What is a "Generational" Satanist?

Yes, this question has been asked.

By Tani Jantsang

Let me give the reader some necessary background without talking with my tongue firmly in my cheek. I did that before in this and similar little "articles" that were originally posts on usenet made to idiots asking really stupid questions.

I am from a NON-Islamic Turko-Tatar people. Our "Lamaism" is a combination of Taoism, Tantric-Vedantic concepts, and Shamanism that is provably very ancient. We have the Esoteric Tradition, this is very well known now in the West and in universities, and this is what we are calling the Dark Tradition in our organization. (Please see "Unity of the Dark Tradition" and other articles in the Dark Tradition section of our organization website for clear details.)

The cultural tradition I'm from has been loosely called "part of Buddhism," but it is very loosely that based on language used at times. "Buddha" (that is, Gautama Siddhartha) was a character never mentioned by any of us. Nagarjuna may as well be "our Buddha" along with Marmedzad of the Fourth World Age. He was "ours." People wholly outside of the Indian or Tibetan tradition were often honored as "Living Gods" (Hutukhtu), especially if they were bloody brutal Warlords in times of war. We are nothing like Tibetans or people from India. We are people related to the Khans of recent history and our origin is the Altai and steppes of Siberia - Northern Central Asia. To this day, the same culture living in China honors the Shaman Jenghis Khan (Temujin) as Bogdo: HOLY. That's not Buddhism by any stretch of the imagination.

I was in the United States in the 1950's when I went to a regular public school. The school was run by Freemasons, that is, the males in it, principal and etc. were also Freemasons, and the mostly female teachers were Eastern Star. This was very common, and the education was Classical, also very common. Of course I learned about the sigils of this tradition and of the Freemasons and of the United States (same sigils), all of them. This was America and these were American symbols!

The school was only "unusual" in that it was strong on math and geometry. Most kids did not learn Euclidean plane geometry or what would now be called "post structuralism" in reading interpretation, in 5th grade. But such schools were very common (at least in the North Eastern states) and considered Classical. I want to make that clear. In a country founded by these people, it is only natural that the schools would teach about it. I learned about the Hellenes - the Ionian Artificers, Dorians, Pelasgians, etc. in depth, I learned of Egypt and its Dynasties, China and its Dynasties and many other things that some other kids did not learn at all in their schools, if they got to those schools due to their inability to pass grades in the Classical schools. The Classical schools went from Kindergarten to 8th grade. The other public schools in the area went from Kindergarten to 6th Grade and those kids had to go to "Junior High School." We went from grammar school directly into High School.

That was the only difference aside from what was actually taught regarding math and reading, primarily. All of that was part of the tracking system, a merit system. That's long gone and no one younger will be able to relate to what it was like, back then. Well - America was TOPS back then, in everything! Science and Math? American kids were Number ONE. If you chewed gum in class, you got detention. If you talked in class while lessons were ongoing, you got detention. You were made to write 1,000 times, "I will not talk in class," or "I will not chew gum in class." You had one night to do it, along with a lot of other homework. If you did not do it, you got expelled. If you bullied people, you got expelled and possibly sent to a youth jail. Behavior that is common today was absolutely NOT tolerated - in ANY schools back then. You absolutely had to learn to speak, write and read English - NO ifs ands or buts! No exceptions. Religion was not taught in these public schools - it was forbidden.

But then there were other "special" schools. NOT ordinary. They were Catholic Schools and religion was taught there. You had to be Catholic to get into a Catholic school. From what anyone could even tell by casually noticing this, you had to be born Catholic and Catholics seemed to come in ethnic groups. Anyone could go to the schools that taught classical education, Catholics were usually advised NOT to go there by their own Priests, but they could if they wanted to - but if you couldn't pass the grades you were sent to a public school where very different and much simpler things were taught. This was not unusual in the least. It was the norm, at least in the North Eastern states.

This country, America, was FOUNDED by these Freemasons! I also learned about every single person who signed the Declaration of Independence. Such things were not taught as dry and boring written/read lessons and we were very young kids at the time this was taught. They were taught as stories told by the teachers, orally, and they were vivid. Most of it is forgotten, the details lost in memory, but the MESSAGE stuck like glue. The "story teller" would verbally tell the stories - very sad stories - of these people and of many other stories about other things in history. All in all, most of this was learned in the "oral story telling" manner - which happens to be traditional. The details might be forgotten as years pass, but the MESSAGE, the MORAL of it, always remains.

The Catholic kids noticed certain things - for instance the "Magno the Devil" toys. They were toys and puzzles, of course they noticed it. For one, most kids couldn't figure out these puzzles; they were toys designed to make you think, and some of them were damned hard. One that I still have is a tiny plastic board whereon a game is played that is similar to the game "go." Another is called the "Devil's Staircase." I still have these. This is not an easy game to learn and the "Devil's Staircase" is considered the hardest puzzle in the world. The only person I ever met that could unravel the "Devil's Staircase" is Phil Marsh. I can't do it. It's WAY too hard. I can do the next one "easier": "Satan's Stirrups!" Ok. That's what the puzzles are called. Yeah, on hindsight I can surely see that the Catholic kids must surely have noticed the names of these puzzles. This kind of stuff was so ubiquitous that I seriously never noticed it at the time, as a kid. Of course, the Catholic kids often were outright told by parents and their teachers that "those people worship the Devil!" I used to hear it, "I'm not supposed to play with you people because you are devil people." In one ear, out the other. The kid played anyway. I also remember these kids saying that a Jewish kid I knew was a "Christ killer."

We had songs we sang in our school, like any other school does - but I never thought anything about it - songs like "When Morning Comes," where the words talk of the Sabbath and tongue-in-cheek "dancing with the Devil." Such as "The Hag," about a witch. I learned the Black Smith's Song and have the words to all of it and the music. For December holiday Yuletide season, we sang songs like "Chestnuts Roasting on the Open Fire" or "White Christmas" or "Let it Snow" or "All I Want for Christmas." Popular songs.

On hindsight, and taking notice of this in light of the accusations of the 1980's, I noticed that the Christmas songs we sang were completely non-religious. I asked a Christian friend in 1988, "what songs do you sing," since I did hear Catholic songs in the past. I heard "Ave Maria" and "O Holy Night" - two very beautiful songs; but the words were not in English, they were in Latin and French. I also heard "Adeste Fideles," not in English but in Latin - another pretty song, like a march but not as breathtakingly beautiful as the first two songs. The words didn't matter and probably wouldn't have made sense to me as a child. The music was beautiful. My friend told me and showed me some of the songs that he knew and thought "everybody knew." I guess they were non-Catholic songs; they were like marches in tempo and the words SUCKED and reeked of Jesus in a really yicky way hard to define. But the music was pretty. No, not everyone knows these songs. I doubt that many Jews or Asians living here know these songs! Apparently the music existed and someone just put these Christian words to the music.

But, to continue, in lieu of the 1980's accusations, I noticed the Devil's Head on the Magno "Go" game I still have. I noticed the Devil's Heads on rubber dolls and still have these rubber heads to this day (the dolls' bodies, made of thin rubber and stuffed with filling, have long deteriorated). I noticed and looked more carefully at the actual words to, say, "When Morning Comes." Blatant - that is, they are blatantly "satanic" IF you read them through the eyes of Christians! Well, if something is so common that it's everywhere, one doesn't tend to notice it. My father gave me a gold ring when I graduated in school. It's what you might call a devil's head if you saw it, but I never thought OF it as a Devil's Head and it was not considered that. It was "The Cosmic Joker." It was a classical image of the Cosmic Joker or Dice Thrower. It was considered Good Luck.

I remember this very clearly from back then. In the 1950's the Catholics (who used to think, and were even told, that we were devil worshipers - and also told that Jews were Christ killers) were the odd ones out, they were considered a Weird Cult of people that dressed weird, used Latin in their strange, chanting, spooky rituals, and performed scary masses in their churches. They always wore black, too - all the Priests and Nuns were always covered in black clothing with this tortured person on a cross hanging down as jewelry they held in their hands. They did weird, very weird stuff and had scary beliefs, too. I don't think people today can appreciate how WEIRD they were considered by everyone; even by us with our tradition. Hell, even my Moslem cousins thought they were spooky and some of the Moslems wore turbans and bowed to the East to wail out prayers; but they were pretty turbans and these were happy, smiling, playful people with Allah as their Deity. Our Lamas were also friendly, playful people. Neither acted like the Catholics or went around all dressed in somber black all the time with those spooky expressions on their faces. The Catholics were unanimously regarded as superstitious and very weird. Nuns were a novelty, very strange ladies, and horrible stories were told about how evil they were to little kids. In fact, the Catholics, during the 1960's Civil Rights Era, consciously chose to change their "weird and very spooky ways" and become more Americanized. After all, consider this: they were the only ones talking about scary things and spooky things like devils or demons! NO ONE ELSE WAS.

I had, even at that time, a vague idea that their spooky notion of "demons" might have come from OUR word in school, the Greek word "Daimonic," which meant genius. But I never gave it much thought. Neither did the Catholic kids that did play with us despite being told to "stay away from those people." (I can also state that they did NOT play with Jewish kids - and they often picked on them or beat them up.) We played games, tag, kickball, etc. I wasn't disobeying my parents or anyone else by playing with them. But they were disobeying their teachers in their schools, by associating with me or any of us! Jewish kids that I knew of weren't into physical games like that. I think it was the game and play that caused the Catholics to disobey their parents and play with us, since we were into physical games, too: running games, games with a ball.

They talked about weird stuff like SIN - and wow, whatever that was, it was bad and spooky (at least to me it sounded that way and it sounded unreal) and they spoke of strange places where people "go" after they die. Well, my cultural tradition has reincarnation. So does the Pythagorean tradition. I did once offer one a shovel and suggested we dig and try to find hell. I knew that if we dug far enough, we'd end up at the core of the earth - I had learned that in classical education.

Much later on, in the 1960's, when I actually talked to them, I found these Priests and Nuns, all Sicilian people, to be quite friendly and I started to disbelieve the horror stories I had heard about them. From Catholic friends (other teens at this later period) I got books on their angels and demons and read them. It was very weird stuff, alright, but where would people GET such concepts in the first place? That was my question. Angels that can travel "faster than the speed of light?" Demons that "artificially inseminate" people? Forget the superstitious nonsense, where did they get these ideas about, for instance, the speed of light? These were medieval treatises on angels that I was reading. I didn't know the concept of "light having a speed" was even known back then. So I read, and know something about this strange Catholic religion. It's not simple. But it's very weird.

In 1988, through a republican party newsletter, "Family Forum," that friend Jeff Gerber showed me, I first read about this "Satanic Ritual Abuse" stuff and Generational Satanists. I had never heard of this before. Why would I have heard of this? I heard of LaVey and knew of his effect on the entire occult or "open alternate religion" scene from way back in the 1960's and 1970's. Negative; he had a very negative effect. There always were alternate religious groups in the United States, from Hassidic Jews (VERY strange people that have Kaballa and dress very strangely) to Gnostic groups. These were quite common but they didn't PREACH to anyone and make spectacles of themselves at all. So seeing this term "generational Satanist," I wondered: do they mean LaVey's kids? I remembered he had kids. At this time, 1988, I thought Michael Aquino was still in the Church of Satan - I heard of him through Wayne Chojnicki and a few Cthulhu Mythos people who wrote about Set as Nyarlathotep (science fiction stories). Did he have kids? I also knew that the Church of Satan was so tiny as to be relatively insignificant - if it even still existed. Were these people in Family Forum talking about them? LaVey? His members or their children? Well, no, they weren't.

I read on I read more and Jeff showed me more newsletters and a heap of other stuff. As a member of the ADL B'nai B'rith at the time, Jeff Gerber kept an eye out for such literature. They do that. He noted that some of the more far out accusations were the same as were once hurled at the Jewish People.

The newsletter and the main literature wasn't the type that went off into the realms of lunacy and exaggeration, spinning wild tales, as I now know the typical SRA garbage did. It was presented in another manner. It mentioned the country, America, groups of people including Presidents, and well-known "conspiracies" (their word for this was "conspiracy"); it mentioned how the majority of Americans were NOT in favor of what the Founding Fathers did here and were NOT in favor of setting up a government where there was complete separation of church and state. It mentioned the Hell Fire Club that Freemason Ben Franklin was a member of, and other such things. It mentioned the "cults" that have always battled the "Altar and Throne" (those were the words, Altar and Throne, that I knew very well from school: Altar and Throne are The Enemy!). It mentioned the wars of the 1820's between Freemasons and Christians in intricate detail. It mentioned what we were taught, it mentioned some of our sigils, the ones we (Pythagorean system) still use today. It also mentioned Kung Fu schools, all Eastern Mystical Schools of thought, it railed against quantum physics claiming it was like Eastern mysticism, it railed against yoga and meditation and WOAH! My eyes got wide and realization set in. THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT US! They are accusing us of doing some horrible things. They are calling US and some others "Generational Satanists!"

Well, I decided to read about more of what they consider Satanic and, finding out that they seriously meant anything related to the Darkness, kundalini practices and other things, such as Pythagorean stuff very familiar to me from school, I decided to get polemical. I wrote this article. Basically I was saying, "Yes! WE are Generational Satanists and what are you gonna do about it?" I also said, "JEWS are Generational Satanists, and THEY RULE YOU." It was said very "in their faces." Of course, neither the Jews nor us were into Satan at all.

In 1989 I also contacted Peter Gilmore, now the HP of the Church of Satan, (I was given his phone number BY a Freemason who asked me to GIVE this public and open organization some historical stuff) and I gave the Church of Satan the "Western Roots" articles, parts 1 and 2, which they published in their official newsletter as "Satanic Roots," along with a few other things in the Western tradition. They are very good articles, but I'd not call them Dark Tradition articles at all. I didn't write them; I did not know enough about the Western stuff to write them.

OK then. Let's go with "Generational Satanists." Criteria: Darkness. Serpent. Serpent Force. Kundalini. Serpent of Wisdom. Dark Force in Nature. Black Flame. These were terms I was thoroughly familiar with from my culture primarily, and a little less from Pythagorean classical education. But the PENTACLE!? Ah, now that was taught to me inside out, up, down and sideways in school; every angle, every line, inside and outside, the pentagon, all of it. Either that was taught in school or outside the school by the SAME teachers I saw in school. I don't remember since the two tend to blur.

My culture doesn't use pentacles at all to signify the Five, or we rarely do. We usually use the crossed Dorje with a yin/yang center or just show the five flames like a menorah. But Freemasons sure do use it and that pentacle was another thing these Christians were labeling Satanic. Even some Wiccans call the two point up pentacle Satanic. Well! I do know all about that and can even correlate it to the identical tradition in my own culture regarding the Five Dharmas. It was very familiar to Phil Marsh too, from classical education, which he had more of than I, and from his family tradition. His family is Panaggio: Beloved of Pan. That's what the name means!

It was time to specifically and in detail write out the Dark Tradition, tailor make it in some common language or lingo (like using Kaballa or Greek terms after at least defining the native terms) that people INTO Satanism would clearly understand, strip the irrelevant, cultural, mythical garbage, the stupid "family tree of the Gods and their wives and kids" and nonsensical rules out of it - and show it in an extremely concrete and pure form to anyone who wanted to KNOW this stuff. (See Unity in the Dark Tradition).

But I did something else besides that. I outright took the epithet up and called it SATANISM. Satanic Roots. Sat and Tan - SATAN (great pun! and so apropos!) I did that. And yes, there are generations of people from these traditions. Generational Satanism? Of course, no one from these traditions calls it Satanism, including me! Only these fanatical Christians were labeling it that, which was the main point.

Now, however, there is no need for polemic, especially if "Satanists" out there take it to heart like zealous fools, more or less Born Again Satanists, and then dare to accuse us of being religious when we tell them they are misusing and abusing the Dark Tradition! Leave it to a cultural Christian to do just that with this stuff! And only the most complete imbecile would think that any of these people from these cultures are "generational Satanists," just as only an imbecile and a retard would think that "all Jews are Christ killers."

Literally, "generational satanism" is obviously what the two words, "generational" and "satanism," are saying it is: NOW it is time to pull out the Webster's Dictionary. Since this is so mystifying to some (while others immediately know what it is) I'll try to explain this as best as I can and give analogies to OTHER such generational groups, entire ethnic groups and cultures, that are under your noses and yet invisible - and who have also been branded "Satanic," making them generational and "Satanic" according to those who brand them as that.

First of all, "Satan," that is, the use of that name/title FOR a Principle of Darkness, whether or not you include a Manifestation of It as Light or not (such as Lucifer, Azazel), implies something being used from a book that Jews peripherally, but Moslems and primarily Christians and cultural Christians, have used: Christians have used this since 2000 years ago and in modern literary circles. These people invented the word "satan" and the idea of some anti-God or anti-Christ Devil. Therefore, they literally own it. What they say it is, as the inventors and owners, IT IS.

Such Generational Satanists, so to speak, and by that I mean groups of people who have been branded by that name in the past or recently, exist within the nations where the Christian and Moslem religions predominate, they live amongst the peoples of these religions and, by force and due to such epithets thrown at them such as "Satanic," have to live hidden. (I feel like a fool having to explain this. It's too obvious.)

See Carducci's "Hymn to Satan." His work made it to the Nobel Prize Library. That is a clear example of a man using the word Satan to praise free thinkers and rebels. Thomas Mann used the word similarly. But Carducci is speaking of a real rebellion in society - like a revolutionary. He's not talking about the wailing noise that people "into Satan" make when they are just pissed off at their own backgrounds or pissef off due to what happened to them in the playground with other kids. In the "Hymn to Satan," Carducci can be seen praising the Protestant movement which, at the time, was more liberating and rational than Catholicism. He is clearly trashing Catholicism in his poem.

Originally, as I said, this article was written in an "in your face" manner directed at both modern day "Satanists" that wanted desperately to prove that Anton LaVey was the first and only Satanist, and also written "in the faces" of the Christian fanatics that might call all these traditions "satanic."

Well, some may argue that Anton LaVey is not a Satanist at all since he doesn't believe in Satan at all or do anything Satanic or advocate anything Satanic. The sword cuts two ways. Time to cut out the polemic, since some people "finding" the Dark Doctrines have tried to claim, "these Doctrines are the one TRUE Satanism." In other words, they took the "in your face polemic" too literally. When told they were using the Dark Doctrines like preachers with scripture, they claim "we are behaving religiously and treating them like heretics." No. We are simply saying that they took the Dark Doctrines and were total assholes with it; they went insane with it - LIKE religious people often do. These people may link to our articles, to this article. But they are not associated with the people actually from the Tradition who wrote this down for anyone to understand.

What is the Dark Tradition? Please refer to art-dk We also sell in depth articles on the Tradition. Please note that not one of the people actually from these Traditions EVER called themselves Satanists or considered themselves or their "Deity" or Force of Nature evil in any way. Satan isn't even a word or name in their own languages. They have, however, been branded "Satanic" by the most fanatical of Christians.

As defined by R. E. L. Masters in the excellent book, "Eros and Evil," for instance, "Satanic," "Satanism," all have the clear Webster's Dictionary definition: people loving evil for the sake of evil - and by that Masters means real evil, not the Addam's Family, not the tragic and cursed figure of the Vampire, not the tragic Werewolf. Masters also clearly sees such people as demented and sick inside - utterly lacking Eros. He's right. Such people are Thanatos, they are ruined people, broken people. Most often, they are abuse victims that seek to abuse others.

The Temple of Set formed in 1975 due to Priests and such in the Church of Satan being disgusted by the fraud they saw in the Church of Satan being practiced by Anton LaVey. Details of this may be found in the book "Church of Satan" by Dr. Michael Aquino now made publicly available on Amazon. (Something that fills in the gaps in one portion of Aquino's book can be found here.) The ToSet view was that Jews, who were the first to use the word satan, labeled the Egyptian deity Set as "set-en" after running into trouble in Egypt and getting kicked out. As such, the Temple of Set's Satanism - Set-ianism, clearly states that Set was not the same as the "satan" that Webster's Dictionary defined at all, but a legitimate Egyptian Deity that got turned into a "devil" by the Jews. It doesn't matter if this is correct or not, linguistically or otherwise. The important thing to see is that these Set-ians were not Webster's Dictionary Satanic and did not intend for their Temple of Set to be "Satanic" in the Dictionary sense at all. They are not evil, they do not advocate doing evil, they do not advocate ugliness or seek out ugliness or social rot in society to glorify.

Groups of people belonging to non-Christian traditions, but living in Christian nations, often took a very anti-Christian stance for very justifiable reasons. As such, the word "Satanist" does apply in this very loose sense if you want to seriously stretch the word in most cases to mean "adverse to the society they were living in." In the past this involved the "Traditional" anti-Christian "Black Mass" practiced by some Christian people that LaVey referred to on page 16 of the Satanic Bible. This would also refer to the stuff the ONA refers to in (what seems to me) a very clear attempt to not only be anti-Christian, but to literally worship evil and do evil things, illegal things such as murder people - or at least claim they do this!

Please also consider the biggest and primary Christian idea of the Satanist, the anti-Christ. The Christians have feared the birth of the anti-Christ for centuries. Even in the 1950's, I could hear Italians hurling the epithet "Christo Morte" at Jews. It means "Christ killer." The Jews lived amongst Christian nations for a long time, they are not Christian, they can be very anti-Christian at times if not openly, then covertly, and they "murdered Jesus," the Christians' own God! Also, Jews stayed to themselves for so long that they even have genetic markers that can be identified, like an ethnic group. Well, how much more generational and satanic can anything possibly get? Are Jews Satanists? No, they are not. But they fit the bill better than any so-called satanic organization and better than any ethnic group out there. They are such a TINY minority, always were. [I agree that they need a Country of their own.]

The USA was founded by Pythagorean Freemasons (seen as "very satanic" in the LaVeyan sense, by Anton LaVey and by HP Peter Gilmore of the Church of Satan). The two pointed up star, the pentacle, is one of their own sigils. They literally built their sacred geometry into the capital of the United States. One would think that normally a building would have four sides; but this is not the case with the Pentagon, for one example; there are many more. (Western Roots Two, in The Dark Doctrines book, explains things in more depth). Joining such lodges as the Founders of the United States belonged to, resulted in a person being ex-communicated by the Catholic Church, since the Catholic Church saw these people as Satanic. Add to that some of the things the Founders of the United States actually did, such as joining the Hell Fire Club. These lodges also honor DeMolay - one of the Knights Templars that allegedly used the Sigil of the Baphomet. But did the Templars worship Satan? No, the Sigil of Baphomet represented Sofia (Wisdom). (See article on "Baphomet" for details.) (Western Roots 1, also in the book, explains things in depth on the epithet "Hellene" and the roots in Pythagorean Tradition.) (See also "The Three Gates.") These people have their Deist ideas, the Cosmocrator, is their Nature's God. Deism is far from Theism: both Christianity and Islam are strongly Theistic.

Many people from such traditions often refer to themselves as Serpents and consider the Serpent a symbol of Wisdom. The Druids also do this in one of their highest rites; they'll declare, "I am a Serpent." In every one of the Eastern traditions, the Serpent is a symbol of Divine Wisdom, of the kundalini through which true enlightenment comes. Of course, the Serpent is always associated with the Devil in the literature of the Christians. If these people live in Christian nations, they would be branded "satanic." These people are whole ethnic groups. That means there are generations of them and their traditions are generational.

If you read Western Roots 1 and Roots 2, (In The Dark Doctrines book) but also printed in parts by The Black Flame as "Satanic Roots" (TBF is the Church of Satan's official magazine), Fenris and Trident (Embassy of Satan's official magazine), you'd be able to logically figure out what happened from the period left off in Rome, with the Hellenic Theurgies and Goetes being chased out by fanatical Christians in Roots 1, to the period that comes up again in Roots 2. I could not print the missing information. I was asked not to. People don't like to be persecuted or thrown into some grand conspiracy theory for merely surviving.

Robert Graves also has good information on a part of this: the Black Smith clans. (The Black Smith song is Tubalcain's song). He does NOT tell you that they are also the Carbonari. He does NOT get into the subject of the Marano Jews. He does NOT get into the same clans that live in the East. Generational clans, tribal people. He DOES show at least that the Tubalcain "dance" of the Black Smith Cult, which was very ancient, still existed and was discovered at least by some Christians in the West when Isobel Gowdie sang the tune and the words to it. Consider how long this song survived and how far it spread. It originated in the Middle East. This also does tie into the "Green Man" or "Wicker Man" tradition which existed in the agricultural lands.

The Black Smith does tie into the Kenites, a group of Turanians (Turko-Tatars) known to the Hebrews at least during the time of David (an ancient Jewish King), though the Hebrews had no idea where they really came from or who they were; they were nomadic tent dwellers that moved around a lot; they were craftsmen (Kenite means Builder) and musicians, singers, dancers and performers. It is right there, at that time that the "myth of the Cain-ites" came into being: the Hebrews, liking the Kenites but forbidden by their law to mingle with outsiders, INVENTED a genealogy for the Kenites in order to mingle with them legally, hence came TUBALCAIN and knowledge OF such a dance at all. This invention "of Cain's line" persists in the Hiram Rite and amongst some peoples living in the Middle East: notably the Yazidi (though they do not mention Hiram in their rite).

Graves also tells how this was pointed out to him, but not in any kind of overt form and he explains how he was LUCKY enough to put the pieces together. In the end of his book, he writes that he feels he has to give The Devil his due and then he explains it well. His book is "The White Goddess" (White does NOT refer to white magic or to white race).

Jules Michelet in his "Satanism and Witchcraft" has a lot to explain also, and he does so by making an allegory of what happened to many people over a long period of time, into the story of one person. Satanism, worship of the Devil, as the Witches were accused of, was more or less a peasants' revolt against Christian tyranny. Michael Bakhunin used the term "Satan" in the same manner: he was a revolutionary in Russia.

People known to be practicing some form of the "old pagan religion" involving the Mother Goddess Diana or Hecate, or worshiping Pan as a fertility God, were branded Devil Worshipers or Satanists by the Christian authorities for centuries. Wiccans today claim they never worshiped Satan. It doesn't matter what they claim if they are a minority group in a country ruled by Christians. They are lumped in with other non-Christians as Satanists by Christian fanatics to this very day. "The Witch's god has HORNS." Bottom line uttered by a Christian authority in a televised debate.

These Mother Goddess traditions and Pan traditions don't just vanish; they persist. The Gospel of Aradia is a clear example of this. (See "ARADIA - The Witch's Gospel" - in its Entirety with a few notes, at our website in the Dark Tradition section.) Many Wiccans also have a militantly ANTI-Christian stance. Aren't Jews militantly ANTI-NAZI? Well? Same thing, for the same reasons.

What are Marano Jews? Generational Jews that had to hide what and who they were. They had to wear a constant mask and live a literal masquerade for generations, due to living amongst persecutorial Christians in Spain (they never had to do this when the Moors had their splendid empire there...). There were generations of these people hidden and living amongst Christians. Often, due to persecutorial actions done to them, they formed "plots" or "plans" and put them forth. One alleged 14th Century one is: "Become their priests and thereby destroy their own children." Needless to say, these lands did not remain "clean and white" very long after they did that. Hispanics from all over today hardly resemble the stoic and dour, but purely white (race) ones of the past and they behave the opposite. What do you imagine that "destroy their children" would mean? Go kill little kids? Not at all. Only STUPID people know brute force. They don't know how to subvert and really change an enemy and make him literally into something else. They were made (of their own free will, no less) into something else. No longer are they pale-faced, dour, up-tight, purely white people (like Cortez WAS). Of course, on hindsight this gets lumped into a vast Jewish conspiracy theory.

Mafia. What is the Mafia? Ask Bonnano! See his interview - he was the only still-living Mafia Don when the movie was made. Well, is it Italian? Not quite. It's old, very old, and their order of ranks are from the Centurion ranks. Most of it is in Sicily, not Italy. Mafia is an Arabic word, which means "place of refuge," but the tradition is Sicilian. In Italy one can find the Carbonari: not the same as Mafia. They both have clans, tribes, laws, customs and they keep this intact and "in the family" no matter where they go. They are not the same as the Colombian "gangsters." How many people realize that without the Mafia, the American forces would have not been able to do much in Italy during World War Two? The Mafia greatly helped the American military win World War Two. The Mafia, in some ways, is, at least in part, connected to the Goddess tradition. Mary is their Queen of Heaven, the Mother of God, and that idea is merged as a strong backdrop inside of a predominantly Catholic overlay. Their Saint Cataldo, however, can be seen pictured with his hand up, giving us the HORNED HAND - the same horned hand modern occultists all know.

That same horned hand shows up in many cultures, including Slavic and Polynesian, and it means "Good Luck." In fact, Catholics even wore the horned hand as a symbol of good luck! The same horned hand shows up in Tantra as the "mudra" for enchantment. That gesture, the horned hand, is associated with Satan, in the minds of both Christians and "Satanists." Why?

Yakuza. What is this? Well, it's Japanese. That's about all we know about them aside from it being a "family thing." They are involved in crime (or maybe that's the only thing we know of them). There are many Japanese people in the USA. Are they part of Yakuza? Probably not, but no one knows and it's definitely NOT safe to go asking around and nosing in where you don't belong.

There are also ancient Chinese secret clans of this type that still exist today. Well, Mao stupidly chased many of them out, and so these clans are somewhat known today. Their Kung Fu was secret for centuries. No European knew of these things. Bruce Lee changed this but he took a lot of flack when he did it. But consider that no one knew of Kung Fu, despite the fact that MILLIONS of Chinese were in the USA and for many many decades! There are many Yogas and a deep philosophy associated with the practice of Kung Fu; it is not just a fighting technique; it's a whole philosophy that has also been branded Satanic by fanatic Christians.

There is Ninpo, the Nin people. They are of the LHP Esoteric (Dark) Tradition in the East who went even further East to Japan in waves, due to persecution. They are nothing like the Bushido or Samurai clans. In Japan, their last refuge, they fought back by becoming Nin-JA. As in Europe with "Satan Worship," or the Witch Pan cults, the Ninja were also equated with the Devil by the majority of Japanese who had their own version of a devil or "thing of DARKNESS." Notably, (notably? this should be equivalent to a bomb dropping) the Bushido clans called the Ninja "TENGU." Atop a Masonic certificate are letters surrounding a pentagon designating each of the five Pythagorean clans: TENGU.

The stealth/escape skills of the Ninja are IDENTICAL to the skills of the Magician Guilds (Houdini type and slight of hand magicians). The 33rd Generational Grandmaster of Iga Ninja had some things to say about this analogy of Ninja and the Devil in the book "Mind of the Ninja," relayed by Dr. Petersen, against Western Dualism (which Petersen, as a psychiatrist, calls SCHIZOID). It was STEPHEN HAYES in the 1970's or 1980's that introduced the Western world to Ninja and its Ninpo ways.

How many Japanese lived in the USA for decades? Yet no one ever heard of Ninja! Apparently, they know how to keep secrets. Unlike the generational Ninja before him, Hayes was a White American presumably from a generational Christian family, possibly a generational Atheist family, I don't know. He is not a Christian or an Atheist NOW. He is a NINJA and is also NINPO.

Prior to that, Ninja was unknown in the West and in Japan had a reputation analogous to "Satanist." Like us, they are Dark Doctrine and they are speaking out to tell you just what this is, despite all the heaps of bullshit said about them in the past. None ever spoke out before in this esoteric and oral culture, a generational culture like any other one we are familiar with. Of course, due to the pop awareness of this, the entire Ninja tradition has been made into something to laugh at, by Hollywood idiots. Good: perhaps they'll go underground again, where they were before a white man from a Christian culture brought them above ground.

Still, a very good question has to be asked. How is it possible that so many Japanese and even more Chinese were here for decades, and NO ONE ever heard of these incredible fighting techniques? How is that possible?

Europeans might not know this, but Americans do know that Chinese immigrants were here for a long time, right? Bruce Lee had to put his case forth in a private court of his own people and not just Chinese people, but generational Kung Fu clans, to go out and teach this "to the white people." Lee almost died doing this. None of the clans wanted him to do this. He wanted to "share his culture" with the American white people because, as he well knew, Americans mocked and derided Chinese culture. What can we see from his efforts? White Christian types using this formerly secret technique to further bully others. I've never seen one able to use the CHI necessary to really be doing Kung Fu. They merely ape the movements. They, more or less, use a kind of pent up rage to strike. This is not Kung Fu. CHI is synonymous with Kundalini flow being aimed and directed through another channel in the physical body.

The point: Chinese were here for a long time and no one ever heard or saw anything quite like this formerly secret technique. When it comes to even more secretive techniques, all lumped under the classification of Yin-chi, they are still secretive even to the point of denying that such things are "real." One definitely has to know how to correctly do kundalini yoga to begin Yin Chi. Yet these people are here, under your noses. In Japan Ninja were in the society. Did the other Japanese know who was who?

It would be a gross error to mistake Karate or Judo or etc. for Ninja or Kung Fu. I have no idea if any of the Kung Fu clans are of the same people as the original Ninpo before they got to Japan; the ones that stemmed from Taoism might be. I do know that the Venom Clans are and I show this diagram from China IN the Tantra/Pythagoreanism article (in The Dark Doctrines book) by showing the arrangement of their totems in highly recognizable form. Nothing else from China is arranged quite like this: but ALL the Pythagorean stuff is. That is, it's in a pentacle formation. The Venom clans are more like the Ninja in skills of stealth.

So what does it mean to be generational? It's as given in the word itself: GENERATIONAL. Mom and Dad, their parents, their parents before, etc., clans, tribes, kin-bonded related people. Cultures - and even nations.

The smart ones will make a buck off the fools that try to "buy some book to get power." This is elaborated upon by A. E. Waite in his uncensored book "The Book of Ceremonial Magic," especially in the last chapter where he scathingly describes the types of people who would want this kind of "demonic" power. That scathing chapter was censored out of the reprints, with the title of the book changed! Why censor it out?

Some real clans or later Guilds were Pharmacologists (potion makers), some were Musicians and performers, some were Metal experts (alchemists), some were in the Magician Guild, slight of hand and stealth, experts of trickery. And of course some were Mathematicians and without mathematics we would not have a shred of technology. These things were once secret. It is well known that Pythagoreans regarded their math and geometry as a Black Art because of what one could actually DO with such knowledge. Music is STILL secret in the true esoteric sense: it is secret TO THE TONE DEAF. In the Christian West they naturally had to pose as Christians; that's not hard to do! Some posed as defenders of Christianity: they amassed LOTS of wealth for their own kind.

Unlike the Mafia (as the public knows of them only) and unlike the Yakuza (as the authorities know of them only) minority peoples living in other lands, no matter who they were, were not criminals or involved in criminal behavior (BY TODAY'S STANDARDS) however: they were indeed always doing "ILLEGAL ACTIONS" as defined by the rulers of various nations. Consider the laws OF the lands they lived in! Ninja in Japan? Pythagorean Guilds in Europe that paid no mind to national boundaries even during wartime? How about the American Revolution? According to the only law of the time, English law, these men in the Green Dragon Inn were criminals and conspirators. Americans call them the Founding Fathers. The Bolsheviks (all of whom were also Masonic lodge members, including Lenin) were criminals according to the Tzar! These people did revolutions that overthrew entire nations: the CHRISTIAN nations. The Atheists Society alone can show you how anti-Christian the Founding Fathers were. Western Roots 1 and 2 show you what else they were, and not all that much in hiding for those who recognize the iconography, which is everywhere to be seen, even on our money.

Phil Panaggio (Marsh now) comes from, on his father's side, militantly anti-Christian fighters who, with people like Mazzini and Carducci, fought and fanatically and openly hated Christianity with a vengeance. The name alone speaks volumes "Beloved of Pan" - that is what Panaggio means. Phil's uncle Matt married the "Devil Dancer" in that photograph shown on this website (barton files, scroll down). Diane Page (stage name for Panaggio) the "Satan and the Lady" dancer; the costume and act was copyright by her.

As to Masons, Al Pike, Masonic Adept, had much to say. Very few of these people in most Guilds or Grottos or Lodges know the meanings inherent in the symbols, that is, they are not familiar with the iconography and so they may look, but see nothing. Pike openly says that. "Look: it's just a T-square and compass, right?" And the Communist flag is JUST a hammer and sickle. Yet anyone seeing the hammer and sickle together on a red background knows how to read the iconography. In the future people digging this up might wonder why two useful tools (hammer and sickle) would be so hated by another group of people with the letter "t" or a mathematical plus sign with a dead man on it. Big mystery. Just like I find it jarring to notice the Moon and Star symbols used by the Wiccans being used by Islam to represent "The Nature" but standing for Allah. Are Wiccan clans and the people of Islam related? No. But how about back before Mohammed? The Semitic people that are now Islamic used to have a Goddess.

It came out during the Zundle trial in Canada that Jews swearing any oaths on a Bible, in a courtroom having anything Christian in it, do not have to tell one word of truth in there: the oath to the enemy means NOTHING. This law is in their own Talmud.

Patently, some of us think you are deluded morons for NOT seeing what is LITERALLY under your nose. Our sigils are there in the open to be seen, whether they are Western or Eastern sigils. Please do not expect anyone to go around foolishly yammering about "satan" or other similarly stupid poo.

Only the Christians of the past, and fanatical Christians right now, think of calling any of this Satanism or Satanic. I called it "generational Satanism" as a polemic diatribe against those idiots that would call us that. It seems to me that some "converts to the Dark Tradition" became so religiously zealous that they took it literally. They want to rewrite Webster's Dictionary. They want to rewrite centuries of even very clear and logical Christian and Moslem thought on just what Satan is supposed to be: EVIL. Well?

Anton LaVey is not evil and does not advocate doing evil. Set is not evil and never was evil (except to the enemies of the Egyptian Seti Dynasty), The Temple of Set does not advocate evil. Satanic Reds uses two words: Sat means Being; Tan means Stretching forth or Becoming. That's what we use: Sat and Tan. That's not evil either.

These next paragraphs are strongly stated and were in the original polemical diatribe. They hold firm today. They are specifically addressed to the Asshole Brigade that usually are in some Satanic cult out there. It is addressed to the people we screen out of the SR organization - thoroughly and completely. It is addressed to the abuse victims that are so conditioned by the brutality and ugliness that they were subjected to (while their Christian parents told them to be nice, be good, "be good boys" a/k/a wimps, as they got bullied), that in order to "escape" from the ugliness and thanatos garbage, they run right into more of it, where they set themselves up as The Reborn Bullies, while whining and yammering against Christianity (which always told them to tolerate abuse, be good, smile and endure it). They behave as serfs toward self-proclaimed "High Priests" that know absolutely nothing about any real Dark Tradition and "follow" a new set of rules and regulations. And they usually PAY for this privilege of being sycophantic grovelers: and get absolutely nothing in return. Lots of wannabe Satanists fit that bill. The following is addressed to them.

Do we talk about the things these "wannabe SATAN somethings" talk about? NO. What I find most of them talk about is, "they GROPE BLINDLY for HISTORICAL Satanism" or they pretend to do that with all the scholarly pretensions they can muster up. But when it is HANDED to them on a silver platter they don't want it! Even when it is clearly defined by the originators and users of the label that were the first to put the word or name "satan" into their own Bible and treatises, they don't want to believe it! They harp on the "use" of the word "Satan." Gimme a break.

And by what measure would something actually BE "historical satanism?" The Christian definition, of course, or some variation of that from Jewish or Islamic sources. So, the Pope actually knows something, after all. The fact is, the Protestants, as explained by theologians at Bob Jones Christian University (a Protestant university with theological experts in it) called the Catholic Church a satanic cult and they have a long standing tradition of considering the Pope to be the anti-Christ! They clearly explain their definition of "satanic" and it makes sense: after all, it is a word in their own Bible.

There are millions of people, if not billions of them that own the Serpent as a symbol of Divine Wisdom and do things like kundalini yoga or similar Shamanistic practices. They have Supreme Deities with titles such as Karabog (black god) or Mahakala (Dark Lord of Transcendent awareness). But no one is using the "S" word there.

But that's never good enough. They define utter nonsense and jokes, one man's irrelevant "personal tastes" (LaVey's stuff) as Satanism and then look for it historically? HA! What an act of wheel spinning. Well, let's see, WHO used the pentacle, honored the Boundless Darkness as a kind of Deity, and considered all things of the Serpent good? Heh. No one these wannabes ever knew.

If Nietzsche had proclaimed that his philosophy was "Satanism," would that have made it Satanism? If Karl Marx had called his book "The Satanic Manifesto," would that have made it satanic? It's a hell of a lot more satanic in the well-known sense than anything I see in so-called satanic organizations: it calls for the bloody and violent overthrow of entire governments and a total end to religion! But would that have made it Satanism? Was the Soviet Union a satanic nation because it banned religion, wiped out Priests and/or deprived them and their offspring from having jobs as teachers or doctors (lest they contaminate the people!) and made Atheism the law? All of these things were literally "anti Christ."

If Joe Nobody writes down his personal views and blathers about his subjective tastes in clothing, styles, music, books or tells the world about his desire to be a toilet bowl for blonde bimbos and yammers on about his misogyny or spews idiotic shit about the "Jewish-Nazi mystique" - and then proclaims it Satanism - does that make it Satanism? No, it most definitely does not. But if anyone thinks it does, because Mr. Nobody said so, then one may as well agree with the Islamic world, who are now proclaiming that all Americans and the Government of the USA is The Great Satan - they must be right because they SAID SO!

Turning Christianity upside down, as LaVey attempted to do in his Satanic Bible - while at the same time showing ignorance of the inner meanings of the actual words in the Bible, and while himself never actually DOING all those evil sins - doesn't make the Satanic Bible "Satanic" in any way, shape or form. I can find more real Satanism in the Catechism of Necheyev (on our website in the Socio Political section). At least that would be satanic by a definition agreed upon by the inventors and owners of the word itself.

I can find more evil in the writings of Joly, "Dialogues in Hell," a book so damned evil that when it got forged into the fake "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" it contributed to the anti Jewish views of people, like Hitler, that set out to wipe the Jews off the face of the earth. The Protols of Zion are SATANIC - and the fact that they are FAKE makes them even moreso Satanic: the father of lies? The Protocols are a major LIE that caused major trouble in whole nations and contributed to the deaths of millions of unarmed women and children. A modern, technologically advanced nation in the 20th century regarded the Jews as a demonic race due to that book!

Satanism? Satanic? The Satanist! Try Dennis Wheatley then. His popular novels, including one from the 1950's called "THE SATANIST," influenced a lot of people and I'm sure, humans being the way they are and all so "into" his stuff, that some underground organization formed just from doing what Wheatley talked about. He gave some explicit "directions" on how to go about making such a cult, setting it up, all that too. Anyone can easily figure it all out from just two stories he wrote! His novels were even made into movies. Very popular movies - "cult classics."

But is THAT good enough? No, they set out to find "historical Satanism" with the real agenda being to prove that none exists, or they poo poo "literary Satanism" like Carducci's poem "Hymn to Satan," or they poo poo "defacto Satanists that never called themselves Satanists" or whatever idiotic blather feels emotionally good to believe, all in order to breathe a sigh of relief and say: Anton LaVey was the first and only. No, Anton LaVey was the first and only person to write his personal tastes down and other ideas and BRAND it Satanism, and then proclaim it as that during a time when he would not be MURDERED for saying such a thing in public. And this fool would hate and deride the very "liberal climate" that made it even possible for him to open his mouth and make a noise! He proclaimed "a mish mash of nothingness" to be Satanism. That doesn't make it Satanism, folks. That makes it LaVeyism. And again, he could do it only because the political climate of the 1960's was extremely liberal.

Even IF Nietzsche or Marx wanted to call their own ideas "Satanism" they'd never have DARED to do that openly during those times. That means we'll never know if they did consider what they said to be Satanism. If they did, they'd never have admitted it! So how can anyone find historical satanism? It's an exercise in wheel spinning.

Why even bother to look for historical satanism? Who gives a shit if it's out there or not. Does anyone imagine they'd really find something like that? Everyone knows LaVey didn't invent the Baphomet - but few realize that the Baphomet was never a symbol of Satan or the Devil. And it's still NOT a symbol of that, no matter what morons think. The Templars were Catholics that helped to make Mary the "Queen of Heaven" in Catholicism! The Big Secret was that they really meant SOFIA - Goddess of Wisdom. (See article on Baphomet, url already given above.)

If you dare to drag our Dark Tradition into this, well, the COS can't use our stuff anymore to lure suckers into their cult and out of a 100 or more bucks. So leave our Tradition out of this. Anyone that feels that they got "ripped off" should have come to the writers of the Doctrines and ASKED before joining anything.

We have Sat and Tan. Period. Those words we use are legit - and they mean exactly what we say they mean and always meant it. There is no stretching it, no theories about it, no debates about these words. They mean literally what we say they mean. Being, Becoming.

This Dark Tradition is not about someone's personal tastes or ideas. It's also not about "ME Tani." I am simply the person that wrote it out in a pure form, showed correspondences with other traditions having the same ideas and spelled it out for people who want to get into "the dark stuff." It's an ancient doctrine. The Dark Tradition is what it is and it's not what it's not.

That assholes asked me about my PERSONAL life, or ethnic group or tradition, was an obvious attempt on their part to do the typically Western garbage: FOCUS on the person speaking the Tradition - instead of just letting the Tradition flow in. I never wrote anything in any Tatar language in explaining this because NONE of that is written, no one can look it up - so asking me this nosy crap is useless. I also didn't realize it at the time they asked me these irrelevant questions and I STUPIDLY answered them honestly as if this was just a detour into friendly chitchat, such as chatting about the color of my furniture or something like that. I do realize it now. Both the "big fans" and the "big enemies" took what little bit I did say and expanded it and just ran with it, creating their own "versions." Of course, if they get on the outs with me personally, they use this ethnic stuff against me like the racist bastards they are. Or a new one, lately some of the wannabe castratos try to deny me my own god damned ethnicity, like little jealous black holes.

This is what I have found in "satanism" out there: petty, offensively stupid people who can not stand disagreement. They're little fragile egos walking around like lamed peacocks screaming about how elite they are, when they are social, twisted misfits on a futile crusade to make "SATAN" politically correct. What kind of stupidity is that? They are trying to literally change the language people speak.

Chances are, the Webster's Dictionary definition of "Satanists" would be IMPOSSIBLE to find either historically OR now, since they'd be a cult of murderers, law breakers, criminals and truly evil people - cunning too, perhaps. Never got caught. They might be exactly what these Christians have been SAYING they are. Nah, no one never thought of that even as a possibility, despite KNOWING there are plenty of seriously and horribly criminal organizations and huge international crime cartels out there that destroy the lives of millions of people? That they are almost impossible to catch, impossible to eliminate, doesn't throw a clue to these fools. Heh.

They are obsessed (sublimated sexuality and emotional obscuration) with the name Satan, the whole idea of it - and they want to redefine the damned word for NO REAL reason at all except some emotional reason. It doesn't even make sense. Trying to make "SATANISM" acceptable to the mainstream? What is that, some kind of NEW POLITICALLY CORRECT SHIT? Yes, it sure is. They not only want to be accepted as a "legitimate religion," (by the Christian majority - HA!) but they want to just INVENT what it's about and take it away from the originators and keepers of the word "satan," that have many treatises on this; they want to take it out of the book that does speak about Satan: the Bible! They want to take it away from the very religions that invented the word and name! That's crazy. All they need to do is call themselves something that would be more correctly a definition of what they are - and that would be something NOT EVIL. But no, they can't do that. They are too emotionaly tied to the "Satan" word.

Well gee. Let us take JESUS away from the Christians and proclaim him a Satanic Red by finding "proof" that he was the first Red on the planet and that he was Satanic and had magical powers to boot! Jesus was a real Black Magician. I may as well PROCLAIM that.

Well I have a newsflash: there is no Satanism TODAY - at least not in any single so-called Satanic organization out there. LaVayism is NOT Satanism - not by ANY real theological or normal definition of it. LaVeyism is one man's personal tastes and ideas put to carnival music in a carnival act. That's not Satanism because he labeled it that. That's LaVeyism. Period. Just like Nietzsche-ISM is of Nietzsche, Marxism is of Marx. Would it become Satanism if Nietzsche or Marx had claimed it was? By that measure, anyone can claim that anything is Satanism. So, as it stands now, you have people claiming that "nothing much, not even a religion, someone's personal ideas" is Satanism.

Next comes the scriptural shit: "I like to do ABC. Is that Satanic?" Back to square one - another moron that needs a book of rules and has to JUDGE every move he makes, has to JUDGE what he likes to do and make sure it measures up to some PERSON'S definition of "satanic." Oh, Cosmic SHEESH! In comes a whole NEW brand of the epithet: "you are damned" or "you are a sinner" - only in Satanic circles they usually say "you are right hand path" or "you are a Christian." What IDIOTS. Two sides of the same tired coin - they never get OFF the damned coin and they probably never will because they are, at rock bottom, the same screwed up, empty people.

What else do they talk about? They gripe about Christianity or worse, tirade against it in what I hear as a long internal wail against their own culture and the twisted Christianity INSIDE themselves. They certainly are nothing like the normal, whole people, laid back Christians I see who are thoroughly at home in their own cultural traditions. The worst crap they do is try to "figure out" or "redefine" what Left Hand and Right Hand paths are and they blather their garbage to people BORN INTO Left Hand path traditions. Even when and if they manage to get something right, they WRONGLY think that Left means evil. GAAAAAAH! The comedy is that so many of these so-called LHP Satanic orgs want to stick with the label LHP - and they insist that it means some rubbish about "breaking taboos." Well, there are no taboos in the USA. There are LAWS. None of these taboo breaking groups advocate breaking the law. This is LAUGHABLE. The SR defines RHP as yang and LHP as yin - and that is exactly what those terms meant in the culture I'm from - and they are also NOT opposed to each other. I will believe that these "Satanic" organizations are LHP in the wrong, taboo breaking sense, WHEN THEY BREAK THE LAW AND ADVOCATE THAT. Otherwise, this is just one more example of their blathering, yammering idiocy.

No, we don't talk about what they talk about, and we don't talk about or particularly care about "satan" or any such goofery. We never did. We never called the Boundless Darkness, Dark Lord of Transcendent Awareness, Dark Force, by the name "satan" in the first place. The closest to it is SAT, which means Being. But that's our stuff. Let some asshole take our stuff and be a "typical Satanic cult idiot" with it and we WILL repudiate them and what they are doing There is no God-Big-Parent in our tradition, no rules, no one anywhere to hold your hand or tell you what you should do. In terms of the Tradition itself, you walk the Wheel of Life ALONE - and if you fall off - too bad.

They talk about nothing, or "THEIR EMOTIONAL PROBLEMS" when they are so low leveled and broken that they don't even know what the hell they feel. How can you NOT know what you feel? Well, something pretty basic must be DEAD in them all and it died when they were children. And/or they make jokes that are either tee-hee, nyaa nyaa sexual derision or sarcasm aimed against a group or person to make themselves feel "above them." They mock and titter at, and even use as vile insults, the very things they think they enjoy doing with their wives or husbands or lovers! They imagine they love their mates. They obviously love NOTHING, especially not themselves: most of these people do not even HAVE a Self that's whole. Plainly speaking, since we don't have this soul sickness inside us, we naturally do not want to hear it or have such people near us.

Talking to a Christian fanatic, or worse, a person that IMAGINES he's a satanist, is a NIGHTMARE. Everything is a judgement warranting "justification." EVERYTHING is fragile ego: insult/compliment - "oh, you like me? or hate me?" They CAN NOT FATHOM indifference or a detached, no-ego point of view, or just a statement of fact. "You might not understand this" becomes "Are you calling me stupid?" "I don't like your car" becomes a personal declaration of war. They imagine you have to "stick to some view" on an issue - as if they can't fathom paradigm jumping or changing opinions. They straight-jacket (oppress/repress) themselves into their own suffocating DOGMA and make a monumental issue over changing one's mind about something. Sheesh! Nothing people, nowhere people. They are a NIGHTMARE to talk to about anything; they are ARROGANTLY, OFFENSIVELY - STUPID!!! And they are PETTY beyond belief. Pettier than any Christian fanatics out there.

So - the next time you wannabe "Big Bad Satanist" or "pretend rational egoistic ego on feet Satanists" or whatever variety you imagine you are, the next time you run into the old lady or guy you TRY to talk to because you think you see a recognizable symbol (like a pentacle, or a "devil's head" on a toy or something similar) and the guy or lady keeps talking about the weather, or her flowers or his car - CONSIDER - he or she might be ONE OF US. And normally we'd NEVER talk to you about things we consider important or heavy - or sacred.

We have been a tradition like this for centuries. Do you imagine we don't know how to HIDE from you, or divert your attention, or convince you that you are seeing something else, even if you see a huge 2 point up pentacle on the door with nothing ornamental in it, just a plane black pentacle? SURE we know how to do this. And you CAN'T GET IN. It's been tried.

I made the Dark Tradition wholly available to anyone - and that's something NO ONE ever did before. It's in a very pure form because I'm of it, from it, and I wrote it in concrete language as I said above, stripped of irrelevant, added on, cultural bullshit. I did it for one simple reason: get the information out there for anyone who wishes to know it, that THINKS he or she is interested in Satanism. At least it's a legitimate and real tradition about the Boundless DARKNESS! At least pentacles ARE our sigils. At least the Serpent IS OUR symbol of Wisdom. But the Dark Tradition is only what it is. It is not what it is not. What it is or is not is subject to your own interpretation or emotional agenda. There is no dogma in the Tradition, no rules. There are no "thou shalts" and no scriptures telling you how to behave. If you take it from us and try to use it that way, we WILL repudiate you if anyone asks about it.

So then: what is a generational satanist? It's anyone and their family that the majority Christian or Islamic or even Jewish culture BRANDS by that name. Or, it's a person whose father or mother is in one of the modern "satanic" organizations that imagines that the things he or she does are (proper definition by the owners of that word from their treatises and books) satanic - in other words, someone who's not satanic at all.

What is the Dark Tradition? It is what it is. It is not what it is not. What it is or is not is totally subject to your own interpretation or emotional agenda. It is, above all, a very inner directed path - also known in more traditional academic literature as the Void Path - the Void being the only Reality and the rest being Samsaric (illusory). That means that what you may or may not think of it is 100%, absolutely irrelevant. Are people from this Dark Tradition "generational satanists?" That's completely a matter of subjective opinion - and that is also absolutely irrelevant, too unless you intend to do physical harm.

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