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Mastering Satanism
By Comrade Tani Jantsang, Black Magician


It can be seen from the reports and the discussion on the subject that we are dealing here with the following three basic facts:

First, the wrecking and divertive work of trolls from foreign NGs among whom the Christians played an active enough role, unaffiliated posters who profess a hatred of Satanism but continue to post profusely to Satanists often trying to stir up trouble, and of unrecognized Christianized people joining our ranks affected, to some degree or other, all or almost all our organizations.

Second, Christianized people penetrated not only into the lower organizations but also, in the past, into some responsible positions.

Third, some of the Satanists in various organizations, both in the center and in the localities, were not only unable to recognize the real faces of these wreckers and diversionists, but they were so careless, complacent and naive that not infrequently they themselves assisted outright enemies to get into various responsible positions.

These are three indisputable and unfortunate facts, which naturally arise from the reports and the discussion on them.

How can it be explained that some of the most active and interacting Satanists, who have a rich experience of struggle against every kind of anti-Satanist trend, proved to be so blind and naive in this case that they were unable to recognize the real face of the enemies of the people, were unable to discern the lambs in wolves clothing, were unable to tear the mask from them?

Can it be stated that the wrecking and diversion -- spying -- work of the agents who were busy on our turf could be something unexpected and unprecedented for us? No, this cannot be stated. This is shown by the wrecking acts in various branches, including NG's, during the past ten or more years starting with the SRA period, which are set out in official documents.

Can it be stated that we have lately had no warning signals and forewarning directives about the wrecking, spying or terroristic activity of these types? No, this cannot be stated. There were such signals and Satanists have no right to forget them.

The foul slander of Temple Of Set leader Dr. Michael Aquino was the first serious warning showing that the enemies of the people will practice duplicity and, in doing so, will disguise themselves as Satanists, as freethinkers, so as to worm their way into our confidence and open a path for themselves into our organizations. Crimes involving any highly public spokesperson, especially if they are real and not vile slanders, especially of the type that the SRA proponents would love to boast of, could be uncovered when such was under the noses of everyone in their own organization. Some of the people coming into Satanism are former abuse victims and, such people, if they are still prone to live in abusive relationships should never be spokespeople for Satanism of any kind.

The mock trial of the innocent person accused at Presidio and trails of innocent non-Satanists due to the SRA fiasco (some of whom are still in jail) extended the lessons of the previous trials, plainly showing that the Christians, and in-general Klippothic people alike in Satanic organizations that fan those flames, unite around themselves all the hostile elements, that they had become the spying and diversionist -- terroristic -- agency of the Christian Coalition, that double-dealing and concealment are the only means by which these people can penetrate into our organizations, that vigilance and political keenness are the truest means of preventing such penetration.

We must put an end to opportunist complacency arising from the mistaken presupposition that in proportion to the growth of our forces the enemy will grow ever tamer and more inoffensive. Such a presupposition is basically wrong. It is a belch of the trusting types which assures everyone that the enemies will quietly creep away or that, in the long run, some would "become" real Satanists. It is not the business of the CoS to rest on their laurels and stand around gaping. Neither is this the business of the ToS or the SR or any other Satanic organization out there. It is not complacency that we need but vigilance, real Satanic revolutionary vigilance. It must be remembered that the more desperate the position of the enemies, the more willing they will be to seize on extreme measures as the only measures of doomed people in their struggle against our perceived power. We must remember this and be vigilant.

Now when it has been proved that the Klippoths, shit-disturbers, Black Holes, and Psychic Vampires and other scum unite all the most bitter and sworn enemies of Satanic organizations -- spies, agents provocateurs, diversionists, trolls, etc. -- in the struggle against our power, when every distinguishing mark has been obliterated between these elements on the one hand and the Christians on the other, all Satanic organizations, all members of them, must understand that the vigilance of Satanists (and also Wiccans and Pagans, for that matter) is necessary in every field and in all situations. An indispensable quality of every Satanist in the present conditions must be the ability to recognize the enemy of Satanism, and not just trivial flamers that flame within organizations due to personal squabbles, no matter how well he be masked.

So signals and warnings were given in the recent trouble. What did these signals and warnings call for?

They called for the liquidation of the weakness of organizational work and the conversion of our organization into an impregnable fortress into which not a single double-dealer could penetrate.

They called for putting a stop to the underestimation of creativity and making a resolute turn in the direction of strengthening such work to the utmost, in the direction of strengthening our own vigilance.

And what happened? The facts have shown that our people took in these signals and warnings with more than stiffness.

This is eloquently shown by all the facts which we know from the sphere of the campaign for verifying and exchanging all correspondence.

How can it be explained that these warnings and signals did not produce the proper action? How can it be explained that our Satanists, in spite of their experience of struggle against anti-Satanic elements, in spite of a whole series of warning signals and forewarning directives, proved to be shortsighted in the face of the wrecking and spying divertive work of the enemies of the people?

Is it that our comrades have become worse than they were before, have become less conscientious and disciplined? No, of course not.

Is it that they have begun to degenerate? Again no. Such a supposition is completely unfounded.

Then, what is the matter? Whence arises such gaping, carelessness, complacency and blindness?

The fact is that our Satanic comrades, carried away by creative campaigns and by enormous successes with publicity, simply forgot some very important facts which Satanists have no right to forget. They forgot one fundamental fact from the sphere of the international position of those against us and did not notice two very important facts which apply directly to the present wreckers, spies, diversionists and slanderers sheltering behind the membership card and disguised as Satanists.

What are these facts which our Satanists, in all the organizations, forgot, or which they simply did not notice?

They forgot that Satanic power is about individuals that are Satanic, that they are aminority and that nine-tenths of the world is in the possession ofreligionist and reactionary powers. They forgot that all our organizations are in the condition of Christian encirclement. It is an accepted thing to talk loosely about Christian encirclement, but people do not want to ponder upon what sort of a thing this Christian encirclement really is.

Christian encirclement -- that is no empty phrase; that is a very real and unpleasant feature. Christian encirclement means that here in one country, the USA, we have established small Satanic organizations on its own territory, and Wiccan and Pagan organizations which are larger than any of the Satanic organizations, but alongside this there are many huge Christian organizations which continue to carry on a Christian mode of life and they surround us all, waiting for an opportunity to attack us, break us, or at any rate to undermine our power and our lives and weaken us.

Our comrades forgot this fundamental fact. However, it is that precisely, which determines the basis of relations between the Christian encirclement and all of our small organizations, even if we are combined.

Such is the law of relations between us and them. We exist because they let us exist!

The question must be put: why should the Christian organizations be gentler and more friendly to Satanic organizations than they are to each other or their own type? Why should they send fewer spies, wreckers, diversionists and slanderers than they send against each other which are akin to them? Will it not be truer, from the point of view of Satanism, to suppose that the Christians must be sending twice or three times as many wreckers, spies, diversionists and slanderers against us? Is it not clear that as long as Christian encirclement exists there will be wreckers, spies, diversionists and slanderers in our organizations sent behind our lines by the agents of tyranny?

Our Satanists, in all the organizations forgot about all this and, having forgotten, were caught unawares. This is why the spying and divertive work of the most recent Christian agents (the SRA scare) was completely unexpected by some of our most active members, even those directly in contact with them.

In carrying on a struggle against the Christian agents, our Satanists did not notice, they overlooked the fact, that present-day Christianity is no longer what it was, let us say, ten or fifteen years ago; that Christianity and the Christians have passed through a serious evolution in this period which has utterly changed the face of Christianity to that of Fascism; that in view of this, the struggle against Christianity and the method of struggle against it must also be utterly changed. Our members did not notice that Christianity has ceased to be a mere religious trend in the working class, that it has changed from the religious trend in the working class which it was many years ago, into a political party of frantic and unprincipled gangs of wreckers, diversionists, and spies acting possibly on the instructions of the intelligence services.

What is a political trend in the working class? A political trend in the working class is a group or a party which has its own definite political face, platform and program, which does not and cannot hide its views from the working class but, on the contrary, openly and honestly carries on propaganda for its views in full view of the working class, does not fear to show its political face to the working class, does not fear to demonstrate its real aims and tasks to the working class but, on the contrary, goes to the working class with open visors to convince it of the correctness of its views. In the past, ten or fifteen years ago, Christianity was one of such political trends in the working class, an anti-objective trend, it is true, and therefore profoundly mistaken, but nevertheless an open and honest political trend.

Can it be said that present-day Christianity, focusing not so much on Jesus Christ, though in some cases appearing to, but focusing more on worldly matters and profits gained at the expense of everything and everyone is a political trend in the working class? No, this cannot be said. Why? Because the present-day Christians are afraid to show their real face to the working class, are afraid to disclose their real aims and tasks to it, and carefully hide their political face from the working class, fearing that if the working class should learn of their real intentions it will curse them as an alien people with an anti-American agenda and drive them from it. This in reality explains how it is that the chief method of Christian work is now not open and honest propaganda of its religious views among the working class, but the masking of its views, servile and fawning praise for the views of its opponents, a false and pharisaical trampling of its own views in the dirt.

If you remember, Pat Robertson once strenuously denied that he had any political platform. There can be no doubt that he, and many others were lying when they all denied that they had a platform. Even the blind can now see that the Christians had their political platform. But why did they deny the existence of any political platform? Because they were afraid to disclose their real political face, they were afraid to demonstrate their real platform for the making of a Christian Fascist Theocracy in the U.S.A., fearing that such a platform would arouse revulsion in the working class.

They admit now that they have a definite political platform, recognized it in their own recent testimony. But they unfold it not to call on the working class, not to call on the people to support their platform, but in order to curse it and brand it as an anti-people's platform. They appeal to the people, with words such as "patriotism" and "loyalty to America," yet what lies beneath these words is a vile treachery to the ideas of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It is an insidious betrayal of the American working class.

The restoration of strong non-religious Christianity, the liquidation of the various free-thinking groups and alternative religions, the restoration of the system of exploitation, an alliance with the Fascist forces of Big Corporate TNCs and MNCs to bring war against the rest of the world nearer, a struggle for war and against the policy of peace, the territorial dismemberment of formerly sovereign nations, the preparation of the military defeat of anyone that doesn't choose to obey them, and, as a means of achieving these tasks, wrecking, diversion, individual terrorism against the leaders of the foreign governments, espionage for the benefit of the Corporations and Oil Lords -- such is the political platform of present-day Christianity which is set forth by both Republicans, Democrats and divers Independent parties. This Christianity is not Christ-ianity at all. It's tyranny.

Naturally the Christians could do nothing but hide such a platform from the people, from the American workings class. And they hid it not only from the working class but also from their own rank and file, and not only from their own rank and file but even from some of their leading media spokespersons consisting of a small handful of 30 or 40 people. "Political figures" hiding their views and their platform from the Christian rank and file, -- such is the face of present-day Christianity. Then it follows from this that present-day Christianity can no longer be called a religious or even semi-politico-religious trend in the American working class. Present-day Christianity is a gang without principle, without ideas, of wreckers, diversionists, intelligence service agents, spies, murderers, a gang of sworn enemies of the American working class, working in the pay of the intelligence services or foreign states and not for the United States, but for International Profits.

Such is the indisputable result of the evolution of Christianity in the past ten to fifteen years. Such is the difference between Christianity in the past and Christianity at the present time.

The mistake of our Satanists in all the organizations, for the most part, is that they did not notice this profound difference between Christianity in the past and Christianity at the present time. They did not notice that the Christians have long since ceased to be people devoted to Jesus Christ or a religious idea, that the Christians have long since turned into highway robbers, capable of any foulness, capable of all that is disgusting, to the point of espionage and the outright betrayal of their country, if only for their own quest for power. They did not notice this and were therefore unable to reconstruct themselves in time to wage battle against the Christians in a new and more regular manner.

The present-day wreckers and diversionists are the Christianized and usually fanatical people with a Satanist's membership card in their pocket and, consequently, they are people who formally are not alien to us, or most of us, at all. Whereas the old wreckers went against Satanism, the new wreckers, on the contrary, attack other non-monotheistic religions, including other Satanists in other organizations.

In the second place, the strength of the wreckers was that to a greater or lesser degree they possessed the necessary technical knowledge: our publications are available for them to study. This circumstance gave a great advantage to the wreckers, made it possible for them to do their wrecking work freely and unhindered, made it possible for them to deceive our people technically. Their strength lies in the membership card, in the possession of a membership card. This strength lies in the fact that the card gives them political trust and opens the doors of all our institutions and organizations to them. Their advantage lies in the fact that holding a card and pretending to be friends they tricked our people, misused their confidence, did their wrecking work furtively, and disclosed our business to our enemies. This "advantage" is a doubtful one in its political and moral values, but still it is an "advantage." This "advantage," in reality, explains the fact that the wreckers, as people with a card having access to all places in our institutions and organizations, were a real windfall for the intelligence services of the Christians.

The mistake of some of our people is that they did not notice, did not understand, and many were unable to recognize the inner nature of these people, which would immediately tell an astute observer that they can not be Satanists at all. What worsens matters is these people may believe themselves to be Satanists. Our people have not studied and have not understood.

It may be asked: But why did our people not notice all this, why did they forget about all this? Where did all this forgetfulness, blindness, carelessness and complacency come from?

Is it an organic defect in the work of our people? No, it is not an organic defect. It is a temporary phenomenon which can be rapidly liquidated by some efforts on the part of our people.

Then what is the matter? The matter is that our people have been totally absorbed in creative work in recent years, have been engrossed to the limit in our successes, and being engrossed in all these things forgot about all else, threw aside all else.

The matter is that being carried away by successes they began to regard this as the beginning and end of everything and simply gave up paying attention to small things, supposing all these things to be second-rate and even third-rate matters. Instead one organization paid too much attention to other organizations, fussing and complaining about silly sigils.

Successes and achievements are, of course, a great thing. However, successes, like everything else under the sun, have their seamy side. Always remember the balance factor. Among people who are not very skillful in politics big successes and big achievements (relatively speaking) not infrequently give rise to carelessness, complacency, self-satisfaction, overweening self-confidence, swell-headedness and bragging. You cannot deny that braggarts have lately developed among Satanists tremendously. It is not surprising in these circumstances of big and small successes that feelings of boastfulness are created, feelings of showy demonstration of our successes, and feelings are created for underestimating the strength of our enemies, feelings of overestimation of our own strength and, as a result of all this, political blindness appears.

I must here say a few words about the dangers connected with successes, about the dangers connected with achievements.

We know by experience of the dangers connected with difficulties. For a number of years, since many Satanic organizations going public, we have been fighting against such kinds of dangers, and I must say not without success. Among people who are not staunch, dangers connected with difficulties frequently give rise to downcast feelings, distrust in our own forces, feelings of pessimism. And, on the contrary, when it is a matter of fighting against the dangers which arise from difficulties, people are tempered in this struggle and emerge from the struggle really granite Satanists. SRA was one such struggle. We won, but with a lot of outside help.

Such is the nature of the dangers connected with difficulties. Such are the results of overcoming difficulties.

However, there is another kind of danger, the danger connected with successes, the danger connected with achievements. These dangers consist in the fact that among people little skilled in politics and not having seen much, the condition of successes -- success after success, achievement after achievement, the overfulfillment of plans after the overfulfillment of plans -- gives rise to feelings of carelessness and self-satisfaction, creates an atmosphere of showy triumphs and mutual congratulations which kill the sense of proportion and dull political instinct, take the spring out of people and impel them to rest on their laurels.

It is not surprising that in this narcotic atmosphere of swell-headedness and self-satisfaction, this atmosphere of showy demonstrations and loud self-praise, people forget some essential facts which are of first-grade significance for the fate of all our organizations; people begin to miss seeing such unpleasant facts as Christian encirclement and Christian osmoconsciousness which produce the new forms of wrecking, the dangers connected with our successes, etc.

Christian encirclement? A mere bagatelle! What significance can some Christian encirclement or other have if we fulfill and surpass our creative plans? What significance can all these "trifles" have when we fulfill and surpass our plans? Is it worth while worrying about all these trifles at all if our movement grows and the material situation of own members becomes ever better and better?

This is an example plain to see of how easily and "simply" some of our inexperienced members are infected with political blindness as the result of a dizzying rapture in creative successes.

Such are the dangers connected with successes, with achievements.

Such are the reasons why members carried away by successes have forgotten facts of an international and internal character which are of real importance for Satanists as individuals and working free thinkers, and why they have not noticed a whole series of dangers surrounding us. Such are the roots of our carelessness, forgetfulness, complacency, and political blindness.

How are we to liquidate the shortcomings in our work? What must be done in order to do this? It is necessary to carry out the following measures:

1. First and foremost the attention of our members who get bogged down on "current questions" in one department or another, or quagmired by petty squabbles between the various Satanic organizations, must be turned towards the big political questions of both international and internal character.

2. The political work, not just creative work, of our people must be raised to the proper level making the main task that of the political training and Satanic steeling of our cadres. Delusions of our place in society must be avoided: most of us are working class people, not World Leaders or rulers.

3. It should be explained to our people that the successes, the significance of which seems undoubtedly very great and which we shall also strive for in the future, day after day, year after year, are nevertheless not the whole of our goals. It should be explained that the seamy side connected with successes and expressed in self-satisfaction, in carelessness, in the deadening of real intuition, can be liquidated only if successes are combined with the successes of Satanic construction and the developed instincts of our members. It should be explained that current economics themselves, their instability, wholly and fully determine our own successes in the society in which we live, and that without this condition being changed, successes may prove to be built on sand.

4. It should be remembered and never forgotten that as long as Christian encirclement exists there will be wreckers, diversionists, spies, terrorists, sent into our organizations; this should be remembered and a struggle should be carried on against those comrades who underestimate the significance of the fact of Christian encirclement, who underestimate the strength and significance of wrecking. It should be fully comprehended that Christian encirclement is what results in Christian osmoconsciousness, even in those that are fully committed to Satanism. It should be explained to our people that no successes whatsoever, no matter how great they are, can annul the fact of Christian encirclement and the results arising therefrom.

5. It should be explained to our comrades that the Christian and Christianized alike, who represent the active elements in the diversionist, wrecking and espionage work of our enemies, have already long ceased to be a politico-religious trend in the working class, that they have already long ceased to serve any idea compatible with the interests of the American working class, that they have turned into a gang of wreckers, diversionists, spies, assassins, without principles and ideas, working for any foreign government which affords them profits. It should be explained that in the struggle against contemporary Christianity, the old methods of discussion must not be used, but new methods, methods for smashing and uprooting it, exposing it without compromise.

6. The difference between the present-day wreckers and the wreckers of the past should be explained to our people, all our people, who are now in public organizations, hence visible. Whether they be Wicca, Pagan or Satanist, they are no longer in the villages or in private lodges. They are all public. .

The question may be asked: Was it not possible in the late 1960's, at the time of the founding of the highly public Church of Satan, to advance both slogans simultaneously, i.e., the first slogan regarding the mastery of technique and the second slogan regarding creativity? What does history teach us: find the main link in the chain of our work, lay hold of it, draw it in, in order through it to draw in the whole chain and go forward.

It is a different question now when we have technically developed Satanists and many Satanic organizations that arose from either independently, or from the first. When the part of wreckers is played not by openly hostile forces in possession of political power over our own people, but by people in possession of membership cards and enjoying all the rights of membership. The weakness from which our people suffer now is not technical or doctrinal backwardness, but political carelessness, blind faith in people who have come by chance into possession of membership cards, the failure to check up on people, not according to the declarations they make, but according to the results of the work they do. The key question now facing us is not the liquidation of the Satanic backwardness of our people, for in the main this has already been done, but the liquidation of the political carelessness and political trustfulness in wreckers who have by chance obtained possession of membership cards. I realize that this seems an awesome task and that all our organizations are small.

It should be borne in mind that the remnants of the original Church of Satan, or First Satanic Church, whether they be still Church of Satan or other, or loners, or new organizations, or Wiccans or Pagans, are not alone. They have, in their inter-organizational squabbles, the direct support of our enemies! It would be a mistake to think that the sphere of the organizational struggle is limited to the bounds of Satanic groups. While one end of the struggle has its operation within the bounds of the organizations themselves, its other stretches to the bounds of the Christians surrounding us. The remnants of these organizations cannot but be aware of this.

This is what history teaches us. We must remember all this and be on our guard.

To continue:

7. We must destroy and cast aside another rotten theory according to which the individual who is not always engaged in wrecking and who even occasionally shows successes in his work cannot be a wrecker. Anyont can be a wrecker. The leaders of an organization can be wreckers and all the moreso because they are right at the top. He can be the most dangerous enemy if he is repressed with bottled up rage (akathartic, tending toward ophionic).

No wrecker will engage in wrecking all along the line if he wants to avoid being exposed in the shortest possible time. On the contrary, the real wrecker has from time to time to show successes in his work, for this is his only means of keeping himself going as a wrecker, of winning the confidence of people and of continuing his wrecking work.

8. We must destroy and cast aside the third rotten theory, to the effect that the systematic fulfillment of plans reduces wrecking and its consequences to naught.

Such a theory can only have one purpose, namely, to titillate the self-esteem of our departmental officials, to lull them and to weaken their struggle against wrecking. This is how the ego turns against itself.

What is the meaning of "the systematic fulfillment of our plans"?

First, it has been proved that all our political plans are below normal because they do not take account of the tremendous reserves and possibilities lying hidden in our national economy. Our organizations do not teach about such things at all. There is much teaching on duping the rubes and the methods of newsmedia brainwashing using repetition and twisted data; but none of our Satanists are able to see through this, none of them take this seriously. Those that usually repeat the "duping the rubes" dogma are themselves the biggest rubes; dubed by the traitors now in charge of the nation's economy.

Second, the general fulfillment of the creative plans by the members as a whole does not mean that the political plans are also fulfilled by other important branches. On the contrary, the facts go to show that quite a number of Satanists which fulfil or even more than fulfil their plans, systematically fail to fulfil the plans in terms of politics and/or economics.

Third, there can be no doubt that if the wreckers are not exposed and thrown out, the position in respect to the fulfillment of plans would be far worse.

Fourth, the wreckers usually adapt the main part of their wrecking work not to the peacetime period between organizations, but to that of the eve of battle between the organizations. Suppose we were to lull ourselves with the rotten theory of "the systematic fulfillment of the plans," and were not to touch the wreckers. Do those who believe this rotten theory appreciate what a tremendous amount of harm the wreckers would do to our organizations if we were to allow them to remain inside the body of our organizations, sheltered by the rotten theory of "the systematic fulfillment of plans"?

Is it not clear that the theory of "the systematic fulfillment of plans" is a theory advantageous to the wreckers? To continue:

9. We must destroy and cast aside the fourth rotten theory to the effect that the "publicity" movement is the chief means for liquidation of wrecking.

This theory has been invented so as to divert the blow from the wreckers with a noise of chatter about creative workers and the creative movement.

10. We must destroy and cast aside the fifth rotten theory to the effect that the wreckers possess no more reserve, that they are mustering their last reserves.

This is untrue. Only naive people could invent such a theory. The Christians and Christianized wreckers have their reserves. These consist first and foremost of the remnants of the smashed and broken people in this society, the Thanatos themselves. They consist of a whole number of groups and organizations beyond the bounds of our organizations and innately, instinctively hostile to the Satanist, Wiccan, Pagan, hostile to those who are Zoos and Eros.

11. Finally, we must destroy and cast aside still another rotten theory to the effect that "we Satanists are many while the wreckers amongst us are few"; then we can afford to pay no attention to such a handful of wreckers.

This is incorrect. Christian conditioning or "osmoconsciousness" runs gut deep, down to the bone. This strange theory has been invented so as to bring solace to certain organization leaders, to lull their vigilance and to make it possible for them to sleep in peace.

It is, of course, true that the Christian wreckers have the support of isolated individuals that are anti-Christian, while the Satanists have the support of very few. Thus it follows from this that the wreckers are able to inflict very serious damage on us. However, it does not at all need a big number of people to do harm and to cause damage. Tens of thousands of workers have to be set to work to build a shopping mall, but it requires not more than a few men to blow it up. Several Army Corps may be necessary to win a battle during wartime. However, it only needs one spy somewhere in the Army Headquarters or even in a divisional staff to steal the plan of operations and pass it on to the enemy for this gain to be lost. Tens and hundreds of such examples could be quoted.

We must bring about a situation where there is not a single wrecker left in our ranks. And pity us if the leaders of a whole organization turn out to be wreckers. It could happen.

This is how the matter stands with the question of how to liquidate the shortcomings in our work, common to all our organizations.

The question may be asked: Where are we to get these people who can recognize such wrecking and prevent it before it gains a foothold? We only need to know them. Seek and ye shall find.

Hail The Self! (C 2000)

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