Unity of the Dark Tradition

I. Unity in the Adamantine Esoteric Tradition of the Boundless Darkness, what we call the Dark Tradition

Tani Jantsang

This, what we present in our organization and sell monographs on, is an Adamantine Doctrine said universally to have been The Doctrine of the prior world age, the 4th world age, the Satya Yuga. Some systems categorize the Yugas in another order. Pesh Hun transmitted it to the people in the Kali Yuga. Blavatsky was told some of this by someone in India, for sure. But she distorted the darker aspects of it. She distorted the Hindu Creation Hymn, which is similar to our "Darkness is One."

What absolutely legitimizes the entire Esoteric Tradition and all the related cultures (plural) that had it and still have it, as a whole, or in parts is their EMANATION doctrine about the Boundless Darkness, No Name, Thatness, Aditi, Ain Soph, Apeiron,etc. and the Flame, Viraj, Dorje, Vajra, Logos, etc. that is in that All Pervading Darkness - and the resulting doctrine of Being and Becoming. This is not exclusively in the Eastern lands, since the "western civilization" Hellenic pre-Socratic traditions also have these doctrines of the Apeiron (the One) and the emamation, and the Five Daimones - but that is universally agreed upon by every scholar to be very Eastern in tone and intent - and that is where Pythagoreanism comes from. It is far more ancient than Babylon, also. It existed in India as the standard Shivaite Doctrine at least as far back as 7,000 BC.

THIS is the unifying concept.

1. Unknown - Boundless Darkness, Thatness. - That which is Arupa (formless)

2. Non-Being and Being. The intermediate being-state is BECOMING. Thatness does this out of Necessity.

3. Emanation of a Light, Flame, Vajra, Viraj, Dorje, Logos, etc. as a 7-fold Formed and Ordered substance that BECAME all material things (matter/energy, light/sound, space/time). Some see this as the "one point" that did the Big Bang.

4. Infusion of the Darkness as a 5-fold formless chaotic "force" of some kind, into the 7 which, in turn, drives all things on to ever greater change and diversity, relentlessly driving all things on to change, to BECOME.

This is very much unlike a creation doctrine; it is very much unlike paganism with many gods and goddess and half-godling "children of" the gods/goddesses. It is not dualistic at all. It is NOT for everyone! One is either Of It, or they are not. It's something some people seem to intuit. Nothing more or less than that. Repeat, it is not dualistic - so if you find some later dualism mixed into the pure doctrine, it is a later addition.

In addition, there are elaborations that are identical: how that darkness is always categorized in 5 distinct ways as it acts on "the nature" around us and how the Flame is within us as kundalini, Vajra, logos, etc. How the Flame comes into living beings from the All Pervading Darkness, goes through living things as a Flame or kind of "Light" and then returns to that One Darkness. How the All Pervading Darkness itself never increases or decreases all the time this goes on. There are also very similar doctrines about what lacks this Flame within, in all these traditions. There is no judgement on such people. It is just that the Tradition is not told to them - hence it is esoteric. (Times have changed). I could say it this way: Aditi, Vach, Viraj are the same things, recognizable to anyone that knows this, as Kether, Binah, Hochmah. Same things.

This is one solid tradition amongst MANY whole cultures, parts of cultures and peoples. It is universally said to have been The Adamantine Doctrine by which all society was governened in a "Golden Age" during the Satya Yuga, which is a prior world age. It is distinct from the trinity traditions, distinct from the dualistic traditions that oppose the light from the dark. It is distinct from paganism. It is distinct from the solar cults. It is NOT a salvation doctrine nor is there any kind of notion of a "personal Being" in the One Darkness.

It has nothing to do with rebelliousness or the mundane world of the herd and hypocrisy. It has nothing to do with that pro or con - all that is irrelevant. If you want rules, make them up. If you follow rules, then someone else made them up. That's how societies work. How societies work has nothing to do with the Doctrine. The need "in itself" for rules is contrary to the Dharmas (the five wisdoms, truths). But rules are needed in SOCIETIES and we all live in societies, behaviors in these societies are set as a standard of "acceptability" by the people IN those societies; there is nothing divine about such rules or societal laws or morals or ethics; this has NOTHING to do with The Doctrine. There is a qualified difference. A Ngagspa (Dark Doctrine Adept) can behave one way in some remote area of Etsen Gol. That is, you would see the outer behavior of this person, you'd see him doing things. Let him come to the USA and live in the city. The Ngaspa ADAPTS easily enough. You'd see him doing other behaviors outwardly. Inwardly, he is the same Ngagspa. Outer behavior has nothing to do with the Inner Being. Following speeding laws on interstates, which the Ngagspa would do if he came here, has nothing to do with The Doctrine.

This is perfectly clear in the Esoteric Tradition whether you get it from the Dark Tradition section on our website or from a university or from an Adept or whether one might tell you some of this, as someone told Blavatsky (and she garbled it all up and tried to change it....) It does NOT MATTER if confused persons, overly cerebral people or anyone else doesn't get it. Glaring and screaming out is the EMANATION doctrine and the BOUNDLESS DARKNESS concept - the Flame that is in that Darkness - from there comes Being and Becoming. Those things are OUTSIDE of Judeo-Christianity-Islam for the most part. These are the three MAIN things that bind these traditions into one Esoteric Tradition: Boundless Darkness, Flame in Darkness, Being/Becoming.

These THREE things unify it into one Esoteric Tradition, in addition to the the actual teachings of the 7 and the 5 and The One, usually with focus on the FIVE and The One Darkness. They are LHP traditions though they also encompass RHP since the two are never opposed: they compliment each other when they are properly understood and practiced.

At least we have unified what belongs together as a core doctrine. I don't expect a very cerebral person stuck in the Judeo-Christian paradigm to hear a single "note" of what I said. And I'm not into explaining harmony to tone deaf people. It's a waste of time. The LHP does not work that way. We compare this to music: you either hear the tune, or you don't. It is not like conversion doctrines or teaching a person to read notes and put their fingers in the right places to make music. It is not like what has come to be thought of as RHP. Though that in itself is very confused and misnamed. To think that LHP is only about breaking taboos is a mistake, especially since some societies don't have taboos; they have LAWS and if you break them you go to jail. (And by the way, NO satanic organization that tries to make LHP into "taboo breaking" advocates breaking the law!)

If you hear it, feel it as if you've always known it, it definitely CALLS to you, you can't even resist it. If you don't hear it, I suggest you don't concern yourself with it and continue to PURSUE YOUR OWN things and be happy with what you have. To not do that is to participate further in non-being.

Obviously, in history, pieces of this One Doctrine have been absconded with, merged with things it was never a part of, such as the Logos cults - and then the Sun Cults of old. SAT and Sanatana: these concepts got confused with Saturn the planet - and then confused with the Sun. Some of the Doctrine got merged into the Dark Goddess concept - dualized - as what I'd imagine to be a reaction to the Solar Patriarchal peoples ruling those areas. In the Kali Yuga, this is bound to happen to anything from the Satya Yuga. No matter. None of that is relevant. We present the traditions of the Boundless Darkness in a very unadorned and pure form. That is relevant.

Recently, supermassive black holes have been found - and now the conception of the all-destructive black hole has changed into one where these black holes have a lot to do with CREATION of galaxies, not just destruction. How would a Dark Adept see these things, since saying that such existed has been part of the doctrine anyway? As the fingers of the Boundless Darkness, the hand of the Sat Itself doing what it always does: folding/unfolding, push/pull. We would say that the "many" black holes one sees at the center of galaxies are really One Thing - made to look like many things in many places and times by the Illusion of Space/time. That is what we'd say.

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