Rite of Exorcism

Make a Magic Circle two-fold out of a salt paste; one circle inside the other. Within the circle put the 6-pointed Solomonic or Necromantic Star, and within its center put the 5-pointed Blazing Star of the East, the pentacle, facing Eastward with 2 points up. In the very center of the pentacle, put a bottle, or something in which to seal something up tight. Mark the bottle with a V signifying the lower alpha of the pentacle and write these words: Azazel on the left top of the V; Samael on the Right top of the V, and Thiavat on the bottom point.

Bring the person in need of exorcism into the center of this diagram on the floor.

Use whatever cleansing or holy things that the person being exorcised relates to. That could be holy water, an idol of some deity to wave at the exorcised thing, etc.

SAY this while walking around the outside of the circles; say it with force, from the heart:

I, (your name) am a Serpent at the roadside. I am a Horned Snake at the wayside, and I bite the heel of your horse so that you, (name of what needs to be exorcised out), fall backward. I have salvation before me in the name of the Most Holy Yat-Zebaoth, the All in One, One in All.

I do command you evil, grasping, ensnaring and clinging (spirit, person, etc. what needs to be exorcised out), by the most glorious symbols of the Most High, to depart from the body of (name of person being exorcised) quickly and without delay. I command you to loose the bonds by which you hold (name of person) fast. I break the threads that you have used to bind the fate of (name of person).

I command you and constrain you by the names of Those Nehushtan that guard the most Holy Shekina, by the names of Azazel and Samael and Thiavat I command you, by the Star of Adonai and the Throne of Binah Sephira I command you into this vessel of lead as did our Brother King Solomon confine the evil Djinn before me.

And know this, you who would ensnare and try to bind the fate of another to your own, that this fate is merciful; and that if you should ever seek to escape and work your evil on The Innocent, that Another, the most Ineffable Unknown and UNHOLY Aspect of the Most High that no mortal may look upon, shall come for you.

I command you now, by the Tetragrammaton and the Highest Kether-OB-AUR to depart the body of (name of person) and enter into this vessel now, or be confined to Gehainnon forever!

If possible solder the container shut, or glue it with strong glue. Then bury it.

Say: IT IS DONE. Walk away - and do not look back.

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