In the name of Chaos, Sam-Moveth-Az. Ob-Azoth Lord and Archdemon of Infernus.

I call for the Five Gates of the dark realm to crash asunder. Let my commands ride upon the howling winds of the Abyss.

Oh, Herald of Hell, behold: I speak the Keys of the 9 Angles and I summon the demon who has leashed the apocalypse, Abot-Thiavat, Master of the Seven, whose name is Oblivion.

Through the Blazing Angles of the Shining Trapezoid whereby the 10th Key (Malkuth) lies broken, the doom of _________ has been spoken.

Eurynome! Cthonie! Callrhoe! Ekidne! Ophioneus!

Samael! Azazel! Izidkiel! Hanael! Kepharel!

(The same 5 names, but in Hebrew)

The names have been spoken, loose the Hounds of the Barrier and COME FORTH, for the bond is sealed. We are alike, and I summon you through myself that MY WILL BE DONE! By Sam-Moveth-Az, by Ophioneus: Leviathan, Arise! Move! Appear! Leave the whirling vortex beyond our Cosmos and come forth.

Behold the goat without horns, untouched, alone, naked before you, having only the Black Fire that burns in my heart. I AM the mystery of YOUR creation! Come into my heart and GO FORTH: strike down! rot away! burn up! crush! consume and devour!

Now - FIND the enemy or enemies with your heart chakra (NOT with the head-eye chakra). With the head-eye chakra LOOK as if looking down on many things and BLAST the enemy. It comes out like "go-pause, go-pause, go-pause," it does not blast out like the Vajra. Then break off, become totally detached from this. Even forget you did it! Total detachment.

The 10th Key is Malkuth after Bahu breaks open. Thiavat comes out of this through the middle pillar - or the Abot Gate. The Thiavat-Bahu combined is the Root of the 7 "Light Forces" hence the Master of them (See Dark Kaballa article sold). Hounds of the Barrier are the Furies, the five Daimones. There is a whirling feeling associated with this magic, and a howling sound or fluty kind of song-howl that one can "hear." Sam-Moveth-Az represents the Obic Vortex above 1st. Ophioneus is what came from the 10th last. Leviathan is the culmination of both, the entire thing. The goat without horns is the person doing the spell meaning that he/she has been harmed or deprived of the horns - metaphorically. Untouched means you do not hold hands with anyone in this spell. Alone means the one person alone does this spell, even if others are present. Naked doesn't have to mean you disrobe but you can - it means INNOCENT of motive, pure of heart - it means you have nothing anymore except the Black Flame which is the Self Alone.

The epithets 1. strike down, 2. rot away, 3. burn up 4. crush and 5. consume devour - that is how the Thiavat-as-Ob comes down through the Vortex through middle pillar. These are the attributes of the Seraphim - Se-RAPH, punishing, wrathful messengers. Guardians of the Five Gates. Tipereth is passed through which is the heart wherein the Black Fire burns. You call this into your HEART and send it forth as the spell reads. Blazing Angles of the Trapezoid are the 7-light forces with the dark inside as shown in "Tantra" article. Crash through the 9 angles: 5 on the star the alphas/points plus four on the trapezoid seem to crush inward - the 4 on the trapezoid are the Tetragrammaton - and have nothing to do with any "name of God."

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