Write down what you wish, compassion, mercy, etc. You'll need a bowl of water big enough to submerge written requests on, and red candles.

Principality of Fire, I call upon the Flame to summon you.
I call on the strength of all the Living Creatures of Nature who have been wronged and scream for Justice.

Principality of Fire, hear me as I call. Rise from the coiling flames!

I summon you in the name of the Seven Sons of Light whom you have seen.

Azazel, I summon you in the name of Mother Night that reigned at your beginning.

Taniniver, come forth through the mouth of the Dragon.
Tara, come forth as a bright ray born of Darkness.
Innocent Child, Spark in the eye of Darkness, MERCY MERCY AZAZEL.

I summon you in the name of the slaughtered Innocence,
In the name of every humble spirit that is obedient to you,
I invoke you, COME FORTH!

Ask for the mercy or compassion you wish.

Take your wishes and put them in the bowl of water. Place the bowl in a closet or cubbard facing South.

Azazel, or Cthonie, and all the other names for this same alpha-defender is both Innocence, a defender principle of the 7 fold Light and is also the Abyss - Darkness, a horrific destroyer. It is also the manifest-defender of the alpha inner principle of Justice. It is also the destroyer of anti-anima as the pushing principle on that alpha. It is also the "mate" of the Ophion as it merges with this principle. Azazel is half here and NOT behind the "double locked gate."

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