The Three Gates

by Tani Jantsang

In Kaballa, one can see the uppermost Triad: Kether, Binah, & Hochmah. Kether/Binah is Apeiron in Pythagoreanism. It is the Asat/Sat in Vedanta. It is "Big-Bang/Big-Crunch as One Event" in most-modern physics (Roger Penrose type), a force that push/pulls; expands/contracts. The actual Doctrine does not exactly have a Bang/Crunch in the manner, though "bang and crunch" would apply to Galaxies.   Hochmah is Protogonos in Pythagoreanism, Unified Field in physics, it is shown as the Vajra in Tantra, and is "The Light." It is also referred to as the Logos.

The Kether/Binah, Asat/Sat or Apeiron can be better explained by saying that these "2 things" are really One Thing, they are The Dark Force in Nature. Not "of Nature," but IN Nature. All things are pushed into Being, or Coagula on the Mendesian Goat's arm, and pulled into their end or death, or Solve on the Mendesian Goat's other arm. The one obvious and visible force or thing all can understand as actually doing this, is Time. You are conceived, you Become a fetus, then you Become a baby, then a child, then an adult, then an old person, then you Become dust. There is no effort in this kind of Becoming, it just happens. You are hence, born as what you are, male, female, or cat, fish, person, or gay, straight, or some ethnic, etc. (We here are speaking of living things). You have no choice in this kind of Becoming. Hence, there is no Free Will about Becoming in this sense at all. The only thing you can do, is rebel against what you are, or flow into it. You can volitionally, with Free Will, take advantage of the potentialities you have and that would involve Free Will - and that is also Becoming which involves an inner awareness, but that has nothing to do with this essay. (Choosing to learn to use a computer or not, is not esotericism at all. Being aware of the Black Flame that burns in the Sat and in yourself is the meat of Esoteric schools and is the first step for Kundalini Yoga - this essay is not about that.).

Rebelling against what you are can also include "striving to be more than you are "because you despise the "limitations" placed on you and you feel the limitations, as if they ARE a limitation; this causes a person to breach their own boundaries of existence and throw what they are in the trash for "want" of what they are not and can not be. This seriously needs to be clarified. 1. A tone deaf person aspiring to be a great musician is rebelling against him/herself. 2. A person with very good ears taking lessons to better his/her inborn hearing abilities is NOT rebelling against him/herself. Again, this kind of "rebelling against the limits on the self" does not mean practicing the piano to get better, or learning to type or learning a skill to improve your living situation, or getting plastic surgery to fix a nose you don't like. That would not be esotericism. "Striving TO BE other than what YOU ARE" is to be taken literally, in the esoteric and inner sense; as if you don't want your own Beingness at all and want to replace it with something else, or some other person's Being - it has esoteric meaning, not practical meaning. All of this rebelling leads to NON-being - that is, you'd end up here, alive, and literally in hell; side by side with people who are alive, here and at peace with the Cosmos. Non- Being is "I wannabe THIS, and also I don't wannabe what I AM." Again, this is to be taken in the esoteric sense, not in any practical sense. Improving your lot in life, your skills, your appearance, has nothing to do with esotericism.

Penrose knows that entropy is not a result of this Big Bang. He also knows that the Bang and Crunch are One Event. According to doctrine, it's not exactly a Bang or Crunch in such absolute terms, but more of a push/pull or expansion/contraction. Nonetheless, this push/pull itself or the result of it can be measured as entropy. That is, the Apeiron (Dark Force in Nature) is the Form, entropy is the Shadow, entropy is what YOU can measure IN the matter/energy that is here, it is a measurable thing, even though the "What" that is causing this entropy is not visible. Apeiron IS the reality behind what is being measured and seen as entropy. For technical formula: see "Dark Force -Entropy, End to this argument." Though we are calling it a Dark Force - it is not a Force as physicists use the word "force." Perhaps we should call it Dark Thing? Boundless Darkness is the esoteric word. In Pythagoreanism, it is Apeiron.

In the oldest tradition the Protogonos (also called Logos in Greek) is considered to be part of the Apeiron - as a Light burning in the Boundless Darkness.  Unlike Kaballa, which has 3 things, Kether, Binah and Hochmah, the oldest Dark Tradition has One Thing - Darkness as inactive Asat and Darkness as active Sat which has the Light in it as an embryo.  It's not considered a separate thing at all in the oldest Traditions. 

What is this Boundless Darkness acting on? All energy/matter (including space and time). What is the energy/matter? It is what Hochmah Became when it emanated or "cooled off." Physics, Taoism, many systems exoterically divide this up into four forces, sometimes they add a fifth: Tantra adds space as the 5th, Taoism adds time (the Tao) as the 5th. But all of these systems speak of "THE Void," The NO-THING (Asat) that came into Being-ness as A Thing (Sat) out of which All Things came out, due to "Necessity." Necessity is that which esoteric schools use to mean, "Nothing is in Stasis." Spirit is what esoteric schools mean by that which push/pulls and which can be measured as entropy. The force IN Nature, INFUSED INTO the Nature, which causes us to not only have urges to do things, but which causes us to experience life.

Esoterically there are SEVEN "THINGS" and "The No-Name-Voidness."  Physics calls 4 of them forces and the esoteric schools, even when speaking exoterically, do not quite call them forces. They are Things, like bricks of a building.  The building is The Cosmos.  Esoterically, 3 of these are Gates and are half here and half still in the Void or Asat/Sat/Apeiron.  The Pusher/Puller, Asat/Sat, Apeiron, is the Builder, The Cosmocrator, or "All of Nature's Deity," Nature referring to the entire Cosmos.

How does it build? Physics, so far, does not agree with the Esoteric School which feels that physics is less than half way to knowing because they are, thus far, still hung up on the four forces. The four constructor Sephiroth Kaballistically are Netzach, Hod, Yesod, and Malkuth. That's the Exoteric School.  Physics has 1. strong-color-force or water force (Yesod/Malkuth/Leviathan together as before they broke apart, esoterically called Bahu in Kaballa), 2. Electro-magnetism (Netzach, Hod, and Geburah together, the Geburah is not seen), 3. weak-force (Tipereth), and 4. gravity (Hesed). 

Esoterically in the Pythagorean school this is different.  The 4 forces before the Cosmos existed as it exists now, would be protons/neutrons, electrons/positrons, photons/phonons, and inertial mass (a kind of mass-alone, just-mass, that does not exist anywhere as the Cosmos is now, as far as is known.

In Pythagoreanism these are known like this:

The Apeiron (Boundless Darkness) [No-Name, the Void or Asat/Sat.]

The Geometry we move through, and are shaped by, which is perceived as Space is called KYKLOS (Hesed before it was ordered, Yat-Zebaoth in our Cosmos [Kaballa]), known by the number Pi to us. This Kyklos or "the Round" is finite, yet boundless. It is represented by the circle because the circle is an object with an infinite number of sides, where each side is an infinitesimal point. (Many professors "know" this, but very few of them actually see it. To Pythagoreans, To See, is To Know, the rest is parroting. If they saw it, really knew it, they'd understand space and gravity better; in fact, they might not even call it "gravity," and they'd know it is not some kind of force; perhaps "field" would more likely be the word they'd use.)  This is the closed Gate.  The Apeiron "blows through" this closed Gate and thus space itself expands, it is blown up like a baloon.

The here/not-here IN WHICH electron-positron pairs "vanish" as light travels, and IN WHICH a single quark in a neutron "spins around" by which the neutron "becomes" a proton, and IN WHICH the electron around an atom vanishes "somewhere not traveling the space between shells" before reappearing on another of the electron's shells is called MYCHOS (Geburah in Kaballa). Mychos is like a cave, it is called "cave" mytho-poetically, a sort of in-between-the-spaces "place." Like an angle whose point is pointier and pointier and you can never quite get in-between the space wherein the sides are meeting to make that point. Mychos is known by the number e to us, and represented by the square because the square has limits to it. e is the number seen in the rate of growth of all things. Things do not keep growing, they get bigger and bigger and eventually reach a limit. It is the here/not-here, totally open, two-way Gate through which the Bio-Electrical energy in your own body flows, known as Kundalini. Kundalini is "in your body yet not in your body." Kundalini is the Apeiron continuing the Flame moving through your flesh. When it is IN your flesh, it is Light (The-Light, Black Flame) a WHOOSHing feeling rushing up at times, and just a peaceful flowing feeling most of the time.

The push/pull's effect on all things is seen and known as time. KRONOS to Pythagoreans, Tipereth in Kaballa. It is known as the number Phi, and represented by a triangle sometimes, as the yin/yang symbol other times. It is not a "weak force" as physics might call it. It is Time, and if they see this "weak force" when radiation is present, then we say they are witnessing a disruption in time. Phi is the SHAPE all things take in growth. Like the triangle that starts at a point and gets wider and wider, Phi gets wider too: 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, etc. Ever notice that radiation tends to TWIST things up, malform them, change their atomic number?  It is the partially open one-way Gate. Aprieon blows through this Gate which causes Time to flow one way and causes entropy to increase. 

Electros, or Diastasis (Netzach in Kaballah) is The One Thing that is perceived as many electrons and positrons, and different ways in which electrons seem to function (as particles or as a wave in the Shadows; but as ONE THING in Form).

Phos (Hod in Kaballa) is photons and phonons, waves, one is the energy wave, the other is the matter wave, neither have any rest mass. The same thing, two different appearances. Both photons and phonons can occupy the same space at the same time: nothing else can do this.

Demiurgos (Bahu in Kaballah, Yesod/Malkuth/Leviathan, combined, or Bahu before they "broke open."), is what is seen as the nuclear strong force, or color force. It is the Nature of our life (atomic life), it is the reason we are matter (not energy), it is that which causes living things to have urges (to eat, to mate, etc.). It is the Foundation, like the foundation of a House, of life. YOU are the House. This was shown by a Theta and considered to be a number. Theta is derived by the fraction 144/233. It is a number that spirals closer and closer to Phi. That is center column related. Demiurge was also shown as a stick with 6 spokes having 6 different colors and was called the Foundation of all matter, living or not living. In terms of man, carbon life which we know is 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons. 666.

Proteus (Yesod in Kaballa) is protons; their number (in the atom) determine EXACTLY WHAT the thing will be (gold, silver, etc.).

Ogkos (not in Kaballa) is a mass or lump - this is rarely used in the tradition.

Ophioneus (Leviathan or Thiavat in Kaballa and also given other more poetic names to refer to the principle in human behavior) is neutrons LET LOOSE, destructive of life.

The three together, Proteus, Ogkos, Ophioneus are Demiurgos. 

NOTHING in Pythagorean esoteric systems (nor in Kaballa) means only one thing. In other words, Ophioneus does not JUST mean neutrons, Bahu does not JUST mean the nuclear strong-color force. It is interwoven, interlaced, and layered with meaning upon meaning. We know that you can not just view any of these things as JUST the "thing itself" if you deal in "Gnosis." Bahu is also the Root or Foundation of your own being, it causes your urges (Demi-urge*), it is the ROOT of Kundalini as a force that moves through you, yet NOT through-you exactly. Push/Pull, Asat/Sat, Apeiron is not just a "force or something" measured as entropy, it is the Dark Force in Nature, felt by people who CAN feel it as "LIFE." It is felt as ANIMA, that which ANIMATES. It is known as "SAT" though the Asat is also part of it. It is known in 5 ways called "TAN." It is not JUST something "in physics." *Demi (half) Urge (an urge) is lingo-jargon punning. Demiurgos commonly means "one who works for people," but in Pythagoreanism (and known TO the Orphics) it means "an AUTONOMOUS CREATIVE FORCE, and a DECISIVE POWER!" CONSIDER that meaning. AUTONOMOUS, as if not subject to "the rule of the others." CREATIVE - as if it is creative APART FROM the dark-force in nature itself! DECISIVE POWER - it decides WHAT you are, i.e., you are a carbon based life form, it decides whether something is gold or silver, etc. APART FROM the Dark-Force in Nature! This led to all of the dualisms that had the semblance of "reason." That is, someone with no clue yapping to people about this led to dualistic stupidity.

Demiurgos was described as having SIX COLORS that spin around, as being in ALL matter inanimate or animate, as causing the matter's decay (APART FROM the effect of the "3 Gates" - note that LIGHT does not decay, and contains NO Demiurgos!, but light most definitely obeys the "3 Gates"). Demiurgos was shown two ways, as a staff with 6 spokes on it having 6 colors, and as the Greek Letter Theta. Here is the only thing where the number 6 is of paramount importance. Please keep that in mind.

The 3 Gates are known in Kaballah as Hesed/Geburah/Tipereth, they are here/not-here. If Apeiron can be called the Builder, then these 3 Gates are the MOLD the Builder uses to shape the other 4 Things (bricks). Hence, it is not surprising that Phi and e can be seen in GROWTH, one determining the SHAPE things take, the other determining the RATE in which they grow. But IN WHAT do these things grow? And what is IN these growing things (because nothing is solid)? SPACE is inside them, and they are inside space, growing IN space, growing and moving inside of a Geometry, and taking shape not just to the law of e and Phi, but to the MAIN LAW of SPACE. Hence, we consider Kyklos as not just one of the 3 gates (Hesed), but THE Gate. Kaballah does too: "Yat-Zebaoth is THE Gate, the All-in-One--One-in-All." If the shape of the geometry (space) changed and you walked through that altered shape, you'd change too (if you survived).

Physics has a concept "mass." Not good enough! It is the DEMIURGE that shapes WHAT a thing is and shapes the SPACE AROUND IT; and simultaneously the space shapes it giving it its FORM AND SUBSTANCE. Gravity is seen by physics as the weakest of the 4 forces they use. If this is so, then why is it that when the SHAPE of space is drastically altered with Black Holes, "gravity" turns into the STRONGEST force around, so strong it sucks light into it, and it even sucks the surrounding space/time into it, as if whirling it down a drain? What is happening is that the space BETWEEN and IN the mass in the star begins to get less as the mass crunches together, as if the star seeks to become SOLID. Impossible, it can't. So the space BREAKS, and so does time.

THINGS, living or not, are like dough that pours through a mold and a sifter, like a strainer. The pouring of the dough is the push/pull Apeiron, as if the dough goes TO the mold/sifter as if pushed, and goes through the mold/sifter as if pulled. The mold determines the SHAPE the dough will take, and the sifter makes the dough into strings of dough. Imagine pouring dough through a strainer that had shapes in it; what got poured through the strainer would have specific shapes to it. Now imaging those shapes as atoms moving through time. It would look like a bunch of strings. You are part of that dough. You are not aware of anything pushing or pulling you, you just think you are living! You are not aware of a mold shaping your form in the atomic sense, you just feel like you are a "whole person" and probably think you are solid! You are also not aware that you are atoms going all over the place through something called time and making "strings," either (Minkowsky's "world lines"); you just know "what time it is" from a watch you wear. You can SEE the shape of things since you exist primarily with "spatial awareness." You can even learn to see it IS in a determined form, if you calculate it. You can also see the EFFECTS of the mysterious force of Apeiron's push/pull and make up silly religions about it, and worse, ascribe to it some divine purpose that you or some priest knows, top that purpose off with rules and dogma and end up REBELLING against all that is, with a desire to CONTROL things. Or you can call this push/pull Dark Force in Nature "The Devil," as the simple-minded, inane, babbling Christians have done for centuries.

It is not as easy to see that you are moving through a geometry, though modern physics has talked about this. It is not possible to see that you are not solid with the naked eye, nor to see that you are "here/not-here." It is not possible for you to see that you are atoms moving through time - or as we'd say it: "everything is threads in a woven fabric that IS the Cosmos," unless you "SEE" this with what most would call sorcery, or "Siddhi" or "a 3rd eye" or "intuition." The fact is, you'd HAVE to be able to FEEL this. Analogy: How can you prove that a song is in a minor key? You have to be able to hear it, there is no other way!

ALL things obey these 3 Gates. Light moves in a curve, determined by the geometry of the space itself, even though photons have no mass. Population growth (if unchecked) obeys e. Draw a grid of parallel lines making the space between each line more than the length of a toothpick. Then start throwing toothpicks randomly, let your friends throw them, do it in a completely random fashion, let a machine do it, etc. Then keep track of the toothpicks that land on one of your lines, versus the ones that do not. These will obey Pi and the more you throw, the closer you get to an exact number.

What IS the exact number or Pi, or Phi, or e? Aside from being able to find part of the answer in a dictionary or math book these days, we call it alogon: unspeakable. But it also means "not of THE Logos" to us. Meaning upon meaning. One can play games with numbers, taking the square root of a number and then multiplying itself by its own power such as "the square root of 9, times the square root of 9, equals 9." You are going into the 9, and back out of it. It is LIKE saying if you add and subtract a number from itself, you get the number: 9 + 9 - 9 = 9. Mathematicians of today will argue that this is NOT what they are doing when they claim that the square root of 2 (which is one of those infinite numbers) times the square root of 2, equals 2. We disagree. You can NOT WRITE the square root of 2. They seek to make the infinite into the finite, they seek to make what is not controlled/Dionysian, into what is controlled/Apollonian and subject to their control. That's why they DON'T KNOW the 3 gates.

OK then: Want to see with simple explanation? The square root of 9 is 3. And 3 squared is 9! When you are saying 3 times 3, you are just squaring the 3; but you GOT the 3 from taking the square root of 9. They insist they are not doing that. OK: 9 divided by 3 is 3. 3 times 3 is 9. In and out. Right? Then if I use 3.14159 for Pi and divide that by say, 2, the answer is 1.570795; and now I'll multiply that by 2 and get back to 3.14159. If I take the square root of Pi times the square root of Pi then: square root of Pi 3.14159 is 1.7724531. Times the square root of Pi it ends up being 3.1415899. OOOPS, doesn't work. Do not get lost in calculators rounding off numbers as an EXCUSE for the inability to SEE what I'm trying to convey. WE say and WE KNOW - if you take the square root of 2 times the square root of 2, you DO NOT get 2. You get "ALMOST 2." Almost, is not good enough! Try paying back a car bill with ALMOST the right amount. Try rounding off money when you get $14.9235 and keeping that little .0035. Do it enough and you can swindle a lot of money :-).

If there was stasis, if the cosmos was bounded and the 3 gates did not exist, YES, you'd get 2. Likewise, angles are fine if you plan to make a house, or furniture. And what makes these professors think they know what Euclid Knew, but never wrote for anyone to see; especially since 90% of the Library at Alexandria was burned - what else was lost? "The Pythagorean schools were ESOTERIC: if you see it, KNOW it, someone will show you its method." I.e., MOST of it was NEVER written down - NOT ANYWHERE. How can you REALLY have an angle, in a curved space? You can't. Ok, this is known now to mathematicians. And the mathematicians of today can call us sorcerers and ONLY acknowledge what one of us SEES DIRECTLY when he has 10 degrees behind his name and is "respected" by the world of academia, as when Wheeler SAID he SAW that all electrons and positrons are ONE THING, Feynman listened to him and then tried to prove it - AND DID. But Wheeler was a Professor saying this, not a mystic. And don't we know that Feynman got all the name and fame for it? Wheeler, the One who SAW IT, was barely mentioned. And if Feynman was a dummy and failed to prove it, Wheeler would be equated with us who have SAID THE SAME THINGS for centuries. His statement would have been called "cute," or "quaint." They STILL, in this 20th century, DO NOT KNOW what the people of Athens knew when Pythagoreans were KNOWN. Some of them know that Pythagoreans were AWED by the fact that even a bar stool 1' by 1' square has a diagonal through it that is one of those INFINITE numbers, and they call this feeling of awe "quaint." Not quaint. We felt and still FEEL "the music." THAT is where the awe comes from. They can blithely state that "oh yes, the diagonal is the square root of 2, an infinite number," but they do not SEE what this is, and what this MEANS. REALLY MEANS. In the Eastern Tantrik schools, which are IDENTICAL to Pythagoreanism, they'd offer up the VISIBLE awesome fact about that stool as the reason WHY they KNOW that THIS is Samsara! EVERY TIME one of us goes to them, like Ramanajuan who went to Hardy, he ends up DEAD, dried up of his own creative force. EVERY TIME. "Come to us" means, SHOW YOU CAN HEAR the music, not JUST read the damned notes, or make eloquent speeches about music. If you can't HEAR IT, then you CAN NOT KNOW it!

We have our codes. What is Pi plus Phi plus e? Why, it is Theta! But what the hell does that mean? It's NOT Theta if you actually add them. It's a code. Trying to decode that means having to LEAVE the realm of math altogether and enter into the world of cryptographers or puzzle makers. Fact is, that is just a code. They do not know something that would be very familiar to all esotericists, even the ones who are idiots at arithmetic: that is "the 1/3 and 2/3 thing" involved in Theta meaning Demiurge (strong-color force). They have NO IDEA the relation to Theta to prime numbers OR to the number 17. Here is one possibility regarding Demiurge and Prime numbers: Demiurge is equated with 6 as it was equated to that by the Orphics. If you begin counting the list of all whole numbers from zero to infinity, the number of prime numbers decreases as the numbers you're counting increase in size. The distribution of prime numbers follow the spiral of the natural logarithm. The natural logarithm is the number, e. Prime numbers can be sometimes found next to (above or below) multiples of six. Even some twins can be found that way. But you can miss primes using the "multiple of 6" method or get numbers that are not prime; there are exclusionary rules for those. Of course, no number ending in 5 is prime, no even number is prime, and if you numerologically add any number up and it comes out to a multiple of 3 numerologically, it is also not prime and there are other exclusionary tricks one can use.

At least the esotericists and even theologians had the openness to QUESTION WHY 1/3 and 2/3 would be chosen, and not 1/4 or 3/4. E.g., even in the Christian myth about "1/3 of the angels rebelling." Somehow, they preserved the 1/3. They did not change it. They DO know that there were groups of people that KNEW HOW to get answers regarding prime numbers awfully fast, but it is always an embarrassment to them to admit that these people were Pythagoreans and/or Kaballists (Newton was a Kaballist and he even set up a Maypole). They DESPISE what they call "the intuitive school" and shout them down, intimidate them, with their loud raucous, out of tune, babblings of Apollonian "logic" and yet - they do NOT know the Gates.

Recently there have been some books by legit mathematicians who do say that the Pythagoreans shrouded their mathematics in black magic and kept it all very secret. Don't think in terms of sorcery here. Think in terms of TECHNOLOGY! If you have this kind of knowledge, you have a lot of power in terms of very practical things.

Only mathematically can we show that e is related the distribution of prime numbers. Yet esoterically, Theta was somehow related to these prime numbers. How? I don't know. What about Pi? Basically, we are curved beings, composed of spirals with a numerical value; and we live WITHIN a spiral (curved space, universe). There are patterns in nature, there is a Grand Design emanated there by a Grand Architect - yet this is not a being or person: it can be known through mathematics. Pythagoras knew how, kept it secret. SOME know how, they keep it secret. All I've written of here are the CODES, the hidden veils. Why has this been kept secret? Tradition.


1. There is an excellent movie: "PI, Faith in Chaos."

2. A Japanese person recently calculated Pi to the billionth decimal.



by Tani Jantsang

See end of article for the actual picture of the Tangram puzzle.

TAN is the Chinese word for "Hetaerai" or courtesan, loosely/vulgarly a prostitute, but known to have been highly intelligent female-teachers identical to the Hetaerai. They had Wisdom and were The Teachers. The Tangram (shown below) is known as the "Chinese Prostitute's Puzzle," where it is said that "the 7 is the 5 and from these 7-that-are-5, The Builder makes all things." (Pure Pythagoreanism, but far more ancient).

There are many myths about this, and some purely invented stories. One invention is by Sam Lloyd and the famous mathematician H.E. Dudeney who told about the "Seven Cryptical Books of Tan" from China dating to 4000 BC, that tell all about the Tangram and the secrets of the Universe. The myths about it in China generally go like this: there was a Chinaman named Tan who was walking with a tile. He dropped it and it broke into 7 Pieces. He discovered it was not quite so easy to put it back into a square. How Tan became a Chinese MAN when it was women who were the "Tan" needs no comment! Patriarchy took over and gave men credit for what women did and knew.

The question is, why is this Chinaman's name always TAN? Why didn't anyone ever claim that Lao Tze or Confucius had the tile? Tan is not a common name, why not give him a common Chinese name? WHY TAN? The answer, if asked, is: "Well, that's the story, that's how it goes!" Is this an answer? China did not have a system of female teachers or anything matriarchal for thousands of years, yet you can find tables made and, in common Chinese homes, cut into these 7 Pieces as table designs; and there you can hear the story! The "puzzle" is also called the "Clever 7 Piece Plan," "The 7 Piece Wisdom Board," and "The Seven Tan." Geometry and Mathematics can explain things about this, and one can see that these women, The Tan, knew the Pythagorean Theorem by understanding this, but NO ONE ever figured out why it is said that the "7 are 5 and from that, all things are made."

So who knows the meaning of this riddle? Well! TAN-ists know it! This is classical Esoteric (Dark) Tradition stuff. Today, it is still called the TAN-GRAM. Why, who but one of our kind would re-create this puzzle and sell it to kids to play with? :-)

There is always the "magical" in everything Orphics/Pythagoreans did/do. We are sorcerers, strictly speaking, not really "mathematicians," even though Pythagoreans at the time of Pythagoras called themselves "mathematikoi" and distinguished themselves, on strict lines, from the akousmatikoi; and it IS from the akousmatikoi EXCLUSIVELY that "the public" knows anything that Pythagoreans supposedly said. The mathematikoi are like good-eared musicians who KNOW music. The akousmatikoi are like tone-deaf who parrot the musical words, who learn the language of music, but can't hear any harmony, or even a note, in tune. The two may as well be two completely different species of life - that is how vast the gulf is between them.

Platonists arose from the true mathematikoi (like Plato) but they wrongly thought that one who sees only shadows, can learn to see Forms. Of course, this lead to nothing but parroting. E.g.: Tone-deaf people in the shadows, can NEVER know music (the forms). Impossible! They can NOT HEAR it! As things go, Pythagoreans seem to get answers to math problems, but their proofs for them are not understood. Some can go DOWN into the shadows in some in-between realm, and if a Platonist can rise up a bit and SEE what's to be seen, he can then use his Logic and get a proof that all will understand; but this does not often happen. Platonists are also "into" teaching everyone, educating people. Pythagoreans know that most people can not BE taught save to parrot words and memorize what Knowers tell them - as such, they are not able to distinguish between real Knowledge and nonsense. They end up believing things on faith alone. They just can not KNOW things - just as tone-deaf people can not know music.

Pythagoreans also keep their knowledge SECRET, hence they are part of the Esoteric or Hermetic (hermetically sealed shut) school. They seem to have a sense about WHO DOES know or who CAN know and who CAN NOT know. Neurology would explain that we are using our limbic or Serpent brains (and we do consider ourselves a "race" called Serpents as is shown by what is said in every single initiatory ceremony they devised: "I am a Serpent" - they always distinguish themselves from "the others" whether they call them Adamites, Sethites or whatever else). But this was only recently "discovered" BY NEUROLOGY. Neurology would explain that this "sense" about others is just brain-to-brain communication, nothing mystical or psychic about it. WE AGREE. It is NOT US who call it a "6th sense." It is those who either DO NOT HAVE it, or Platonists who take a PEEK and think they HAVE another sense others lack that claim a 6th sense exists. We know better; it's just how the brain is wired up, nothing more.

Platonism also led to NEO-Platonism which gave Christianity (our WORST enemy at the time) a SEMBLENCE of reason by allowing them to co-opt the doctrines and use them. They can not co-opt ours, we keep them secret and hidden behind LAYERS of code - like the Tangram!

Here is an example of Pythagorean, or magical, thinking: If asked to prove that the angles of every triangle that exists, when added up, equal 180 degrees, it is easy because all triangles can be shown to be half of a "square" (or any 4-sided polygon), and these all have angles that add up to 360 degrees (heh). Well, that is not what Euclid did! But it is a proof - IF you can prove that the angles of the square or any 4 sided object add up to 360 degrees, it's a proof! Now, the Pythagorean will say this is true because: "It is round on the square," which means, that the circle itself has 360 degrees - so, the square does too. Scratching heads, saying: HUH? There are many numerological codes that make no math sense but are "keys" to the math itself. Mathematics (including Geometry) was secret to these people. Well, for one who claims that this is no proof for angles of triangles, let the Platonist prove it his way, and he will see that the answer is right, and the statement about the 4 sided figures is also right.

But what is the connection between the circle and the square? If you look at what we do, we put one inside the other. But, some might say, you can put ANY equal-sided polygon inside a circle, INCLUDING a triangle! Oh sure: "But we do not do that, we put the square and circle together." Ask us why we do that: "Because that's the way we DO it." Tell us why we do it, don't ask us, TELL US, and we might talk to you! But unless YOU can tell US why we do it, you will walk away convinced you met a magical- thinking, mystical-minded fool - who "JUST HAPPENED" to get the answer FASTER than you did; by some strange means (magical, mystical, nonsense, rubbish, etc.) damned Pythagoreans! (NO: Damned Platonists for teaching people to walk that OUGHT TO CRAWL. We see them TRYING to walk, and KNOW - they crawl!).

The realm of physics, science, and math has always been in what we call "the blind," and prior to this recent 20th century, and recent years, the Platonic sciences dealt strictly in "the blind," or at best, the "very below" using what we see as the 3 "totally here" Sephiroth. As such, there was a vast gulf between the real "magicians" and the scientists. But now the sciences are beginning to sound more LIKE us, and this is noted BY their members. When I heard about it, I was surprised. But I wait for them to catch up, IF don't destroy the planet first!

Tantra is identical to Pythagoreanism, except that you CAN find out things about Tantra, it is not quite as esoteric and hidden behind blinders. Tantriks never had to live amongst a race of Avestans/Adamites/Eves/etc. who are little more than monkeys with a human appearance who WANT what we know, mass produce things based on what they learn, abuse the hell out of it and the planet, and then use it to lord it over other people who have peaceful, harmonious, and intact cultures of their own with no need of this knowledge. So, it is noted that Tantra is a lot like quantum physics! So is Taoism. It is also known that Pythagoreanism is identical to Tantra - that is, what they can find out about Pythagoreanism is identical to Tantra.

But what don't they know? A lot. For one, no one in the field of these sciences can build anything that Pythagoreans built of old, not even the statues of Athens which were done NOT by geniuses or professors, but by COMMON STREET PEOPLE for pure fun! You WILL NOT find Pythagoreans "in the field." Even Roger Penrose, top physicist, is a PLATONIST. He tells readers that as a child he played with pentacles. He didn't have to mention that, it doesn't even mean anything relevant to what he is writing about, but he DID mention it. So, who did he mention that FOR? Pythagoreans? We still use the pentacle. Platonists DO NOT. The pentacle, to us, is a master-glyph that tells a VAST story layers and layers thick. Some of that story is written of in the LHP Doctrines now (for sale). The rest is not.

In all that is written in the Doctrines, I use the Kaballa words to link up all the other systems. For Hesed (or Yat-Zebaoth), Geburah, and Tipereth, the 3 Sephiroth that are here/not-hear I'll now use Pythagorean words: Kyklos (the round), Mychos (the INNER "cave" the not-space) and Kronos (time). These 3 are GATEWAYS, and Kyklos is THE Gate. How did we represent these, in terms of "the Math?" Pi for Kyklos, e for Mychos, and Phi for Kronos. Let me digress a moment here for mystical code: Pi, the Greek letter chosen (at random?) to represent not only an infinite number, but an irrational and transcendental number (like the infinite and transcendental "God" that Kyklos represents in the Cosmos in Kaballa - Yat-Zebaoth), has the Greek-number value of 80. e, the 5th letter epsilon chosen (at random?) from the alphabet has the Greek-number value of 5 (like the Pentagram, or Mychos - DARK-path through Kundalini that Mychos represents, which also can show how the FIVE govern the SEVEN). And Phi has the Greek-number value of 500 and sort of looks like the yin/yang symbol, except that the straight line used to draw "Phi" is not wavy like the "S" in the circle to form the yin-yang (Tao) symbol. Notably, Tipereth/Kronos IS "THE TAO" pronounced DAO, this IS known to us. So, how random was the choice of letters used to represent "the math?" NOT random. Let us continue with mystical code and then add up the number values, in terms of numerology using the actual letters used in Greek (capital letters) to represent numbers (they do not use 1, 2, 3, etc), of Pi, e, and Phi, the 3 Gates. Pi is 80. e is 5. Phi is 500. Theta, the Root or Demiurge, is 9. 80 + 5 + 500 = 585, which numerologically is 18, which is 9 - the sa-TAN-ic number, the number of the Muse. Now, if you look at the position of the letters Pi, e, and Phi the actual Greek alphabet (not numbers) they are Pi is 16th letters; 3 is 5th letter, Phi is 21st letter and Theta is 8th letter. 16 + 5 + 21 + 8 = 50 - numerologically a 5. So if you add up the number value of the letters used as numbers in Greek, and add up the position they appear in the Greek alphabet as letters, you get a 9 and a 5. What are the odds of having this work out this way?

As to the decimal system, the Mathematikoi swore by the Tetraktys, and STILL DO. After all, the "MET" or METIS in Baphemetis means "Wisdom in terms of MEASUREMENT," and the decimal system was wholly secret until a Hindu gave it to the Western world! Obviously the Pythagorean Guilds had this system and their "magic wands" were nothing but measuring tools like slide rules. (If you are wondering what decimals have to do with the number 9, since decimals are a base-10 system of counting, please just GIVE THIS UP.) Theta or "Th" is 9 as a Greek number. Does this have anything to do with the 3 Gates? It is the Root of those Gates! Is this like when the "expert in Kaballa" said that 72 had no meaning in Kaballa? UH, ahem, it is "only" the number of the "SOD" itself! I.e., "He Who Has Gnosis." It's 72 like the 72 degree angles forming Phi ratios in our own pentacle, and of course, 72 makes 9 again.

Understand, these letters, Pi, e, and Phi were CHOSEN out of an alphabet of many letters to choose from.

e is in fact an infinite irrational/transcendental number in math, known to show up in growth rates, speed of growth of living things. Phi is in fact an infinite and irrational (but not transcendental) number in math, known to show up in the growth form or pattern all living things take. In "time" then, Nature counts like this: 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, etc. Let us make inverse fractions out of each number in the way Nature counts through time: 2/1, 3/2, 5/3, 8/5, 13/8, 21/13, 34/21, 55/34, etc. EACH approaches closer and closer to the actual number Phi, but alternately, they fall just above or below Phi. If you drew a straight line, and made another line to show the fractions, the line would WAVE back and forth, to the left and right of the straight line LIKE an "S," and if drawn IN the circle, forms the Tao symbol. If you make regular fractions (and they go on forever) NONE are reducible to anything else (like 3/15 can reduce to 1/5), as such: 1/2, 2/3, 3/5, 5/8, 8/13, 13/21, etc.

The way light travels has all to do with the point on the pentacle where e is, and we in the tradition always said sound was gross light. That BOTH travel in a wave, is well known to science, but that sound and light are the "same thing" in 2 forms is NOT known, not yet!

We are IN the realm of "those Gates" all the time. Platonists and Pythagoreans have drifted far apart over these 2000-plus years, and we hold these Platonists responsible for enabling Christianity to "sound reasonable," which resulted in our kind being wholly unknown in the West. SELDOM does one come forth. Pythagoreans used to be the Mathematikoi, and Platonists were like students. Now Platonists have become "Mathematicians," and we are but "sorcerers speaking of mystical things," at worst; or the "Intuitive School of Math," at best! They give us that label (Intuitive School) only after THEY have slowly and methodically PROVEN what WE SEE. We find that tiresome. (Like this analogy: No, I'm NOT calculating sound frequencies in my "genius" mind and combining them into 2 or more waves. I am simply HEARING HARMONY!).

This coding we use is "language" and it tells a person who knows how to read it, A LOT. Pi looks like a GATE, or doorway. Pi also looks like the Hebrew letter "Th" as shown on the Baphomet spelling Leviathan (L, V, Y, Th, & N) and it falls on the MYCHOS point. The Bottom point of the star does represent the ROOT and FOUNDATION of Being, and the ROOT of Kundalini; but it is the MYCHOS point that is important to ALL Left-handed sorcerers. It is the ONLY point on the star that not only has its dark principle molding all that is here, but the "defender" principle, or what is outside the point, is ALSO here - as Innocence. ALL of this is inter-related. HOW does it relate to mathematics and these three infinite numbers? It relates in HOW Pythagoreans SEE these things, WHY they CAN see them. It is now known to many hard-line physicists and mathematicians that these things were KNOWN to Pythagoreans, even BEFORE they were called "Pythagoreans" and that they regarded it all as Black Magic. So far, in mathematics, a relationship between Pi and e has been shown, by playing around with "imaginary numbers" and saying that e to the (Pi times i) power + 1 = 0. "i" is an imaginary number. Well! They call US mystical?

This is how things went, after the Platonists and Neo-Platonists went public. The analogy I'll use is the ability to simply SEE color. There are those few people that speak about red, blue, green, yellow, and etc. Among them are others who can see one color, red; so if you tell them there are other colors besides red, they will believe you because they can at least SEE red. The rest of what they see are various shades of gray. Among them also, are those who see only various shades of gray, but they are very good at calculations. Eventually, a system is formed where those who SEE color simply write down a name they invent for that color: red, blue, green, yellow, etc. The ones who see only red, try to line up the various gray colors they see with the colors that are labeled, and they simply write down names of colors. The calculators actually calculate the frequencies of each shade of gray they see, in terms of how light is traveling into the eye, or the wave-lengths of all of these colors. What you end up with is a list with names of colors on it written by people who SEE colors, another list that is identical written by people who can only see red; and another list with calculations on it, exact calculations, numbers. Among this school of people, is a person who can see one color, red; and he is also smart enough to calculate the other colors. His name is Plato and he decides to say that people who see colors are seeing "Forms," and people who can not see them, and can not calculate either, are "in a Cave of Shadows." He feels, sincerely, that you can teach people in the Cave of Shadows to rise up, until they too, can "Know the Forms (see the colors)." There is the error! Who said anything about "KNOWING" colors? The people who see them, SEE THEM! There is nothing to know! There is nothing to even THINK about. You simply LOOK and SEE these colors; you do NOT have to think about "the grass is GREEN," "blood is RED."

As time passes, and all the color blind people begin to get the idea that there are "colors" OUT-THERE/SOMEWHERE to be seen; the notion of "color" takes on a "spiritual" connotation. Empty, klippothic people, the wannabes, all want to see these colors. They make PESTS of themselves. Others think that those who see colors are a race of Demons who are evil and need to be wiped out! Of course, that leads to the people who can see color HIDING and staying hidden; they adopt signals and codes to indicate who they are to others of their own kind. Then the wannabes, all of whom are innate LIARS, claim they can see, they "have the sight," the GODS speak to them; and they write books about colors. This leads them into confrontation with the NEO-Platonists who are doing exact calculations. Some of the people who really can see colors, start to write books of their own labeling the colors correctly, but writing down all false calculations on purpose; while others write the correct calculations down and give the colors completely different names, like "grass is Pink, blood is green." Obviously, these people who can see colors are throwing a monkey-wrench into the Picture, they are causing confusion! They see that this confusion they cause tends to set all the others at each other's throats arguing and fighting, even waging huge wars, which in turn gets these people out of their own hair. What you end up with today, is a heap of books written about the most abject nonsense.

A person who can simply SEE colors can tell which of these nonsensical books is a deliberate fraud written by a person who can really see colors but can not calculate, from one who can both see colors and calculate, and can also easily tell which books are written by people who are just religious fools who can't see colors or calculate anything. It would be EASY to tell the difference. Just look! Even if such a person copied down the facts; what he would say about it would make it perfectly clear. Keep in mind, I used "ability to simply see colors" because everyone knows what this is; everyone knows what color blind people are, and everyone knows what blind people are.

The analogy is this:

1. People who simply see colors - Pythagorean Mathematikoi.

2. People who see one color only and can't calculate - Pythagorean Akousmatikoi.

3. People who can see one or some colors and can calculate - Top Platonist.

4. People who can not see any colors but who can calculate - Platonists.

5. People who can not see colors and can barely calculate - Neo-Platonists.

6. People who can not see colors and can not calculate anything, but they can learn how to calculate - Smarter Christians/etc.

7. People who can not see colors and can not even learn - The Faithful, idiots.

8. People who lie to themselves convincingly, and go around parroting (memorized dogma) what they think is expertise on the subject of colors - wannabes, liars, KLIPPOTHS. They'd also tend to persecute those who really can see colors.

The defining of Pi and e as irrational and transcendental is not the doing of Pythagoreans. It is standard mathematics today. They do not give Phi the label transcendental because they can "define" it with a fraction - but they are using the square-root of 2 to define it. And what is that? They who love to have things neat and controlled would LOVE to control such INFINITE numbers, but we know differently, and this is where Pythagoreanism is IDENTICAL to Tantra. Using the square root of 2 is a cheat.

Tantra, like Pythagoreanism, maintains that ONLY THRU THE FLESH can you know ANYTHING. Like, can anyone prove a song is in a minor key? No. You'd have to HEAR it. Be ABLE to hear it. We see something profound in the fact that you can have a nice neat and finite table in your kitchen, say it measures 4' by 4' - or whatever you want. If you draw a diagonal line across that nice finite table, you end up with one of those infinite numbers. In other words, you can not measure your table diagonally, but you can measure its sides. Sound absurd? Tantra would KNOW that the table is Samsaric, Pythagoreans call it "appearances or shadows." There is a "stretchy- longness" to those infinite numbers and so, what is the visible finite-appearing table stretching into? You can't see anything, right? Are numbers even real? We say: NO! They are also, appearances, being DEFINED by us, who give them a number. Is 1/3 the same kind of number as 1/2? 1/3 is infinite, but as a decimal - not as 1/3 of, say, a cake. Using a nice cake cutter, you can divide a nice round cake into 3 equal parts. But make a decimal out of 1/3. It's .333333333 etc. to infinity. Mathematicians of today, easily forget that they are in the third dimension. Pythagoras knew where he was when he said that ONLY "a" squared + "b" squared = "c" squared. They fail to listen to what Pythagoras DID NOT say. In other words, they did not listen to his SILENCE.

Pi, e, and Phi are numbers with REAL differences, as they can not be expressed by using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, the four functions. Phi can be expressed by using a radical, the "square root of 2," but that's rather a cheat! Likewise, UNLIKE all other numbers or fractions, Pi, e, and Phi are NON decimals that go onto infinity with no apparent pattern, no chunks of repeated numbers such as 1/7 or 1/3 as shown above in the "3 Gates."

The Tangram with Kabbalistic Explanations: 

The Void or Kether

Binah or the Upper Shekeena. All 5 of 7 in one BIG square

  1. Hesed
  2. Geburah
  3. Tipereth
  4. Netzach
  5. Hod
  6. Yesod
  7. Malkuth, or Lower Shekeena, or a SMALL square.

HOCKMAH is shown by the Binah-BIG square all broken into 5 types of 7 pieces.

The image shown with Tipereth & Malkuth left out as if Tipereth or time is an "as given" & Malkuth is "The Cosmos".

The image shown as a house, with the 3 top Sephiroth left out that are "here, yet not-here" also known as the Lower House in Hermetics and shown as this:

The 3 Sephiroth that are here/not-here shown AS LIKE the VAJRE, or Kundalini Force in Nature.

Netzach & Hod making the symbol for Tipereth. In the symbol is the Vajra showing the center pathway of the Vajra in Kundalini & a tenuous relation to E.M. as related to Kundalini as a BIO-ELECTRICAL Force governing Being

These make either triangle 1 or 2 showing how the world of light/sound is manifest here (1) & how light/sound move or travel (2).

These make either triangle 1 or 2. E.M. manifest (1) & E.M.'s movement through time by moving in/out of "the here" (2).
The Obic Gates shown by combining either triangle 1 & 2, or just by using the rhomboid 3. The "Diamond Heart."


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