Yes, we have Rituals. Some of the rituals below are not the usual that you'd find in any occult group. Other rituals are more standard, for those familiar with the occult, and some are not quite what you think. Tani Jantsang

Images of Baphometic and Pythagorean pentacles!

Self Initiation Ritual

Destruction Ritual - Obic

Destruction Ritual - Red Ray

Compassion Ritual - Red Ray

Baptism - not of a child

Rite of Exorcism

Ritual of the Baphomet

Ritual of the Black Flame

Hymn to Satan

Celebration of the Pent Alpha

Prayer for Solace and Inner Peace

Luciferian Cross Ritual

The Aklo Tablets and Chant to Call the Old Ones

Tezcatlipoca's Little Invocation Kit

The Ixiptli Ritual of the Aztecs

Images of Baphomet - Take a Look for Yourselfl


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