Crowley and the Dark Doctrines Agree on This

by Comrade August

This is one of Crowley´s magickal words, a word of the new aeon explaining the magick of the Beast. It fills me with delight since it conforms so well with the Dark Doctrine(s). I will now try to show you how. It will help if you're aquatinted with gematria and qabbala and if you will look up for yourself what the letters look like.

I'll explain the word as we read it, beginning with:

L (lamed) = Means adjustment and equilibrium. It's value is 30.

A (aleph) = The Fool, naught in thought/word/action (very Taoistic, the principle of

Innocence). The Holy Ghost. It's value is 1.

LA = The divine conjoined. L = Father/Mother = Love = 13 = Unity = 1 = A.

The infinitely big and the infinitely small making Naught. (The word La actually means "not" in Hebrew.) Their child is begotten, A, the Holy Ghost, also being Naught. Asat (the nothing, the non-being) makes way for Sat (the one, the Pure Beingness, but still no-thing, that is; Sat is not a THING of matter/energy. In a sense, Asat Comes Into Being: the Being IS SAT.).

The Universe is in the phase of potentialities of manifestation.

30 + 1 = 31, the number of the highest motherly trinity.

Sh (shin, sigma) = A tooth, the triple tongue of flame, Fire, Trinity as One letter. It is Eating, devouring, eating into. It is the active element of the Spirit of the Gods. It is entropy or Tan. (I noted that Philip Marsh used S as the letter of entropy in his article: the dark force in nature and entropy and an end to this argument, or something like that, coincidentally the standard scientific symbol for this.)

Sigma is C, which looks like the moon, sigma also looks like a coiling serpent, and when written small; like a phallus. Shin the serpent is the kundalini serpent seated in height with your loins and as the moon: Yesod , which is the seat in man of the sexual function. The value of the letter is 300 and so is the value of the words formation, separation, profundities and The Spirit of God. It is the divine moulding triplex breath, as all things are ruled/moulded by the prime number three, also the three gates pi, e and phi.

T (teth, theta) = 9, The satanic number of the Muse. However it is multiplied it remains numerologically a 9: 9 times 8 = 72 = 7+2 = 9, for example. The energy/matter of the Universe remains the same, it is just shuffled around.. The (Greek) letter theta looks like a circle with a central point, the symbol of the sun, of a star and as Crowley stated: "every man and every woman is a star." It is the letter of the Demiurgos and the number 9 is the number of Yesod, the Foundation, the Demiurgos again. We also have the idea of the three gates since, pi + e + phi = 18 = 1+8 = 9 (not mathematically, but magickally). The letter teth looks like a serpent devouring it's own tail, the glyph of Eternity (phi), of Nothingness (e) and of Space (pi). It is the idea of flesh and of matter.

ShT = 31 (If they're counted as Tarot trumps.) It is the moon and the sun conjoined, Shakti joined with Shiva, the yin with the yang. The lower seat of man is raised to the sun, Tipheret, the Holy Guardian Angel. The Foundation elevated as the black flame making the pentagram a hexagram; 5 = 6. It is a verb not a noun.

AL = Means God in Hebrew. It is in essence identical to La. It is the dissolution back into nothing, the idea of prALaya. A, the Fool (Innocence) encloses L, the Sanat-Kumara. It equals 31.

31 thrice 3 is 93. 93 is the value of the word Thelema. I don't know if this was known to Crowley, but Thelema is another name for the Primogenitor, Kether. 93 is also the value of the word Agape; another title of Binah. (This may be due to the fact that Binah in Hebrew equals 67, which is 13, the value of the Hebrew word for love, and unity.)

The Bang/Crunch as one event, the course of the Universe.

The world revolves in and between Being/Non-Being, both ends basically the same. But the word is not reversible: the motion (ShT) of the wheel is only forward, and forward is left, a sinistral spin of the svastika:

LAShTAL = 371 (counted completely by letter) and the word Sinistrum equals 371!

The meaning of LAShTAL is hidden in the glyph of the Beast, the unicursal hexagram. The lines extend from, and to, infinity. It can therefore justly be seen as a glyph of the word LAShTAL, or the 0 = 2 formula.

It is also, perhaps in particular a symbol of attainment, or ShT. The moon (bottom point of the hexagram) is united with the sun (at the top) in attainment of annihilation, the balance of opposites. For fun, take a Pythagorean pentagram and elevate the central point of the floor of the house up through Eros so that it becomes the topmost point of the figure. You'll end up with a unicursal hexagram. The two symbols conform very well with each other, not only in their inner meaning.

Another curious detail is this:

The central point that stretches to/from infinity (note the similarity to push/pull...) relates to the idea of Mychos, or perhaps quantum physics. The central point of the Pythagorean star is the house, a pentagon. I think at least Roger Penrose would find one great arcanum in this.

For further research in the subject of this article I recommend you to visit and search for an article named: The Unicursal Hexagram as Hyperbola, and of course the writings of Crowley himself.

Kaballa of the nine chambers: count only the beginning number of a letter's value, 30 is read as 3, 200 as 2, and so on.

We read like this, beginning with the Kyklos point: LAMIH-TS; Lamed, Aleph, Mem, Yod, Heh – Teth, Shin.

By the nine chambers this reads: 3141592, the value of pi is: 3,141592.


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