Michael Aquino tells what Anton LaVey DID to him and his wife -
and he tells what Tani did NOT do.

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Dear Ms. Jantsang,

In a message dated 1/31/04 4:01:01 AM, nakived@juno.com writes:

>It has been alleged that I "DID" something to you. Do you feel that I
>did something to you?

Not that I am aware of. :-)



Ah, but did Anton Lavey ever DO anything to Michael Aquino?

Michael Aquino posted the answer to this question:

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Tani Jantsang <tanijantsang@myself.com> writes:

>Aquino has the evidence - and yes, it's pretty jaw-
>dropping that Anton would have done that. But he
>did it, Kevin. Ask him for it. The CID SHOWED him
>what Anton actually said. Anton was told no one
>would ever see it. Well... Ask him. Maybe he'll show you.

FYI I routinely don't respond to Kevin Filan [or Scott Locklin] posts/email.

When the CID interviewed Anton about Lilith and myself, he said everything & anything he could devise to try to encourage harm to us. He accused me of sexually attacking Karla and of homosexually attacking himself. He called me by the media-hyped Army chaplain's accusation-nickname "Mikey" continuously throughout the interview.

When the CID later interviewed me, they didn't show me Anton's signed statement, but they questioned me about its details. Unfortunately for him, I simply produced all of our extensive correspondence from the Church of Satan days, in which he invariably addressed me as "Mike", shared views about his & Diane's private-but-fervent contempt for homosexuals, etc. As for Karla, her cheerful correspondence with me before & after the supposed "attack time", to say nothing of the equally-pleasant correspondence from her parents, put the lie to that vicious stunt of his too.

The CID shrugged Anton off as a transparent character assassin accordingly. I remember the Special Agent laughing & saying, He doesn't like you much, does he?"

Anton was told by the CID that I would never see his sworn statement, which of course is what emboldened him to make it; he certainly never had the guts to say anything like that to me personally.

I would never have seen his statement except for my lawsuit against the CID, at which time it was forced to disclose all previously-secret interviews. At that point I wrote Anton a letter and, for the first time in my life, dragged a spiked ball through his ass. Theological/philosophical/organizational differences are one thing; his conduct in this instance was utterly despicable.

Michael Aquino


Here is Michael Aquino straightening out the serial abuse victim Ygraine Gidney, wife of the convicted child molestor William Gidney, when she decided to create a fantasy out of her own abused life - and project it onto me. Here Ygraine is clearly talking about herself and her relationship with Peggy Nadramia - a relationship she "cultivated carefully."

From: "Dr. Michael A. Aquino" <xeper@aol.com>
Subject: Tani Jantsang
Date: Friday, April 05, 2002 2:42 PM

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ldyygrainecos@yahoo.com (Ygraine) wrote:

>... Dr. Aquino ... somehow has to keep Tani in line,
>play nice, etc...to avoid her proven wrath and vitriol,
>and at the same time not degrade his organization by
>being "too" nice and accepting of someone who is
>obviously a lunatic.

Aquino answered:
Ms. Jantsang isn't someone I have felt in the least required to be concerned about one way or another. I haven't seen any evidence to convince me that she's a "lunatic" [I don't give particular credence to the TJ-haters who in lieu of responding to her factual criticisms just throw epithets and vulgarities at her.]

As I've said before, I am quite certain that if Ms. Jantsang feels like criticizing the Temple of Set or myself for something, she will go right ahead and do so. [Indeed she has at times, particularly over archaeological/philosophical concepts.] That's also fine with me. I find her views interesting, even if I don't necessarily agree with them; and it's apparent that she puts thought and research into her comments rather than just throwing them out non-/half-baked.

We've never met, nor corresponded beyond a few topic-oriented emails; and I'm not going to judge her by the rumor-mill. She strikes me as somewhat along the line of the more ferocious heroines in Japanese _Anime_. :-)

Michael Aquino


Here Michael Aquino posts to Craig Hunt (Mr. Scratch) when he tries to create a fantasy born of his own life's experiences and project them onto me.

From: "Dr. Michael A. Aquino" <xeper@aol.com>
Subject: Re: Tani, ToS and Tactics
Date: Wednesday, March 27, 2002 12:33 PM

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Craig "Mr. Scratch" Hunt <scratch@efn.org> wrote:

>... there was some vague discussion ... at the last
>Conclave I attended. When Tani got booted, some
>of the more short-sighted Setians were quite pleased
>that she'd be turning her ranting hostility on
>the CoS.

Aquino answered:
News to me. I don't recall Ms. Jantsang being the topic of discussion one way or another; but if so, I think the general impression is that she considered her "Church of Satan" affiliation/title as something of unasked-for convenience, and not as something in which she had an ego-investment. I think that's pretty obvious from the content of her posts here, which, while critical of some of the "Church"'s behavior, are conspicuously free from the sour-grapes whining that permeates some other individuals' posts.

Craig "Mr. Scratch" Hunt <scratch@efn.org> wrote:

>I, on the other hand, inwardly cringed, for reasons I'll explain
>in a moment.

Aquino answered:
Seems like for the past ten years you did a lot of, um, "inward cringing" while never once opening your mouth to identify a problem. This does impart a certain lack of credibility to your post-expulsion yowling about Temple of Set "scandals".

[snip off topic dialogue about law suits and censorship]

Craig "Mr. Scratch" Hunt <scratch@efn.org> wrote:

>They've tried for some time to turn [Tani Jantsang]
>against RFS as well ...

Aquino answered:
Encore silly. It's quite obvious, except again perhaps to you, that Ms. Jantsang is very much her own person, making her own decisions for her own reasons. As for "Radio Free Setian", as far as I'm concerned it just makes you, Delf, and Foster look that much more sulky and whiny; if that's the image you want, you're certainly going about it spectacularly.

Craig "Mr. Scratch" Hunt <scratch@efn.org> wrote:

>This is why I, as a then-Setian III*, cringed ...

Aquino answered:
I'm surprised that you can walk upright at all after ten years of secret cringing ...

Craig "Mr. Scratch" Hunt <scratch@efn.org> wrote:

>I appeared to be a rational, thinking debater ...

Aquino answered:
Evidently you've now dispensed with that.

Craig "Mr. Scratch" Hunt <scratch@efn.org> wrote:

>And finally, in the end Tani will realize the
>tremendous differences she has with the ToS, they
>won't meet all the erratic demands she'll make of
>them (they OWE her -- she KNOWS this, she has
>ALWAYS KNOWN this!), and she will turn on them
>as well, with the crazed ferocity she is famous for.

Aquino answered:
Much as I hate to disabuse you of yet another cherished fantasy, Ms. Jantsang hasn't made a single demand, or even request, of the Temple of Set or myself to date. Nor does she strike me as the kind of person who unilaterally decides that others "owe" her something. She just calls the shots on alt.sandbox as she sees them, and I daresay that if I or the Temple of Set said something false or stupid here, she'd have not the slightest qualm dragging a spiked ball up our ass just the way she does to you, Filan, Locklin, _et al._. [Actually I think she does a pretty good job of it; she's the first person here who can out-flame Filan, and that's quite an accomplishment.]

Michael Aquino


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