By: Jantsang/Marsh/Hill - 1972

Obed Marsh was quite a trip,
Helped us Deep Ones get citizenship:
Brought us to Innsmouth, gave us a place,
Said "Come on y'all mix with the human race."

Used to be a party-pooper with a great big trap
Named Zadok Allen, talked a lot of crap.
Rappin' to strangers, spillin' the beans,
Tellin' outsiders to check out the scene

'Bout the funky situation we had in this town.
Then he went for a dip an' he couldn't be found.
Too much liquor was his mistake,
He was nothin' but food, baby: that's the breaks.

Now things are really goin' in this town,
With funky Deep One fever goin' all around
At Shub-Niggurath Disco on Saturday night,
Hip-hoppin' an' boppin', baby, what a sight!

There's a dude named Japhet with big webbed feet,
He can pump and grind to that disco beat,
An' there's grand-dad Marsh, first name Ralsa,
Man, you should see him groove to the Salsa.

Got a champion breaker, a Yuggya is he,
He gonna make disco history.
But the place gets crowded, we gotta go;
But don't get thinkin' it's the end of the show.

I got a human woman, if it go down right,
To my lily-pad, get me funk all night.
Hope she don't scare at the sight of the place,
It's a little run down and short on space:

Boards on the windows, holes in the floor,
Down in the cellar there's a big trap door.
I got twenty Brothers with the same thing in mind:
They like to get funky with the human-kind.

Forgot to mention the critters that be hangin' around:
There be shoggoths, ceph'lopods, and Tindlosi Hounds.
You know it's gonna be a get-down night,
In the mornin' with the sun up, not a soul in sight.

The Reef's out there, go swimmin' in the day,
Pay ourselves a visit to Y'ha-nthlei.
If life continues in this party way
Would be a shame to see Cthulhu wipe it all away.

So if you come down to this cool-breeze joint,
Bring your flippers and, baby, make your point
'Bout who you are and what you be,
'Cause we're all one big family.

Funk Louie, mug low enough, cool too
Real, ya wiggle no gold for hockin' - IA!
Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu
R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn. IA!

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