and an END to this argument!

By Dr. Joe and Philip Marsh

G is Gibbs energy. S is entropy. H is enthalpy. T is temperature. Delta is change in.

First of all, there is a "real formula" for the 3rd Law of Thermodynamics, which gives a value for the Gibbs free energy. We had to work out many problems like this at Rensselaer Polytechic Inst.

What you do is assign the value of zero to the minimum value of the entropy (S) for a given system having certain restraints (e.g., Volume = V, pressure = p). This is justified under Third Law because this law postulates the convergence of the values of the entropy of systems in stable equilibria upon a single value at very low temperatures. Then the entropy at some finite tempterature (T) is found using integral calculus, which is a sophisticated way of finding a sum by adding up little pieces:


Where C = the experimentally determined heat capacity of some material or substance.

The Gibbs free energy = E + pV - TS and

C is possibly a function of T or C = f(T), which is also experimentally arrived at.

In nature we SEE one form of this S. The Dark Force "transcends nature" but IN Nature it IS Entropy. When I was in school in the 1970's, the situation has not changed: the so-called Second Law of Thermodynamics (entropy), which the Third Law also says something about, cannot be derived from the laws of physics! Hence the NEED for the Second and Third Law. All attempts to derive these Laws from the laws of physics have FAILED. So there is a need for INDEPENDENT postulates for Entropy.

Physics concerns itself with mass and energy and forces, and space and time or space/time. Entropy can not be derived from these. Attempts to do so have failed. So it seems to be an INDEPENDENT feature of the universe, INDEPENDENT FROM force, mass, energy, mechanics, chemistry, you name it. It's independent. Yet the observation of the EFFECTS of entropy are so universal (UNLIKE electricity) that the only thing you can compare the ubiquity of entropy to, in its obvious manifestations, in front of everyone all the time, everywhere, is gravity or space or time. This is ASTONISHING. Are space and time forces? They can be BENT by forces, but is everything that exists a "force?" What kind of lumping confusion are confused detractors, liars or idiots up to now? They claim that this is mystical or that entropy is not the Dark Force IN Nature? Oh yes it is! Why WOULD THEY WANT to confuse anyone?

They either have agendas, personal ones having to do with their egos and their emotions or else they really don't understand it!

We say the Dark Force TRANSCENDS nature, existed BEFORE the Cosmos (the Cosmos is the only "nature" we happen to know). But, IN Nature, corresponding to a very ancient doctrine, this is ENTROPY. This Dark Force in Nature or Entropy is universally obvious it is everywhere, LIKE gravity or space or time which we contend with all the time. In SCOPE, entropy is equal to these things. Yet it has to be independently postulated.

People think, when we say Entropy IS the Dark Force in Nature, we are talking about some little seepage into Nature of some mysterious small force. Doc himself said he felt it but he thought science had no name for it. But in scope it is so extensive and ever-present in everything you do, that it's a BIG DEAL. You don't notice it in the same way you don't notice gravity or the space/time you move through when you walk though a room. "As obvious as the air you breathe."

People who think it's odd to identify the two (Dark Force and entropy) see entropy as some small esoteric subject of a specialized branch of physics. They don't see that it is as mundane and real and ever-present as gravity, space or time. I'm amazed that they could sit through any "science" course and get the impression that entropy is some diminutive little aspect of the cosmos that doesn't matter much. Either that, or they think that the Dark Force in Nature is some little-noticed thing that only some esoteric occultist can see. Some say that science has no explanation for it. They are not completely wrong, but not right either. As far as the Doctrines about this Thing are concerned, they go far beyond anything any Satanist or Occultist ever said and definitely DO conform to what we see as entropy. Tani Jantsang was describing something about the Boundless Darkness from her OWN culture to a friend in graphic, concrete English, she was not talking Satanism per se and definitely NOT talking science - when a nuclear physicist told her "that is entropy." He said a lot more besides that, but she didn't write it down. She merely wrote down the word entropy. I remember this. She immediately asked me about it.

Dr. Robert Resnick at Rensselaer, who wrote a textbook used at MIT, CALTECH and many other colleges said, just because we have all these sophisticated equations, doesn't mean we understand WHAT entropy is. We have a much better idea of what mass, energy and space/time are and how they relate to each other (that would be part of the Doctrines of what the Light Became: See "Light Forces and Dark Force" on this website.). Entropy does NOT FIT IN. That was a famous statement Dr. Resnick said. It shows we do not understand it. He was a universally famous teacher of physics, author of physics textbooks. He wrote "The Textbook" on physics for undergraduates.

And from Dr. Joe, our friend "Yagoda," another voice speaking on entropy, something well known:

This following information on "dark force" entropy in this sense, is in general/physical chemistry textbooks and is part of quantum organic chemistry: NOT physics, NOT thermodynamics. This sense of entropy relates this phenomenon to the internal chemical properties of matter, which relates to "enthalpy."

Basically, life is a collection of chemical reactions, thus the point is looking at the "FORCE" that drives these chemical reactions and tilts the balance to promote ENTROPY INCREASE so that the reactions go in ONE DIRECTION. They go in the direction of creating more chaotic molecular movements.

This "force" is NOT any of the four forces in physics nor do the 4 forces in physics have anything to do with this "force" that drives chemical reactions, nor do the 4 forces tilt the balance to promote entropy increase, nor do the 4 forces make anything go in one direction, including the 4 forces themselves! But how is this then the Dark Force or a MANIFESTATION of it in Nature?

Entropy itself is NOT the dark force, Gibbs energy itself is NOT the Dark force, however a CHANGE OF GIBBS ENERGY REQUIRES A FORCE: Delta G, not G. I.e., G is Gibbs energy; DELTA G is a CHANGE IN Gibbs energy. A change REQUIRES a force, a change IS CAUSED BY the force. Delta G - Delta H - T Delta S. That change has a DIRECTION, which is the Dark Force (that permeates all Nature and motivates it to change). .

Any chemical action will proceed ONLY IF Delta G is a negative number. Enthalpy is FIXED for any selected compound. Temperature and pressure does not really change a lot so you come to the conclusion that it is Delta S (entropy) that defines the vectoring of Delta G (Gibbs energy). Vectoring equals DIRECTIONALITY.

Which means, entropy defines the general direction in which ALL chemical reactions go. G1 - G2 = Delta G. Not Gibbs energy, but the CHANGE in Gibbs energy, which always goes toward negative numbers because Delta S always goes up: THIRD AND SECOND LAWS OF THERMODYNAMICS.

So, because of these Laws, because of Delta S being prone to increase more and more as time passes, more and more chaotic, complex or sophisticated molecules will appear and life itself will appear and get more sophisticated: evolve.

S up --> Chaos up --> Sophistication level up -->Second and Third Laws push life forward relentlessly!

No one ever said that entropy was a "force" as in the 4 forces in physics. Nor did anyone say it was a particle. We said it AFFECTS particles. It DIRECTS the 4 forces. (The 4 forces are Gravity, Electro-magnetism, Weak and Strong - in physics. Weak and strong are primarily "nuclear" or atomic forces.)

As mentioned before, when people claim to feel the "dark hidden force" do they know that science does have an aexplanation for it? Do they ever describe it well enough to make it recognizable to a person who does know science? IT DOES have an explanation: if you want the force behind evolution itself, change of Gibbs energy resulting in increased entropy: is IT. But remember what Resnick said about this.

SO: The 2nd and 3rd Law of Entropy permeates and motivates all of Nature.

A Dark Hidden Force permeates and motivates all of Nature.

So what is this Dark Force in Nature? We know. Now you know. Our ancient words for this? "SAT" is the DARK Itness Itself. Stretching forth after the Big Bang: "TAN" is 2nd and 3rd Laws of Entropy a/k/a Dark FORCE IN - repeat, IN all Nature, permeating it, motivating it, relentlessly onto change.

There are more "mysteries" about Entropy than almost any other subject in science if you like "mysticism." For example, if Entropy always increases, what is the source of the Universe's original low entropy?! NO ONE knows at least, no one in science knows!


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