Giving Praise to the Pent Alpha

Comrade August

(To be said in a celebration of Life)

Make a pentacle and put a red candle in the top left point; a blue candle in the top right point; a green candle in the lower left point; a yellow candle in the lower right point; a white candle in the bottom point and a black candle in the middle. This can be done alone or in a group.


.....The Lunar aurora,
The spirits productive grain
Guide me into a landscape,
Astral & Arcane
I can feel the towering mountain,
as well as the abyss-like sea
In my veins the wildest river,
and every growing tree.

The nighttime stars are close to heart
Cold, indifferent and quiet is their love
They beg me to behold
Thru gates of matter, within and not above
Under this their potent spell
I knock on the Gates of a Black threshold
Guarded by demons dog-faced
Careening out of Hell

They leave me be, the dogs that bark
I am armed with orphic hymns,
I have a secret spark!
To my flaming love, my darting ray
These guarding demons,
Wont say nay

I love everything I see,
And everything I feel
When Time crunches back
Into Eternity

The Lunar aurora,
the spirits productive grain
Guide me into a landscape,
Astral & Arcane

Zoos-Eros (Bottom or Root point)

From one undifferentiated body
All is sprung
The one Light unfolded into many
And all is
A growing pattern of Life
Without effort
Without strife

So when self perceives self
In the mirror-like surface
Of life’s unanimated sea
It inevitably traces
Its being and all it can see
Yeah, it traces itself
Back to Bah
Back to Root

Embracing Life
It lives its being, lives its flesh
It indulges in Nature
Without effort
Without strife

Physis (Top left point)

Inside space, in every single point
A subtle infinite within
Behind growth, behind expression
The unbounded core within
It is the Arupa, the not woven yet

Thru the open heart
it pushes outside
Unfolding the form
giving birth to the child

The dawning day
the red-rayed sun
The chalice of plenty
that pours out Fun

Dike (Bottom right point)

Each number, an existence of its own
Under Nature’s cloak obeying
Each number, in the black bosom grown
To do the Female’s bidding -
Human, know thyself

Strip all frauds away
Let the night tell you what is true
Truth is beautiful
Kill the ego that will lead astray
Let the night beautify you

Now, yours is the freedom to see
That every detail of the Tree
Obeys to the blind law
Of Equality
So step forth naked, as who you are
Shine forth resplendent
Beautiful Star!

Psyche (Bottom left point)

The gift of Life;
To be put into relation
With every being thing
In this many-fold creation

In every pearl
The others are reflected
Objective metric law
In relativity embedded

Thus the mind
That all dualisms transcend
In time will come
To Shiva’s dancing comprehend

Then the breath
Of dis-ease no sign will show
And the truthful adept
Through his life will flow

Hypopteros Drys (Top right point)

Lay back on the woven cloth
Rest at the end of the row
Gain strength from spinning Wheel
In free chakra-flow

This is the kingdom of death
As it receives all
This is the kingdom of life
As it refuses none

Seek it with an open heart
In rising love for the shekeena
From life not held apart;
The wisdom of anima


The circle closes
The shape of things to come
Wrapped in silent blue
Forever to become

In the abyss I dwell,
In peace
From the abyss I rise,
To rest
In the arms of la Nuit

I rise, flying on the snake
To the place where Serpents feast
To the shore of an ancient lake
There, rejoices every Beast

I breathe, deep and freely
Around me, nature comes alive
The air, everything that fills me
Breathes and smells of Pan
Nature fills with coiling flames
Nature thrills Satan!

The place of silken Darkness,
Is now my house and home
I can feel the towering the mountain,
As well as the abyss-like sea
In my veins the wildest river,
and every growing tree....

So mote it be.

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