Bapomet, SaTan and other Archetypes
The symbolic theology of the Church, Order, and Temple of Baphomet

By Thelemite Comrade


This work will go over the Archetypes and cosmic principles that symbolically represent the universe, the elements, the world and our minds. We will begin with the lowest manifestation of these archetypes, the symbolic representations of the occult elements.


The Satanagrammaton

Fire: Energy

Fire is Satan. Satan in Hebrew means the adversary and accuser.  Satan represents Fire on the elemental level of existence. Fire is all that consumes, Fire is the Will of the Satanist and Black Magickian. The Elemental weapon for Satan is the Wand and his direction is in the south. On the cosmic level Fire represents all forms of Energy. Its essence is Male in nature.

Water: Time

Water is the serpent Leviathan. Leviathan in Hebrew means serpent or dragon. Leviathan represents water on the elemental level of existence. Water is the all-encompassing fuel of life, which conforms to all shapes; water is the Understanding of the Satanist and Black Magickian. The elemental weapon for Leviathan is the Cup or Chalice and its direction is in the west. On the Cosmic level Water represents all forms of Time. Its essence is Female in Nature.

Air: Space

Air is Lucifer. Lucifer is the morning star and the enlightened one.  Lucifer represents air on the elemental level of existence. Air is the breath of life and all open spaces of existence; air is the reasoning and enlightenment of the Satanist and Black magickian. The elemental weapon for air is the sword or dagger and its direction is in the east. On the cosmic level Air is Space and all that is in between matter. Its essence is Male in nature

Earth: Mass

Earth is Belial. Belial means "without God" in Hebrew. Belial represents earth on the elemental level of existence. Earth is the foundation of life, the Body, all that is solid and of matter. Earth is the Body and physical essence of the Satanist and Black magickian. The elemental weapon of Earth is the disk or shield and its direction is in the north. On the Cosmic level earth is Mass and all that is Matter in the Universe. Its essence is female in nature.

In between and over-lapping the Cosmic and elemental: Conscious beings

The fifth aspect or element being the Black Flame of Vital "Fire", this is the element which holds all of the above together, this element or force is represented by Ra-Hoor-Khuit, the Black Flame. This is that which is above in the cosmic level and that which is below in the elemental levels made one in man, the medium of existence made into and manifesting as consciousness in all beings. This area of “in-betweeness” of the Cosmic, Mental and elemental realm it is the home of all harmonious and conflicting forces in there infinite dual aspects.


The Cosmic Archetypes and Principles above and encompassing the elemental and In-between.

Babalon, TAN and Nuit

Babalon is the scarlet whore. The archetype of all experiences possible to man through desire and lust on all levels; of the mind and body as well. She always gives and never takes away from all things. To become one with her is a form of Self –Love.

TAN is the cosmic aspect of Becoming and all that is able to become and is also all that can be experienced.

Nuit is the archetype of all the universe and space, the arched Goddess over the sky. She represents ALL experiences and events possible, all realms of possibility. She is a higher level of Babalon and Archetype of the TAN principle.

The Beast, SAT and Hadit

The Beast is the Core of the mind, the source of Desire and wanting for experience. The essence of consciousness on a Human level, the black flame within man.

SAT is the cosmic aspect of BEING and all that is able to BE, the essence of life without any interaction of experience, the force of consciousness itself.

Hadit is the atomic point, the winged globe. Hadit is the Archetype of the Sun, a star in space, symbolic of BEING, the SAT principle and a higher level of the Beast. The comic principle for all desires and wanting of experiences for all forces or centers of Being.


Baphomet, Pan, and SaTaN: the cosmic Principles and archetypes in union.

Baphomet is the manifestation and archetype of all things cosmic, elemental and mental. The union and begetter of all opposites. The point of Being experiences existence. On the elemental level Baphomet is the union of all five aspects. Its legs are earth, its scales are water, its wings are air, its head is fire, and over its head is the black flame of vital fire. On the Biological level Baphomet represents all life; the scales of fish and reptiles, the body of a man and women (representing both sexes as a hermaphrodite), the wings of a bird and the head of a beast. To his sides are the black and white moons of duality and negative and positive forces. Baphomet is the Union of and force of both Nuit and Hadit; Hadit becomes one with Nuit. Babalon and the beast become one, and the SAT and TAN become one thus becoming SaTaN. The point and force of BEING joining with experience to form BECOMING. The vital fire within man experiencing desire and the experience of life. Another name for Baphomet is the Greek God PAN the great ALL, The union of all things through the principle Self-Love. “Love is the law, Love under will”

Baphomet is the great secret of the Masons and Rosicrucian’s, the great Hermaphrodite that begets all things through union with itself, the cosmic reproduction of all cells, and other dividable mass, the union that sex on all levels of the universe, cosmic, elemental and mental realms brings.


The Triad above being and Becoming

The Limitless Darkness, Chaos and Nothing

Baphomet and SaTaN come forth from the limitless Darkness beyond even union itself, the black power that the source of infinite creation springs from. The Limitless Darkness is the void which eminates from and projects from Chaos, to say anything of Chaos or aspects of itself would be to limit it or understand it in some way thus making Chaos into order and there for would not be Chaos. And beyond Chaos is No-thing formless and Void. The State of non-State and the place of No-Being. Nothing is the absence of ALL, but yet the ultimate source of ALL.

Chart of Cabalistic Correspondences

Number on the tree of Life

KaoSatanic Archetype






Limitless Darkness


Baphomet / Pan / and SaTaN


The Beast / SaT / Hadit


Babalon / TaN / Nuit


Harmonious forces


Conflicting forces


The Black Flame/Ra-Hoor-Khuit









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