Mysterious Statue Found inside Statue of Stalin!

Vladlen Dagonovich Nyarlatin, one of our most investigative Satanic Reds Comrades, recently visited the Soviet Union.  He wanted to get information from the KGB Archives for a website wholly unrelated to Satanic Reds. 

During his research, they closed the archives for a day because they wanted to bust up and remove an old statue of Stalin. 

To his utter astonishment and surprise, he noticed an unearthly green glow from the interior of the hollowed statue.  With astute perception, only present in the highest Adepts in our organization, he quickly surmised that the glow was coming from an object of some kind.  He reached inside and felt a tingling sensation in his hand as he picked up the strange object.

He beheld the object with utter shock and cosmic horror as Its eyes bore into his own. 

Of course, Comrade Nyarlatin was thoroughly familiar with the object, being an Adept in the REALLY hidden mysteries of the spoon and mint, which secrets are only known to the Supreme Magi of the Umm Mysteries.  The object, pictured below, might be familiar to those who understand the True and Horrific secrets of the Old Ones.  However, this is not what shocked and horrified Comrade Nyarlatin.  It was, instead, THE HIEROGLYPHS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS INCREDIBLY ANCIENT STATUE.


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