The Barton Letters

Below are scanned and transcribed letters from Anton Lavey and Blanche Barton, to Tani Jantsang and Phil Marsh. Read the letters in sequence, including the final document summarizing and concluding the letters. These simply go to show that Barton was not out to CON anyone. That is all they go to show. It shows nothing about the Dark Doctrines. It also might show that what was fine to say when LaVey was alive, and fine to think when LaVey was alive, soon became blasphemy when LaVey was dead!

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First off there is a very early letter dated September 23, A.S. XXVII (1992) that is not scanned here because the whole letter is Barton going off against Michael Aquino claiming that he was "nobody" in the COS, claiming he was nothing to LaVey while in the COS, claiming that he kicked himself out before LaVey booted him out, claiming that he harassed and declared war on LaVey, claiming that a lawyer that LaVey contacted told LaVey that Aquino was out to destroy him, and claiming that they are not bankrupt and never were, etc. etc. and other complete and provable, absolute rubbish! So it's not worth scanning.

However, notably in this letter she wrote to us all down here, she writes one paragraph at the end that actually says something TO US, in the letter of September 23, XXVII A.S. (1992), written to Dawn LaSalle, Tani, Wayne, Phil and the rest of us Dark Doctrine people in the group down here. This paragraph is quoted verbatim: "The Dark Ones guide us. The Battles rage; we fight with the strength of Demons and will emerge victorious. You are with us. Dr. LaVey sends his thanks for your words of clarity and strength." The capitalization of the words "Dark Ones," "Battles" and "Demons" are hers. This paragraph of hers inspired the short verse in the song "Party in Hell" dedicated to Barton. In that song, every satanic org leader out there including ones only peripherally related to Satanism, is given a verse, including Diane Vera and Jim Martin. Bob Rosenberg of the TOS (at that time) and of the musical group "Will to Power" is also given a verse; he was/is a close friend who had number one songs and gold records to his name.

1. Anton Lavey to Tani Jantsang - July 2, A.S. XXVIII (1993)

2. Blanche Barton to Tani Jantsang - April 14, A.S. XXX (1995) It's notable that in this letter she is trashing the "Aryanists." She also is referring to US as "of The Blood" capitalized by her. She says in this letter "You say exactly what needs to be said, in a way that will no doubt overwhelm and intimidate them." Well, heh, apparently when I said it online around 2000, after LaVey was dead, it overwhelmed and intimidated them - because I said nothing different online to them and about them from what I said, in writing, to Barton and LaVey both. While LaVey was alive, she apparently agreed with what I said. Interesting. She also wishes "me and the Clan" best wishes - she was acutely aware of the group of us down here. She and LaVey did see videos of quite a few of us having a party.

3. Anton Lavey to Tani Jantsang - April 14, A.S. XXX (1995) This was written after I wrote "The Letter" pretty much saying some things to his face that I thought about him, things that would be tatamount to blasphemy to say now. At least, Barton thought of these things as blasphemy later on. Interesting!

4. Blanche Barton to Tani Jantsang - November 17, A.S. XXX (1995)

5. Blanche Barton to Tani Jantsang - January 23, A.S. XXXIII (1998), page 1

CONTINUED Blanche Barton to Tani Jantsang - January 23, A.S. XXXIII, page 2

CONTINUED Blanche Barton to Tani Jantsang - January 23, A.S. XXXIII, page 3

6. Blanche Barton to Tani Jantsang - Scraps

7. Last letter from Blanche, September 18, XXXV A.S. (2000), plus summarzing and concluding commentary by TJ:

The last letter she wrote is just NOT scannable - I tried it again down here asking for a LARGE scan - I have no idea what she did with this. Xeroxing it is no better, it comes out like a black page. Trying to lighten it, lightens it all so much that it's not readable. I can make out the words - and will simply quote the most RELEVANT things she said - since the rest of it is just her assumptions about me and us down here and/or detours into Bartonesque uninformed speculation and/or about her ideas on Dr. Michael Aquino.

Now - aside from Barton's obvious misconceptions about why I may or may not be DOING something, doing anything, or her lack of information on where our Dark Doctrines were printed YEARS BEFORE anyone in the COS ever saw them and also years before the Roots 1 and 2, non-Dark Doctrine articles were written FOR the COS by Phil and Wayne - and aside from her theories on or why I did what I did when I "got online" finally - that's to be completely dismissed as misinformed or just uninformed idiocy on her part.

What did I do online? Well, I exposed and summarily trashed specific people in the COS (the ones into saying HEIL Satan and loving fascism so much that Nadramia had to write an article to excuse their faction, an article where she said possibly the most stupid thing on the planet. (She said, "fascist dark force.") I was trashing them for being harassers, bullies and in-general nuisances, breaking their own rules of NON-interference on a daily basis. These people, at the time, were "favorites" of Gilmore and Nadramia, however, so trashing them didn't bode too well with Barton.

One might think that perhaps Gilmore and Nadramia should have listened to what was being said about their friends! Today, two of those people are in jail for pedophilia. One of them is COS Priest William Gidney (on that site for Gidney, search Gidney, William, DC number K65760; then when that page comes up, click on the number *1 on the far left to see photo and details of conviction); Gidney was the famous Jesus of Borg! Gidney, who with his wife, COS Priestess Ygraine (Gabrielle Gidney), represented COS Satanism on MSNBC national television and it's not hard to infer that this abuse was going on at the time they were on this TV show. And there is COS Priest Thomas Blumenthal ("Azazel" from the COS magazine Diabolica) who had a record for child pornography prior to being made into a COS Priest and now again. Hmm, 2022, looks like those sites can no longer be found. Ygraine has been shown to have been a serial abuse victim of both her husbands. The Davis couple were friends of the Gidneys and also favorites - John Davis committed suicide (Gilmore gave him a Zieg Heil salute for it in writing). Jeff Nagy, who gave a newspaper interview praising Hitler, and the other pro-fascist Magisters in the COS are now gone from the Church of Satan. Keep in mind that these people were primary participants in the crusade against Lord Egan, prevented him from being on MSNBC by libeling him as a pedophile, and in trying to accuse both Michael Aquino and Lord Egan of this crime of pedophilia, something that was a pure lie, libel. They lit the bonfire and now they themselves are roasting on it. I would assume that Barton, Gilmore or Nadramia might wish they listened, too. No matter.

Starting with Gilmore and Nadramia and filtering down to the rest of them, their huge bone of contention with me is that I would not attack Egan or Aquino (flame them), I made my own chatroom and let anyone that was friendly in there, and I was in favor of a project that a COS member wanted to do and helped him get essays from people: a project notably against Fascism! Wow! What a crime, hey? I don't exactly see how these things I did constitute "trashing LaVey and all his works," but so be it! Be as it may, Barton demagged me (LOL) but the project against Fascism was done and finished and put up. It is here - "Is Fascism Satanic?"

The point to be made is that Barton does OWN UP to the fact that I JUST got online around the year 2000 - and was NOT online before; and she obviously knew this. What is NOT misinformed, and what comes through as HONEST are these quotes - NOT taken out of context - I have to get 1 inch from the page to even read this, but they are the harshest things she has to say to me that are on point.

What appear in " " quotes are her words. What show up in ( ) are my comments. Keep in mind, that after all of the above happened, people online (some COS members and some just fans of LaVey) tried to insist that Barton and LaVey were con artists that were just conning me. These online idiots harassed me for over TWO YEARS over this nonsense and over the non-issue of honorary titles given to me by that one org (I have/had titles in three satanic orgs, no issues were made over them).

So, above are the letters of a woman that can be seen to be hopelessly in love with Anton Lavey - but definitely NOT conning me or anyone else as the LaVeyans and their fans were trying to say online. Do they really want to portry LaVey and Barton to be that bad? I guess so. No one in authority is coming forth to object to it.

Barton said: "You name call and spit on the very organization Dr. LaVey founded. Intentional or not (and I cannot believe your actions aren't intentional [HER parenthesis]) this causes confusion..... etc."

(She blathers about my causing confusion about Satanism. Um, the issue that caused all the trouble was the project on FASCISM and me and my friends making our own chatroom! Confusion to whom? The ToS? The FCoS? The Independents? Who? 75 CoS members? She feels in her highly confused way that I'm causing confusion about what Satanism is. Well, we disagree. In our view, we clarify exactly what Satanism is - and what it is not - and that view never changed! At the time, what I was saying was not anti-LaVeyan at all and was the exact same view that caused Anton LaVey to give Phil and I [Tani] honorary titles of Magistrates! It was, however, NOT-LaVeyan. Not anti. Just NOT. Dark Doctrines are not Laveyan for the most part. There is one, tiny thing Lavey spoke about in one sentence: "dark force in nature.")

Barton said: "We can no longer twist ourselves into pretzels trying to explain why a Magistra is attacking Anton LaVey, our administrators and the CoS."

(Well, for one thing, I was not attacking LaVey, the administrators or the COS. I was attacking the "fascist faction" or the well-known bullying, harassing assholes that were IN the COS and apparently favorites of Gilmore and Nadramia. Um, they don't know why? That's a lie. No one attacked LaVey. There was some very objective criticism put forth against vile trouble-making assholes. Otherwise, nothing I voiced about LaVeyan Satanism was not already published in the Dark Doctrines and in other magazines! Gilmore knew why for over 10 years. Jay Solomon, of the Embassy of Satan, knew it. Some of this was put in print more than 10 years ago and Satanas Babalon Press printed editions of the DDocs (NOT the Roots 1 or 2 articles). And just what was the main brutal criticism? It was about how they derailed the Dark Current for years with their pretend-carnival foolishness and sex/death garbage and hostility to any and all groups that ignored them. But that didn't get brought up online for her to object to. What she was really offended by was the thoroughly brutal criticism of the people mentioned above, the favorites of the COS at that time! I did, definitely trash and expose them.)

Barton said: "I'm sure you will be much happier not to be hobbled by the title directly linking you to such juvenile nonsense."

(Agree! I never used the title "Magistra" on a single thing I wrote or sold: bottom line! I did use that title to sign off on brutal flames I made to the people mentioned above, after they had harassed and bothered me enough times to DESERVE being flamed. Did they really think they could carry on like that, bothering me, dragging it on alt.satanism and expect me NOT to hit them back? Obviously, after LaVey was dead, Gilmore and Nadramia both had no problem surrounding themselves with a clique of revolting serf-minded worshipers, the people mentioned above and a few others not mentioned on here. How unSatanic.)

Barton said: "You obviously don't take your position within the Church of Satan seriously so it will be no great loss to you."

(WHAT position? People with honorary titles outside of the organization have no position within the COS at all. They don't have red cards; they aren't members. Why should I take that seriously when it was apparently a JOKE? You see, one recognized spokesperson for the CoS Harry Lime/Tim or James Jordan and a few other non-member LaVey fans claim this is so. They even make the claim saying they know it from "High Authority." So, we are in AGREEMENT? Yes? We agree. So what's the problem? I see no problem. It's One Big Nothing! In all actuality, had Barton, Gilmore and Nadramia taken the ADVICE I handed their way about these few people, they'd have been spared being the only Satanic organization seriously connected to pedophilia, abuse and child pornography by their own Priests and Spokespeople, they'd have also been spared having to boot out the "fascist faction." Why not trash and expose vile bastards who, come to think of it, had no respect for a Magistra whose degree was given to her by Anton LaVey himself? Right then and there, the degree meant absolutely nothing. Therefore, when I trashed them online, I made sure to sign the trashing post with the title. I never, at any time, used that title on any essay I wrote, nor was that title ever put on monographs we sell.)

Barton said: "You're right, you can concentrate much better on your ideas of Generational Satanism and the Dark Doctrines as a Free Agent, not presumed to be representing modern Satanism *as defined by LaVey.*"

(Emphasis mine, nice of her to QUALIFY that, heh. That makes it bonafide "LaVeyan Satanism" - from the horse's mouth. We claim this is NOT Satanism! For what I had to say about so-called Generational Satanism - an epithet thrown against satanists by the SRA scare, see "What is a Generational Satanist." Barton evidently has this all confused in her mind with the Dark Doctrines. Perhaps the loss of her loved one and her grieving seriously confused her - and made her forget the very things she said to us Dark Doctrine people in the past when LaVey was alive.)

Barton said: "The disloyalty you've exhibited toward Mag Nadrama and Gilmore over the past few months is vile. And the way you've spoken of Anton Lavey, with condescension and disdain, is equally vile."

(Well now, I was vile toward specific vile people who had been vile to me ten times over - the people specifically mentioned above and quite a few of their little allies. Was that being "disloyal" to Gilmore and Nadramia? I guess so! She said it. This statement by Barton clearly implies that these vile idiots, members of the COS or just allies, were acting on orders from Nadramia and Gilmore. Heh. Vileness GETS vileness back. Now, since the online spokespeople, who are not being refuted by anyone in the COS with real authority, have it that Barton was conning me, then why in the world would anyone be loyal to a con artist?)

Barton said: "You weren't involved in the administrative end of things and did not use the CoS as your primary identity."

(Hey, this is what I've BEEN SAYING, yes? She confirms what I've been saying. Nice to have Barton clarify that one! It is true that I never used the COS as my "primary identity" at all - and Barton the High Priestess at the time surely KNEW this.)

Barton said: "Do you honestly believe he would have made you a Magistra if you had been openly criticizing the CoS the way you have the last few weeks?"

(Well, to answer that, I point to the fact that he made Phil a Magister after Phil openly trashed Barton in a letter. That letter was then turned into an article called "Matriarchy." I guess LaVey thought that trashing Barton was a carnival act to be praised. In fact, I was not openly critical of the COS as a whole at all! I was critical of specifically named vile idiots IN the COS or non-member allies. Gilmore told me clearly exactly who they all were when I first got onine. I was being critical to those who harassed me one too many times. Here then, Barton herself is setting the tone, basically admitting that flaming anyone in the COS or "in" with Gilmore/Nadramia is equal to flaming the WHOLE COS.)

Barton said: "Many members watching these recent developments unfold, you becoming more and more critical of the leadership of the CoS, cobbling out a subset of Satanists within the CoS..."

(Her naive and very uninformed perception; I cobbled out no one at all. I merely supported one COS member on a project he had against fascism, I made my own chatroom, and I refused to flame the COS's enemies! I then trashed and exposed the vile idiots after they had harassed me one time too many. Is Barton here claiming that the Gidneys, Davises, Nagy and the others that bothered me are leaders in the COS? I guess so. She said it - and in writing. Who I trashed at the time is a matter of public record.)

Barton continues to say: "... who would hold the Doctrines sacred, fabricating accusations of "fascism".... "

(They didn't hold the Dark Doctrines sacred at all. They were against the faction that was doing the vile bullying! Fabricating accusations of fascism? Jeff Nagy or the rest of the pro-Auschwitz bozos, the Gidneys, Davises and so forth, who gave interviews, or the other Mags who claimed to BE fascists in writing? ... that's not fabrication)

Barton continues to say: "...and accusing the administrators of attacking and repressing you...."

(The administrators did not attack or repress me. The vile idiots attacked and repressed OTHER CoS members and non-affiliated organizations - they tried to do that to me and failed - enough is documented. They did indeed try to interfere with my personal shit - and that is WAR when a person invades my domain like a virus and tries to disturb the peace. No problem, the leader of the gang that did that is DEAD now - so no problem, he's gone, the other is in jail, the others are OUT.)

Barton continues to say: "....and you are becoming increasing bold in your attitude of philosophical supremacy over Anton LaVey's original concepts."

(What concepts? As a matter of fact, I became increasingly TAME compared to the early 1990s. Barton is speaking from a position of total ignorance. Either that, or she is fabricating complete rubbish on a par with the rubbish she fabricated against Michael Aquino. I and the others down here were known as the Dark Doctrine people - of course we hold that supreme over anything ANY other organizations say! But this was well known. How could she not know this? She did know this.)

(At this point in her letter, she HAD to drag Michael Aquino into it - this part is quite readable, no black clutter in the background to make it uncopyable; but it's irrelevant. We know the CoS spin on Dr. A. and the TOS. What the COS says about the TOS is a pack of lies from start to finish.)

Barton said: "Another reason it took me awhile to take this action is because I was lulled into believing you were a friend. A comrade."

(Now let us stop and reasonably look at this sentiment. Her letters aside, proving her to be a nice woman, in love with LaVey, all that. They seem like very friendly letters, don't they? Well. Let's consider what the CoS online spokespeople and their allies have to say now, claiming High Authority, or claiming that they got what they are NOW saying, on High Authority. Let's use logic: Why would I, or anyone in their right mind, be her friend or comrade when she or when Anton were trying to USE our stuff to lure in members and thought it was a joke? Why NOT pull a joke on them instead? What, only one side can GOOF on the other? They clearly feel that they were had, used, and then trashed viciously. They may feel this; but this is NOT quite the entire case; these are not the facts. But still, who cares if they feel this way? They are con artists, right?)

Barton said: "I was led to believe you respected me and cared about Xerxes' future"

(Huh? What's HE doing in this?).

Barton said: "I thought you respected Anton LaVey and what he built over the last 30 years of his life."

(Again, what is there to respect? LaVey Number 1. The person she wrote about so endearingly, so worshipfully in her letters to me? A guy whose music I really liked a lot? The guy who admitted that I knew him remarkably well? A sincere man who had a life like millions of normal people? I'd respect him in the same way that I'd respect a total stranger that had the same normal things. Anton Lavey never did anything to me or to Phil except hand us honorary high titles in his organization for the Dark Tradition stuff. I never used the title, neither did Phil, on our own stuff because to use these organization titles would be like saying we were members that regarded LaVey as some sort of High Priest. No, I never regarded him as that, but I did respect him in the way that anyone, especially a good musician, would be respected. Or LaVey Number 2. A vile and malicious con artist that likes to goof on people? A liar who is not capable of speaking one word in sincerity? A man who misused the Dark Doctrines to sucker people out of money if they thought the Church of Satan was about the Dark Doctrines? This second view, #2, is the Anton LaVey that my enemies present today while they claim to be speaking FOR the COS! What an irony! They claim he DID this, they actually make him out to be a liar, a con man with no sincerity in him at all! So what the hell was there ever to respect and why would they IMAGINE he, or any of them deserved respect? This has to be about the most laughable double talk I ever heard. Obviously, in my newly revised opinion (number 2, not number 1), Barton is a complete, blithering idiot so enamoured by the LaVey thing that she's blind. Why would I respect a person who, as it all comes out in the wash, never respected me or even more importantly, never respected a Tradition that any LHP person sincerely on the solitary path would take very seriously, almost sacredly? From what I can see, they SPIT and REVILE the Sacred Adamantine Tradition! They smear their sex-death garbage on everything they touch, revelling in ugliness and angst and strife, just like Christians of the worst sort. And yet they are charlatans, mere carnival barkers?

Why should I not have suspected every word Anton LaVey or Blanche Barton ever wrote as being just a bunch of bullshit? After all, WASN'T IT? Yes, IT WAS, according to the online spokespeople who either are in the COS or are fans of the COS. Of course, LaVey is dead and can't speak up for himself!

Why should I not mock and deride a person that tried to do that to me with a smile on his face? Why should I take seriously the lies of a lackey high up (Gilmore and Nadramia) that whined about how much Doktor loved me and our stuff? It was all lies, or so they say now! Why should I NOT talk out of 100 sides of my mouth to THEM, when they brag about how they do that to everyone they meet?

The idea that I never respected LaVey, which was obviously put into her head by the vile morons that harassed me, should not be a shock to her. Con men often get conned worse than they ever imagined conning other people. If that is the world they choose to live in, they SHOULD EXPECT people to do this to them. What, they can't take being carnival conned back? In reality, I didn't con her at all. But the vile bastards that harassed me obviously DID.

What is hilarious about this is that I didn't con them at all. I maintained my Adamantine Stance for decades on this stuff. I was totally open in my blatant hostility toward any stupidity and ignorance, theirs or others, about anything legitimately Dark or LHP: FOR DECADES. I never had anything against Anton as a human being before. But now? Sure I do. Anyone with half a brain WOULD. I don't smile at people who spit at me. I spit BACK at them or ignore them.

Barton goes on to speak again about divisiveness and brings up that this is due to the Magistra title. I think not. Divisiveness amongst whom, about 75 people in the CoS? Only a few COS people were online; the vile, harassing idiots. Apparently they WERE the COS at this time with a very few others offline! I doubt that anyone in the FCOS or TOS were confused at all. Certainly none of us were. People were very reluctant to join SR knowing that ANYONE linked to the CoS was a co-founder, and that was back in 1997 before I was online. People joined Brendan's RC group, which were all political people completely unaffiliatged with anything occult. They joined the SR group that was online at the time, primarily put there by Metadromos and Brendan but virtually unknown to anyone in the COS or on alt.satanism back then. Offline, we were known as the Dark Doctrine people. Now that all that appearance of connection is gone, SR flourishes smoothly. We DO NOT have to be bothered by LaVeyans trying to join it "because a CoS MAG is a co-founder of it" - keep in mind, none of them lasted in the SR. They had NOTHING to say; they were NOT friendly as everyone else was. I can't say I wasn't deliberately hostile to every one of them. I was, I was because they were intolerant, bullyish and stupid. I let them kick themselves out - there were only a very few of them anyway.)

Barton said: "Whether you still consider yourself to be a Satanist is, of course, up to your own conscience. But, by my standards..."

(Thanks for admitting to subjectivity.)

Barton continued to say: " have acted petty, dishonorably and unjustly toward those who would have been your comrades."

(Oh wait! Stop, it's too funny. The people I flamed and exposed were vile bastards. They could not see me as just me, doing my own thing, making my own chatroom, etc. Perhaps Barton and her officials should have paid keen attention to what I said about them instead of literally admitting here that attacking them is equal to attacking the entire COS! All that I told her turned out to be TRUE. I gave these specific people that attacked me petty for petty, vile for vile, but I also gave them real information for disinformation, at least, at first. I saw NO honor in these people's behavior; they were total lackeys and back stabbers. I was outright horrified by what I saw there with these people, since it was worse than anything I thought based on what others had said offline, prior to getting to know some of them; and I was quite JUST, all things considered. With "comrades" like them, I wouldn't need any enemies. Compared to the people I encountred in the CoS, both Bush and bin Ladin would be more open and sincere with each other. LMAO!! That's MY perception and my take on it now, and I do believe it is the perception of everyone that ever left them for similar reasons and FAILED to speak out. I do not regard as comrades packs of petty, sniping dogs that quite literally hate each other to the core).

Barton said: "You have made it unquestionaly clear you hold in utter contempt the CoS, Anton Lavey and the leaders he chose to follow him."

(Yes, I agree with her now, sort of. But I did nothing of the sort at the time to inspire her to say this. This does not sound like a letter written by a person who felt that Anton was just having a joke or conning me. What I actually made unquestionably clear was that I specifically held specific individuals in the COS in utter contempt. She should have listened to me because I do believe that she probably ALSO holds them in contempt now, in lieu or what has happened since then. Aren't High Priests/esses of occult groups supposed to have discernment, or at least good intuitions? Heh.)

She never fails to drag in the occasionally petty and off-target, childish dig. All of which is refuted by anything she wrote previous to that. Who cares. Botton line.

Such are the total inconsistencies in her complaints here - does she seriously think that anyone should trust a self-admitted con artist? Does she seriously think that anyone should take a word they say seriously when they never are serious and forever play carnival jokes on everyone they meet? Can people who constantly seek to dupe the rubes be trusted? Please! Where is logic?

In doing all of this stupid shit, LaVey, as he is presented now by his enemies and allies alike, made one thing very clear: he believed 100% in the Christian Devil: the Liar from the Beginning, the Deceiver, the thing with "no truth in him"! Yes, indeed. Did they imagine that everyone in the world could be duped? Did they ever once consider that they would end up duped? What FOOLS. Do they seriously expect anyone to take them seriously, or believe a word they say when they admit to being liars and con artists or rather, when they allow their online fans to claim that they are all of that, and never utter a word to refute it? Well, GOD DAMN! LMAO.)

Now, here is their own official bottom line on certain things:

From The Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth by Anton LaVey:

3. When in another’s lair, show him respect or else do not go there.

I showed them respect in their lairs. They showed me anything BUT respect in my lair. They even bitched and moaned that I chose to make a lair! The nerve of them!

4. If a guest in your lair annoys you, treat him cruelly and without mercy.

I did exactly that, after they had annoyed me ten times over in my lair.

8. Do not complain about anything to which you need not subject yourself.

They complained on a daily basis about what I was doing, yet what I was doing had nothing to do with them or the COS.

11. When walking in open territory, bother no one. If someone bothers you, ask him to stop. If he does not stop, destroy him.

Open territory would be open public chat rooms. They bothered me ten times over. I told them to stop, I told them to get out of my business. I told the officials what they were doing, showing ample proof after they ASKED for proof. They refused to stop. And so, they should have expected me to finally trash them.

And from The Church of Satan Chat Room Policies: "The Church of Satan DOES NOT have an official chat room. We have NEVER had an official chat room. There are no chat rooms affiliated in ANY WAY with the Church of Satan. Despite our previous efforts to make it clear that chat rooms are the property of their owners, who determine for themselves the house rules for these cyber-lairs, and that what happens in them has nothing to do with the Church of Satan, we continually receive complaints about the way people interact in these places. When people were dissatisfied with a particular chat room, they were told to form a new one of their own, which would then be their own place in which to chat with their friends and colleagues. This pertained to any and all members, and was not a 'special mandate' that in any way singled out a room as being 'officially endorsed.' This statement was willfully distorted by some members."

It was willfully distorted by the Gidneys, the Davises, Lestat Ventrue who owned #coscentral and later owned #satannet, Schlesinger, Nagy, and a few others that were pals of theirs, either members of the CoS or not. They had a serious issue with us making #satanmuse. They even tried to say that no one else was allowed to make a room on Dalnet IRC with the name "satan" in it. They lied. And at the time, they showed no respect for another Magistra in the CoS. So then, they are in kind not to be given respect. However, since it is clear that Barton regards trashing these specific people as "trashing the entire CoS" she then sets the tone for COLLECTIVE CULT mentality. Likewise, if they or any of their pals start trouble with anyone, then that is to also be seen as COLLECTIVE CULT BEHAVIOR.

Continued from Church of Satan Chatroom Policies: "We have observed this mode of communication, which originally was intended as a means for those who enjoy each other to carry on an online conversation, degenerate into a form of territoriality in which participants in different rooms form cliques and then try to act as if this is some sort of factionalism in the Church of Satan itself. It is not; it is simply childish behavior on the part of members and even titled officials of our organization."

Obviously, Gilmore/Nadramia didn't feel inclined to explain this to Barton. From that, it can be implied that when they behave this way, it's OK, but when others go and make their own chatroom and get harassed for it, it is to be ignored and even tolerated. Life doesn't work that way.

Continued from Church of Satan Chatroom Policies: "Undeserved rudeness and unwarranted contentiousness were anathema to him. His guide was simple: if you did not like a particular member, it is preferred that you simply cease to deal with that person, as the Church of Satan has never required its members to like one another or to interact with each other. Recall this Rule of the Earth: “Do not complain about anything to which you need not subject yourself.” But this simple protocol has been ignored by those who participate in chat rooms. The behavior therein is completely contradictory to the practices of the Church of Satan."

All of this above pertains to the people that broke every one of these rules because we decided to make the chatroom #satanmuse and let anyone that was friendly come on there and chat (including people in other organizations) and because I decided to help a COS member make a Project against Fascism.

Obviously, from all that Barton said to me, she felt that this so-called policy was irrelevant rubbish. That is what happened; and what happened, HAPPENED.

Continued from Church of Satan Chatroom Policies: "It has been clearly proven to us that chat room participants cannot separate the personal doings of titled Church of Satan members from their titles, and thus falsely think that anything done by a titled member is somehow endorsed or done in the name of the Church of Satan. This is emphatically not true."

Precisely. The people I trashed were the ones incapable of seeing ME as an individual and/or seeing my friendliness toward anyone, no matter what org, as my personal business. What they claim is emphatically not true seems to have been true, since "attacking these online harassers and morons" is equal in the mind of Barton to "attacking Anton LaVey and other administrative officials." Is it?

When COS Priest Lestat Ventrue's girlfriend Hecate put up an online sign that said "Gays should die of AIDS," it was understandable that Audy Morgan and COS member Lucinda of Satan Shop, (both are also the "Be Proud" pro Gay people), should retaliate in kind. When Ventrue ran to Gilmore to complain, after having participated in the anti Gay sign, Gilmore and Nadramia took their side against Audy and Lucinda and started to regard Audy and Lucinda as personal enemies. Speaking of which, outside of the tiny world of COS org bullshit, putting up such a public sign is legally a Hate Crime. Nonetheless, Audy and Lucinda were on the outs and Gilmore/Nadramia not only tolerated the jerks messing with them, they they also messed with them. The most rediculous complaint I personally heard from Gilmore against Lucinda was that she had a store and was making money.


Now let me say something else. Read the letter dated 23 January xxxiii whatever that year is.

This is a woman that has her life literally CENTERED around this man Anton. Eg, she thinks I had and played a tape of music I've had for years and listened to for years, with Anton in mind?! Strange - but this was Barton's world. I sent her the notes and chords to the two anthems they may have sung in her 13 year old "girlfriend's" school, so she could show that 13 year old girl the music or learn to play it. I wrote the notes and the chords down, real simple. I've done such favors for people I barely knew from jobs, or even people I met on the beach and didn't even know past one day. If it's that easy to do, sure, I'll do it. No big deal.

What I sent her, due to her request for "statements" for Anton's death, was a traditional thing from my own culture, which she'd not even recognize, a bit layed back from the whole thing. And she had thanked me more than 3 times already for a stuffed doll and crayons I sent her son. I also sent stuffed dolls and crayons to another acquaintance that had a kid around the same age. But whatever. Why not?

This letter from Barton certainly doesn't sound like a letter from a person trying to pull a con act on me at all. But be as that may - the "New Revised Anton LaVey" was nothing but a liar and carnival actor that duped everyone and never spoke a sincere word. Period. Have it their way. I don't mind that at all.

I can't find the original letter I wrote to Anton to which he responded back with that personal note about my knowing him very well. Odd he didn't ask me HOW I knew him so well. I'd have told him, had he asked. But it psyched him out as a man that never was interested in anything except himself, that his Satan was just all about him; I told him I knew what his "thing" for blonde white girls (Anglos) was - as a Jewish? kid, or at least a kid that would have been considered non-white back in the 30s, 40s and even 50s and treated as an outcast by such "Anglo" people during his formative years. And I clearly said some other very blunt things that today, the mere mention of, would be regarded as blasphemy against the fan club. Yes, I knew him very well. Too bad he never knew how.

I found these in a pile of "whatever letters" and am not about to try to find more or anything else. Too much bother.

From the tone of everything she wrote, it always seemed to me as if the woman either never got any friendly (normally friendly) dialogue from anyone else, and had some uninformed idea that the things we wrote and sold were all about her Anton. Strange. What Phil and I had to say is on our org and related websites. It has nothing to do with Anton's life. Whatever else we had to say, UNEDITED, was always about the Dark Tradition.

I never phoned her (her phone number was blackened out on here) and I don't remember if I didn't write anymore or send her more information on the Devil Dancer. But heh - that was rather a trap based on a hunch I had by then formed. Anton never met Diane Page the woman billed as "Satan and the Lady." She was Diane Panaggio, the boxer Matt Pannagio's wife (Matt Page, stage name) Phil's aunt, and in 1993 she was alive; I did give Barton her new married name and her location! LaVey never played the organ for Diane Page. I wondered if they'd say he did, after what got put on Vad's website about that with Nick's (Nick R) bullshit added to it, as if to make it appear that Diane knew him. She IS the woman in the movie. She copyrighted the entire act and the puppet. She is shown on LaVey's tape of himself, as if she was part of his life. She never was part of his life. This is Diane Page, Satan and the Lady, the woman that appears in LaVey's "Speak of the Devil, the Canon of Anton Lavey":

The only other time I ever wrote her was to send her 3 or 4 packages worth of flames that happened with the above mentioned vile idiots. I figured I'd mail them to her myself before anyone else did. I also told her what shit was going on with these vile idiots. Well, most of those vile idiots are dead, in jail or purged out of the COS and I'll bet money Barton is sorry she didn't just read the evidence I presented. One thing for sure, Gilmore, Nadramia and Barton combined are NO one single Anton LaVey. Gilmore and Nadramia apparently came to like having lickspittle, serf-mentality lackeys surround them, looking up to them with such idolatry as their personal bosses. Barton wasn't paying attention. What little I did have to say about LaVey, I said to his face in writing and it never bothered him at all. I did not say any of that online at the time. In my opinion, and that IS the only opinion that matters - THEY made their choices. I stood my ground.

The first indication of this bullying garbage was with Andy Jones who showed me chat logs of Magister Jeff Nagy throwing his weight around and being a complete asshole for no reason at all, to Andy Jones. The entire conversation consisted of Nagy blathering about demons and spells and such demonic entities, which made it clear that he fully believed in this stuff, like some moron reading Rabbi Solomon's "Goetia." Andy Jones mentioned physics. That was a sin in Nagy's eyes. That was shown to me in email, which I forwarded to Gilmore and Vad. At the time, I had no idea who these various people were, or what a chat log was.

The second indication of that vile crap, shown to me when I finally got online, was from Chuck Shaddoway, an old timer, who emailed me about it. This time it was Schlesinger and his high-school gang of complete assholes throwing their weight around. I forwarded it to Gilmore. Schlesinger did nothing without Gilmore's orders. Schlesinger not only claimed that Gilmore/Nadramia were his bosses, but Gilmore admitted it on the phone. So when Schlesinger behaved this way, it was on orders from Gilmore.

From simply seeing these people are LHP know-nothings with not a shread of a clue about anything Dark or Magickal, seeing that they were vile bastards, society's misfits and losers with power in their hands to bully nice people, I started to LOATHE them. In that order. I didn't like the know-nothings before when I heard what happened to others that ran into them throwing their ignorance around. But this time, I got to see it myself. And then I saw a lot, lot more. I exposed it and trashed the people doing it. That's IT. If that's equal to trashing the administrators and LaVey (LaVey was dead at the time) then that means that these people were being vile bastards with the knowledge and permission of the administration - and possibly on their orders. Barton is the one making the vile harassers equivalent to the entire COS!

As for those honorary titles? After a few Dark Doctrine articles were written and posted online (retyped by Nadramia from hard copy or posted by Diane a non-COS member or Vad), these articles were put up on a COS APPROVED WEBSITE - Hr. Vad's. Hr. Vad, then just an active member, was given the title of Priest. Who gave him that title? LaVey did. Vad did send LaVey copies of it all. Are we to now believe that LaVey was so lazy that he never read it and just handed out a Priest's Degree and made Vad the head of a COS Grotto? Not likely. But the version to be told now was that LaVey was just conning everyone, that would include Hr.Vad. So be it. If that's the version they put forth now, and LaVey is not alive now to refute it, then that shall be The Official Version. Con artists deserve no loyalty.

End of story. Short and sweet. Nothing more to it.

Now, if the online fans of LaVey, or members of that organization, would realize that this IS the end of the story and stop throwing that irrelevancy around trying to spin doctor "what happened," they might get over their own personal traumas over this nothingness and get a life. Nothing happened. In my perception, NOTHING happened, nothing much on my end save that I seriously washed my hands of unnecessary baggage.

Now, the blowing up of the World Trade Ccenter on 9/11? That was SOMETHING happening. But the online morons were filling the newsgroup up with flames against TANI - the day after 9/11. Perspectives, please.

You can find information about the Dark Doctrines on the SR website.

As for the Church of Satan's attempted "official statement" on the Dark Doctrines, here is this from the current High Priest Peter Gilmore's essay "A Map for the Misdirected." 

 "The Church of Satan has always looked for knowledge to science, both Western and the "hidden sciences" of the East, much of which is encoded in what are called the "Dark Doctrines." We call this "Undefiled Wisdom," and this is the ever-deepening understanding of the nature of the beast-called-Man and the Universe in which he exists. We don't accept faith or mysticism. We demand bedrock knowledge-Understanding-which can come from outward research and observation as well as carnal intuition. We also acknowledge that people have varied abilities to grasp such knowledge. Like ability in music or mathematics, you either have the talent to see these things or you do not-it is not a matter of effort, but nature. We particularly cherish people who train their natural abilities and become virtuosos. We've explored these domains from the very beginning of the Church of Satan, and some "multi-cultural" tid-bits were released in The Satanic Rituals. For many years we've been publishing in The Black Flame the work of Phil Marsh and Tani Jantsang (who both expound in detail upon these Dark Doctrines, which have been largely ignored in the West, as well as their relationship with the hard sciences). Don't accept the tales of Johnny-come-latelies who now claim that they were first to seek out this material. They were busy bouncing from organization to organization is search of an identity while we were bringing hard-core data to the real international Satanic community-the Membership of the Church of Satan and the de facto Satanists who are part of our meta-tribe."

"The Church of Satan has always looked for knowledge to science, both Western and the "hidden sciences" of the East, much of which is encoded in what are called the "Dark Doctrines." We call this "Undefiled Wisdom," and this is the ever-deepening understanding of the nature of the beast-called-Man and the Universe in which he exists. We don't accept faith or mysticism. We demand bedrock knowledge-Understanding-which can come from outward research and observation as well as carnal intuition."

and again...

"We seek to associate with the few at the top of the stratification pyramid, and that doesn't necessarily mean those with the most intelligence or talent. Many of them may be "damaged goods," Thanatos-centered creatures who are incapable of enjoying life and obsessed with quenching the lust for life that enflames we who are carnal."

Phil Marsh and Tani Jantsang have nothing do with the Church of Satan aside from the COS (among almost all other public Satanic organizations at the time) publishing Tani/Phil essays in their official magazines and putting ads in their magazines for the Dark Doctrines.  Phil Marsh and Tani Jantsang were handed Magistrate titles by Anton LaVey as honorary titles, not titles given within the confines of the organization. Neither of them were given the "red cards" of members. Both of them were well known as independents and Dark Doctrine people. Neither of them ever used those titles on a single essay or monograph they wrote.


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