVey promoted him since only LaVey could promote anyone. Chojnicki and his friends were involved in a real project - the project would have meant MONEY. In fact, it HAS AMOUNTED TO A LOT of money as hindsight has proven. At the time this happened, everyone blamed LaVey and believed Aquino was following LaVey's orders. This may be correct, though on hindsight, it seems different because Aquino, in 1975, split from the CoS. Keep in mind, in 1972, LaVey made the decisions and Aquino was in the COS himself.


Now, for the TOUR DE FORCE and the one thing that, on hindsight, looks like Aquino directly stood in the way here because he is ordering Chojnicki to write to him, not to LaVey at the 6114 address. According to Gilmore in 1989, the version Aquino had of this letter, reproduced in his book The COS, had the bottom half of his letter cut off. The letter is not cut off at all in Aquino's book; so Gilmore lied. See my notes marked in ( ) below letter as per number and in parenthesis.

Post Office Box 14394
Louisville, Kentucky 40214
February 25, VII (1972)

Mr. Wayne L.Chojnicki (EZZ-919)
513 Mifflin Hall
University Park, Pennsylvania 16802

Dear Mr. C.

The insolence and foolishness of your letter of the seventeenth to Mr. Zabrecky preclude a serious reply to your arguments. Needless to say, we are not impressed. (1.) It is not your place to advise the Church of Satan on matters of ethics, nor have you the right to subject our Regional Agent to such drivel.

By the fifth of March you will send a letter to Mr. Zabrecky in which you express your personal apologies for such conduct. You will send a copy of the letter to my office as well. (2.) And, if I should ever hear of your threatening another member of the Church again, you will have to answer to me.

If you wish to maintain the fantasy of a personal secret society, that is your affair. (3.) But I do not expect to see it connected by implication - in type of otherwise - with the Church ooof Satan. I believe that the Central Grotto has made this clear to you once before. (DID THEY??? Did LaVey?)

One more thing: You will cease the use of that stationery. (4.) As a distortion of the Central Grotto letterhead it is highly offensive to the Black Order. Your use of the insignia of the Church in print is restricted to the Sigil of Baphomet in the proper color-scheme of your degree. (5).

Rege Satanas!
Michael A. Aquino
Magister Caverni


1. LaVey might have been VERY impressed to see all this work - and would probably have liked to cash in on the profits it made when the stuff finally DID get published. Then again, maybe not. Who knows. There is no reproduction of any letter from Central Grotto in The COS, and I never got any such correspondence from Chojnicki.

2. Send a copy to HIS OFFICE? Note that HIS OFFICE is not 6114 California Street! This looks very strange. But then, Chojnicki's letter also looks very strange :). I can absolutely say that Chojnicki was one of the most practical, rational and kind people Phil or I met, as were most of the people in these mythos cults- but he had a totally mythos sense of humor as when he'd send "bottled shoggoth" to me in the mail (a bottle of a toy called "GOO.") Or write postcards designed to be read by anyone handling them, talking about finding shoggoths in a cave. This was standard fare to joke like this.

3. No one ever said this organization Wayne had was secret - hell, Chojnicki sent Aquino a PHOTOGRAPH of the building! There were calling cards printed (I have Lin Carter’s and Wayne's). HOW secret could it be? Well, actually, in a sense they were secret - you couldn't find them. They'd find you! But they were OPEN about it if they talked about it at all. What was in there - works in progress to be printed - THAT was secret - just as Ann Rice keeps her notes for stories secret. Stories in the making can't be copyrighted - they can be stolen.

4. The stationary referred to was of two types, 1. a Serpent surrounding a 6 pointed Necromantic, or Obic, or "Jewish" star and 2. The Baphomet. Unfortunately, this letterhead is something I did not save.

5. Aquino is restricting the use of a sigil that the Church of Satan has absolutely no copyrights or ownership of and that was in use prior to the CoS and LaVey using it. This blew the top of some heads off and their rage was directed at LAVEY. Despite Aquino writing the letter - LaVey was the one claiming to be a HP when it was obvious he knew nothing about anything occult that was genuine LHP.


Notes inside of text in parenthesis.

Wayne’s letter back to Mr. Aquino - I wonder now if Chojnicki even realized that Aquino was a real person using his own name. He MAY have thought it was a cult name, from the name of Bishop Thomas Aquinas.

INTERDICTUM TO Sir Michael A. Aquino, IV-MC, CoS

FEBRUARY 29, VII A. S. (1972)
"Church of Satan" Ltd., Inc.

In regards to YOUR letter of the 25th, I am severely disappointed that the church has chosen to take this position; (I assume that you are representing the church), and that you, one who has been designated the HONOR of the title of a Master of the Realm, should see my rather potent request for at least an investigation as such a waste of your time. In case you are unaware, I was not so concerned with the fact that the chant in question was given out, but was more startled that it was incomplete and no qualifications for use were given. Your pompous indignation on the questioning of the logic of such an action, I find most disquieting; your title of church's "bishop" (was this his title?) by no means makes you an expert in every field, the fact that you have mastered certain degrees of the contemporary SATANIC dogma earns my respect and obedience, but by no means impresses me as to your qualifications in PRIMAL MAGIC. (the stuff IS old, and it’s NOT Western) I'm quite sure that his eminence Dr. LaVey will agree that no one man can be totally experienced in all the various formats of psychodrama. This particular format was the "mythos" I was taught, and in conjunction with the Satanic Bible which says all dogmas are to be questioned: who are you to state otherwise? Argue with Dr. LaVey!

If I am correct, the Church of Satan has at least 2,000 members of various degrees, (he was incorrect, they had about 200) many of whom only have contact with the church through their local representative and the monthly C.H.; if this media is to he used to transfer SOUND doctrine, and Satanic ethic as well as occasional ritual (which was supposed to be dropped as of the first restructuring) the transmission should be whole and accurate. If our own members are to be misguided, in their own publication, I would refer then to pg.6 of C.H., the dissertation on Psychic Vampirism by Bro. Apollonius, LZZ-987... "Therefore the true deduction of Satanic ethic is not that one should not be a psychic vampire, but that one should never be the unwilling victim of one." By this, I do hold those responsible for the misdirection of our less versed brothers and any harm coming to them in conjunction with the incomplete information passed to them; had they had access to the entire chants or other supplemental instructions they could make their own decision and it would rest on them. You call yourself a representative of the Church, define "church"... it refers to a group of people who while having certain goals for themselves also have some common beliefs which bring them together UNIFIED, does unification entail ripping off your own people? I suggest that YOU read C.H.Mar.VII, Dr. LaVey's dissertation on the qualifications of Satanic Clergy, also some of the concessions he made to "paper priests".

Therefore, those responsible for the above incident had best be prepared for the fruits of their harvest, in that on the date previously mentioned, a ritual of a conditional format shall be done by myself and the "fictional" society whose office building is in tie enclosed photo (ever take a picture of your imagination?) whereby pending the decision of my order's council, one John Dee shall be put to the test, and those liable shall invoke the satanic Law of Threes.

(Actually, they sought legal advice but couldn't find out who John Dee was. The Picture referred to was the building in which they rented the apartment to store mythos stuff and typing equipment. Also, they couldn’t sue anyone for stealing a poem that I wrote - at the time Chojnicki didn’t know me, but others did, casually. Like, the thief knew me casually.)

Furthermore let it be known the Regional Agent Mr. Zabrecky will NOT be included in the previously aforementioned ritual in that he had complied to the best of his ability with my request as his office allowed, and in what I feel was the best interests of the Church of Satan. I would be more inclined to entrust him to the office of a central chief because he is at least willing to accept the possibility of an oversight, keeping in mind that no one's so well versed that he is infallible. So check your knowledge of magic as for exactly what a "conditional" entails and you'll see that I'm acting rather reasonably considering the many aggravations that I chose to endure in tolerance of the glib tongue of certain other officials of the church.

To give you further wisdom to ruminate over, let me enlighten you to the functions of my "fictitious" order. We do not operate on a monetary base in the same fashion as the C. of S., but do have certain holdings, for example the "non-existent" office building in which though necessary and rather rare texts (one of which contains the equally "fictitious" Dole Chants are stored, in one form or another.

(In fact, these texts are still rare and some sell at $300 per book! They aren't fictitious if someone is writing them, and that was clear to everyone involved in this project.)

Our people receive promotions on the basis of mastery of skills and effectiveness in the context of their own chosen area of study of the magical realm; not on the number of recruits in the districts or researching obscure Germanic legendary figures. Occasionally there are "ties" for certain offices and duels of sorts ensue, (in this area if you choose to counter my spell pardon, psychodrama ritual, I'm willing to run the risk, but I do appreciate that your letter was in before the deadline date I issued) you see, I learned well, the laws of the jungle as we Satanists call them and considering myself in the unholy Satanic right, I find that at this time that the natural law of species preservation runs concurrent with my own purposes, so that in a fashion any practitioner of the dark sciences would be more than willing to oppose a person who would misguide those in his own order and side with one who fights for the relative safety of the whole (in this case, the grass roots membership of the Church of Satan). Understand, I don't question your reply, for it was expected, but I ask "why?" the same question which got the Archangel Lucifer the creator's wrath. If you check my past record you will see the only times I've ever contacted the Central Grotto was when I thought I could be of service, the reason I was denied district coordinator was because Mr. Kincaid thought I might not be able to devote my full energies to the church, to which I replied that I would acquiesce to higher authority, and co-operate fully with Mr. Zabrecky which I have done, another time I rose to Dr. LaVey's defense at several lectures and informed the Central Grotto of the culprit who was responsible for this character assassination, and instead of writing him and warning to desist, they wrote me and condemned me for informing them, logical? ..HELL NO! What's the secret in getting you people to understand that I want to help the church. If the hierarchy is out to rip-off the membership and the membership rips-off each other you're falling into the same bag as the christian faiths, is that what you advocate? Even the charm in question is one which invites a form of slavery if you are familiar with its purpose. I was under the impression that a Satanist did that which bettered his situation; if necessary, at another's expense, but not his own. Would you sell yourself into bondage? If that be the case then the next time my renewal of membership comes around I'm taking a sabbatical leave, if I'm not already on the purge list.

Cut the pompous crap and get back to basics, help me to help you before someone does something we all regret. When all acquiesce to the will of one, what happens if that one makes a mistake? (Oh, well, the Temple of Set HAPPENED 3 years later!) Think about it, who really runs this outfit, and what are the actual goals of the Church, it teaches self motivation and then demands (YOU in this case) its members accept unquestioningly, like sheep, a quotation by a member who does not list its purpose, those who chose to use said quote should have the option of knowing what it does, then when I question the wisdom of the incomplete quote YOU land on me.

As for the stationary I use, the elements of which bear a strong similarity to the central grotto's, should not make you irritated. The elements are each much older than the church.

(Here they are describing the stationary, the Baphomet of course, and another which was a serpent surrounding a 6 pointed star. I do not have a sample of this, but I did see it. It was a classic symbol.)

The dragon, the circle, the Hebrew equiv. for Leviathan, are all borrowed in a sense, and to the best of my knowledge are not copyrighted or registered, and the Necronomic star replacing the Goat of Mendes should have served to cue you to the amount of efficacy I possess in Primal Magic, that was earned. Besides my order didn't bitch when you used our former emblem inverted and twisted for a good luck sigil. See Below.

Yours Vexed and Disillusioned.

Chojnickihoj, GM,SSS:2nd.CoS.
Honorary Consul. OST (OST was the Order of the Silver Star -a Masonic thing).


Explanations will be in parenthesis. (There are many typos in the original typed letter which is available on request through the regular mail - xerox copy).

April 3, 1972

Pittsburgh, Penn 15527

Dear Bro. Zond:

Woldst deeply bee in thy debt, if yed condsend to apply appropriate numericls to ye next epistle. The mail takes forever if you don't put the damnd Zip Codes on these days.

(They used to try to write in HPL-mythos English a lot.)

As for the local happenings, Lorraine got in contact with that A. Billington that wrote in the Hoof. She might see him on some kind of Church of Satan wing ding on the 30th. His name is Dale. In the interim, we will be visiting my sister in Hollywood Florida. Looks like they want to horn in on our territory and have no idea how to even get hold of the stuff.

(Lori's name is actually Phyllis Rose. I had thought the reverse and thought Phyllis was her middle name. Dale Seago, however, confirmed who she was. It has come to light that Dale Seago met her; he recognized her photo immediately. Here Bill is referring to material that is being collected for publication. This is known now on hindsight because Lin Carter said so and because material was published after his death by his executor - with "much missing." This was a plan to "write" the mysterious mythos books and make a good attempt to make them sound worthy of HPL's ideas. Apparently, it was perceived by these people that Aquino's clique or "a clique within the COS" was trying to get the information for their own purposes or for the COS. That is how it looked to me too, considering that the Aquino et.al. split from the COS. But this all happened long before that.)

The local Jersey members don't seem to be into the Mythos at all, more like Egyptian oriented. What else is new. She joined up with them too, found out zilch. Met the local Jersey woman, a Priestess or something. Pure air. So it looks like the shits flying with these others you contacted, that John Dee and Zabrecky. Someone oughta knock that Aquino guy on his ass.

(This Priestess in the NJ COS, Egyptian oriented was Lillith. She and her brother were heavily into Egyptoid things, according to this. Lilith, in an email, confirmed that she did meet Rose.)

Lori (that is Phyllis Rose) contacted the same guy you've been writing to, Dale. He's a marine, some kind of martial artist. Into the Mythos big time is right. I think also, they have a hunch the stuff is based on real Doctrines, she said he fishes for it. Mostly they are still into that Goetia junk, conjuring demons so she talks that instead of Mythos.

(Dale confirmed this about "Rose talking about demons." This gives an idea as to what Dale was into: The Goetia. But apparently he was fishing for mythos information. He was reporting and sending all information from this mythos group to Michael Aquino.) (According to Dale Seago, as recently asked, he remembers this but does not feel he was being a spy. He says he was only letting another military person know what was going on. But he was in the Marines according to this. Aquino was in the Army....?)

You got problems alright. That song was written by Tanya or Tana the daughter of the people Lori's staying with. (She was not staying with us per se. I lived next door to her. She stayed with us only for a few days after some family fight.) Riza's Ophite, she didn't write it, and Taya is infiltrating Nazis and other way out fringe groups. I sort of took that stuff Riza wrote. Heavy. Beyond me. What I do get out of it is items some evil shit, bad stuff, wouldn't want it to happen to you. Got the creeps when I touched it. Got a funny feeling about swiping it too.

(This is how I found out that they filched the poem from ME,TANI. "Lori" (Rose) was staying with us for awhile. I was in Arlington VA. Apparently they thought that taking this poem-song I wrote was a major big deal - which started the argument with Chojnicki to Zabrecky and where Aquino then stepped in. Riza was a woman that lived or worked with the owner of the business we lived upstairs from at that time- she was Jewish - the information was Kaballistic but not something one might find in any publically sold Kaballa.)

That Aquino guy has got to be a fuckin asshole and nothing less. They write Mythos, you write it back to them, they take up Mythos names, you use them too, and the fuckin asshole calls your letter insolent and foolish. They asked you quotations from stories they cannot get, you give it to them, then they thieve a song, call you insolent and foolish and kick you out. You do have to admit, what you wrote was a bit much in the far out range, references to some obscure Mythos there. Maybe you should just have told them that another person wrote that song and made it simple. They've been writing you the same kind of thing though, except what shit they write is age old hype tired demonology. What royal assholes. I don't buy into it. Probably want to hoard it all to themselves.

Mr. N. is planning to, or already did release "Trail of Cthulhu" from Ballantine Books. Yes oh Glorious Leader, lead on!

(Mr. N. is Lin Carter - HE released the book as we all now know on hindsight - he used to call himself N. Zarnak).

The more I read that shit. You don't have the right to subject their Regional Agent to such drivel? Sounds like their asshole Agent subjected himself to it when he chose to read it and instead of just seeing that a stolen song was involved, he believed that far out shit you wrote? What the fuck is this a Civil Rights issue now? That shit about the stationary. Nobody says boo when they steel our Banner. Maybe someone needs to write to that Black Pope and tell him to keep a leash on his dogs before he gets known as the Slack Dope. I think my feathers got ruffled. Maybe some donkey dong up his asshole will cure the pompous shithead dog. What disillusioned. Did you have illusions about what these people are? We sure don't. Lori has met them. Without exaggerating you could find a dumb christling that knows more about Satanism and the hypey grimoires we wrote for suckers to read of old, books these assholes are still buying. And the Jersey airheads with their books of Thoth don't even know what Thoth is, almost fuckin karma, they get all excited over Seth. Some would say that's to be expected since they are Seth's people after all -- ordained to remain stupid.

(The Seth mentioned here is probably Seth, son of Adam, since "Seth's people" makes no sense in the context of the Egyptian Set or Seth.)

Do you think LaVey himself knows about this shit going on? You know, I know his history, he just isn't the type to come off like that. Lori says that both Dale and Aquino are in the Marines, maybe it's them because from the way she said he talks, on the phone (he refers to Dale Seago), he worships that guy Aquino as if there is no LaVey on top.

Maybe you got the wrong guys' picture attached to your dart board. (They had LaVey's picture up on a dart board) The Jersey airhead is in with the Aquino crowd too from what Lori says, maybe he's trying to take over the organization. You know the same kind of shit happened with Creeper Crawley during Dawn days, only he got caught and kicked out on his ass. There's money to be made these days now, and the Mythos will get big when N gets it all out in paper.

(Translation: Lillith is in with Aquino's crowd from what Rose found out, Dale worships Aquino as if he's the Big Boss of COS. That comes out loud and clear later on when you read Dale Seago’s parting letter to the TOS, which is not shown here since it has nothing to do with this.)

Well, I'll be in Florida for 2 or 3 weeks with Lori, so write back when you get back to the U.

Yours in the Sign of Kish!

(signed) Bill

Bill, the Smolderer in Slime

(This following refers to stories they found (which only RECENTLY ended up being published.)

PS: Zoth Syra, entity and boyfriend from Spawm of the Green Abyss. C. Hall Thompson, John Hay has it, enclosed is copy.

PSS: I must get my hands on an electric typewriter, this thing sucketh muchly.

PSSS: I know "N's" real name. Count Zarnak

(That's Lin Carter, everyone knows this now).


The following are copies of what DALE SEAGO wrote, either to Lori (Phyllis Rose) or to Bill S. I’m not sure to whom he wrote this and, at the time, it would have all sounded very mysterious and occult. Today EVERYONE recognizes it as passages from Cthulhu Mythos stories!

As for my own feeling of affinity with Ye Gr. Old Ones, me seemeth that ----- I’m sorry, I seem to feel more natural with the archaic form of English and that passage I quoted got me into it again.

Anyway, I seem to have an almost equal feeling for Nyarlathotep as your own, but there is also a strong (but different) sort of affinity with Yog-Sothoth.

In my Invocation (more of a litany) to N. I came up with a slightly different concept of N. from that in the stories. Are you familiar with the theory of a “universal subconscious” with which everyone is connected? It’s something like that. Part of it that I remember goes “Thee I invoke the Crawling Chaos...Thou art the soul and messenger of the Great Old Ones. (I.e., N. is the ultimate Great Old One of whom even Azathoth is only a shadow he casts for men to see). (That is Dale’s parenthetic note.) (NOTE: this is said by Derleth in the Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath, at the time, a hard to find story.) Thou art the Essence of all the Great Old Ones. Thou art the Essence of which all the Great Old Ones are but differing manifestations. Thou art Shub- Niggurath! Ia! Shub-Niggurath! The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young! Thou art Cthulhu Ia! Cthulhu! Cthulhu ph’nglui mglw’nafh w’gah-nagl fhtagn! Ia!

Another letter from Seago: explanations in parenthesis.

Would strongly recommend you reconsider any undertaking with Bro. Dee as mentioned in C. H. Mar. 7, A.S.; it seems the Dholes are not especially pleased with his stupid action of the previous issue as well as the church being unhappy with one who misguided our own people. Bro. Dee has about 2 weeks before those of our “elderly” friends take action against him.

I have certain books on “loan” Dzyan, Eibon and Pnakotic MS, which I feel might help in translation of certain ambiguous and potent mumblings. Am working on restoration of certain mutual friends of ours (Yog-Sothoth, Shub-Niggurath, Cthugha). (Refers to people who had taken these names, like Carter being N. Zarnak. I don’t know who all of them were, but met some of them later, e.g., Shaver was Cthugha, Bill was Bug Shoggog but possibly also Cthulhu, not sure, Chojnicki was Zond Malek and so forth just as Dale Seago was Alijah Billington and signed a letter with that name - EVERYONE was doing this.). I am limiting the crossing because the transition is not an all or nothing proposition, and some of the minions (like the Lloigor) don’t play nice. So can only help you under those conditions; considering the fact that I can do the Dhol chants either for or against you, think thinks over carefully!

May the Hounds of Tindalos never seek you!!

“Translations,” I.e., typical mythos. Dzyan was being formatted into mythos lingo too - I have it! The Lloigor were a rival clique or frat club that had ransacked the mythos clique’s belongings which made them have to GET a rented apartment for it all. All of this WAS finally printed, as said before and as anyone into the mythos knows.

According to the "COS" by Dr. Aquino, Chojnicki wrote some of these paragraphs. However, I have a copy of this exact text in Dale Seago's hand writing! Not typed, hand written! He did not deny writing what I attributed to him when I sent him this entire file).

Another letter from Seago

Sometimes men can know Them near by Their smell, which is strange to the nostrils....but of Their semblance no man can know, save seldom in features of those they have begotten on mankind, which are awful to behold, and thrice awful are Those who sired them; yet of those offspring there are divers kinds in likeness greatly differing from man’s truest image and fairest eidolon to that shape without sight or substance which is Them.

Concerning ye Old Ones, tis writ they wait ever at ye Gate, and ye Gate is all places at all times, for They know nothing of time or place but are in all time and in all place together without appearing to be, and there are Those amongst Them which can assume divers Shapes and Features and any given Shape and any given Face and ye Gates are for Them everywhere.

I think that is connected with your question, is it not?

I do not have the letter which presumably “asked Seago a question” or anything else.


I have no idea who wrote this. But "Starry Wisdom" was Steve's group and I, Tani Jantsang, got wind of this mess later on, long after all of this actually happened. By the time I got wind of all of this mess, it was just us in the Kishites. We had correlations of TONS of stuff with mythos. Complications arose when Brian Lumley copyrighted his entities and also he KNEW this had similarities to ancient stuff because he based it on that knowingly. The text of the letter is part of a quote from HPL's Dunwich Horror. I would assume someone asked for it. It was, however, this group of Starry Wisdom that perpetrated the scam joke about HPL’s wife Sonya Green and Crowley! And that joke is still going strong).

Ia Brothers Starry Wisdom:

Will learn the Aklo for the Sabaoth which mill not like, it being answerable from the hill and not from the air. That upstairs more ahead than I thought and is not likely to have much earth brain.

Gpa kept me saying the Dho formula last night and I think I saw the inner city at the two magnetic poles. I shall go to those poles as N said when the earth is cleared off if I can't break through with the Dho-Hna formula when I commit it.

They from air told me at Sabaoth that it will be years before I can clear off the earth and Gpa will be dead than so I will have to learn the angles of the planes and the formulas between the Yr and Nhhngr from N. N says He and They from outside will help but cannot take body without human blood. I can see Them a little when I make the Voorish sign and it upstairs is near like Them. He that came with Aklo Sabaoth said I may be transfigured there being much of outside to work on.

With combined efforts should accomplish The Purpose.

I await your reply. Reply from D.

In Sign of Kish

1 NOV 73


I also have at least one letter I saved from Chojnicki to me with the same kind of lingo jargon in it, but then it trails off into serious matters trying to figure out where (in which story, by what author) this or that mythos entity appears and/or where to get these stories: they were OUT OF PRINT and HARD TO FIND back then.

No need to reproduce here - it only goes to show everyone was writing like this to each other and everyone had mythos names for themselves. In fact it was GREAT FUN before it was destroyed. (Aquino did not destroy it. What destroyed a lot of it was the proliferation of many mythos entities intact with family trees, worshipers, and locations along with a group of people adverse to anything mythos that was creative fiction other than HPL's material - this group was fanatically anti Derleth and anti Lumley; Carter getting sick and making a mess of the mythos; and some of the occult groups going too much into Crowley and too far away from Lovecraft. See here for an explanation of how the Mythos went down the road of many real religions.)



SEE PHOTOS of people and documents on following pages:

IMAGES - pictures of people:

2 Photos of Dale Seago


Bill S.

3 Photos of Rose

IMAGES - pictures of building and cards.

SSS Building

SSS Cards - Wayne's and Lin's

SSS Card - Blank

The FIRST easily provable use of the name Satanas, whether correct or not.

IMAGES - letters:

Lin's letter to Bill in mythos lingo - note the date on this (This letter was modified, the original is all in gothic and too difficult to read - see the original here))

Lin's letter to Chojnicki in mythos lingo

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