Compassion and the Heart

Comrade August

"If you keep to a spirit of compassion, of warmth, something automatically will open your inner door. Through this you'll communicate easier with other people. And this feeling of warmth creates openness. [...] Then there will be less need to hide anything and as a result, feelings of fear, lacking self-confidence and insecurity will disappear by themselves."
-Translated from the back of the Swedish edition of Dalai Lama's book The Art of Happiness.

Compassion, in the esoteric sense, is empathy, it is the Open Heart whose Flame shines forth like rays of the sun. It also means patience, which comes with the calm heart.

Something that is central to many religious teachings, be it the words of Dalai Lama or Jesus' original words (highly misunderstood), is compassion and sympathy. To me, these doctrines do have some validity, at least in an esoteric sense. The problems arise when people make it exoteric and confuse it with dogmas about being undeservedly forgiving; i.e., morals that tend to make you into a doormat for bullies that might come along. Compassion is more about Understanding, it is a state of mind; it has nothing to do with your actions. It does, however, have to do with Love, Love being Eros; that which is felt with your heart. It has to do with the Joyful Nature - Joy is a manifestation of Being!

A feeling that is familiar to many people is the warmth of heart that clicks in when you're touched, sentimental, angry or compassionate. It's a feeling of embracing with your heart, of shining from within.

In the occult language, that is not mystical at all when you feel these things, this is the feeling of your heart chakra merging with your eye chakra in a flow of kundalini. Doing this renders Understanding, empathy or compassion if you like. It is direct, not like analysis at all, but it gives you Clarity. It doesn't go away either really, once you have the Understanding it stays with you. (Unless your heart closes itself).

Throughout our lives we are confronted by things. They might be beautiful or they might be horrible. Healthy people tends to not be drawn towards, or focus their Will on the uglier parts of our world. But sometimes you're not allowed to choose, sometimes life might be cruel to you. Jesus, as a religious teacher, said that you should always confront the horrors in a spirit of compassion and empathy. What do I say? I agree, because the warmth of heart has a miraculous ability to keep its yielder untouched by the horrors. Instead of hiding the horrors in an inner closet, burying them so that they fester and grow and become monsters, confront them and embrace them in an empathic manner. That gives you power over the horrors instead of the horrors having power over you and even ruling your feelings. Embracing them, naming them and facing them, tends to make them vanish in a puff of memory smoke; they are gone and you are set free to breathe easier.

In the Dark Doctrines this is known as Innocence, and it is said that Innocence is the only thing that can look into the Void or Abyss unharmed. And when the Abyss looks back at you, it's beautiful, not horrific. It reflects back the Innocence.

Studies of babies and children in abusive surroundings have shown that they are very apt to forgive and meet the world with trust and kindness despite being let down and mistreated. They are very consistent in their efforts to establish a life in the sign of Health. Children use their hearts.

But the person might get scarred, his heart might close, it gets too tired to let him shine and tune in to things with that warmth of heart due to repeated, consistent hurt. Now, for such a person, "compassion" becomes suffering. Occulticly; the flame does not go above the navel chakra in this type of person, and when tuning in to things it will be like gazing through the navel chakra instead of the heart. It is a feeling of unease, worry and disgust in the navel area and a feeling of emptiness in the chest (heart chakra). A person with strong self-hate and complexes about himself would surely recognize this description. Those of you who've felt it will Know what this is.

People who react with fear, disgust and a sense of threat will use this kind of sight when they tune in to the things they are reacting to. This kind of sight will not leave you untouched by the Void. Do not look into the Void in this state.

So in a way, forgiveness (by forgiveness I mean not reacting with fear, disgust and a sense of threat) is a virtue, because it disarms the horrors. A girl I know once said: "If suicidal ... then you're stupid. Life might be shit, but never cease to taste, feel and live it."

I pretty much agree. Never close your heart, whatever the horrors it encounters might be. That might be the hardest thing for a person to do. When you close your heart to stop feeling painful things, you also stop feeling joy - you begin to feel nothing. The trick is to face the painful things, get over them, and stop focusing on them. Burying them unconsciously makes it worse, you unconsciously focus on them without consciously knowing you do it and they rule and ruin your life. Face them. Name them. Exorcise them! And embrace life with the Open Heart. Let the Flame burn bright and shine!

There's a darker side to it though: if you have a closed heart ... feel free to cut your wrists open.

If I were to end the essay at this point, it would be in a dark, doomsday fashion. I don't want that. But my suicide sentence serves a purpose. Life has, at least potentially, very evil sides to it in the personal and practical sense. React by embracing them with your heart, not by bracing your heart against all things, because such is the law of Eros, and Eros is the law of a Joyful life.

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