The "Letter" that Nobody Ever Saw

Craig Hunt (Mr. Scratch on alt.satanism) and the (imaginary?) letter.

Sometime way back (see Brendan Speaks), and this is way, way back - Diane Vera told me that a woman that Craig Hunt knew got a weird letter. I was never told the woman's name. He told Diane Vera that the girl was shy and shook up by it because she had just been the victim of stalking by some guy.

The problem was, way back then, due to the flame wars explained in "Brendan Speaks," Craig Hunt (Mr. Scratch) took it upon his illogical self to imagine that I (Tani Jantsang) sent this girl that letter. How on earth I'd know where he was or where some unknown female friend of his was is not something he reasoned out. He just spewed.

Did he ever once produce the letter and let anyone see it? NOT as far as I know.

Craig Hunt was in the Temple of Set at the time (though later, when he was thrown out of the Temple of Set, he stated that he was cringing in horror about the Temple of Set at this very time - see Aquino Speaks). The fact is, Craig Hunt was defending the Temple of Set and was a Priest in it when this alleged "event" happened to him.

Did he show Michael Aquino this letter? Nope, Michael Aquino never saw it.

Did he take the letter to the police? Nope, not as far as I ever heard about it.

Was the letter postmarked from where I live in Florida? Nope, it was postmarked Oregon, where he lived, where the girl lived and maybe where the former stalker lived, too. Did it ever occur to him that the guy that stalked her sent it? Nope.

Did I know anyone in Oregon who may have known him? Nope.

And so I got printed out copies of some of these flames and I saw threats going back and forth on both sides. Not being familiar with usenet flame wars, I took it seriously.

I went to the cops. They said it was interstate and they could do nothing about it when I explained that this Craig Hunt guy thinks that I mailed some girl a letter, a girl that had been stalked by someone. The cops told me to go to the FBI and the police where HE lived, and told me to send all of what I showed them and explain the situation to the correct authorities.

Well, I did that - and I had to explain to them who all the people were in those flame wars and who I was. I then told the police that I have no idea who the woman is, but Craig Hunt knew and they best ask him about it and GET THE LETTER from the girl! Get fingerprints off it, do whatever they needed to do, contact the stalker (who is probably the person who sent it - IF there even was a letter at all.) Keep in mind, no one ever saw the letter, including Diane Vera who was the first person to tell me about it. Why didn't anyone see it? Why didn't Craig Hunt take it to the cops? Why didn't the woman take it to the cops? Why? Why?

Well, I took the issue to the cops. Did anything happen as a result of that with Craig Hunt and the girl? I have no idea. I never heard another word about it until many years later where certain obsessed idiots like to repeat the fairy tale and change it a little bit. They try to accuse me of writing Craig Hunt a letter. They leave out the girl. Well, that's not what happened. And any letter I wrote would be postmarked from where I am and have prints on it. It would have SOMETHING on it to indicate where it came from - and forensics could find that very easily.

So, in my opinion, there never was a letter. I never saw it, Diane Vera never saw it - NO ONE ever saw it, not even Michael Aquino. As a Priest of Set, Craig Hunt WOULD have shown this to Michael Aquino. That's 99.999% assured.

Nonetheless, this ancient event, or non-event, is something that the seriously obsessed idiots on alt.satanism, obsessed I think to the point of their being psychotics, like to relive, over and over, and throw into their other libelous filth aimed at me. Like broken records they are - even the day after Christmas, during a holiday festive season, they are at it in full swing - as if they can't get me out of their heads and hearts, considering they've been at it since 2000 and it's now 2004. "TANI" is the subject most on their wrecked minds.

Where is the infamous letter? I doubt there is any such letter. Like the "so many complaints" he allegedly mailed to Michael Aquino, which he mentioned years later when he was booted out of the Temple of Set, there were no complaints. When Michael Aquino asked him to produce what complaints he wrote, he didn't have any.

Now, did I "out" Craig Hunt by doing this? No, Temple of Set Priest Craig Hunt was well known as a Temple of Set member to everyone in his life. Setians are open about their Setian affiliations, it might be a policy of the Temple of Set, or may have been back then.

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