Rebellion of the Damned
Diabolical Witchcraft as Social Revolt in Early Modern France

Manifesto of Libertarian Communism

Brazilian Socialist Journal

The Satanic Way Message Forum: New Ideas, New Perspectives - come and join!

Satanisk Forum

Vamacara Tantra: 3 part article

Ophidian Witchcraft: Serpent venerating witchcraft cabal

History of Matriarchy and Patriarchy and types of people: you can know them by the Gods they create

Serpent Foundation: A Radical New Unifying Theory of Biology and Culture with Medical Implications

Shri Kalika Devi

Mantras and Vidyas -- Godhead as sound

Mudras - Hand Gestures of the LHP

Shiva Shakti Website

Antifa Info Bulletin: Information about the activities of the American Far Right and their corporate benefactors.

Democratic Freedom Caucus: Libertarian Democrats - though not libertarian socialist/communist per se, they have power, via the Democratic Party (remember: strategy)

Americans United for Separation of Church and State


World Socialist Website

Socialist Party USA

Hemlock Society

Socialist Net

Planned Parenthood


Star Trek: Is the United Federation of Planets on Star Trek a Communist state?

Ralph Waldo Emerson: Devil's Child? See also for more of his works.

Satanic Media Watch and News Exchange

Christianity Meme Organization


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