SATANAS - who used that as a spelling for Satan first?

Where did Lin, on those SSS cards, get SATANAS as a spelling for Satan? Keep in mind that what Lin was doing was intentionally funny (I think). The "Latin" on the cards is more like an English joke version of Latin. What Wayne C was doing with the cards and the group he was in was serious in terms of comparative religion and creative ideas.  The groups involved had nothing to do with Satan or Satanism.  If other groups of similar people bothered to make cards, they made them original with unknown symbols and usually words in English.   Most never bothered to do anything like that.  

Some pseudo scholars who "always HAVE to be right" would never merely accept letters about this as any kind of proof, or the actual card as proof, would contend that "Satanas" is incorrect Latin and that only lil old LaVey used it! As such, anyone else, anywhere in the world, that used the "Satanas" spelling would have had to have read lil ol LaVey's stuff. Oh? Is that so! That's a very strange conclusion for a "scholar" to make! 

The "Satanas" spelling is on the SSS cards, they do, indeed, predate LaVey. But the problem with that is it's not in any kind of "published" form for the pseudo-scholars! One can't exactly carbon date the little card I still have. Lin had the Baphomet on those cards. The Baphomet was in a book as we all know, that predates LaVey. But so is the misspelled word "Satanas" as the image below will prove and as none other than the Latin Vulgate Bible (Catholic) will prove, too!  

And also about "Satanas." Herbert Sloane had a group in 1948 called "Ophite Cultus Satanas." Reference: James R. Lewis Satanism Today. There was also a major Faustian novel from 1895, The Sorrows of Satan that used it, or the alternate spelling "Sathanas." The alternate Sathanas appears in Chaucer and other old literature.  Oh, but that has a "th" in it.  

There is a book:  Salome The Wandering Jewess: My First Two Thousand Years Of Love (1930) by George Sylvester Viereck. There is a Satanic prayer in it:  

Sanguis eius super nos et filios nostros:
Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus, Satanas, Satanas, Satanas!
Pleni sunt infernus et terra gloria tua!
Per omnia saecula saeculorum!

May his blood be on us and our children:
Holy, holy, holy, Satanas, Satanas, Satanas!
Full are Hell and Earth with your glory!
For ever and ever!

Still, the Latin "as" is on the end of the word "Satanas."  We are told that this is incorrect Latin.  Ok, it would be correct in the vocative case if you said "Ave Satanas."  (Like Hail, as in to formally say Hello, Satan).  The word "Rege" used for Hail is problematic unless you are saying "Rule, Satan."  But that's not what the quibble was ever about.  

Some wish to also state that LaVey was the first to use the term "Satanist." Incorrect. Dennis Wheatley wrote a whole novel, quite popular, called The Satanist in 1960. I would be shocked if Lin Carter, very versed in occult literature, did not read these books. Those SSS cards date from the early 60s.

Also the word "Satanas" in Latin is in the Latin Vulgate New Testament (the translation from the Greek to the Latin of the New Testament, which the early Christians did). If you search through the Vulgate you will find the word "Satanas." For example, when Jesus is tempted by Satan, he says to him, "Vade, Satanas!" ("turn away, Satan!"). Vocative case.  

The pseudo scholars think that anyone that used the wrong Latin spelling of "Satanas" just had to have read LaVey's stuff first. It never occurred to them that perhaps LaVey saw the incorrect (?) spelling and that is the reason he misspelled it? Perhaps LaVey saw the "satanas" spelling in the same place Lin saw it, perhaps on the "pact with the devil" below, which appears in one of the most widely read books on occultism out there back then: The Encyclopedia of Witchcraft and Demonology, by Robbins. This is highly likely.

Well, where did the spelling "Satanas" come from? Well, as far back as I can find it from a source that was widely read, they may have both gotten it from what is cited below: at least this is one example that is not all that hard to find. To top that off, the movie The Devils was all about this very case below and a pact with the devil:

Pact with the Devil:  (Please see below the image of "The Devil's Pact" for Latin Vulgate examples of "Satanas.")

In 1634, a written document, supposedly a pact between Urbain Grandier and some devils, was introduced as evidence in a court case against Grandier. The devil's names are these: SATANAS, Beelzebub, Lucifer, Elimi, Leviathan, and Astaroth. The pact is written in conventional Latin contractions. The actual document, written backwards with the signature of the "devils" right on it, reads exactly like this:

"Nos pptens Lcfr juvnte Stn Blzbb Lvtn Elm atq Astarot alisq hdie habems accept pact foederis Urb Grandr qui nobis e. et huic pollicem amorem mul florem virginum decus mon hon volup et op. fornicab triduo ebriet illi cara er. Nobs offret semel in ano sag sig sub peds coculcab sa Ecclae et nobs rogat ipsius erut; q pact vivet an vig felix in tra hom et ven postea int nos maled D.

"Fact in inf int coss daem Satanas Belzebub Lcfr Elimi Leviathan Astaroth

"Sig pos mag diab et daem princp dom Blbrth scrpt"

Furthermore: "The signatures of Satanas, Beelzebub, Lucifer, Elimi, Leviathan and Astaroth are subscribed." (Robbins "Encyclopedia of Witchcraft and Demonology," 1959). 1959 predates LaVey's use of it.

Now that this is thoroughly out of the way, like so much rubbish that "the LaVey club" keep throwing in front of our feet, check this possibility out:

Lin's character ANTON ZARNAK, which he invented at least in the early 1950's, is a very Dennis Wheatley type character, an occult expert and investigator who is mysterious and quite powerful; he performs high magic. It is said that Zarnak is like a combination of von Helsing and Jules de Grandin. Some say Zarnak is like "Dr. Strange." Anyone that knew about Dennis Wheatley's life and read the tales he wrote would more likely recognize him, since Zarnak will use black magic to fight black magic. The real Dennis Wheatley was in British Intelligence before he wrote his book "The Satanist," in 1960 (that also predates LaVey). He also wrote "The Devil Rides Out" which was made into a cult classic movie "The Devil's Bride" with Christopher Lee. The kinds of adventurous high black magic performed by both the good guys and bad guys in Dennis Wheatley's tales fit the character of Anton Zarnak. In "the Devil Rides Out" the protagonist actually reverses time with a high black magic spell. The Anton Zarnak tales are now published and Lin wrote some of them in the 1950's, before LaVey changed his name to Anton LaVey. Perhaps LaVey got the "Anton" name from these tales of super magician Anton Zarnak.

But where did LaVey also get a hankering for the names Szandor and Carnacki? From Zarnak? Carnacki + Szandor = Zarnak? It is a provable fact that Lin used this first. Anton Zarnak, high magician, predates LaVey.

Even more to the point: where did LaVey get the idea to ever use the Baphomet and link it up to Satanas or Satan in any form when, in fact, the Baphomet is a sigil of Sophia and the word "Baphomet" itself spells Sophia when it is decoded? Well, LaVey didn't know that about Sophia; that's for sure. Well, could LaVey have seen this stuff from Lin or from someone who had one of those calling cards? LaVey was always nosing into all things occult, even when he got the door slammed in his face by some people who saw him an a non-serious charlatan. Those cards were handed around at least in 1963. Lin's says N. Zarnak on it.

It it a good theory based on the same kind of inferential reasoning that pseudo scholars use, to assume that LaVey got "Szandor and Carnacki" from the name ZARNAK and after having seen SSS cards with the word spelled "Satanas" and the Baphomet on them, decided to use SATANAS and link it to the Baphomet. Obviously, the spelling Satanas was used by at least one person, provably, almost 400 years before LaVey used it. It is a proven fact that LaVey just took other people's stuff. Lin never did that. Lin was very creative. Well, later on Lin used ideas that others had and incorporated some research others did, but he had asked us all to do it. Ok, some didn't know he'd publish stories with these ideas.

The SSS was the only group of friends that linked up the Baphomet directly to the word "Satan" in any form, and the form was Satanas. Prior to that it was well known to be not only a symbol of Sophia, but the word "Baphomet" itself IS "Sophia" by use of a Hebrew code. In any other context, the symbol pertains to Lilith, Samael and Azazel (the Goat) to combine as the Great Beast CHIVA, 666 in real occult lodge systems, or Leviathan. Leviathan, Lilith, Samael and Azazel are not Satan, and the goat pictured in the pentacle IS Azazel in that system of occultism - this is the system also used by the Temple of Lylyth. In another system, the Goat represents Pan and the Arcadian Old Religion.

The actual pact (see below) is written in contracted Latin but written backwards. From Robbins: "Encyclopedia of Witchcraft and Demonology" - entry "Pact with the Devil." Note that this is irrelevant to the 1972 fiasco but "who used the spelling of Satan as 'Satanas'" came up. Provided with proof that "Satanas" was used in the 1600's, the pseudo scholar called me a hypocrite for providing proof from Robbins Encyclopedia. Well, HUH?  Somehow, that makes no sense at all.



1 Matthew 4 10 tunc dicit ei Iesus vade Satanas scriptum est Dominum Deum tuum adorabis et illi soli servies

2 Matthew 12 26 et si Satanas Satanan eicit adversus se divisus est quomodo ergo stabit regnum eius

3 Mark 3 23 et convocatis eis in parabolis dicebat illis quomodo potest Satanas Satanan eicere

4 Mark 3 26 et si Satanas consurrexit in semet ipsum dispertitus est et non potest stare sed finem habet

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6 Luke 11 18 si autem et Satanas in se ipsum divisus est quomodo stabit regnum ipsius quia dicitis in Beelzebub eicere me daemonia

7 Luke 13 16 hanc autem filiam Abrahae quam alligavit Satanas ecce decem et octo annis non oportuit solvi a vinculo isto die sabbati

8 Luke 22 3 intravit autem Satanas in Iudam qui cognominatur Scarioth unum de duodecim

9 Luke 22 31 ait autem Dominus Simon Simon ecce Satanas expetivit vos ut cribraret sicut triticum

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