Want to Know What I Think? Tani Jantsang

For some odd reason, people are "concerned" about what I might or might not think, or what I thought all along. These are online people who have no idea what goes on offline or in private BEFORE it spills online. They were never privy to my personal feelings as were real life close Satanic friends (and at that, we are only talking about Satanic matters which for me, are not talked about or done in ANY outer sense, despite what it surely must look like with me online and having websites and etc. Why this concerns them is easy to see: they are shit disturbing, or trying very hard to. Ok. I'll oblige.


I actually have nothing really against the org, personally. I can't stomach most of the people in it, and never could: they are cult-mentality types, simple as that, too many are wailing inversionist Christians griping about their own cultural backgrounds. Others find the writings of LaVey an encouragement for being the biggest assholes they can be. I knew it was bullshit to pay to join The Big Nothing and always adamantly said it and even wrote it in letters. Their grottos were and are a joke. They are not lodges, they have no retirement homes or children's schools - which even the Moose Lodges have for their members. They have no lodge buildings where they can go to partake in the fun of life amongst themselves and walled away from others. They are - a joke. The people I personally dealt with within the COS, Gilmore primarily, never did me any wrong; on the contrary. Everything he ever said to me was COS PC talk, Doktor said this, Doktor thought that, Doktor likes this, etc. etc. All of it was like that except when he talked about science fiction - IF even that. I didn't care. My own feelings, based on what I knew about it, about Anton, etc., never mattered or bothered them. It was no big deal. Was.

Anton himself personally liked the Dark Tradition stuff and gave me and Phil personal (not CoS org related) Magistrate titles for it. Ok. Thanks. But that never meant that Phil or I thought of Anton as any kind of High Priest of anything. Anton was Anton, I knew a lot about the guy, stuff that I think no one else knew, including Dr. Aquino. No big deal. "Our Stance on LaVeyan Satanism" is on this website - except for the new stuff of more recent origin, the stance is the same stance I always had.

Interaction with other COSsers, either in the past through the mail or recently online, revealed a cult-mentality par excellance - and as a person with a Mag title I was first hand privy to it. I despised those that behaved like serfs - whether it was toward me, or others; it was easy to see. I despised the bullies and the yes-gang they had, also easy to see. Not much else to say. There are other CoS members that will have absolutely nothing to do with the other CoS members for the same reason. Some of them deal with Gilmore - and that's about it. I never found it was necessary to fork over $100 to have dealings with a person. I never joined the CoS - nor did Phil. Phil still has a Mag title in the CoS. Does he used it? No.


At first, I knew nothing about the TOS except what I saw Dr. Aquino say on the Oprah show. I was told a lot of negative stuff about them by the 2 main COSsers I dealt with (the Gilmore's) and shown selected pieces of TOS literature. I also heard negative stuff from those that left the TOS, such as Adam - but Adam went on to join the Mormons - and so... Despite all that, I think the TOS is a genuine LHP type of org. I don't see that the Setnacht stuff is LHP, however - it's all striving RHP stuff. But other stuff in the TOS is LHP.

During the time the Gilmore's of the COS asked me and Phil to "take on the TOS" my main bone of contention was stated and it is still the same today - but it's not personal. Whatever OTHERS had to say "for me," in any way, is what they said. I take responsibility for telling some them to "go for it" while the Gilmore's cheered it all on, but I don't exactly know all of what they DID actually say: I didn't see it most of it. I heard about some of it. (PHEW). Nevertheless, my stances against and for the TOS are these:


1. Silly evolutionary theory, identical to Paley, involving Set. I stand by it because it's true. (Article on www.apodion.com/vad/ entitled "Evolution, Christians and Setians" by Marsh).

2. Set is not a name for Satan and never was. Perhaps the Egyptian "Sati" is similar to Satan as a dark principle, but that was not part of anything in the TOS that I ever saw. Perhaps it is now. Why not? They seem to evolve. They can add whatever they want.

3. Egyptian history is not what the TOS says it is. It is also NOT what Freemasons say it is.

4. Some of the TOSsers believe that Set wrote texts. No, Dr. Aquino wrote them. To think otherwise is crazy.

FOR the TOS:

1. If they want to invent a religion - that's fine. Why not invent one? The only thing different about the TOS doing it is that they didn't create a new name for Their Deity; they used an already existing one from Egypt.

2. Why NOT claim Set wrote a text - didn't the Christians (a very successful cult) claim God wrote their Bible? This is the stuff of religion - it's the norm for religion.

The only other "issue" that COS wanted me and mine to take the TOS on about was the issue of the Devil. Dr. Aquino insisted that Anton believed in a literal Devil Being. Since neither Gilmore nor Barton were around, how could they know what Anton told Dr. Aquino? But this is about what I think, and so.

I heard Anton talk on this once. My take on it? Anton did not REALLY believe in a literal Devil, but he WISHED there was one, wanted there to be one, and OFTEN stepped into his "fantasy role life" and acted and spoke as if there WAS a literal Devil - keep in mind the man also talked to dolls and thought they were robots.... At the same time, Anton wanted to BE the Devil. This is all part of a psycho-sexual dynamic that made him what he was and motivated him to even make the COS as he did. Now I wrote him this about himself - and he agreed that I was RIGHT. He also agreed that the reason he wanted to be the "most evil thing" was because Gentile Society treated him, a Jew, like shit which was normal during his formative and teenaged years in American society. While most Jews reacted by becoming Left wing and turning Gentile society on its head by supporting any and all things anti Gentile and anti Christian politically, Anton reacted by becoming the most evil thing - which enabled him to "get the blonde bimbos." He also tended to try to SIDE WITH the ruling Gentiles, the very people who had despised him, in fact he courted the most anti of the anti-Jewish Gentiles: Ideological Nazis. This is a very common thing in self-hating Jews. It's recognizable on sight. This "blonde bimbo thing" is or was also a sexual dynamic in the American Negro "white woman thing" here in the USA. Eldredge Cleaver writes of it in "Soul On Ice." Keep in mind, Anton himself took no offence at this analysis and wrote to me saying that it was right. (Actually, he said that I seemed to know him very well). It is obvious and has also been noted by other Jews that knew him - but they did not WRITE what they SAID in private.

The point is, this fantasy role life Anton slipped into was enough to convince many people, including Dr. Aquino, that he was 100% sincere. I disagree. I think Dr. Aquino was duped.

OLHP (Kerry Bolton)

The OLHP was originally part of the TOS, as Bolton was. He featured a lot of Setnacht "strife ethic" articles in "The Watcher." He next found our stuff, the stuff we sell. He liked it a lot and so did his group. They changed over to OLHP and the OLHP took to being raving TOS bashers with Barton's help; they used anything I said (see above) against the TOS, also.

I find it funny to see Bolton declared a great thinker since every single thing he said came from literature from Phil and I, or letters with our input in them. Bolton was raised a Mormon. He married a woman who was Maori and Jewish and had a child. Later on the woman dumped him in what, from his tone, was a nasty separation. Bolton was a man looking for a new dogma - and he found our stuff. And he misused it as dogma. E.g., he turned fanatically against all rituals simply because Phil and I don't happen to do these. In "Lucifer Rising," he represented the Dark Doctrines but, when he asked us, we asked him NOT to make a personality cult out of it. He had the tendency to do this, as was evidenced in one of his OLHP magazines, printing my picture in there and all.

Bolton also had wannabe Nazis in his organization, Baines being the main one along with Sean Bamborough who still publishes a hand printed magazine with the most absurd crap about "Aryan alien heritage" you can imagine. The man has no job, no girl.

I started a shit fight with Bolton over issues I found intolerable and loathsome. What made me start a shit fight with Bolton, which I knew would come when he started to use the Dark Doctrines to club people over the head, were two distinct things that, if you know the psychology, merge into one TYPE of behavior, a pattern.

1. A mentally disabled (literally, physically damaged) man who we called "Val" inquired about joining the OLHP only in order to have LHP friends. Bolton met the man and he was fully aware of his condition and it was openly admitted to. Bolton did not LIKE this person or the person's penchant for buying lots of ritual items. Bolton took to mocking the man at every turn, that is, he SOUGHT OUT this man, in order to mock him. When Val asked Bolton if he could make him something that Bolton had no interest in making, Bolton made it and then frothed when the guy forgot he wanted it and no longer wanted it. Well......

2. Bolton, at the same time as this, took to having a love affair with white racialist fascism. This, in my eyes, was a fine self-serving thing to do in New Zealand during a time when Maori racism was welling up against whites - it would be self-serving for Bolton to join in with his own kind against those that would harm him. But that's not what he was doing. His "thing" was to fall into the crybaby boo hoo about evil Jews that rule stupid Aryans who are really Elite Aryans, blah blah. Psycho-sexual, failed male dynamic. But I found it especially intolerable because Bolton's SON was part Maori and part Jewish - and raising such a small child in the middle of white racialist surroundings is a crime. The child himself would be "racial scum" to these people, the literature the child would see, talk the child would hear, would psychologically damage him This is child abuse of a psychological nature.


His "Book of the Law" is one of the purest Dark Doctrines out there for those that GRASP the pure simplicity of it. Crowley and his offshoots were indeed, part of traditional lodge doings since the British Secret Service certainly knew of it. Dennis Wheatley based a lot of what he wrote later on, as fiction, on this kind of thing, notably "The Devil Rides Out" and "The Satanist" which first featured a Satanic organization called the Brotherhood of the Ram. Dennis Wheatley was part of the British Secret Service before he wrote fiction on these matters. Thelema is a fine Dark Tradition - it is, in some ways, Satanic. Whether or not the OTO people agree is a moot point. This is my opinion. I do not base this on their doctrines, necessarily. I base this on some of the DEEDS these people actually DID in real life. What became of Crowley is irrelevant. His impact is what I see and many of the DEEDS these people did were Satanic.


When the ONA was first featured in a negative fashion in the "Black Flame" magazine of the COS, around 1990, and subsequent articles such as the one by Elizabeth Selwyn came out against the ONA - I was all for them. They were a RECOGNIZABLE Generational Satanic group - or perhaps the one writer was generational. That's the original ONA. Not many people ever heard of them at this time; COS never heard of them when the ONA wrote the article. I did. "Anna or Ona of the Nine Angles" is familiar to me - it was alien to the neo-Satanists who were, pretty much, know-nothings.

Later on the ONA incorporated fake history, fake etymologies, and Lovecraftian mythology into their organization and claimed this was real. They became bullshit. Later on they also, at the same time as the bullshit seeped in, turned neo-Nazi and the issue I have against neo-Nazi Satanists is a very strong one: ALL of them to a one are failed men, their involvement with the uniformed storm troopers or SS is PURELY psycho-sexual due to their being failed men; and their platform amounts to this: "Boo Hoo, we poor stupid Aryans are Big Victims of those diabolical, evil vampire Jews. Oh, but we are ELITE bow down before us. (pant pant, sexual fantasies about power and victims)." That's IT. This makes them despicable in my eyes. It makes every interaction they have with anyone else take on the roll of bully.

ONA's human sacrifice text seems to have blown the minds of every other Satanic org out there. My take on it? Yawn. Hit men. Lynching. Whatever. I really doubt that the ONA ever did the stuff the PLP did.


In my opinion, they go way too far with the "free speech" issue and expect everyone else to agree with them. I DO NOT agree with this free speech rubbish. I do NOT think Curio, e.g., had the "right" to freely speak and ruin lives. I don't care about the free speech issue. Free CHOICE is more to my liking. Their connection to NAMBLA is solely due to Egan, but it has been made infamous by the COS members they oppose. It seems to be a major thorn in everyone's side. However, this attention seems to have made Egan noticeable to the press - the very thing the COSsers did not want to have happen. In which case, every other organization out there has a similar connection, in truth or by rumor, just by being slandered for it. Anton let his grandson get molested by an adult, Zeena told us all - maybe she'll really expose the details on this someday - she should. Dr. Aquino was falsely accused and the COS and their lackeys never seems to let him forget it. Some people in the OTO are linked up to that due to the OTB offshoot. Moreover, many Catholic Priests are also linked to pedophilia because they got caught doing it: so what's the big deal? Catholics still send their children to Catholic schools and churches where they are often alone with Priests. And? Nothing. One Big Nothing. The more the COSsers rag on the man Egan, the more outrageous he gets, posting it for the world to see. So much for COS's tactics - they suck.


This is listed under OTHER because these orgs don't tend to shit disturb. For the most part, the other orgs out there are doing what they want, basing their Satanism on a variety of things, or just one of the above things. Neither I, nor the Satanic Reds, cares what ANY of them do, or what any of the above do, just so long as they don't start shit with ME, or bug ME, I don't care.

Satanic Reds, the org I'm part of and helped to found in 1997, has chosen to link up with the Satanic Council orgs. We like them, they like us. We have the Dark Tradition, we do not fake history, we have real history; we do not made up stuff, we have real stuff one can learn in a university if someone so chooses. The various Dark Traditions are not some scripture that one should pound on anyone's head. I resent people USING a title that Anton gave me, sticking it on things I've written, calling it the Dark Doctrines, and then PUSHING IT in that fashion. I RESENT anyone who would make me into "their New Jesus" or prophet. I RESENT anyone representing the Dark Tradition, or claiming to, USING it like dogma and behaving like a zealot. They themselves never see that they've done this, or that they do this. Yet their enemies see it and I see it. They have NO concept of how opposed to the esoteric oral tradition this behavior is. When and if I turn against them for doing this with something they got from me, something from my own culture, something sacred, (as with Bolton and some others), it either results in their getting very angry and hating me or, if they admit they screwed up and made MESSES for me that had to be cleaned up, they say they're sorry. Whatever. It is only par for the course that non-Satanic people (not born into LHP type esoteric traditions/cultures) that "FIND IT" put forth by a person, are going to behave this way; it is their nature to behave this way: it's a cultural norm for THEM.

But: The Dark Tradition is this way:

You walk softly through a town playing a soft tune. Some will hear it faintly, some will hear it clearly, some will hear it analytically, some will hear it and be inspired, some will be able to play it with various degrees of accuracy and some will not hear anything at all. That's how it works. It calls out - and if the darkness is in a person, they WILL hear it. It's always been this way, they WILL hear it. Moreover, it WILL change them. For the better? Not necessarily.

Not much more to say on this.

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