By the Dialectical Reasoner

This age old question was put to one of our Comrades:

> Dr. Miles, A question. How do you know for sure that God does or
> does not exist? If one doesn't believe in God that is their
> business, but if one does it doesn't mean they must worship either.
> They can just accept this God they have faith in, in their hearts
> and that is all they have to do.

The Dialectical Reasoner responds: :)

I am glad you asked this question.

That God does not exist can actually be deduced from what you stated above, namely, that we don't know for sure. Here is why:

Point 1 - There is no possible way to disprove the existence of God as defined by Christians, as according to them he is incomprehensible and imperceivable.

Point 2 - It follows from point 1 that there is likewise no possible way to prove the existence of God for the same reasons given. Therefore, there can be no empirical evidence whatsoever about God, and the notion that he exists comes to us only by the words and writings of other people.

Point 3 - If God can be said to exist on the basis that we can not know whether or not he exists, then he can also be said not to exist by the merits of the same logic. Thus, the evidence for the existence of God is equal to the evidence against the existence of God.

Point 4 - Points 1 through 3 being established, we can now say that all statements about God are necessarily self-negating by their own nature, and are therefore to be stricken and considered null.

Point 5 - After eliminating all of the statements about God that fall into this category (which is all of them), we are then in the possession of no statement regarding the existence of any God, and therefore have nothing to believe or doubt.

Conclusion: God does not exist because there are no longer any claims to his existence.

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