Below are some hilarious skits and original articles inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos, including what some Old One's names would mean to those already familiar with the Doctrines along with some very nice images for people to enjoy. There are also the strange things that happened to T. Casey Brennan of Vampirella fame.


Something Curious about HP Lovecraft's name/word CTHULHU!

Mysterious Statue Found

Dagon and R'lyeh

The Herald - Tani Jantsang

The Innsmouth RAP Song - Jantsang/Marsh/Hill

Hermeto-Tantrik-Kabbalistic - and Cthulhu Mythos Names - Tani Jantsang

What is the Book "King in Yellow" - Tani Jantsang

The Great Debate: Between President Shrub and Say Damn Who's Sayin'

Close Encounter with the Terrifying Dagon - or - Poor Dagon has a close encounter with the Flying Monkeys

Philip Marsh After the Transformation

Flying Monkey Writes to Premier Fidel Castro

Sirius Mystery: notes on the book with Cthulhu Mythos correlations and other mythemes

Trip to Innsmouth (offsite)

Lovecraft Was Here (offsite)


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