Below are articles that are about the Adamantine Dark or Esoteric Tradition. More details and information about all Left Hand Path Traditions are sold here.

Sat = Being. Dark Doctrines
Tan = Becoming
. Tani Jantsang

The Darkness is One: a beautiful translation of the cosmogenesis emanation doctrine from the Dark Tradition - Tani Jantsang

Unity of the Dark Tradition - Tani Jantsang

Dark Force: Satan Asat, Sat & Tan: a short but pure doctrine on these things - Tani Jantsang & others

Light Forces (plural) and the Dark Force (singular): an explanation of Cosmogenesis using some physics - Philip Marsh

Satan - Dark Force in Nature, and Entropy - and an End to This Argument! - Philip Marsh and Dr. Joe

Left Hand Path and Right Hand Path Defined: a clarification of some wild misconceptions amongst occultists - Tani Jantsang

LHP and RHP - Further Notes on Western Ideas of these Paths - Comrade Kaiden Fox

Tartaros - Pythagorean Satanism - Comrade August

The Three Gates and the Tangram: Pythagorean Satanism - Tani Jantsang

DiaMat: Taking the Mystery out of Dialectical Materialism - Comrade Jerome

Definition of Shamanism - Tani Jantsang

Dark Doctrines in Ancient Jewish Thought - Comrade Erik

Dark Doctrines in Islamic (Muslim) Philosophy - Comrade Ahmed

Sanatana Dharma - Comrade Miles

Compassion and the Heart

Bon: the pre-Buddhist religion of Tibet

Slavic Deities and Shaman-Pagan Traditions

The City of Satan - Satana on the Map

Symbols of Satan? The Baphomet, Goat of Mendes, Black Flame, and Pentagram - Tani Jantsang & others

Symbols of Satan? 2: Collection of images of Traditional Pythagorean Pentagrams (shown with colors) and Baphomets - Tani Jantsang & others

Temple of Solomon - Comrade August

Lucifer: Demonic Champion of The People - a new look at an old friend, Lucifer - Tani Jantsang

Thelema and the Dark Doctrines: a short comparative study of symbols and philosophy - Thelemite Comrade Sean

Crowley and the Dark Doctrines Agree on This: LAShTAL - Comrade August

Crowley and the Unicursal Hexagram - Comrade August

Some Questions and Some Observations about Magic - Commissar Steve Gary

The Importance of Ritual in Satanism: Drama and Imagination - Comrades that like Rituals

The Symbolic Theology of the Church, Order, and Temple of Baphomet: Baphomet, SaTan and other Archetypes. By Thelemite Comrade Sean

Akathartic, Ophionic, Alexithymic and Anosognosic States of Being - by Tani Jantsang, with notes quoted from neurologist Antonio Damasio

The Nine SaTanic Statements of Reality: The Real Sat-Tan-ic statements, not just social commentary - Tani Jantsang, Miles, Prole & others from the DDocs

Sumerians, Turanians, Pelasgians: an article by a scholar showing definitive connection with the Ural-Altaic Shamanistic tradition of ancient days.

Wicca: Legit or Not - What Constitutes Being Legitimate? Does it Even Matter? - Tani Jantsang - reply to an anti-Wiccan

Aradia - - Gospel of the Witches. shown here in its entirety with notes

Cthulhu Mythos and Dark Tradition correlations - Tani Jantsang

The Aklo Tablets and Chant to Call the Old Ones - finished by Tani Jantsang with explanation.

On Contradiction - by Mao Tse-tung - with Satanic annotations

On Contradiction from a Crowleyan oulook

On Practice - by Mao Tse-tung - with Satanic annotations

The Lost Libraries of the Americas

Smoking Mirror - Tezcatlipoca - "Tezcat": includes modern-day Aztec revolutionary thinking

Mastering Satanism

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