Some Questions and Some Observatons About Magic

By Commissar Steve Gary

Exploration of the balance factor. The movements of nature versus the movements of man. What is possible to achieve with the use of magic? Good luck?

If chaos is integral to magic, doesn't that place us at the mercy of luck?

Magic is actually a reverse term for it's actual function. Man must move WITH chaos. Man must receive information through senses to learn the current movements of magic/chaos.

Can chaos influence man directly? Many neo-pagans consider magic to be an indirect tool. That it may cause an event that the magician may not be aware of to influence change. In whichever case, man must have influenced the "fluids" or the "dynamics" of this ever-present chaos. It moves in-turn, hand in hand. Chaos does influence man directly, then. But in favor of one magician? The magician must then be aware of his overall surroundings. Even things he cannot see? Does chaos motivate the magician to place himself in the right place at the right time? Or does the magician have control of that?

The magician rides chaos like a wave. Does magic really come as a wave? Certainly and consecutively. Nature is repetitive. Does that mean that "sacred" times of the year such as the spring equinox provide "waves" for the magician to take advantage of? These waves could be multi-dimensional. Up, down, sideways, diagonally, moving like a fluid like air or water. The thermodynamics of the fluid movement in a tank of water; the movements of chaos/magic.

What is Satan? A word? A master? A being? A god? A symbol?

Satan…Christians will never understand the concept…that there is no Satan, not in the "god" or "anthropomorphic" way. Satan is a word, a symbol. How does Satan relate to magic? History tells us. I don't listen.

Magic is a principle. There is principle in the performance of a working, and it is a principle of nature. It is natural to do magic. It is done all the time. Many people do not realize what spells they weave. Magic is the spark for evolution; the spark for change. Performing magic is observing the "enzymes" of evolution: of change. Performing magic is understanding the deepest motions that desire creates in our hearts, rippling out through the arms, legs, feet, neck, and face. It is constant and elusive. Magic is in the air, literally. It is done constantly. It constantly works. Performing magic is to observe how it works with the gut. It is the feeling inside you that provokes you to exist. It is the provoking of interest, desire, evolution. It is the constant coming of change: always coming and always passing.

Magic takes over. It needs permission. I sometimes ask it in terms of-"Satan possess me, take over my will and possess me. Make me like you. I want to be you. I want to see the world through my skin. Present me with your infernal, ever burning ambition. I submit my will to you. Possess me so I can have your wisdom too and evil patience." Something of an incantation along those lines.

Lo and behold. Satan bitchslaps me and jumps under my skin? No. But I feel comfortable with magic. When I get myself in tune with Satan/magic/chaos, I feel powerful, because I am not thinking about being powerful anymore... I just feel like I am. Things just seem so easy. However there is a lot of patience in magic, and a need to dismiss the acknowledgement of time. A lot of concentration and patience is needed to achieve such a natural and simple task. Some of the harder things to think about are "when," and to think about "how." Magic isn't a thought process, it may be a psychological state, but not a thought process. It isn't easily described, and it isn't in a "when." Not to say that timing is not important; It is more of a FEELING of WHEN to do it at a reasonably calculated time.

In magic, time is ever-changing itself. Every stop in time or, let me say, every second in time has its own individual future. Simultaneously, every passing second has a unique future. That is chaotic. It IS chaos. Magic is timeless chaos, wisdom, change and desire. A recipe? Maybe. This stuff will never spoil. And no one knows who made it IF anyone did. I, however, don't think it was ever non-existent. I am concerned with how petty I am in comparison to time and space. I think that there was NO beginning for sure, not for time. Have you ever heard about the "ekpyrotic universe" theory? If not look it up, it's worth knowing about.

If magic is chaos and time has chaotic undertakings, a relevantly different future for every second (more so every thought in every second has a chance to come into being), then isn't it feasible to say that magic is as eternal as time? More appropriately, SaTan is. A dark satanic force without a beginning or an end? Yes, it is.

How does a magician have any control at all of such forces? How can a man or a woman influence other people, events, changes, body functions, and all of the ever moving environment? I just glanced at a matchbook on my table. It sits still on the table but it is MOVING through time.

I stopped writing for a moment to light a cigarette. I didn't use the matchbook. That is chaos. You would swear that I would reach for those matches, but I didn't. I went for my wooden matches instead. These were the ones I was habitually using since I got them. I was also inspired looking at the matchbook and I wanted to leave them in that same spot and position. Without thinking.

There were many factors involved in my choosing the stick matches instead of the book of matches. Enzymes, neurotransmitters, hormones, ELECTRICAL impulses through my synapses. Even ions, all my sensory inputs, anything and everything could've been involved in that decisive movement. Final. It was EASIER for my brain to choose the HABITUAL match sticks.

To note another bit of chaos. To use the term "easier" was actually a subconscious memory for the way some aspects of thermodynamics were cleverly illustrated by Tani Jantsang in one of her essays on Vad's site. I remember smiling when I read it.

Now two points. The brain uses electricity and the question of how a magician could possibly influence these forces.

Let’s suppose that the magician is inside a giant model in thermodynamics that shows entropy or chaos in a closed environment, and visually displays heat in motion. It is a fish tank of some sort with a heat source. Heat is a property of chaos. The heated water molecules move quicker and becomes less dense and becomes lighter, rising to the top. The cooler, more dense water molecules sink to the bottom. This action is called convection, a systematic exchange between two areas of differing densities. When more heat is added there is more chaos and no more seeming order in the cycles of motion. Normally, food coloring or ink is used to allow you to see the heated motion of the water. But in this mind experiment of a magician's influence in this ever-present fluid, the food coloring will be replaced with ground iron dust.

Now suppose the sorcerer is buoyant in the center of the tank. It doesn’t look like it from an outside perspective but the magician knows he is moving with the rest of the convection current. He FEELS it.

He can also decide to “swim” to whichever three-dimensional area of the tank he chooses. There is low entropy in the tank and he has relative control of his whereabouts. When he wants or even when he is in a comfortable position, he may decide to influence the magic iron dust. He is aware of the entropy levels and he has chosen a time and place to affect change in another area of the tank. He now releases control of his position and body movement to the watery environment. This allows him to use his brain in a more intense fashion as it isn’t concerned with the status of the body anymore. He gets a feeling of magic; the ever-present environment. He is able to influence the transgressive exchanges that normally occur all the time involuntarily between his electrified mind and the iron particles in the environment. He electromagnetizes himself and can “switch poles” to attract and repel as he pleases. And he “sees” the world in a the way that the iron dust would. I will add a little more imagination. Suppose now that he can control the magnetic pull between the iron dust particles and make them form shapes like a magnet game: images of desires in very small amounts compared to the actual amounts of dust there actually is; so small that they can stay in his head if he wanted. These shapes have special qualities and the magician “charges” them. They flow with the rest of the current, it helps a lot when the magician “pushes” them away.

Now let’s suppose that these dust particles are not at all tangible. They cannot be seen, but only felt. They are magne-formed “ghost” imprints of living things (already formed), and imprints cast molds of the "is to be" (sorcerer’s creation). The imprints of living things(magnetic signatures) are like a mirror image on another plane or dimension. The imprints of the “is to be” are created by sorcerers and are like cast molds that make “dance steps” for the things he wants to influence (imagine the whole concept as a matter/anti-matter concept). I am now going to refer to an already existent signature as LIVING SIGNATURES and the magicians “magne-formed” desires as SORCERER'S SIGNATURES. Both types of signatures or “imprints” consist of some important properties. They are imprints varying of emotions, behavior tendencies, personality, and even familiar properties such as the TAN-becoming, and SAT-being. When the magician creates these signatures, they are a likeness of already existing living signatures. In actuality they are created as forged signatures of their destination living signatures. This way they can flow freely through the chaos until meeting with the same signature of the living (the recipient of the working). It finds its purpose and wraps itself around, snug fit. It superimposes the desires of the magician on the living signature. It “possesses” the living and exchanges “information” or “motivation” with it. It went through chaos on a mission to find the living signature that the sorcerer assigned to it, and be like a subconscious influence on the recipient of the magic. Interestingly enough, these sorcerers' signatures resemble elementals.

They are created with a purpose. That purpose is to find it’s host and affect change. Its purpose here is to “possess” its mirror image, because it is without reason. It is SAT looking for TAN, and the sorcerer made it. Actually, it is also like Tan looking for Sat in the ultimate sense since things that Become are looking for Pure Being in a sense.

Yes it’s true, these elementals can and/or will come back to their creator. Does that mean curses or “evil” elementals are damaging to the magician? NO. If it was for something materialistic, it will return to the sorcerer as the object of desire. If it was for a curse it won’t be around the sorcerer in the first place because it isn’t part of its purpose. There is no reason why it would come back. Three-fold bounce back? If the magician felt guilty about what he has done, he would be thinking a lot about his little creation. As I described earlier, magic is on-going and constantly done. The magician worried and recreated the sorcerers signature in his head and he didn’t send it off like the last one. It resembles the living signature his elemental is after and the elemental didn’t get very far when the magician made this new victim. Himself. The sorcerer's signature then returns to the “decoy victim” the sorcerer made in his head involuntarily. Of course he can banish it. The magician can destroy any negative elementals.

Magic is a natural understanding of chaos without thinking, but feeling it. Magic is a major part of the whole. It is a synaptic electro-chemical of SaTan. Every feeling described by a name like Hecate, Lucifer, Abaddon, Mammon, Pan, they are all signatures on Satan’s proverbial eardrums. They evoke a HABITUAL process in the thermodynamic environment we exist in. It’s just that the magician should best familiarize himself with the names and they will be helpful. They are an EASY way to get to the point without thinking too much. They do not die… they only sleep, hiding in the shadows of science and ancient desires.

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