Casey Ley Speaks

This is about the obsessions of others regarding the "Blow Job Culture" article, listed as by Tani Jantsang on Hr. Vad's site,, but actually dictated to Tani.

For Ben, et. al. (Ben used to be Mr. Faust) posted to alt.satanism by One Darkness (Casey Ley) on 11/19/2005

Hey, long time no see. You were rather more Faust-ish the last time I talked to you. Having been possessed by an apparent lapse of sanity sufficient to have me reading alt.silly, I've noticed a misapprehension on your part (along with the other usual suspects ) that I thought I would point out to you.

All that 10 year old pinky dick blow job stuff you guys like to blame Tani for? Wasn't her. I've said it before, but apparently the message was not heard, so let me say it again. It. Was. Not. Her.

Maybe it wasn't you I told. The only time I remember talking about blow jobs with you was on satanmuse a long time ago. I don't remember the whole conversation, I was at work and talking on irc from there. I remember it was a night when your baby was sick. You had a new baby, a boy. You named him Kaiden. He was sick. You had said he was in your lap and you thought he was sick and there was some talk about what was wrong. A fever, kinda high, and something else. Tani said get him checked for meningitis. And we were all talking back and forth about just general stuff, nothing sexual, and you said something about blow jobs. "Yuck, not my thing," is what I think I said. I remember that guy as Faust, not Ben, but I realized you were the same guy when I saw your son Kaiden's name in the car post. It just occurred to me. While a sick baby was on your lap, while I can assume your wife was sleeping, you brought up blow jobs to me. You also wanted to see my picture, Tani sent you a photo of me. I remember that. That's pretty weird.

I rarely get into full blown conversations on this subject, as I have some fairly strong opinions. I'm sure you've noticed, albeit unknowingly. 10 years later, you're -all- still quoting me.

This all started long before Tani even got on line, she was known in the COS, and every other satanic org out there. This was back in the day, man. Many orgs were --constantly-- sending her their stuff. Peter sent her **every issue** of the Black Flame. They were begging her to write stuff, and not just the COS, either. I didn't get it, frankly. They'd send her an issue of BF and say "oh, Tani, what do you think?" NOT something you asked Tani if you don't want to know what she thinks And she would take it apart. Not like flames or anything, just take it apart piece by piece. And there they were next month, "Oh Tani, what do you think? Hey Tani, could you write us something on such and such..." This is the same Tani who told Pete that the Satanic Bible was CRAP and it really should be re-written. It could be done better. Loooong long conversations on the phone with satanists and orgs all over the freaking world, man. Australia, Europe, all over the US. It was 4 or 5 years all this was going on. Where all this crap I'm seeing on the ng insisting that Tani was soo into Lavey is coming from, I have no clue, but it is completely ass backwards. Being given honorary titles in all of these orgs does not a member make, you know. Hell, I'm an honorary member of several non religious organizations. Did I join? No. Did I ask to join? No. There is a clear distinction.

Anyway, she wasn't online posting her own stuff. Some people we all knew -were- online and would call up and tell what was on alt.satanism or would send copies. It would get talked about, somebody, any of us, not just Tani, would say, hey, "tell them this or whatever." That's how most of that stuff happened, everything got talked about. One person was answering something with. "Tani said tell you...." and then he added **his own thoughts**.

---This--- was the person who started the whole dick insult thing, because he --used-- it as an insult (he isn't here to defend himself, so I wont name names, and you newbies probably wouldn't recognize it if I did.) Why does it always get taken as an insult?

Now pinky dick -- that has evolved into a very particular code phrase. There's a lot in those 2 little words. As far as -I- am concerned, it certainly is an insult. I have no use for the kind of person it describes. If I call you one, I mean something specific and it is most definitely pejorative **to me**. If you ---are it---, then as far as you are concerned, it's just what you are. Why be insulted? Read on.

Now as to that article that TEN YEARS LATER (I find that ---un--- fucking believable, BTW) is still causing such angst and heartache. That article (the blow job culture one) isn't even ---about--- blow jobs, per se. Blow jobs are just a sort of sub topic. Amazing, huh?

Years ago, a bunch of women (single and married) who all knew each other had gotten together at Tani's house. That happened a lot back then, there were a bunch of friends that lived in the same area, and we tended to gather. This particular night, it was just us girls. And we dished. And we dished some more about all the bullshit relationships/lovers/lays/men we had run into and all the lies that get told. ---That's--- what started the article: the LIES we all told men. LIES and more LIES.

Tani was sitting there hearing all this and said "WHAT are you TALKING about?? What do you mean, lies? He was shit in bed, tell him he was shit, be polite about it, move on," or something to that effect. So there we were, products of the Grand Patriarchal Dick Protection Scheme, trying to explain to this an *alien* from another planet (Tani, --not--- a product of the GPDPS) what we were talking about. We explained it: "Oh no, you HAVE to lie. You gotta, or you don't date. Tell him he was no good, or you didn't like it, and all his friends will mysteriously come to know you as a ball buster. etc etc etc." About how even the enlightened ones couldn't take the criticism, or even suggestions without eventually being huffy about it and throwing it back in our faces. And, yes, about how size certainly --does--- matter to most women. Physical fact. There is a place on my anatomy that, when manipulated, will cause me to have a --vaginal-- orgasm, the kind that, if you've ever given one to a woman, apparently feels like having your cock milked in a vice. It makes the vagina contract, rapidly. Can you reach that spot with your cock? No? Then you are TOO SMALL. Period. No ifs, no ands, no buts, NO equivocation. You can't say you never heard the song, "Short Dick Man," can you? Sure you heard it.

10 Years later, and you have turned that into giant cock jokes. Ok, but there is ---nothing--- giant about an eight inch cock. If you think there is, I know all I would ever need to know about yours. Nor are they unusual. That whole six inches is normal thing? Maybe for you guys, but -most- of the female friends I talk to agree. Less than 7 inches? Pinky. Worthless as anything other than a sperm delivery system. Not good enough.

But you know what? Most women in this society know better than to tell you that. I dunno, they want a husband. They believe they are supposed to get married and have a family. They don't know they can demand (and --get--) better. Their mothers bought into the lie and taught them to do the same. You go along to get along. They wanna meal ticket. MANY reasons I've heard. Plus, I live in this society. You're surrounded. With few exception, men make the movies, the tv shows, run the print media etc. The images of "womanhood" we are inundated with are created by and for the men who hate us. And our "friends" the feminists? No help there. They took the "prim and proper" stereotype they hated so badly and turned it so far on its head that they wound up right back where they started. Aren't they thrilled to know they burned their bras just so a bunch of college chicks, who are just as brainwashed as Edith Bunker ever was, can be convinced that if they don't flash their tits in every direction or fuck anything that walks then they're prudes? Personally, I don't see any difference in one prick-pleasing scenario or the other. One slavery is the same as the other.

Now, all of this lead to a VERY raucous conversation. The 2 Latinas where hysterical. The women who were fucking black guys just kinda shook their heads and explained WHY they switched to black guys. And all of the white women who had had ---both--- kinds of sex (one of them would be ME) went --ballistic--.

It started with; You know what else I've noticed? Fucking blow jobs. What? Think of the guys you've fucked who wanted blow jobs, who insisted you suck their dicks. Ok. So, who are they? Are they the guy you knew who was hung and fucked like a god? The one that left you hanging on to the ceiling? The one who wrung you out until you couldn't move? Nope. Was it the guy with the normal dick who got you off, and treated you like a queen when you were with him? Nope. The other one, who was a decent guy who didn't play head games? Nope. --not ONE time--. Was it the fucked up, pinky dicked, shit head, who tried to make you jealous by coming on to your friends, or who dogged your footsteps, called you at work, never wanted you to go out with anyone but him, the clingy, smothering, head game playing, lying, manipulative piece of shit, can't fuck, asshole that you had to fake it with or you would hurt his feelings'? YES. EVERY TIME.

And the conversation went on. If you NEVER gave another blow job in your LIFE, would you be sorry? Hell NO. Do you like it? All but one woman there that night said no. You know what the lone dissenter said? I ---hate--- giving them, its disgusting, it's slimy, it stinks to hell, but I love the POWER. The power. There ya go, there's an erotic thought for ya. She's down there gobbling it up, not cause she likes it, not cause it's some sexual act she's getting off on, but because it gives her POWER. I told her she was nuts. You're doing something you don't want to do in exchange for something you do want. You're not his girlfriend, you're a prostitute, with a different payment commodity. She agreed. She KNEW that's what she was doing. I asked, does he know??? She said, "Are you fucking nuts???? He thinks I do it cause I LUUUUUUUV him." She said it just like that, like it was a big joke. She did not, btw, love him. She dumped him after he bought her the new car.

Then somebody said: that's not even sex. WHAT? Blow jobs, that's not even sex. Blow jobs are to sex what anti matter is to matter. The Anti Sex sexual act. Think about it. What is sex? Strictly speaking, the act of procreation right? Penis, vagina, sperm, egg. Put em together right, and you get a baby, the point of the whole exercise. So here we have mouth (including those infamous 32 guillotines) penis, sperm, digestive tract, asshole, toilet. Nope, no sex in that that I can see. Sex makes people. Blow jobs make the digested leavings of potentially viable fertilizing sperm that could have been used to make people. Shit, in other words. Hence our conclusion: they come from shit (shitty men) they make shit (as they are digested). They are shit. That was the married girl that took birth control pills behind her husband's back, while her husband, on the rare occasion that he fucked her for 30 seconds and came, wondered why she wasn't getting pregnant. Oh, but ask your girlfriend if she likes giving head. "Of course I do, honey, I like it that you like it." Ooooookay, like that girl that refused to get pregnant liked it. Just like that. She called her husband impotent. She didn't mean he didn't have sperm. She meant he was worthless for sex. Why stay with him? The money, the security.

Tani didn't believe us. LITERALLY. Did. Not. Believe. Us. "How can this be? I can't believe you FEEL that way about these men. Aren't they afraid to go to sleep at night with you there?" This was an ---hours--- long conversation. She could not believe we would lie to a guy about why we didn't want to go out with him. Or worse, lie to a guy about shitty sex, sex acts we hated, and continue to go out with him. Like it was no big deal, just tell him the truth. See? LIES. THAT was the whole point. Tani never would THINK to lie about why she did not want to see a guy again, or even why she doesn't want to hang out with someone as a friend. She just says it. eg You're boring. No emotion, it doesn't mean anything, it just is. You're boring. You don't do it for me. We aren't compatible. We have nothing in common. Same difference.

Then she said, as she is wont to do when something that's new to her is coming to light, "I gotta write this down, come on." And off we went to the word processor. Not computer, get it? Word processor. At that point, if she wanted to type something and get it on line she had to type it on the word processor, print it out and mail it to someone on line. So there we went, and we ---dictated --- to Tani what we thought. WHOA she'd say. You can't say that That's fucking HARSH. Yeah, no duh. Say it, Tani, say it just like that, cause that is the FUCKING TRUTH. She wanted to nice it up. Wait, wait, she'd say. Say this instead. NO, Tani, say it just like THAT. Casey, if you say that to someone that way, if it means that much to their ego, that might even un-hinge them. Yeah? GOOD. SAY IT. JUST. LIKE. THAT. And let the sorry, no dick fuckers rot. And the Jaws of Hell was born. And here is what I still say:

Blow jobs are not sex. They are a twisted attempt on the part of worthless, barren, klippothic men-shells to subjugate that which they despise: the generative force embodied in the female. Get that: --embodied-- in the female. What they really hate is Creation. The Female with a capital F. Darkness. That which moved forth. They know they are shut out of it. The only way they (light) can rejoin the Dark is to give in to it, to let go to it. But they can't. They hold themselves back, deny --themselves-- the only thing that will satisfy the longing for that particular missing something. They can feel that, that non-connectedness. They know it as reality, a particular, never-satisfied longing. And they rage. They can't reach her, so they try to get to her thru her Daughters, females with the little f.

Not so long ago, it was considered "obvious" that females did not have orgasms at all. "There was no such thing as a female orgasm," it was authoritatively stated. Obviously, because they didn't orgasm! The excuse was that women were too pure to have such feelings. Those were the days when men put women up on pedastals. But who had that mentality? Don't we all know who had that mentality?

It is a truth of Creation and Biology that males exist --only--to fertilize the female. You have found other justifications for yourselves, hunting, gathering, work, etc. But the truth of the matter is, your whole life, except for those few seconds when you cum, is just so much extraneous BS. Like the Darkness, we'd be ok without you. Have been. Are. You, on the other hand, are compelled to seek us out. You cant help it, metaphysically you are manifest light, and you want to go home. Only we can take you there. To get there, you have to fuck us. If you're good at it, that's no problem. Suppose you're not? Considering the only reason you are here is to fertilize an egg, and the only way to get to that egg is to fuck a woman, if you're no good at that then you're just no good. Period. You failed.

Well, that's pretty bad. Failed. At something every non thinking beast of the field manages to get right without any effort. Failed. At something all of the rest of Creation manages just fine.

Watcha gonna do? You fucked her, she didn't like it, she doesn't want to again. What to do? Ahhh MAKE her. How? Well, there's always rape, but that wouldn't be a good plan for the long run. hmmm..Well, you're stronger than her, what if a bunch of you that aren't so good at the sex thing get together and make some rules for the females that live with you? Yeah, like they have to have permission to fuck. And they can only do it with particular people. And you say who that is. etc etc and VOILA The birth of Patriarchy. (And get rid of that guy with the bigger dick, the women all wanna go run around with him.)

And ya know what? It isn't just the dick either. Men who can get us off are completely different animals from the ones who lack that ability. And here we get to something that touches on the ng. Know who the shit disturbers are? IN person? Pinky dicks. Really against women, the boys club? People who argue for the sake of being against something? Pinky dicks. Butinskys? Pinky dicks. Elitists? Pinky dicks. Sages on the stage? (Look ma, I'm so smart?) Pinky dicks. Do I mean I can see inside their clothes and have my little ruler out? No, although I'd probably take the bet. How is it possible that the whole ng is too stupid to put that together? Or did you all see inky dinky in conjunction with the word penis and your brains shut down? You all fling words around like you know what they mean. Klippoth, for instance. If you can't recognize that pinky dick is klippoth with a little more detail then maybe you should refrain from using the word. You know what else is funny? NOT ONE TIME have I -ever- had to explain pinky dick to a woman. They get it, *all* of it, instantly. You know who else gets it without any explanation? Men who aren't it.

Here's something else that no one has ever been able to get across to alt.silly. NOBODY CARES. It's an observation. Another pinky dick, waving his prosthetic mind penis around trying to prove to the world he's more than he really is. Well, if the shoe fits, why do all of you STILL care? Don't bother, really. Rhetorical question. What difference does it make? Alt.silly certainly doesn't suffer from a dearth of insults. What's one more? Kook? You all seem to fling that one around pretty regularly. That one is ok but pinky dick is taboo? Who's a kook anyway? Tani? Why? cause she rants? You (meaning all of you) DON'T???????? Tani's a kook, but Vic and Harry aren't??????

Vic's a psycho running around behind his anonymous, IP-less posts, posting other people's names and addresses because they piss him off in a NEWSGROUP. That's rational? Nope. Pinky dick. Not enough of a life (a positive, generative experience) so he has to go try to break the life someone else does have. And yes, Vic, before you ask, I guess that does make you a klippoth. And what else? You got it. Waste product. Human feces? That too. Waste of air? Took the words right outta my mouth. Thing from the pit? Sure, why not, it works. Walking Nothingness? That fits. I could use more mundane words if you like. Nutter? That'll do. So will wanker, horse's ass, and an excellent argument for abortion. And lets not forget your own favorite, kook. It applies. Do you feel better about the experience since I insulted you in lowercase letters?

And Harry? Mr. "I can remake reality into what I say it is if I just repeat it a hundred times. That'll make it true." Oh yeah, there's a sterling example of mental health. Nothing kooky about making up a bunch of lies about someone because you cant win a -real- argument with them or because you just can't agree to disagree about something that's outside the realm of "debate." Who was that who said that shit about the Big Lie? Oh, I remember. Hitler said it. Both of you were obviously lured in by the COS or the head personality, so you imagine that everyone else was in the same boat as you. Nothing could be further from the truth. You either can not believe that simple truth, or you just get off making up lies.

And speaking of Harassing Harry and Victim Vic, WHAT is it with people on this NG who flat out cannot read? Let me state this again, also categorically: I AM NOT TANI. Tani is not me. We do not look alike, we do not sound alike, we do not write alike. Do we RANT alike? To some degree. I have a shift and a caps lock button on my keyboard, too. When I get pissed, I yell. You big bad Satanists have a problem with that? Don't get mad, don't raise your voice? Is that the rule you want to impose? This is not a FUCKING CHURCH people, much as you may strive to make it one. Isn't that what the little circle jerk you call Satanism is all about? Freedom from censorship, freedom of expression? Unless YOU get to do the censoring, so long as its YOUR opinion, huh? Call it whatever you want. You're born again alright. Right back into the bullshit constructs you ran whining to Satanism to get away from that you SAY you hate and that you want to be free of. Bullshit.

The COS (and this NG) could have been a place for that to happen. It could have been that haven of freedom of self you ALL claim to want. What have you ALL made it? The only thing it could have been with trash for architects : a garbage organization, built in the garbage image of its garbage builders. "Claim" to want, understand, because, when given the opportunity, what you -say- you want is not what you -do-. You don't want freedom OF self, you want freedom FROM self. Wherever you go, people, there you are. There is no refuge far enough, no sanctuary remote enough to give you escape from yourself. You brought the garbage with you, and with you it has stayed.

Seriously though, people, if I were you, I would worry. What, exactly, is it that you are doing when you say "I'm reading" or "I have read" a post? Or anything else for that matter? Can you really not tell the difference? How the hell do you read books? Can you not tell the difference between a Stephen King book and a Dean Koontz book either? Do Rudyard Kipling and Shakespeare sound the same to you? Charlotte Bronte and Emily Dickinson? Can you tell the difference between the author of "Phylogeny and Ontogeny in the Human Species" and, say, Yeats???? It seems you can't. That is a serious problem for a bunch of people who want the world to believe how "intelligent" they are. Pretty kooky, if you ask me. Smacks of conspiracy theories.

Do none of you realize how ridiculously obvious you are being? Here's a bunch of guys telling a woman she doesn't know what a woman thinks. You're like a bunch of ostriches racing around, each one trying to get his head further under the sand than the other one. Women -talk-, get it? Women talk -to each other-, especially if they know that whatever they may say will not be repeated or attributed to them. You must be the same idiots who tried in the past to tell women there was no such thing as a female orgasm. HA YOU WISH. How nice for you if that were true. Tell me that wasn't the pay off of a bunch of pinky dicked research. I don't need 3 guesses to know who the women they talked to were fucking. MORE Pinky dicks. Why don't you tell me what it feels like to have a period, while we're at it. Or how 'bout childbirth, tell me all about that, ok, because I await your absolutely clueless, know nothing version with bated breath. You barely have penises, don't pretend you know what a vagina feels like.

Women LIE, ok, they lie through their teeth with the same mouths they wrap around the limp, worthless, dicks of their boyfriends. What don't you get? Don't believe me? Look around. Observe the blow job culture: nobody has sex, they all have fetishes. I have a picture of a cousin of mine licking an ice cream cone. A guy at work saw the picture and says, as he's -staring- at it, oh that's hot. WHAT? That's hot. How do you mean, hot? You know, he says, hot. She's licking that like she's giving it a blow job. The ice cream on her chin looks like.... No, ya perv, that's my 10 year old cousin licking an ice cream cone like its an ice cream cone.

When did food become sex? Probably about the same time all those women in the BJ society decided that they hated to swallow so much that they would quit swallowing. Anything. Ever. They have a word for that you know. They call it anorexia. Psychiatrists say "Oh, she has a poor self image." Yeah, when she's with him, she has to swallow. She'll be goddamned if she'll do it any other time. Or that they'd swallow, ok, but they'd damned well not KEEP it swallowed. "He can make me swallow it, but he can't make me keep it swallowed." They call that bulimia.

Now, I could tell you all of this in the metaphysical sense every time I wanted to mention it. I could say, every time I referred to it, how depraved the urges of the -thing- that walks around with that as it's core are. I could explain, over and over, that such men have destroyed nerve centers and also how that destruction is manifested: (il)logic, (warped) desire, (twisted) will etc. I could do all that. But Pinky Dick (which encapsulates all of the above) is much more succinct. Explaining it any other way would fall on ostrich ears.

Understand this: -I- did not make this important to you. **You** are the ones who -cannot- let this go. You are the ones who continually bring it up, who think that by mocking it you lessen its truth, or its impact. You do the opposite. By continually resurrecting it, you give it credence. Me thinks the NG doth protest too much. You show yourselves clearly with every word you post. You don't like to believe that, either. You like to say "oh you don't know me. If you met me in person you would not know it was me." Would I know your name? Maybe not. Would I KNOW you? Without a doubt. The same way I can say: That is a black person. That is a blonde person. That is a pinky dick. Sometimes, seeing the pinky dick is the easiest. People dye their hair. Some black people don't look Afro at all. But pinky dicks can't hide. It isn't one characteristic, get it? It is a state of being, and it is painfully obvious. Now, I don't need any further proof of what you are than what's already plastered all over this NG, but I'll make you this offer: Wanna prove me wrong? I have a ruler. Whenever you're ready.

Oh, and one more little thing. This big deal you idiots make out of Tani's ethnic group. The El Hassan family are not related to Tani. They are, however, a **Turkish** family from Turkey, despite the idiocy being stated about their surname. Her cousins' last name does rhyme with that name, but it's not their name at all. How do I know? I met her nephew. Adorable kid. Hoping that y'all FIND these people she pointed you toward, not that I'd be one to wish something "pleasant" upon the nosiest idiots on the planet. It took me a while to figure out why Tani would give you the name of the wrong family. Then I figured it out.

What is this ethno-obsession of yours about? I seriously do not get it. Why the hard time about Tani's ethnic background? Her family are immigrants, so what?? What is so hard to believe about that? I could understand if she was a Jew or Christian who made up a bunch of shit about being a Gypsy or a Transylvanian in order to more closely resemble some fabricated image of satanism. Oh, wait. That's been done. Why all the shit slinging about her cousins? So most of them are Lamaist, so WHAT? Some of them are Moslems and some are Catholics. So what? I have a cousin who is a Catholic Priest. Whooo, think the Pope will come to Crhistmas?? I have another cousin who is a Protestant Minister. I have a cousin who is a car mechanic. SO WHAT? I happen to like my family, like my Scottish background and like my cultural traditions, which include Christianity and some of the Pre-Christian paganism my mother and aunts were into when they were young. Tani has always associated and befriended people who were comfortable and happy with exactly what they were. She made it a point to avoid people who were not happy with what they were - until she had to deal with Satanists. Every one of them fit the bill. Miserable people.

What makes that mock-able?? My family immigrated from Scotland, so? Wait a minute. Tony hated his background, and had a serious case of WANNABE something else. That's it huh? Tani DOESN'T hate anything about her family or relatives, and isn't shy about talking about it. Can't stand it can ya? I get it, The great venerated one was a loser no-life who hated what he was and what he came from, just like you. OK. I can see where you would have a (twisted) problem with someone who doesn't feel that way.

And something else, just so you know. You all like to act like Tani has some ulterior, personal motive for the Dark Doctrines, like she made it up in order to get in with a bunch of orgs or something. Gee, she should have been in a big hurry to bring it to you then, don't you think? Satanist were THE LAST group to get it. That's right, sorry to burst your bubble. YEARS before anyone thought of giving it to the sorry group of whinning, pathetic wannabes that have always gravitated to this particular "ism," it was spread all over. The Christians had it before you people ever heard of it. Oh, it had to be traslated, but that is VERY simple to do. The ideas are the same. ASAT = The God, Sat = God-manifested and Tan = The Logos. See, there is a distinction in the actual Bible between "God" and "The God." They GOT IT too. They UNDERSTOOD what was being said, and what it meant. Oh there were debates, sure, about the INFORMATION, tho. No flames, no shit slinging, nothing PERSONAL. It IS NOT personal. And when no agreement could be reached on any particular subject, we agreed to disagree. No big deal. The Christians took all that info in, saw in it things no one had explained to them and they PRIZED it, like GOLD. It was precious. THE INFORMATION, get it? Not the person who delivered it. It didn't matter who delivered it.

How bout that, the Christians you wouldn't spit on if they were on fire reacted more reasonably than you terribly elite "satanists." With you people, the whole experience has been nothing but conflict and strife. Truth to tell, every single Satanic group wanted this stuff and prized it, and they loved it when Tani tolerated them and was a little bit friendly. Hatred and discontent is all you, as a group, seem able to come up with. Scum. You haven't the intellect to oppose anything polemically, so you hurl insults at the messenger in an effort to make it personal. YOU made it that way. No one cared about a sorry group of fringe idiots who thought the devil was real, until they got in our FACES.

Tani is not a satanist. She never has been, she never aspired to be. She is what she is, and she is happy to be so. "Satanists" have ALWAYS been the bottom of the barrel. That opinion has been borne out over the last 15 years of SHIT. NO ONE, in all the years of disseminating the Doctrines, comes EVEN CLOSE to satanists for sheer stupidy, ignorance, closed mindedness and stunning lack of ability in reasonable debate.