Tribute for and from a Fallen Satanist

From: Rev. Rex D. Webb Sr.

My Father was hung up in 26,000 volts years ago on a job and one fifth of his heart was scared and in the last six years he had 8 heart attacks and he kept going.

A doctor from Germany and his cardologist started him on the new stem procedures to attempt to re-juv his scar tissue. It was working and gave him more time to do his work and he was progressing great til the cold weather hit and he developed puenmonia and it hit too fast and hrad.

He strived harder to get more people to find Satanic lifestyles for he somehow knew what to expect when death came. He discussed it openly for he had been classified clientally dead two times. It was something that he talked about and pushed so hard to get people to realize that life is now not later.

I have his what you would call diary as such and his written words are the reason I am here in his home trying to learn what I can. His wife is greatest for she understood him and stood by him and she knew the day would come even though she did not want it. She is been stronger than all of us for she has his wisdom, I believe by just being by his side.

He wrote about what really happens when you die and it is amazing the details that he discusses and how there is nothing to be expected.

I have spent a few days reading what he has said about SR and he truly liked to stance that SR took over other groups and said that 80% of groups are joke and SR could be more realistic compared to others.


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