Nothing lights up the room except one black candle. Total silence and isolation.

You'll need a large pentacle drawn on the floor or a cloth with it on it big enough in size so you can stand in the center pentagon and put a small altar there with you. You'll need a small altar in front of you to put what you need. You'll need to put a chalice of wine on there. with a black candle. And if you feel you absolutely need it, you can write this on paper, read from it during the ritual, pin prick yourself and sign it in blood, and burn it in a black candle for effect, if you need that.

Stand in the middle of a pentacle drawn on the floor, or on a cloth with the symbol on it big enough to stand in the center of. The two top points are in front of you - the bottom point is behind you. You are symbolically FACING That Darkness out of which the 5 Daimones emanated.


Hail Satan, THE ONE, THE ALL. Lord of all the Cosmos, Cosmocrator out of which All Things arise!

(If the word HAIL doesn't sit right with you, use something else, like Ave or IO. It has to FEEL right to you).

Hear this my oath.

I come of my own Free Will, of my own Desire. Therefore it is what I DO.

I stand naked before you - a Goat with no Horns. My innermost Being is laid bare.

There is nothing that is not yours. I have nothing that is not Yours - and You are my innermost Self.

This is my purpose.

You are my God. You are my Innermost Self. I recognize no other gods, saviors or masters.

I place myself at every point in the Pentacle.

You are my hope and strength, my healing and soothing, my peace and the fire in my veins.

I am within you as you are within me.

I am by you Named: One, Unique, and I stand alone! And never a master shall reign over me.

I take this chalice of wine and nurture myself on the fertile sustenance of your Being. (drink wine)
And by this act, it is done!


I sign this in my own blood, (or with ink), and consign it to the flames, your element. (burn signed pact in candle).
And by this act, it is done. (scatter burnt ashes of pact into the winds outside).

This rituals should be done from the heart, not from the head and NOT out of rebellion, but with a sense of having made inner peace with yourself. You can't go into this with the idea that you are just switching gods.

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