The COS Files - By Ole Wolf

Keywords: the Church of Satan, CoS, C/S, Satanism, Satan, Dark Doctrines, Cult, Crime, Corporation Sole, Fraud, Scam, Religious Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying, Anton LaVey, Blanche Barton, Peter Gilmore, Peggy Nadramia, Prostitution.

Last updated: February 27, 2001.

This collection of files document how the Church of Satan (CoS) uses lies and two-faced policies, discloses personal membership information, requests that its members harass other people and other organizations, all in order to recruit people who will pay $100 in membership registration.

Some members of the CoS would rather believe that the documentation found in these files is not correct, and have attempted to dismiss it as "hearsay," "out of context," etc. I have compiled a reply to the various objections (see below).

My personal involvement in the CoS was exclusively based on the CoS' endorsement of the dark doctrines. Today, the CoS has radically departed from this policy--or more specifically, this collection of files shows that the people now in charge of the CoS never had that policy. I was expelled from the CoS for defending the dark doctrines, as were others; some others simply resigned; yet others still hope the CoS may "return" to a state they have yet to realize it was never in.

When I encountered the CoS, it was the only organization that endorsed the dark doctrines. Today, several Satanic organizations embrace the dark doctrines. Now that the CoS has turned its back on the dark doctrines, it is these other organizations that offer Satanism while the CoS offers nothing but a group wailing ground for suffering egos in need of delusions of worth.

What is documented in these files is only the tip of the iceberg. I have left the organization unscarred, but others who are still in the organization are subject to harassment, intimidation, depersonalization, and other forms of "education" (Blanche Barton's word)--and apparently some enjoy it. Steer clear of this organization!

I am hosting this documentation to save people the $100, the divulgation of their personal data, and their wasted time, and to make up for my share of the responsibility of luring people into the CoS with the promise of Satanism.

If you have any further evidence, please let me know. (See this document for what I mean by "further evidence.") [Note: the document to be seen has been removed since the request for further evidence is no longer relevant. SR]

The CoS files are available for download as a compressed Zip file for offline browsing. [Note: they are no longer available for download. SR]

See also The Emperor's New Religion, which is an analysis of the Church of Satan. (About 2 MBytes, and requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Ole Wolf.

[Note: The Emperor's New Religion by Ole Wolf  is more or less a very dry essay version of exactly what you are seeing here in this short space. The references used in the essay are either LaVey's works or early works about LaVey, Dr. Michael Aquino's The COS available to read in full on this website, and emails, chatlogs and posts that were once on the actual CoS Files, but are no longer viewable. His analysis of the Church of Satan, which he declares to be sober and objective, is purely subjective and based on his experiences in the Church of Satan with a few people either in it, or running it, but without explaining what he did to get such reactions from these people or officials.  SR]

Here are Ole Wolf's replies to various objections, mentioned above.

Reply to Objections [Note: none of the things that were supposed to be links on his document will work on this website, therefore, they were delinked. His proof on those links is gone. SR]

Understandably, some CoS members are unhappy with the documentation on this Web site. I will meet their objections below.

Many of the objections against the CoS Files seem to not be objections at all, but excuses for not taking the documentation seriously. For example, I have heard a complaint that the documents are "hard to read," when in fact they have all been formatted for easy reading on most HTML browsers, such as Internet Explorer and Netscape. The use of indentation, the use of italics and boldface fonts, and clearly making of who said what has been applied consistently to all documents. Such a complaint is rather an excuse for not reading, for desiring to not read and understand. It is telling that those who make this type of objections against the documentation are also the ones who have the strongest biases against anyone critical of the CoS.

It is advisable to always be skeptical, but to deny clear documentation is not skepticism. It is stupidity. "I have never seen any evidence of your claims"

I'm inclined to believe you. The CoS leaders have thus far been successful in lying to some and intimidating others, and in asking members to perform the dirty work so that their behavior has remained hidden.

Although you may not have personally witnessed the behavior of the CoS leaders and are wise in being skeptical, the CoS files are from the horse's mouth, so to speak. Many of them are direct quotations from the CoS leaders.

The evidence may therefore be new to you, but now the documentation exists.

The CoS finally managed to abuse people that have no fear and who share all the information they have with each other. That is how the systemized fraud was unraveled. Several of the people involved in the creation of these files were the "storm troopers" who did the dirty work for the CoS leaders. "This is all just hearsay."

Unfortunately, no. As is explained above, many of the CoS files are direct quotations from the CoS leaders. This is not hearsay, but actual emails. "You are slandering the CoS!"

Slander is defined as (oral) communication of false statements that injure a person's reputation. These files are direct quotations from the CoS leaders, and can thus by definition not be slander.

It is the quoted persons who are responsible if they make statements that strikes the reader as offensive. If the reader considers the statements slanderous, the "slanderous" remarks are self-slanderous remarks by the original author. "Peter Gilmore, Peggy Nadramia, etc. said they like me or my work"

Again, I'm inclined to believe you. It is a basic manipulation technique (see, for example, Dale Carnegie's book, How to Win Friends and Gain Influence, which is recommended reading in the CoS' Grotto Master Handbook) to pay lip service to a prospective "customer." It is therefore only to be expected that some of the officials have told you that they appreciate you.

As is documented in these files, form letters are issued to prospective CoS members or people that the CoS can otherwise benefit from. Typical form letters serve to incite people to join the CoS, and to instill loyalty toward the person that gave the praise so that the praised person is instigated to perform a requested duty. Put simply, if you are praised by CoS officials, there's a good chance they either want your money or want you to harass someone. "It is only a few people in the CoS that behave like that."

This objection is typically qualified with the remark that these few people typically are little fish in the organization, and that their behavior does not reflect the CoS policies.

However, these files document that the Council of Nine uses other members of the CoS to do the dirty work of harassing other people or organizations. When someone complains about that person, his or her "bosses" simply reply that it is just that one person, and that his or her behavior in no way reflects CoS policies. The objection above is an echo of this explanation.

However, now it is documented that they are acting on orders or requests by the very people that later explain that these people are acting on their own. Hence, while the few people that behave as documented may be little fish, they are asked to do so by the people that happen to be in charge of the organization. In other words, it goes to the top. It is the policy of the CoS to have its members behave like that. "The quotes are taken out of context."

The original authors would probably like to make you believe that their emails are completely unconnected. This is how the CoS has managed to deceive its members for years.

For example, Peter Gilmore says one thing to one person, and another thing to another person. Quoting the two messages from Peter Gilmore would be "out of context" in the sense that I'm quite sure Peter Gilmore would have preferred that they never be juxtaposed. However, when he makes one statement about a particular topic to one person and a contradicting statement to another person about the same topic (for example, the CoS' stance on the dark doctrines), then the two statements combined is not taken out of context. The statements and the situations in which they were made are unambiguous. If a person says "I like ice cream" to one person and "I hate ice cream" to another person, juxtaposing the two statements to show that the person lies is not taking anything out of context.

Similarly, when Jeff Nagy poses as Liz Dictator, the messages written by Liz Dictator are not someone else's messages that are irrelevant to Jeff Nagy. "It is difficult to read."

The contents of all documents are unmodified, but often with clearly marked comments inside. The formulation and spelling peculiarities are those of the original authors. If their texts are difficult to read, it is a general characteristic of documentation, which is not always handed on a silver platter.

In cases where notes have been inserted in the text, the notes are italicized. It cannot possibly be a problem to skip past the notes if one wants to read the original text. "The tone in the messages is harsh or whiney."

When the messages were written, the authors did not intend them to be published. They were typically messages written in private email. Most people who wrote the messages had disagreements, and the messages were written while the people involved were emotionally affected by them. In many cases, people are responding to intimidations or lies from the CoS leaders. It is only to be expected that people will react with justified anger or frustration, and their reactions are reflected in the tone of their messages.

The CoS often dismisses any criticism or objection as "whining." If someone is kicked out of a chat room with no reason and the person then asks why, the reply is more often than not: "quit whining." This blanket response is given to the CoS files, too, of course. "You are just making a sour-grapes attack."

Let us assume for a moment I am really just dismayed that I "couldn't cut it," by some definition of what was required of me. That would disprove nothing. The documentation is here, and my motives are quite irrelevant to that fact. Such an objection, like possibly some of the other above objections, is a straw man. "You are seeing CoS spies everywhere."

The CoS attacks Satanic organizations, as is amply evidenced in the CoS files. When a CoS member attempts to gather information about another organization, pretending to be someone else, the person is technically speaking a spy. This behavior is also documented in the CoS files.

The accusation that we are "seeing spies everywhere" carries with it the message that we are basically paranoid and are seeing spies where none exist. That is a wrong message, however, as it evidenced that spies such as the ones described above have been spotted--that is, we don't see them "everywhere," but we have seen some. That is evidence of the CoS' aggressive stance towards those that would minimize the number of memberships worth $100 that the CoS collects from its scam. "You didn't say anything while you were a member."

I was not aware that the CoS was a scam until shortly before I was expelled from the CoS. I've put up the CoS files now that I am aware that the CoS is a scam. I really thought this would go without saying, considering how simple this fact is, but evidently the CoS will attempt to use any excuse to try to invalidate the facts revealed in the CoS files.

Here is the analogy: someone is thrown out of a political party after having learned that the party's hidden agenda is very different from its official agenda. Until he is thrown out, he defends the party because he has been led to believe that the party really means what it says. No-one would be stupid enough to believe that because he defended the party while he was an uninformed member, it is wrong to attack the party after he has learned the party's real agenda! No-one, except (1) the ones that have still to learn, (2) the ones that are part of the scam, and (3) the ones that are exceedingly stupid.

In the past I have attacked those people who attempted to destroy what I thought the CoS stood for. Today, several of these people embrace the dark doctrines. They no longer deserve my attacks; the CoS, however, has severed itself from the dark doctrines and the roles have switched.

In short, I have learned something. I have learned what the CoS was able to keep hidden for quite some time: that the CoS is a full-fledged scam. Having learned it, I am now exposing it.

Ole Wolf

[Note: This is what used to be on the COS Files, just the front page from Ole Wolf. Note that no links on this page work and we have removed them. SR]

CoS Higher-Ups Intimidating and Interfering

Getting Proof of Bullying Behavior

When members of the CoS complain about abuse, Peggy Nadramia's usual responses are variants of "get proof or shut up." In the few occasions where the members saved the pertinent documentation, typically the member would typically be told that this was just that one person "having fun," and that the member not bother about it.

Here is the whole sequence of events that transpired from Peggy telling me (Tani Jantsang) to "get proof" that Andre Schlesinger and Lestat Ventrue were being AWFUL to their own COS members in chat and otherwise. What was uncovered was a lot more.

The CoS responded promptly once the proof was irrefutably available by terminating the title of Tani Jantsang, and by expelling Hr. Vad and Ole Wolf, who were all opposed to the oppressive policy. [Note: that is not exactly all I, Tani Jantsang, did. I trashed the holy hell out of the people that had been bothering me, and for the first time ever, I used the title "Magistra" to sign the messages trashing them. Neither Vad nor Ole trashed them like that!]

Form Emails

Did you have a Web site with Satanic content, and were you greeted with a polite response from a CoS official who "had been alerted" to your site?

If so, it was not praise for your good work. You simply received a form email that is intended to make you join the CoS. The form email is usually tailored to the situation; here is an example of an attempt to coerce a person into the CoS, and a form letter that was originally written by Peter Gilmore.

Peter Gilmore's "Waffen SS" Email

The CoS asks its members harass other organizations and help silence people who speak up against the CoS. This email from Peter Gilmore where he practically says "come to us for dirt" proves it. Evidently, some members harassing other people have been requested by the CoS officials to do so. [Note: this email will be shown below with full headers.]

This document also shows an exchange of emails between Ole Wolf and Lord Egan, who founded the First Church of Satan. [That is no longer shown.]

Peter Gilmore Ghost-Posting on alt.satanism

Despite his claims, Peter Gilmore does read alt.satanism. He does not post on this newsgroup, however, but relies on CoS members whom he asks to post his messages, as this sample documents. It is not clear whether he abstains from posting because of an image he wants to maintain, or whether it is because he can post incorrect messages without personally taking responsibility. [The message was supposedly from Marylin Manson.]

Peter Gilmore Scaring Timothy Stewart

Timorthy Stewart had originally solicited comments on the subject of Satanism versus fascism. When he put the findings on his Web site, Peter Gilmore found it necessary to subject himself to reading and commenting on it. This document commenting on it. Stewart immediately suffered selective amnesia, claiming that Tani had made him alter his document. This is Tani's reply to Stewart. [Note: the document is gone, but what happened was that Stewart was seriously terrified that he'd be kicked out of the Church of Satan. He saw Tani as a lot stronger and imagined nothing would happen. We think that his subsequent involvement with Les Masters rid him not only of that fear, but of caring about any of the bullshit. SR]

Peter Gilmore Bullying Amina

Amina Lap has been a member of the CoS since 1997, and has done a significant amount of work. Amina was not scared like Timothy Stewart. This file documents how Peter Gilmore first praised her work, then later attempted to scare her--and it documents how he lies. [Document gone. SR]

Peter Gilmore Considers Lord Egan a Threat

In this email from Peter Gilmore, it is evident that Peter Gilmore considers Egan a threat to the CoS. It was when Tani Jantsang refused to combat Egan for using a tradition that the CoS has no exclusive rights to use (ANYONE can use what they've learned) that Peter Gilmore turned against Tani. This strongly suggests that the CoS only used the dark doctrines to lure people into the organization. [Note: it does not possibly strongly suggest that. Egan used some of the material, distorted it, and never let anyone know WHOSE material it actually was. It just as strongly suggests that the CoS wanted that material for what they claimed it to be: Foundations of Real Satanism - a Satanism completely outside of any Judeo-Christian paradigm. SR]

Lestat Ventrue as a Spy in #satanmuse

The CoS has a number of "Satanic Rules of the Earth," one of which states that Satanists keep their noses to themselves and not interfere with other people's business. However, the CoS actively interferes with other people. Here we have proof of Lestat Ventrue being in #satanmuse, the chatroom owned by the dark doctrines people, posing as "someone" that just "happens" to be there.

Members and Officials Slandering and Interfering

Here is proof that the COS slanders people, that the COS administrators can't stop their members and officials from slandering people, and that they care far too much about what people on #satanmuse are doing. They go far out of their way here, and admit it, to annoy and harass people who are trying to mind their own business in their own chat rooms. These logs are incredible and have information that will blow the mind of some readers, including COS readers.

Dr. Sigmund Rascher, the third side, evil doktor, and nutcase_tani are all the same person, a fellow that CoS member "Dr. Joseph Mengele" took under his wing. He got banned from #satanmuse after shit-disturbing on two occasions. He then proceeded to "try to annoy Tani" with multiple PMs by spamming her in private messages from #satannet, the CoS's chatroom at that time.

These messages show how Robert Merciless, a long time shit-disturber on alt.satanism and relatively new member of the CoS, slanders Tani Jantsang on both alt.satanism and the Satannet message board. [Note: he tried to accuse Tani of plagiarizing Michael Aquino. Michael Aquino showed up to say that Tani was not plagiarizing him at all. Both Michael Aquino and Tani used the same source material and were quoting from the same scholarly book. SR]

Schlesinger Interfering with DISINFO

Here is proof of Schlesinger, acting on orders from the Corporation of Satan (is he a PAID employee?), interfering with another Satanic organization being in the news.

The CoS Using Spies

The CoS uses spies to investigate and harass other organizations. These emails and message board postings from Jason Roberts show how.

Shortly after the above was published on the CoS files, Jason Roberts attempted to have them removed by threatening Ole Wolf with a lawsuit and later by having two people plead his case. Neither being successful, the email correspondence now included in the CoS files between Jason Roberts, Gretchen Bennett, Tani Jantsang, and Ole Wolf soon proved Jason Roberts to be a liar.

However, Jason Roberts now strikes back--at the COS by admitting and proving what they did to him, how they threatened him--which is the reason he did everything exposed elsewhere on this site! A shocker to those who knew him from the Satanic Council before the COS got to him.

Web Site Deleted Due to Censorship

This is an email written by evangelist Bobby Rush showing the CoS interfering with a Christian Web site, which they had NO BUSINESS poking their nose into in the first place.

The Suck-Ups Not only the CoS itself, but also the suck-ups to the CoS think they can gain points by trashing other organizations. Here is one more example of people that just can't let other people mind their business. The CoS people are so obsessed worrying about other organizations. Do we worry about what other organizations are doing? Hell no: if they leave us alone, we'll gladly leave them alone.

The suck-upery that demanded of CoS members is perhaps best illustrated by Rocio Carrasco in this message to alt.satanism, where she openly admits to unconditional obediance. This politically required level of obedience should be kept in mind when reading Peter Gilmore's request that CoS members attack other organizations.

CoS Run chatrooms

Everyone that was ever in the chatrooms run by the CoS officials know of the behavior of the owners. Here are logs that show it. [Note that they had no problem invading the chatrooms of others and starting trouble]

On the CoS and Its Policies Active Recruitment

The CoS claims that it does not recruit members. However, Grotto Masters are in fact encouraged to recruit members, reporting to a "headquarters" that doesn't bother to read the reports. Interesting legal stuff on "Corporations Sole."

The CoS is listed as a "Corporations Sole."

This text illuminates what a "Corporations Sole" legally is. Note comments inside the text. Aquino on the CoS Funds

This information from Michael Aquino explains which documents reveal what the CoS "forgets" to inform its membership of in terms of where the fees are going.

The CoS Divulges Personal Membership Information

The CoS officially states that it keeps information about its membership confident. However, as this email shows, the CoS does in fact divulge membership information. Max Barrons, at that time, was opposing the CoS on alt.satanism.

On the Amsterdam Whore House

The Church of Satan supported a pimp in Amsterdam who ran a brothel and sex club, using the appeal of the Devil to lure people into his grotto. The Church of Satan was fully aware of this business, where not all the hookers were voluntary. Two independent sources know of this, as shown in this document.

Fascism and Nazism

The CoS may not be a fascist/Nazi organization, according to official policy. However, one notes that several administrators and highest-ranking officials in the CoS are just that. Boyd Rice, Jeff Nagy, and Rex Church are examples of officials that were given titles as Magisters and who are notably fascist.

Two-Faced Policies of the CoS

Odal noted that by throwing people out for supporting the very same doctrines as the CoS endorses on the official CoS Web site, the CoS employs a two-faced policy. His email notifying the Satanic Reds proves this two-facing.

"Last Train to Satanville"

Having spotted a clear case of two-faced policies in the CoS, Odal was inspired to write an essay about the situation.

Did Tani Jantsang Ever Meet Anton LaVey?

Tani Jantsang has been part of occult societies since prior to the establishment of the CoS. Did she ever meet Anton LaVey? In this essay, Tani Jantsang relates her first meeting with Anton LaVey.

Blanche Barton Claiming CoS Roots in Dark Doctrines

It was the insight into the dark doctrines, which constitute the foundation of Satanism, that prompted Anton LaVey to grant Tani Jantsang and Phil Marsh their titles. While LaVey was still alive, the CoS officially claimed that its roots derived from these doctrines.

Similarly, Peter Gilmore uses the information embedded in the dark doctrines on the official CoS page. However, his action of removing the very people that gave him this information and those who agree with them from the CoS reveals his true agenda.

Today, when Anton LaVey is dead and the CoS suddenly expels people for adhering to the dark doctrines, evidently the CoS does not consider the dark doctrines to form the roots of the CoS. Juxtaposed with its previous statement, one must conclude that the CoS is thus rootless, based only on the philisophy of one man, Anton LaVey. [Note: considering the Dark Doctrines to be the foundations of Satanism is not the same as considering the Dark Doctrines to be the roots of the COS! The COS is exactly, precisely and only an organization based on the philosophy of one man, LaVey. That's the COS. Considering the Dark Doctrines to be the root and foundation so Satanism is another matter. SR]

The only reason this information is still on the CoS Web page is presumably to lure people into the CoS that would otherwise have joined other Satanic organizations, leading them to believe that the CoS embraces the dark doctrines.

On the CoS after 1976

Michael Aquino debunks the wild claims made by William Gidney, and Tani replies to both in this alt.satanism message. In another message, he similarly reminds William and Ygraine Gidney of their time in the Temple of Set.

History Revision by the CoS

Now that the dark doctrines crew has been either expelled or asked to resign, the CoS is quick to apply revisionism to the proof that we provide. This is one early example.

Here Kevin Filan, acting as a spokesman for the COS, is telling every other organization out there what not to do; and we all know that if any other organization does this (or even if they do not!) they can expect harassment and interferenece from Andre Schlesinger, the unpaid lackey of Peter Gilmore. You see, the COS as a corporation can't be legally attacked if Schlesinger does the harassing. Are they sure about that? I seem to remember the leader of an organization being financially ruined via law suits due to the actions of three strangers that he never even met; simply because they read his literature and then bothered people.

Preface to "Dark Force" and "Klippoths"

Some of the information pertaining to the dark doctrines on Hr. Vad's Web site was an offshot of flames aimed at the ToS. These flames were specifically requested by Peter Gilmore, who provided Tani Jantsang and Phil Marsh with incomplete--or perhaps incorrect--information. A necessary preface to these flames has now been written. [Note; this is on SR)

Radu Sums Up

Here Radu sums up the CoS' policies, and how it bullies its members and other organizations. Also included is a brief discussion between Jeff Gerber and Ole Wolf.

Blanche Barton's Statements Rebuttal of Blanche Barton's Letter to Chris Bray

Where do members of the CoS look for "proper behavior?" Apparently Blanche Barton takes the lead in a letter to Chris Bray about Michael Aquino. [Note: Barton libels Aquino with the anal sex bs. SR]

Aquino's rebuttal is right on the money. [Note: the letter Barton claimed to have written was a fraud. SR]

Blanche Barton's Misconceptions about Wicca, and Phil Marsh's Reply

Ignored by Wiccans and Pagans, Blanche Barton has a hang-up on feminism fostered by her patriarchal, Mormon background. Her anger that a bookstore would not print her writing spawned an article and a ritual against Wiccans that she published in The Cloven Hoof, issue 127. [That article was turned into an essay by Phil after he wrote it as a letter to Barton. It's on called "Matriarchy." SR]

Her article was severely mistaken on several accounts, and Phil Marsh felt compelled to educate her. His reply, which prompted Anton LaVey to grant Phil Marsh a Magister title, is included in this document.

Regarding the Expulsions Shane Margolin's Explanation

Shane Margolin was thrown out of the CoS for doing against Schlesinger what Schlesinger and others in Peter Gilmore's clique are free to do to anyone. Here is Margolin's explanation.

Justin Moss Resigns

Justin Moss sent his resignation to the CoS email address listed on the CoS Web site. This is the reply from the CoS, followed by an immediate trolling of Justin's guest book.

Hr. Vad to Blanche on the Revocation of Tani Jantsang's Title

Vad had been tired of the CoS' odd behavior endorsing bullies at the expense of Satanism, and had composed a letter. He did not send this letter until he heard of Blanche Barton's revocation of Tani Jantsang's title as Magistra that was given to her by Anton LaVey. He then composed another letter describing the foolishness of Blanche's action, and sent both letters to her.

Hr. Vad Announces his Being Expelled from the CoS

After having written to Blanche describing that he disagrees with her revocation of Tani's title and the behavior of the Peter Gilmore clique, Vad was promptly expelled. This is his announcement of the CoS' decision.

Ole Wolf Demands a Refund

Ole Wolf was expelled from the CoS for defending the dark doctrines against those CoS members that belonged to Peter Gilmore's clique. The CoS had endorsed the dark doctrines, which were Ole Wolf's reason for joining the CoS in the first place; since the CoS now rejects the dark doctrines, Ole Wolf concluded that he had joined the CoS because of deliberately falsified information. In this letter to Blanche Barton, Ole Wolf demands a refund of the $100 that was thus wrongly charged.

Ole Wolf Revokes Rights to Translations

While Peter Gilmore paid lip service to the dark doctrines, Ole Wolf was supportive of the CoS, and his favors included Danish translations of various texts included on the official CoS Web site. When Peter Gilmore's lies had been exposed, Ole Wolf informed Peter Gilmore that he had revoked the rights to the translations.

Ole Wolf revoked the rights to the translations shortly after two email exchanges. The first one was an exchange between Kaiden Fox and Peter Gilmore, and the second one a harsh email from Ole Wolf to Peter Gilmore because of Peter Gilmore's meddling in Timothy Stewart's business.

Disgruntled Members

Morena was on Peggy Nadramia's "shit list" for being friends with Audy Morgan. She was harassed by the CoS, and explains the events that took place to Tani in this letter. [Note: Morena is married to Audy Morgan; they are the "BeProud" people and the "Satan Snop" people. SR]

"Aragorn" (name withheld) sent a letter to Blanche informing her that she will not play along with the rules of CoS. "Aragorn" had already been disillusioned by the CoS due to its silent support of her counter-productive ex husband at the expense of her. [Note; the husband was extremely abusive toward her. She finally split up with him. SR]

Other People Involved

This section illustrates what a back-stabbing, mealy-mouthed bunch the Gilmore clique consists of, people that gang together to hate others even more than they hate each other.

The Last Email to "Xloptuny" (John Davis) before He Committed Suicide

John Davis ("Xloptuny") was one of the people that was allowed to harass other CoS members (a Jew) quite vitriolically on alt.satanism. It soon turned out that his greatest enemy was himself, and his mindless rage is shown in the last emails he got from Tani, one of the last things this miserable bastard did while he was alive was indulge in a screaming flame war over what would have been a joyful thing had not the klippothic CoS suckups chosen to involve themselves in the making of someone else's chat room. They had to butt in. Well, at least Xloptuny finally butt out: of life. [Note: he killed himself.]

Ygraine Revealing that She Hates André Schlesinger

Ygraine ignores her own desires, and now defends Peter Gilmore and other people she evidently doesn't like. Her story also shows what André Schlesinger is made of.

Ygraine had a fit that Tani showed Peggy the email and logs she wrote about Schlesinger and the entire story of her history with Paul Valentine and others. The email and logs of Ygraine showing her hatred for Schlesinger got posted on alt.satanism, and after that Paul Valentine posted his take on it. All of it appears in this file.

From a CoS Old Timer - Tim Jordan or James Jordan, a/k/a Harry Lime admits to being the old timer

It is not only the new people joining the CoS that dislike it. Here are the words of an old timer, who also dislikes the ruler/serf mentality.

Regarding Sir Chaos

Sir Chaos was one who first opposed the fascist faction headed by Peter Gilmore, but after Peter Gilmore had lied sufficiently to Sir Chaos, Sir Chaos suffered the selective amnesia that characterizes those who are scared of being expelled from the CoS. In this message to alt.satanism, Amina refreshes Sir Chaos' memory. [Note: Sir Chaos claims that he only wanted the bullying behavior of some of the COS members stopped. SR]

Amina is not the only person that dislikes Chaos. Here is a chat log with a "CoS insider" talking about Chaos.

Anonymous Post to Lupo

Lupo is not a member of the CoS. However, it is remarkable how the CoS condones his hostility against Peter Gilmore's opponents compared to their actions taken against those who oppose Peter Gilmore's clique. Lupo's hating the dark doctrines crew was caused by a flame written to someone else by a fifteen year old gay queen several years ago. This message, by an anonymous poster, analyzes a statement made by Lupo.

Waffen SS Email

Here is Peter's email virtually saying "come to us for the dirt, we know all about these people, then YOU can go out and flame them." Also is Ole's letter to Egan. [Note: only Peter's email is shown here. SR]

This email came to be known as the SS EMAIL, the STORM TROOPER EMAIL and the WAFFEN SS EMAIL


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Subject: Attack/Counter-Attack?

To our gang of regular alt.satanism posters:

I've noted a disappointing trend of late, and was curious as to why it has arisen. Aside from the usual attacks on our organization/philosophy, our detractors seem to delight in ad hominem attacks on the acknowledged leaders of the Church of Satan.

This is nothing new, but they have been increasing in frequency. Anton LaVey naturally gets the bulk of them (as founder and long-term leader), but we have seen a spate of attacks on our High Priestess Blanche Barton,

Online Representative (and frequent defender of our supportive members when they are attacked) Magistra Peggy Nadramia, Magister Boyd Rice, and also myself.

Since neither Peggy nor I assiduously keep up with this forum for spewage, we don't follow these snipes directly, but many of you do forward them to us. What we don't then see are forwards of your responses to these shabby posts. When we go to look, we often don't see many responses, if any, while the peanut gallery chimes in with a litany of abuse that largely goes unanswered.

If the forwards are meant for us to compile a list of creeps who, if members, will be eventually terminated--we understand. But it appears to me that, when these comments go without response, it looks like there is some kind of tacit approval by all of you, who are clearly seen as voices and thus representatives of the Church of Satan (and several on the list of folk getting this are in the Priesthood, and a number of others may yet achieve official public spokesperson status).

To be specific: Recently we have seen "Raw Scent" (aka Audey Morgan, "Cameobuyer," "Belphagor," etc.--overweight homosexual and eBay shill-bidder), YRabishu (no info), and David Cromwell (a wannabee writer who sent a crappy article to TBF and when we didn't respond soon enough sent a snotty email claiming we were stealing his material. I responded that he's on my shit list for this behavior [and his writing really does, by objective criteria for such things, suck]. He has since crawled back with an apology and has not been favored with any response.). There are others (the variably present Paul Valentine comes to mind). If you haven't found enough info on these creeps to do a fair-play turnabout, I'm certain that you have enough information on the individuals being attacked to simply point out their many achievements as a counter. Also, the very nature of these attacks are clear signs to anyone with even a modicum of cold-reading ability to provide ammunition for a surgical-strike response post.

We constantly see both Blanche and Peggy being accused of being fat when in actuality neither of these ladies is obese, simply full-figured, which is only a crime to those who follow herd values (and something of which homosexuals are often jealous). Any who know these ladies personally can vouch for their command-to-look powers. They also try to couple "lazy" with this. Gee, our High Priestess is now a widow who is also raising a child and running an international organization (and just recently released a bang-up issue of "The Cloven Hoof") Peggy is accused of holding back TBF (which is really my fault as I've spent too much time on the official website--basically a single-handed creation), when she just released another issue of her World fantasy Award-winning magazine, "Grue." That these people are sitting at their keyboards, contributing nothing but vitriol and waiting like the sucking black holes they are for our products to fill their empty lives--products which they clearly can't live without, should be obvious and easy to point out.

So, I know that all of you lead productive and very busy lives, and that you all know what a cistern usenet is, but since you have made a presence there (of your own free wills you have put on the hip-waders and gas masks) and are looked to by those who merely lurk, it would certainly help to preserve the image of the Church of Satan as one of a den of rattlesnakes, extremely dangerous and loyal to the death in defense of each other (an image Dr. LaVey wanted projected) if you pointed out the nature of these blatherings and what it demonstrates about those who post them.

Peggy particularly has worked to promote projects by many of you--both online and in print, and HP Barton does the same in "TCH." Anton LaVey's laurels are there for all to see. Boyd Rice also has quite a public body of exemplary material, and you all know something about myself, I trust.

I haven't addressed this to any individuals specifically, and many of you haven't ignored these attacks, and responded properly. And we note these responses and they do mean something. But lately the guard has been let down, and the image that comes to my mind by the resounding silence is that of those faithful awaiting the arousal of the distant Gods to strike the utterers of blasphemy.

We aren't theists, waiting for someone else to "Make it so." As Satanists, we must take the bull by the balls and shatter all who oppose us. That is, if you really do respect those who are being attacked.

You are all our shock troops, our special forces, our Waffen SS, and we'd like to see you perhaps interact with one another and coordinate your attacks on those who dare to try to besmirch our organization, and those of us who I think have earned your respect as your leaders.

There are some out there, like Paul Valentine, who desperately seek attention, particularly from those whom he attacks. But you can turn his eustress to distress when armed with the proper ammo. Come to us for the information if you need it, but I know that you all have enough savvy and skill to work amongst yourselves to come up with tactical responses that would make us proud.

So, here's to swatting the flies (it may not take that much effort) so that we can continue with all of the real business of moving the world in our chosen directions.

Hail Satan!

Peter H. Gilmore


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