The only reason these are here is because "they and their allies" (anyone familiar with Satanic organizations knows exactly who "they" are) have obsessed for more than five years and don't know how to go their own way. They waged an organizational war that lasted over 25 years with the Temple of Set. We will not have it. This below is all we have to say about "them." IF they continue to obscess and try to spin things around, more will be added to simply show them for the idiots and liars they are. We have truth here. They and their fans have only libel. They go so far as to deface any entry anyone makes on the Wikipedia for this organization by spewing rubbish about T. Jantsang or defaming this organization. How pathetically desparate can they be? Well, they are THAT pathetically desperate. They seem frantic and absolutely terrified of the competition.

Clearing the Fetid Air regarding CoS and Tani Jantsang - J. Mueller

About the Hoolah over a Stupid Title - the last of Three such Titles! - Tani Jantsang

Brendan the White Devil Speaks - regarding who said what in old posts from the 90s

Casey "One Darkness" Speaks - regarding the BJ Culture non-issue article

Michael Aquino Speaks: he tells what Anton Lavey DID to him and his wife and what Tani Jantsang did NOT do

The Letter that Nobody Ever Saw

Barton Letters and Anton LaVey letters: Were LaVey or Barton conning Tani Jantsang? Maybe and maybe not - we don't think so

Did Anton LaVey Believe in a Literal Devil?

The COS Files by Ole Wolf

We Part Only to Meet Again

Who are the Anonymous Trolls? Proof that their "side" can spoof an IP!

Our Stance on LaVeyan Satanism as it is today: Bartonian Satanism - for the record: a warning to leave us and the Council Orgs alone

The Nine "Satanic" Statements of the Church of Satan Revisited

Satanism and Witchcraft Before Lavey: He didn't start anything, he ruined it

What is a "Generational" Satanist?

Tani's Take on the Satanic Orgs Out There

The Original Project One by Timothy Stewart Epperhart and Gilmore's Insane Reaction - shown in order of how it happened - this is PAINFULLY boring.



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