Tani Jantsang

We have previously had nothing of or about the Church of Satan or LaVey on this website. Mention occurred in passing in the long article "Is Fascism Satanic" since some of the writers for that are or were members of the CoS and the original "idea" for it was presented by an Active CoS member attacking Fascism specifically in the CoS. Others took the concept outside of Satanic organizations. But aside from that, Satanic Reds is wholly free of the CoS and, while some very few CoS members are also Satanic Reds members, we have nothing to do with the CoS. We are so different that there is no contest. We have articles on here about the "Dark Lord of Transcendent Awareness," also known as the "Dark Force in Nature" but this is not LaVeyan at all. It's part of an ancient doctrine as we explain under Dark Tradition articles. Again, there is no contest; no connection. We do not use any of their stuff or even relate to their entire paradigm.

The spokespeople, Barton the HP included, insist that and claim that LaVey said the CoS was a hierarchal dictatorship. Because so many members of the hierarchical dictatorship known as the Church of Satan insist on bothering us and other organizations; when we are trying to be free of them and their "storm troopers" (that is what the Administrator called his people in an official email, it's not a slander); and because I, Tani, am personally tired of having to repeat myself 100 times for the brain dead, asocial misfits in or sniffing around the CoS that can't read for themselves or understand it when it's clearly stated, I'm writing this here - to spare further need to type "all that" over and over again for people trying to "make" the CoS of some importance to people in an org who, for the most part, have no damned idea WHO "Barton" even is, let alone some of the other notables; or care who they are and/or what they say or don't say.

LaVeyan Satanism is all about being egocentric, hedonistic and atheistic, as their spokespeople say. Let me comment on that right now:

Focus on the Ego:

We never said that, the Dark Tradition, LHP Doctrine is not about that at all. We have always said that the "ego," using the standard Western meaning of that word, is an illusion that LIES to the real core whole-self. We talk about the Self, NOT the Ego. There is a huge difference when we say The Self. The Self is not "just" the ego. The word "ego" in Latin may well mean Self, but in standard American usage, in "LaVeyan" usage, it doesn't. In Freudian terms it doesn't. And in Eastern and LHP terms it most definitely doesn't.


We know that hedonism only appeals to the repressed. We are neither hedonistic nor repressed. We are not inside the paradigm where "hedonism" would even make sense; and we do not want to be near such people since in "trying so hard to be hedonistic" they subject us all to their wailing, repressed misery. ONLY a repressed person would think of "trying to be hedonistic." Hedonism is the opposite side of repression - and the CoSsers (or anyone else copying their brand of "satanism") ended up having to clarify that stance by explaining to idiots that over-indulgence was also bad. (Yawn. Stupid bastards.)


Atheism, to us in the Tradition and to standard, textbook theologians, means NOT THEISTIC. This is not quite the same as M. Murray O'hare's American atheism. We LHP people are DEISTS in a sense, and we are technically classed together with atheists by theologians and the Papacy.

Esoteric versus secret:

We do not have secrets like the CIA or the KGB have secrets or like the Bartonian CoS has become, riddled with secrets on some "need to know" basis. But knowledge of the adamantine Dark Tradition is esoteric in the same exact sense that music is esoteric. If you are tone-deaf, the "secret" of harmony is not for you to ever have, no matter how hard you try. You can learn to read music if it's written down, you can learn to put your fingers on the right notes if someone who Can Know shows you, but without the written music or the teacher, the person is as tone-deaf as ever and is forever unable to play - and music is denied him: it is NOT for him to Know. In the true Oral Esoteric tradition, the Adept would play the music: not write it down. Those able to hear, would be able to play also by picking out the notes of what they just heard. The ears alone would instruct them and it would come easy to them . Those unable to hear, would only be able to make noise. It would be forbidden to write it down for the purposes of teaching a person who is destined "not to Know." That's The Way. It will always BE the way. This is not the Way of modern Satanic organizations. As such, it's written down (you can read some of it here) yet still, there are those who will read it and "get it" as if they always knew it; and then there are those for whom the words will be meaningless. Let them go away. Or let them go join the CoS or another org that is based on their stuff. That's fine so long as they stay within their own boundaries and do not try to upset ours.

Now, for the record:

This is what we claim is not Satanism, in fact, it's not anything - and to think it is Satanism is the biggest joke and con game on the planet:

1. Jack London: he was a Marxist-Leninist radical Socialist that wrote both "man in conflict with, or challenged by, nature" tales, and he wrote "bad white man" tales in Polynesian settings where he really delved into what we call the Inner. Most politically right-wing fans of London don't tend to mention those tales, yet they are the heaviest ones he wrote, they are the most inner tales he wrote.

2. Nietzsche: he was lower level Mason bothered at first by dualism. He was also an ethnic Slav living in Nordic country who called the Nordics untermensch and called the Jews and Chinese ubermensch. He was a man who died insane from syphilis. In many ways, if you compare the Greek of St. Paul to Nietzsche, they are saying the same things: ubermensch would be the Elect of God.

3. deSade, Baudellaire, et al., ad nauseum: twisted, almost anti-sexual freaks unable to ever even have a released orgasm. People wallowing in their own angst or in their ophionic delusions. Slanderers of nature itself and flagellaters of the human body. These people fit precisely into the category that Christians would call "Satanic." But that would be a Christian definition. Well, according to Christian definition, Missionaries are Satanic - i.e., evil.

4. Ayn Rand: disaffected and disenfranchised Jewish "princess" that was a monstrous, bitch of a tyrant in real life - the very thing she hated. She bemoaned the lack of a merit system but, by the testimony of "Education in a Real Merit System" a person from the system she claimed she hated, she left a real merit system and came into an America that was the complete opposite of a merit system. She also had a "thing" for Aryan types - yet she was the stereotypical opposite.

5. Various misapplied pseudo-scientific theories on evolution, such as the rampant misuse of "survival of the fittest" spewed out by the high-school drop out leader (not a slander. LaVey was, indeed, a high school drop out and was unemployable) and the moronic followers/parrots that have no clue what "survival of the fittest" means biologically. In short, he who has the most descendents 100 years from now, is the fittest - and it doesn't matter if those people and their kids survive using a parasitic strategy or not. If the "parasites" in society (as we'd call them) can manage to suck the life from us while they ascend and increase their number, then they are the fittest in terms of pure biology. Human values don't matter, neither does art or education.

6. Police states. Dictatorships. The bile spewed out by Anton LaVey when he was the most wretched, living and wallowing in filth around himself and within himself, sued blind by an embittered wife and disowned by his cherished daughter Zeena, - and sick to boot. During this most wretched time, he yammered about police states and dictatorships to his officials who turned his bitter meandering into Scripture. With this Scripture, they have turned into bonafide zealots, storm troopers marching off to "purge" anyone else who dares to make a Satanic organization that is very different.

7. A heap, more than a heap, of tired rantings and ravings about the herd. He wrote nothing but commentary about the herd and this is pretty much the material that constitutes "Their Doctrines." He must have noticed them overly much to write all that tired crap about the herd! The only way he knew how to cloister himself away from them was like a Christian monk would do it - in a dusty, filthy basement - with no human contact. He obviously knew nothing about "moving in-between their realm" which is considered magic in that it involves the Will, or rather: ACTIVE NON-DOING with the Will and remaining in your own "loka." This is NOT the same as actively ignoring something. It's not-focusing - and like magic, the herd vanishes, and they don't see you. You don't notice them just as you don't notice the cracks on the sidewalk as you walk on your WAY home.

8 The stupid tee hee hee Big Deal about sex, sex, SEX!! Oooooooooo. Unable to realize that non repressed people find these tee hee hee antics to be a royal yawn. The Satanic Witch act does not work on non-repressed men.

9 The Angel Talk con games of Edward Kelly and John Dee, gibberish or "talking in tongues," real Christian style.

10. Inversionist, medieval Catholic rituals complete with Latin talk. A cross is a cross, no matter if it's sideways, upright, or upside-down.

11. Anton LaVey's personal ideas of "how women and men should dress." Somehow, in some delirium, he got it into his head that his preferred attire (men looking like gangsters, women looking like hookers) was "Fascist" and then made a statement about it, which his storm troopers now use as Scripture.

12. The entire first portion of the Satanic Bible which is nothing but "Might is Right" by another author - is a text that screams out for violence against Christians. You can see 4 essays on "Might is Right" under Socio Political articles on our website but the point is that this is a blatantly inversionist Christian text which, in our opinion, has nothing to do with the inner-seeking LHP. It's negativity. Why not scream out about Moslems? They are worse than Christians and, in this day and age, they are a threat (terrorists). This hyper focus on "rebellion" against their own background is not self-enhancing in the least.

We of the LHP maintain that this is NOT Satanism, not even remotely. It's not even a real philosophy. It's stupid crap and moreso, it's stupid American bullshit since overseas people seldom relate to it. It's stupidity that, for the most part, Americans (the especially repressed, Victorian, anal types) can relate to.

It is known that Anton LaVey took pieces of these things to "make up" Satanism; according to all his Spokespeople; and that this constitutes "their doctrine." Sorry, that doesn't cut it. Look at the doctrines of the Dark Tradition: no contest. What we have are the LHP traditions, large or small, of various cultures whether they are the main things in those cultures or not. We have synthetically and cross-culturally presented these Dark Traditions in a pure form, without mixing them up with cultural norms in foreign lands; we have presented these in English and explained them. See "Unity of the Dark Tradition" on our website.) This is real. We do not recognize anything else as being Satanism though we do recognize that many people that practice these traditions may not choose to associate with the name Satan due to the very problems that have caused me to write this little explanation. Heh. Also, "Satan" is not even a word in the languages that people who have these traditions speak. Shiva is. Shakti is. Sat is. Etc.

Nor do we regard standing in front of a Baphomet and yelling about Satan, to be Satanism per se, or even necessary to Satanism. Do people standing around a cake singing "Happy Birthday," or not doing that, change the fact that you are one year older? Anyone remotely familiar with the practices of the LHP knows that such psychodramas are not necessary. They are only necessary to those that psychologically need it and, of course, they can be fun for and/or have meaning to people in a group that wish to do it. None of that is the same thing as really doing some of the LHP "siddhi" which requires none of that noise but which require utter silence and cessation of thought to accomplish; and a resultant real recognition of the Flame within, the Darkness moving that Flame. That is real! Ceremonies can mean something, e.g., graduation ceremony, a Baptism if you do that and yes, a birthday party or Yule celebration; nothing wrong with that. But to say this is Satanic, or "necessary" to being a Satanist, is not true. Some Satanists do it, others do not - just like some Jews do ceremonies, some Jews do not. It is not necessary to do that to recognize your own Satanism at all. It is definitely not necessary to pay money for a card from a Post Office Box rented to a Corporation. Comparison: many Christians and Jews do not go to church or synagogue; for them there is no need. Many Christians never went through the very solemn ceremonies of "Communion" or "Confirmation." Some Christians were never even baptized. Some Jews never had their Bar Mitzvah. For many Christians and Jews, there is no need to visit a building to worship their God. Do they have any doubts that they are Christians or Jews? Is anyone out there screaming that they are not what they claim to be? Only a zealot would do that and then proceed to harass them.

We say that one needs to truly feel that Dark Force within them, the Kundalini, the Flame which burns in Darkness, rising all the time - and this makes them automatically Satanic in the sense of being a whole, human animal. Some CoS spokespeople would argue that this is wrong and that feeling the dark force is but one element of Satanism. They clearly don't understand what "automatically Satanic" means. They argue then that pursuing a life that is Satan-like is also an element. What is "Satan-like?" They have no doctrines on this save for the above mentioned irrelevant things that they use as a "philosophy." They fail to grasp this reality even though it is right there for them to see: their number one fan was wallowing in a crack-house level, filthy domicile, not even fixing the plumbing or electricity, cloistering away from the world like a Franciscan monk and talking to dolls - this is not living a Satanic life - it's not even LIVING. It's existing. This is what their leader, LaVey, did after Dr. Michael Aquino and the LHP priests left in 1975 to form the Temple of Set.

What they never seemed to grasp is that the moment you really feel that Dark and INNER Liberation, you immediately are GONE from the dualistic world where repressive feelings and/or dualized notions of repression/hedonism, leader/led, compliment/insult and all "sensitive ego bullshit" exist. You are out of that entirely and it is gone from your Being. The rest of what we clearly define, FALLS INTO PLACE all by itself. There is no need to stand in front of a Baphomet, sword in hand, blah blah blah, and chant words to the wall or into the unlistening air as one CoS spokesman claimed. Sure, you can do that if you want - but doing this does not make you into a Satanist. Claiming that this is necessary makes as much sense as praying to a statue of Jesus. In fact, it's the same thing. No harm in doing it and calling it fun. But it's not necessary to Satanism or LHP at all. Aside from that, some Satanists do not use the Baphomet that LaVey ripped from a book. Baphomet means SOPHIA - and it was never a symbol of stand-in for Satan - not ever. (See article on the Baphomet on this website.)

The CoSsers who continue to harass us all remind me of Fundie fanatics screaming that the Catholics or Methodists or ________ (fill in blanks), are not real Christians because ______ (fill in the blanks).

LaVey's 8 little statements from the Talmud are fine; we like these, but Jews were not the only people who had such notions, as we point out again and again.

I prefer to ignore the CoS and all that is of them. But I will give them this crumb: they are LaVeyan or Bartonian Satanists. Simple as that. Neo-Satanists. We are LEFT HAND PATH of many persuasions and, as such, we are SaTanic - for real. We are the ones who honor the Dark Lord of Transcendent Awareness (old name) Dark Force in Nature (modern name) as the Self-Itself. The CoS and LaVey never even heard of it or of any traditions that were about this. Simple as that.

We have no problem with that, but apparently the CoSsers have a problem. Well, aside from literal harassment tactics perpetrated by their storm troopers with storm trooper mentality, which makes them more of a pain in the ass than Fundie Christians would be or are, this becomes their angst, then. Not ours. Harassment can be dealt with via legal means. Or one can use their own tactics of outing Satanists to Christian organizations, against them. Two people can throw stones - it's not one way. If they want to cause that kind of trouble with us, then so be it. It would ultimately prove that they are Thanatos; that their Administrators could not control their storm troopers, despite the CoS being a hierarchical dictatorship. If the dictator can't dictate, then perhaps some radical Fundies can do it for them - if they persist in bothering us. They have everything to lose. If they insist on being a hate group, then someone else can prevent them from bothering us. They do the deeds of a hate cult.

1. The CoS is a Dictatorship
2. The CoS is a hierarchical organization
3. Their members have a storm trooper mentality.
4. It appears that their Administrators and their Dictator are incompetent to hold their storm troopers in check.
5. They systematically use disposable allies to do their dirty work for them and thus can "officially" claim they did not do it.

Go from there. Remember, ANY ENEMY of people that harass you or any of us, is OUR ALLY!

This is the Church of Satan's lawyer:


And this is where a "copy" of all complaints should be sent (this, compliments of one of the former COS storm troopers).

Christian Coalition of America
499 So. Capitol Street SW
Suite 615
Washington, DC 20003 USA


One other thing to clarify: - the business about my Magistra title. This was handed to me by Anton LaVey in his year 30 AS whatever that is - I don't even care. It was handed to me (and to Phil) outside the COS, we were never members of the COS, it was given to us by one person, LaVey, for the Dark Tradition stuff. However, I never used it on anything serious that I wrote for myself and our kind, or on anything published. It meant nothing to me. I was never a member of the Church of Satan, I never gave that organization a penny of my money. What LaVey gave me was personal from him to me, from him to Phil. It was not a title WITHIN the CoS itself since it carried NO responsibility or authority with it AT ALL. That some of the members thought it did is too bad. It meant nothing and this was all too obvious to those that knew me. Why did he give me that title? He gave that because of the Dark Tradition articles and the information on Pythagoreanism, (the analysis of the Pentagrammon: pentalpha, pentamychos and tetraktys information which constitutes the ROOTS of Western Satanism.) This is only one more thing that neither LaVey nor anyone else in his clique ever knew about. What Barton tried to take away (due to the nasty exposures I made and exposed online and then personally mailed her) means equally nothing. I personally can't stand the sound of the stupid word. When I had to get the storm troopers to talk this last year (2000), I used it since it would work (did work) to get these idiots to talk and spill the shit; and what a pile of shit there was. After all, they belonged to a hierarchy and a dictatorship - and, in their minds, I was one of the hierarchs. I despised them from the pit of my being for that, for acting like serfs and wanting to BE serfs. They are despicable. I had no hard feelings against the CoS and the CoS never did anything to me personally before; but since they continue to harass the Satanic Reds this is being written. The CoS Administrators only have to issue their orders: STAY AWAY - and all will be fine. They would never do that.

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