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A poignant statement of truth from Pointman USA.

We don't know who this writer is, but his words hit so on-target to what Comrades know and have to live with, especially those that remember back then, that we are showing this

"Once Upon a Time."

Once upon a time there was a place called the United States of America.

I remember the way it was back then. During Veteran's Day, Memorial Day and 4th of July Parades thousands of people were there lining the streets. The Band, the Boy Scouts, the World War 1, World war II and Korean War Veterans marched with us as the drums beat and the fireworks sounded in the sky.

Back then in America the USA was number one in the world in banking, farming, business, industry, mining, manufacturing, education, military might and most of all number one in Freedom, Liberty and Happiness.

We could leave our home for a day with the doors unlocked and stealing was unheard of. Crime in itself was a rare thing because the nation had high morals and ethics -police only arrested the worst of people but most could be warned once and they never repeated it. The Chief of Police and the Sheriff were the only authorities that were needed in those days.

On Saturday nights children could ride their bikes through different ethnic neighborhoods even past bars and they were still safe as they played. Neighbors visited each other frequently and people on the streets used to smile -they were happy.

Jobs were so plentiful you could quit Ford Motor Company and go across the street and work for General Motors without missing a paycheck. Mom stayed home and dad could feed 7 kids.

You could hitchhike across the entire USA in a couple days with a couple rides. The hitch-hiker and the drivers were safe.

Our fathers left their guns out in the open and none of the children would touch them. When we were older we took guns to school and shot on the target range out back and used them to hunt after school. If there was a domestic dispute in the neighborhood or a fight in school it was with the fists. They shook hands afterwards and the looser bought the victor a Coke.

People said what they believed whether Democrat or Republican and stood by what they said. Freedom of Speech, the Right the Bear Arms and Personal Privacy were not privileges with limitations after paying for some license. The Civil Rights/Constitutional Rights were automatic and exercised to the fullest extent by the individual as a sealed Birth-Right. When you were born an American you were ""Born Free."" The price of Liberty was paid for by the blood of millions of War Veterans!

Then on November 22,1963 JFK was killed. It was one assassination after the other followed by Anti-Vietnam War rallies and Civil Rights Marches.

The Invisible Enemy Within - a secret Military-Industrial-Complex - that President Eisenhower warned the nation about on national TV-brought drugs into the country via Air America, Project Phoenix, and Task Force 35. Today’s Talaban were a part of the Golden Triangle of the CIA.

Hollywood operated by the lowest order of social scum on the planet pumped out evil role models that twisted the American youths minds into total perversion.

Greedy corporate America paid off the Federal Government in kickbacks and corruption flourished in all spheres.

Today you cannot leave your home for a day if you have burglar alarms and guard dogs watching your house.

Today the USA has more people in prison per capita than any country on planet earth.

Today the government, corporations and people in general are corrupt, perverted, vile and without any ethics what so ever.

Today the USA ranks 10th,20th and 30th in farming, industry and education.

Today according to the United Nations the USA is supposed to disarm it's military while the rest of the world is arming itself with nuclear weapons to the teeth.

Today you have little Freedom of Speech, practically no Personal Privacy and the United Nations wants our guns. Today the Utopian schemers are so confident they are winning on destroying the USA they openly admit they want to eliminate much of the world's population-as soon as possible.

Today the entire media is totally controlled by the Secret Evil Empire and the masses of citizens have forgotten who they once were.

Today legislation and legal Constitutional Law is over-ridden by Pro-New World Order courts.

Today the looks on Americans faces on the street is no longer happiness and promise of a better tomorrow. The jobs have been systematically sent overseas for slave labor, the farms have been seized by the government, the national forests have been turned over to the United Nations. Then there are foreign troops training with a new fascist breed of goose-stepping American Gestapo. This egomaniac breed of ruthless killers and thugs have shot women and children at labor rallies and killed innocent people-including children in SWAT night raids.

We are told we must live in a Police State against terrorists the Evil Empire created itself. Instead we are told we must be tagged like cattle, tracked like dogs 24 hrs. a day by satellite, inserted with IC chips, inoculated with genocidal vaccinations and exterminated when our usefulness is up.

America was wounded on Nov. 22, 1963, but America died on Sept. 11th, 2001.

Once upon a time .... there was a place called America.

Pointman USA

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