On Contradiction from a Crowleyan outlook

by Comrade August

In order to get the most out of this article you might want to read On Contradiction by Mao, the annotated version on our website, and be fairly aquatinted with the philosophy of Crowley. (Read The Final Gesture to Liber V vel Reguli, it summarises the Crowleyan philosophy very well).

I abruptly begin with a formula Crowley used to express the Universe:

0 = 2

Zero contains all numbers, all expressions possible. This is so because the positive numbers are no more infinite than the negative ones. The Zero is equally extended in all categories and therefore not extended at all. Thus the Nothing contains All, but is no-thing. Crowley puts it like this:

(+1) + (-1) = 0.

This is how he arrives at his formula. The Zero is dual; if it extends in one direction it extends equally in the opposite direction.

Modern cosmology has arrived at the conclusion that the resultant of all (light) force might very well be zero. Similarly have scientists succeeded in cancelling a sound wave out with another; quieting sound with sound.

Motion translates energy. Consider then the mass/energy equivalency of Einstein. The light forces of which we conceive are Motion, in its fullest sense. To quote Mao:

“Man's knowledge of matter is knowledge of its forms of motion, because there is nothing in the world except matter in motion and this motion must assume certain forms.” The Light (Hochmah) is the expression or manifested Will of Asat/Sat. We may, to simplify it, equate it with -/+. This -/+ is the push/pull that is infused into all things, giving them the inner contradiction that Mao speaks of. These contradictions even out in Becoming, measurable as increased states of entropy. According to Mao it is these inner contradictions that are the basis for all Change and Motion.

Socrates was a lousy man and a lousy philosopher but his statement “I only know that I nothing know,” yields an important truth. Read "nothing" with a capital N. This can be linked with another famous philosophical statement, namely: ”I think, and thus I am.” This is the thing which we cannot doubt or battle. Just as the Absolute can our mind only express itself in terms of a kind of dualism. E.g., Hear the word of the Tao Teh Ching: “Hard and easy complement each other, long and short form each other, high and low rest upon each other (and) first and last follow each other.”

We may try to formulate a truth by making a simple statement such as: "Apples taste good." We may then be confronted with: "Apples taste bad." Our truth was not an absolute truth. Any idea that has an antithesis cannot be an absolute truth. We find that we never can arrive at anything else but "A is A." Each harmonised idea is inscrutably itself, and also the Absolute; 0 = 0. We can never know the soul, the itness of a thing; we can only know how it interacts with other things (and as an observer of the thing, we change it by observing it). All qualities whatsoever are but statements of relation. The Zero waves back and forth, presenting us with phenomena as long as Shiva dances; upholding the Grand Illusion. This waving back and forth is expressed by Mao like this: ”In any contradiction the development of the contradictory aspects is uneven. Sometimes they seem to be in equilibrium, which is however only temporary and relative, while unevenness is basic. Of the two contradictory aspects, one must be principal and the other secondary. The principal aspect is the one playing the leading role in the contradiction. The nature of a thing is determined mainly by the principal aspect of a contradiction, the aspect which has gained the dominant position. But the situation is not static; the principal and the non-principal aspects of a contradiction transform themselves into each other and the nature of the thing changes accordingly.” It is this always-slight imbalance of the Light that caused the Pythagoreans to signify Kyklos (the Kaballistic Yat-Zebaoth), Space, with the number Pi.

The Dark is infused into the Light. To quote Lenin, “...there is an absolute in the relative.” And Mao on the principle of dialectics, “The law of contradiction in things, that is, the law of unity of opposites, is the fundamental law of nature.” To Mao it is the inner contradiction that is the basis of Change. With this in mind, listen to the words of Crowley: “In order to have Motion one must have Change. In fact one must have this in order to have anything at all. Now this Change is what we call Love. Thus Love under Will is the Law of Motion.” And: “ We have accepted Love as the meaning of Change, Change being the Life of all Matter in the Universe. And we have accepted Love as the mode of Motion of the Will to Change. To us every act, as implying Change, is an act of Love.” Both quotations are taken from Crowley's commentary to Liber Al. [A Dark Tradition way to see this would be to say that the Sat or Darkness is Love or Agape, though the Sat is also the ultimate Will-Being when it is the One Thing. And the Vajra or Hochmah that emanated from it could be seen as Will or Thelema in a sense since the Things that it Became are the things doing the Becoming and seem to be acting and interacting on each other; however this "Flame" that is within living things is also like Love. It is really hard to use such definitions on Things such as these. But, Love is more like Yin. Thelema is more like Yang. Will came out of Love in the Darkness itself, or one may look at it that way. Then Love infused into Will motivating Will to Become all things. Before the Cosmos was born, the Darkness was active and acting upon the Light which it "gave birth" to. One would be defining Necessity as an Act of Love - selfless Love. True Will within an individual would be done with this kind of Love. Anything else would not be a true act of Will if not done under Love or with Love within the person. Hate can produce effects and actions and anyone can destroy things, but Love can transform the world and enhance things.]

The infused push/pull is Will; the basis of Change, and Love is the submission to Will; the Change and Motion. Love under Will can thus be read, Becoming under the influence of the Dark Force. Do what thou Wilt yields the same meaning, Love under Will is just a clarification of the terms. This is the Law of All, and the Law of the Magick of the Beast.

I will now make an effort to explain the esoteric side of the Law and the magick thereof.

Envision the main V (alpha) of the pentacle. The line from the upper left Azazel point to the bottom point Root is the push, and the line from the Root to the upper right Samael point is the pull. This push/pull results in Being and the sinistrally spinning Time. We are always in stasis in the sense that we never leave the present. Here we stay in one "now" after the other, and yet we Become. How marvellous, is it not? The main V, the rooted Shekeena is, and was, called the Beast, or the Hebrew word Chiva. You are a Beast, if you have a satanic nature (our meaning of the word "satanic"). We are rooted in the Demiurge, whose number is 6 (666?), and are we not indeed functioning like the wild animals?

The top left alpha is red, red as the dress of the whore Babylon. In her Chalice she keeps the blood of the saints. The saints are the masters of Innocence (same as the Taoist sages), they give their lives to Life itself. She is like a whore because she gives to all and refuses none, one has only to seek her company in order to get it. She always gives and never takes. She is all experiences possible on all levels. She is the manifested face of Life's fertile force. She is the mystery of Azazel, which if known reveals the ultimate mystery of “Deity.” "Azazel is here, yet also STILL in Chaos. Azazel is INNOCENCE whose other side is the Abyss. I.e. Innocence and the Abyss are ONE THING. The understanding is that Darkness manifested the ultimate FREE GIFT: LIFE, without reason or motive. INNOCENTLY. And Darkness consumes it.” The Darkness consumes it in order to create, in order to complete the sinistral wheel of Time. There is no dualism in this. The force is Push/Pull, not just one of them, but when speaking esoterically we split them into two principles. Azazel pushes and Samael pulls.

Babylon is the possibilities available to our experience and Chiva, the rooted Shekeena, is the core of our being, the urges, the wanting for experience. All we have to do is to unite ourselves with Her in drunken Joy and delight, drunken on our own being, drunk on life itself.

The letter at the top left point of the Baphomet sigil would be Th, which looks like an open Gate. It moreover looks very similar to the letter Cheth. Cheth is attributed to the Charioteer crossing the Abyss with the Holy Grail in the Tarot. Its number is 8, the redeeming force (Yes I said redeeming...), but the redeeming force is definitely here, present, and inside you. If Cheth is spelled in full it equals 418!

418 is Abrahadabra, the word of magick in the new aeon according to Crowley.

Hebrew words whose numerical value is 8 are: The Entrance; threshold, To Will; intend, Desired, and the word for physical Love (Eros).

This redeeming 8 is conjoined with the Root, the Demiurge; the number 6. 8+6 = 14.

14 is the value of the Hebrew word for Love, Beloved. It is spelled Daleth, Vau, Daleth, pronounced Daud, which became David in the Bible. For more on this, see my article “Solomon and his Temple,” it links together with this article. Here it is sufficient to say that, just as the gematria tells us, David is the man who has bloomed in Eros and entered into the reciprocal relationship with “God,” he is Beloved. A man who thus works his magic becomes like Solomon the Wise, the son and offspring of David. He attains to Wisdom/Understanding and becomes what Crowley calls a “Master of the Temple” or what Masons term a “Builder of the Temple.” Same thing.

Crowley puts it further like this:

The magician overcomes the Abyss by destroying his ego (false pride; the enemy of Innocence) through Love under Will. He is 0 just as the Abyss is 0. The card numbered 0 in the Tarot has the letter Aleph on it. It is the Fool, the Taoist sage.

He is then admitted entrance to the City of Pyramids; Babylon. There he abides under the Night of Pan, the N.O.X. The N.O.X. is the L.V.X. (Light in extension) withdrawn. I.e. the Night of Pan is the Abyssal Darkness, the Universal sleep that precedes and follows creation. He becomes an inhabitant in the Great City of Babylon...

To communicate this in terms of poetry:

The Lord of Beginnings, who braketh down
Thy manifest face, dressed in a red gown
Bestows the Chalice, to drink and in Joy celebrate
In an Orphic fashion, amongst Trees in the Night
Serpents rejoice, in Nature's estate
Beneath the Olympus, the pupils shine bright

Hours pass, they do not mourn what Time devours
Firmly Rooted in Water, without Fear for the tide
Time doesn't Haunt them, It is on their side
Worshippers of the Highest, they praise the Dark Force

They praise Dionysos, and He lifts them high up
On a mountain of Inspiration, they drink from the Cup
Containing the Wine, that is given to those
Who act under Will, in katharsis released
Love is shared, they are like dew on the Rose
In the Garden of Satan, the king of the Feast

/ August.

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