By Tani Jantsang

Great Nyarlathotep welcomes the birth
Of all of Its creatures who dance on this earth;
Each holds a gift, is endowed from the start
With courage, laughter, and a fearless True-Heart.

Each through their Being gives praise to a Force
Which drives all things forward, assigns each its course
And destined Nature. Yet all true to the Self
Like a Call of the Wild: innate to itself.

And each are unique, yet, as Sister and Brother
We reach out our hands and welcome each other
As children of Fortune, weavers of spells,
We are Warlock sons and Witch belles!

A three-lobed eye, has our Dark Chaos Lord,
Yet neither form nor face to be adored;
Yet we, in our hearts, delight in that name:
NYARLATHOTEP: echoes in our fane.

The Deep Ones in R'lyeh who worship Cthulhu,
The Yuggs and Yuggya whose father is Ubb
The Other Nations, so said the Sage,
Will herald the dawn of our New Age!

And the world will hear the cry: IA! IA!

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