Seeing Red

by Satan's Commissar Bren, Proletariat

Note: this article is written tongue-in-cheek, intended to mock out both Commie and anti-Commie crusaders. It is not intended as an endorsement of a Bolshevik or Communist political agenda in the USA or anywhere else.

First a dialogue with some questions and answers from recent commentary. The commentary arose due to this article appearing in The Black Flame (COS Magazine). When one considers all the pro Nazi stuff and guff over that, and/or hoolah over Hitler, interviews with Klansmen and all that, one must find it remarkable that such guff arose over ONE article pointing out what was Satanic in the Soviet System. It would seem that Cruxtoid propaganda is good enough to even fool the so-called "Satanists" out there who can't think for themselves but who react, in knee-jerk fashion, at the mere suggestion that SOMETHING Satanic this way came. See also "COS Member from Soviet System - on Education" on this website.

Kari Nevala who lived in a Socialist system wrote, in answer to a post:

Someone said:

> The people will always screw it up, because Marxism ignores
> human nature rule #1, which is:
> -- People act in accordance with their own self-interest
> Anything (be it economic, political, or metaphysical) which
> violates this principle will fail. Period, dot, end of
> statement.

Kari said:

Without getting to what you mean by "Marxism," or what human nature is like, why would basic "Marxism" be a violation against self-interest? As I see it, the only way it violates the self-interests of some people is that it doesn't give much chance to have the self-delusion of being a part of some elite. After all, most of the people who support very elitistic systems (like for example monarchy), do so only because it's their only way of feeling good about themselves. Through the monarch, they can feel self-worth. Of course it is herdish at best (gaining "worth" from being a part of the group), and delusional at best. Leftists hated all that shit. They hated the Crown as much as they hated the Church.

Why would it be in the self-interests of people, then? If you are a worker, as most people are, you get better rights and more money. If you are an artist or scientist, you get to do what you do without having to worry about making huge profit.

Someone said:

> My big problem with it is that it HAS NEVER FUCKING WORKED

Again, I am not sure what you mean by Marxism, but for example many of the Nordic countries (i.e. Denmark, Sweden, Finland) had a rather Marxist system, and the living standards were very high (if not the highest in the world).

Someone said:

> Since Communism or Socialism or what-have-you places the
> welfare of the People as a group over the welfare of each
> individual, would not that be totally against what Satanism
> about, just for that alone?

Kari said:

What these movements have fought for, has not been to put the welfare of the group over the welfare of the individual, but to put the welfare of the WORKER over the welfare of the CORPORATION, Crown (nation, retarded inherited nobility) and Church. They hated the Crown and Church so much, that they killed the nobility and literally destroyed the Churches. Yeah, they didn't SPEAK about "might is right" - they actually acted, used their might, to MAKE things right.

Someone said:

> How can a State telling you: "Labour for the good of the
> people and subvert yourself totally!" be beneficial to any
> single person?

Kari said:

That is capitalism! Just replace people with company. The whole essence of leftism is to fight for the rights of the workers OVER the tyranny of the corporations. It means better salary, better working conditions, better health service, better education, better public services (like libraries, parks, theaters etc.) amongst other things.

Someone said:

> Maybe I'm just a selfish beast, but the best incentive to
> get me to do things is for there to be benefit *to me* of
> some kind, in any given situation. I'm not thinking about
> benefiting mankind as a whole, I just want to get paid. I
> think thats pretty much hard-wired into most of the human
> race.

Kari said:

That's exactly the historical root of leftism. To fight to get paid for what you do, instead of working your skin off from generation to generation and still getting so little money that you can only barely survive. Humans are not robots who are happy to do their dull work their entire lives. Humans want joy and mental stimulation. Thus the people fought against tyranny of corporations, Crown (nationalism, fascism - self-sacrifice for the good of the nation) and Church. It was rebellion based on a sense of self-worth. Rebellion against the tyranny of unjustified authority.

Someone said:

> I do not see how one can reconcile holding oneself as the
> highest power and the State telling you what to do at the
> same time.

Kari said:

Exactly! Power to yourself - power to people, instead of corporations, nations or Churches!

Someone said:

> If Communism worked, would not Cuba and China not be
> practically Third-World countries after decades of Socialist
> rule?

Kari said:

Nordic countries (such as Denmark, Sweden and Finland) had very leftist/socialist systems (while they had no arms industry to build up), and they had extremely high living standards, and still do. Though the living standards aren't as high anymore, as the capitalist forces have gained more power. Where as we used to get paid well, have lots of free services (paid into as a pool and used as a pool) and free time, we now get paid badly, have to work a lot more to make ends meet, and have worse public services (many of which aren't free anymore). Still these countries are definetly one of the top countries of the whole world, when it comes to high living standards. (Note that no one placed an embargo on Nordic countries or fought a Cold War with them; nor was the wealth of Nordic countries depleted on making weapons and having an arms race. Such things destroy any hope of Socialism being built anywhere.)

Someone Said

> I am -not- taking 'sides', and I have no interest in a flame
> war.

Kari said:

Neither do I.

Someone said:

> At first glance I would say that the quality of life of any
> individual is entirely dependent on that individual. One makes
> choices, and one's quality of life or level of happiness is
> the result of those choices.

Kari said:

I agree with this. I am not speaking for tolerance or incompetence, but the very opposite. Let there be no privileges to help incompetent ones.

Someone said:

> I do not buy into the idea that some people are 'repressed'
> or 'held back' by current society or government, and
> therefore 'cannot' improve their own lives or achieve that
> which they wish to achieve.

Kari said:

This is true, when it comes to "most of the people living in the western world." Still there is the fundamental question: why would I not want a higher quality of life for me, instead of a higher quality for some corporation or state.

Someone said:

> If this 'repressed' theory was true, America would not exist.
> Think about it.
> Also, if a country is not profitable, how could those that
> live in said country be profitable?

Kari said:

I think it comes down to the balance between economical wealth of the state and the happiness of the people. Both sides have their own political interest groups. Leftists happen to be the ones in favor of enjoyable lives, while right wing would prefer slave labor. Of course it's not that simple in practice today.

Someone said:

> However, the wealth of America has guaranteed that those
> considered to be in poverty here in America are FAR better
> off than those that are truly poor in other countries.

Kari said:

Yeah, life in the 3rd world would be a hell. I wonder why, and also how it could be changed (by them). (Note: colonial exploitation - that's why.)

Someone said:

>I disagree in that I believe that capitalism is the only
> economic model that works; again, America is a classic example
> of this. We are the wealthiest and most powerful nation in
> the world, at present.

Kari said:

I don't know if this is because of Capitalism though. (Note: as a matter of fact, it is not due to capitalism which, under Pres. Wilson, almost bankrupted the nation and did cause a depression. During the Hoover administration, there were massive labor strikes and fears of the collapse of capitalism, which had proven itself to be a dismal failure. The country was saved by Roosevelt who had to institute 8 of Marx's 10 points of Socialism: he saved the USA.)

(Another huge benefit America had in its early pioneer stages was access for all, including the children of poor peasants, to very cheap land that had been taken from the Native Americans - this equal access to the means of production, agricultural land, gave people a spirit of enthusiasm and a chance to build their lives that they would not have had in Europe, where the land was owned by the stagnant and oppressive aristocracy. Characterizations of the USA as having always been a paragon of pure capitalism ignore many essential economic factors like this.)

(For real examples of nations that are more purely capitalist – i.e., whose governments honor wealth, the pursuit of wealth, and wealthy citizens above all else – look to the "banana republics" of South and Central America and Africa. Or modern Russia.)

Someone said:

> Capitalism is Satanic; it celebrates and rewards the
> individual. Socialism and communism reward the herd.

Kari said:

Capitalism rewards the corporations, not the individuals. Capitalism is populistic and extremely herdish: it is driven by the hysterical "needs" of the consumer herd (and the interests of the corporations). Its goal is maximal economical profitability. Capitalism is at it's best when the workers are slaves.

On the contrary: Socialism rewards those who actually produce things. It doesn't tolerate parasites living on the work of others. Its goal is high quality of living and rationally guided society. Different people get different wages, they get promoted into better positons etc just like in capitalist systems.

Someone said:

> Catering to those that cannot or more likely choose not to take
> care of themselves, by giving them welfare aka: re-distributing
> the wealth of the nation, denies the very essence of Satanism.

Kari said:

And how much is this a real issue? There naturally is no system that wants or tolerates parasites. There are just a couple of different ways to get rid of them.

Simple fact: more people are on welfare now, than were back then. The Socialist system encouraged people to work. Not only were wages good, but you also got all kinds of extra benefits. In the USSR, if you refused to work, you got sent to the camps in Siberia. They did not tolerate parasites.

Historically, leftism was extreme activism. They were not stupid herd-minded passive drones saying, "yes sir". They were the antithesis of that mentality. (However, if you are looking for mindless slaves who do what they are told without question, look no further than the typical American corporate drone or trailer trash, who will defend capitalism as undoubtably the "best system of the world" at the drop of a dime.)

Someone said:

> Satanism is about individuals. If an individual works and
> achieves and thereby gains monetary wealth, what Satanist
> would say 'nay' to that?

Yeah, exactly. See above. Individuals that work versus corporations, see above.

end dialogue

Seeing Red:

Satanism is a philosophy of the occult, of ideas and knowledge considered taboo or dangerous by civilized humanity and, above all, all of its so-called "moral teachers," from Socrates and Jesus, to Buber, Pope John, Schweitzer, et al. In the twentieth century, perhaps no topic has been more maligned, distorted, and reviled by the theologians, moralists, scholars, and politicians in the Western world than the subject of Marxism, Communism, and the Stalinist Soviet Union. When these pundits and preachers speak out against something so unilaterally and with such rabid fervor, as they did with Darwinism and Marxism, it is almost a sure sign that there is SOMETHING Satanic about it!

Three of the thinkers with the greatest influence on twentieth century Western intellectual life and popular culture are Sigmund Freud, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Karl Marx. All of these were noted atheists with damning insight into the cherished social order and illusions of civilized humanity, and had much to say against humanity's enshrined leaders and teachers. Freud disputed the teachings of Moses, Nietzsche attacked Socrates and Jesus, but Marx criticized Hegel, Jesus, you name him! Despite this, it seems that educated Satanists are familiar with Satanic elements in the thought of Freud and Nietzsche, yet unfortunately ignorant of such ideas in Marxism. Part of the reason for this is that in American colloquialism, "socialism" has become synonymous with inefficient bureaucracy, state-imposed tyranny over the personal lives of citizens, the welfare state, and some hare-brained programs that destroyed the educational system in this country, thanks to the efforts of certain self-hating American Leftists during the Cold War era (who are NOW known to have been funded by the POST-Stalinist Soviet Union, which had openly vowed to "bury" the USA!). It should be pointed out from the start that these characterizations are inaccurate representations and outright LIES about old-style Marxism and the social reality in the Soviet Union under Stalin.

The basis of Marxism is a hard-bitten analysis of human society, reducing culture to a manifestation of peoples' real-world physical environments and labor (e.g., what you think is determined by what you DO), and the history of civilization to the struggle over resources (class struggle). Karl Marx is famous for his biting observation that "religion is the opium of the masses"; in fact, Marxism has been THE PRIMARY enemy of religion in history.

Of interest to Satanists, Marxist dialectical materialism takes the dark, entropic force in nature (Satan) AS GIVEN. Dialectical Materialism envisions a cosmos of constant flux where even apparent stability is only a mask of never-ceasing forces of creation, growth, and destruction (a model validated by modern quantum physics).

Karl Marx observed Europe in the midst of the Industrial Revolution, when Industrial Capitalism was JUST ARISING, a world where the old classes of artisans and talented workers were being replaced by machines, and downtrodden masses increasingly groveled under the whim of a handful of parasitic millionaires (who often compensated for their despicable behavior with lame moralistic "philanthropic" platitudes), where life was SHIT and barely worth living for the vast majority of people, and where human beings themselves became commodities sold on the market as "slaves."

Marx's idea was that once things got bad enough, the workers of the world would wake up and UNITE to smash their arrogant overlords, and then establish a "dictatorship of the proletariat" where THE PEOPLE ruled, instead of licking some aristocratic asshole's dainty little high-priced feet for a pay raise. By then, capitalism will have developed technology, factories, etc., which can then be used by the majority under communism. Anyone who has watched the movie "Stargate" will recognize this scenario where the humans overthrow the parasite Ra using its own technology.

One point in Marx that might be of interest to Satanists is his definition of labor. In Das Kapital, Marx defines the value of a product biologically (or physiologically, as Marx terms it) as "expenditure of human labor-power." A product has no inherent value in itself; only by applying work (from humans) does the product attain a higher value. Of course a product has value based on its demand, but it FIRST has to be made: BY WORKERS. Work is worth the human labor-power expended. A capitalist is one that pays a person less than what his work is worth, that is, the capitalist does not reimburse the worker of his expended labor-power. (Meaning that very often the workers making the product can not even afford to buy the product for themselves, or it costs 10 or more times what he got paid to make it.) (Compare standard of living to Scandinavian countries - no comparison!) From a Satanic perspective, labor-power is the black flame, which drives people to create. A capitalist is one that doesn't have the black flame, and instead needs to derive the labor-power from someone else. Exploitation then means to "steal" the black flame from someone. Satanists are people that honor that black flame above all superficial trinkets. That should put things into perspective in regards to what kinds of people are capitalists, and what what kinds aren't.

Many of the super-rich of the Capitalist world are hungry souls driven by an inner lacking, a black hole in their hearts, that they unsuccessfully seek to fill with material luxury and the trappings of the "high life." (This INFINITE, INSATIABLE greed is fundamentally different from the normal, FINITE biological desire for happiness and pleasure.) They are truly damned people, unable to experience the Innocent, Satanic joy a child feels eating a delicious ice cream sundae or running through a sprinkler. These agonized people create misery in the world because they are unable to experience joy. Some are so driven by jealousy they seek out happy, creative people to enslave and torture. George Soros is one such person. Like Christians, these people sometimes speak deceptively beautiful but essentially empty maxims and doctrines (e.g., "freedom of the individual," an "open society") to fool people into believing them. As Satanists know, such real-life monsters can be known not by their WORDS, but by the FRUITS of their deeds.

150 years after "The Communist Manifesto" was written, Capitalist economists are gradually beginning to come upon the rudiments of Marxist thought, which was Marx formulated BEFORE the American Civil War, without realizing it, and CERTAINLY not admitting it. Right now, the cutting edge of economics is finally incorporating EMPIRICAL real-world data, and beginning to realize that many of the notions of "classical" economics are dead wrong. Meanwhile, Marx's correct predictions about the inevitable tendency towards monopoly, class division (which must NOW be seen on a global scale, with "Third World" workers at the bottom of the barrel), and never-ceasing expansion can be verified by a glance through the popular press. Nevertheless, Marx's prescient theories are still arrogantly dismissed as "nonsense" or "totalitarian" by herd brainwashed by Cold War indoctrination. The first reason why so much energy has been devoted to discrediting Marxism in the West should be blatantly obvious to any realist asking, "Who benefits?": America is a proudly capitalist country (despite the fact FDR instituted 8 of Marx's 10 points from the "Communist Manifesto"), and the powers that be don't want to be overthrown.

However, there is also a subtler and more Satanic reason why even a dirt-poor American will give a spirited defense of the virtue of capitalism: in a Capitalist world, Karl Marx's theory dismisses all cherished illusions that we live in the best kind of society, that our wealth or poverty is our just deserts, etc., the kind of rosy ideas that many Americans (and others) find so essential to their flimsy grip on sanity. Marxism says that not only is American consumerist Capitalism not the "enlightened," "moral", "highest form of human civilization" it imagines itself to be, but that, to the contrary, it is a chaotic, diseased, confused, insanely destructive, and supremely WASTEFUL society that not only relies on the exploitation of the less-degenerate (Islamic SHITHOLES excluded) Third World for physical labor and places to sell its JUNK-- contrary to deluded, bleeding-heart missionary-like liberal "humanitarians" who imagine that the USA is really "HELPING" those people), but is also so sick that it is a dangerous, stressful, unhealthy trash heap within its own borders, or, at best, a repressed, Stepfordesque society of Christian consumerist clones and lunatics so broken by their own upbringings that they cannot even enjoy the material wealth they drain out of their colonies.

THE BIG LIE of Western capitalism and its apologists is that ONLY THEIR system upholds human rights, rather than tramples on them; a claim that CANNOT stand up to objective, intelligent historical scrutiny. Satanists should remember that the period of the strongest and most adamant defamation of Communism in the USA was during the nineteen fifties and sixties, an era when parents were shocked by the Beatles' ONE INCH too long hair, Elvis could only be shown from the waist up on television, social life consisted of "keeping up with the Joneses," et cetera ad nauseam: an era so utterly, disgustingly conformist that all its self-deluded judgements of foreign societies are utterly and completely INVALIDATED.

Ever since its inception in 1917, when Lenin and his gang of Bolsheviks overthrew Kerensky's asskissing government and said a big "FUCK YOU" to the Czarist royalty, Orthodox religious establishment, and the greedy, bloodsucking capitalists of the West, volumes have been written about the "Evil Empire," claiming to expose the supposed failure of its famous Five Year programs, its suppression of "individual rights," the horror of its purges, etc. However, the reader should realize that the history of the Soviet Union has long been instinctively hidden away from the prying eyes of the West, concealed behind a Hermetic seal of secrecy and illusion. Now that the Iron Curtain has officially fallen, a trained eye MIGHT discern a few GLIMPSES of this vast and utterly ALIEN empire amid the cluttered morass of propaganda (from BOTH sides).

However, the Satanic inquirer should never forget that, contrary to foolish American perceptions, the realms of the Soviet Union are NOT European or Western, but Asiatic. They are not Asian as in Chinese or Japanese, but Asiatic as in Genghis Khan and the Golden Horde, Asiatic as in Attila the Hun, Tamerlane, Gog and Magog, Asiatic as in the Turanians, the only people who had the Dark Doctrine in an undiluted form; this is the domain of the unknown Central Asian Paleoarctic "Yellow Peril" before which the petty civilized Christian nations in Western Europe trembled in abject terror, that their Popes have labeled as Satan Incarnate and considered the people as being from "Tartarus." The manic-depressive Winston Churchill's fanatic reactions and efforts against the Bolshevik Revolution parallel those of Pope Leo and others to the rise of the Khans in the East in the medieval twelfth and thirteenth centuries. This is the Asia that Western history has tried to forget, until Vladimir Ulyanov, the son of a Kalmuck and a Slav, overthrew the European Czar's regime and raised the Red flag over his vast inherited empire. It is no wonder that the once cowering Capitalist Christian West to this day considers Stalin's USSR the Devil with which HITLER had to make a deal! This ANCIENT Western prejudice against the peoples of the Soviet Union, which dates back at LEAST to Roman times, might explain some of the paranoia surrounding this nation.

Note: I want to make it perfectly clear that I am NOT talking about the post-Stalinist USSR that came into being after Khrushchev pulled a coup d'etat and decapitated the NKVD. I will make it perfectly clear right now that this NKVD, which, under Stalin, patrolled every economic sector to ensure honesty, is most definitely NOT the KGB, a totally separate organization that existed alongside it, and who were as corrupt as any state police in the USA could be corrupt without their own department of internal affairs being there to catch them. From the onset of Khrushchev's takeover, the economics became state capitalist; that's NOT socialism, and it's certainly not Communism.

With that technicality aside, let us try to cover a few points about the Soviet Union pertinent to the Satanist. Despite what American liars try to say in futile attempts to escape the reality of their OWN wretchedly conformist lives, the USSR was not a giant welfare state, nor was it an Orwellian empire of brainwashed zombiefied drones (although we cannot say the same about Maoist China). Lenin's socialist motto was "if you don't WORK, you don't EAT," and Stalin's Soviet Union was one of the STRICTEST meritocracies in history, where people (whether male OR female) were given their due for EVERY kind of work they did, including the nitty-gritty manual labor that is always arrogantly sneered at by the withered corpses in degenerate societies who fancy themselves "above" such PHYSICAL activity; and incompetence was given no excuses. The petty classist, sexist, and racist biases against manual, female, and (more recently) nonwhite laborers have prevented the Western nations from EVER being anything even APPROACHING meritocracies.

Under Stalin's socialist regime, if you were going to be a dishwasher, be the best, because you have the public health in your hands. If you were going to be a doctor, do not hold yourself away from your patients, or talk over their heads, because it is these people that paid for your education, and if your knowledge does not benefit the people of your society, then it is useless. Remember, EVERY occupation has its native jargon. Both a doctor and a dishwasher are fundamentally responsible for public health, and both took pride in their work in Stalinist society: this is the meaning of "from each according to their ability, to each according to their needs." This Communist slogan does NOT mean that the physically healthy should toil for the sake of degenerate corpse-rotten vampires. In fact, two Stalinist epithets for such human leeches were "cannibal" and "vampire," and these also applied to those who made their billions on the backs of the able-bodied people that they enslaved. Lenin's motto for the stage of Socialism or BUILDING Communism in the Soviet Union was "from each according to their ability, to each according to their WORK."

These demanding standards that stratified Soviet society according to natural ability have drawn much derision from Westerners, but it is an undeniable fact that even AFTER the degeneration after Stalin's death had set in, the USSR CONTINUED to produce the world's finest scientists and athletes, setting a standard the West didn't hope to even COMPARE to (much less surpass) until the USA managed to "win" its self-initiated "race to the moon," a showpiece of propaganda for Kennedy (the Soviets had not been competing with anyone with regards to space travel). Nevertheless, the USSR was far ahead in all other aspects of space science: they launched Sputnik, the first man-made satellite, had the first cosmonaut, made the first photographs of the moon, etc. Kennedy's moon landing was a CRASH program to CATCH UP to these historical Soviet achievements.

To this day, standard Soviet college ENTRANCE questions are sought after in the USA by "math whizzes" and professors looking for a "genius-level" mathematical puzzle! Unlike in America, where most scientists must grovel for research grants, often compromising their true ideas to corporate interests or, even worse, living in abject poverty, the Soviet Union enshrined the scientists whose work benefited the WHOLE society, including many Satanic figures such as the defamed, derided, and distorted Ukrainian botanist Trofim Lysenko, who was described by his Western-supported Mendelian adversaries as a mrakobes ("demon of darkness!"), was known to understand the plants on the fields like a shaman would, and befuddled his enemies with an impressive gutter mouth along with a penchant for then-"cryptic" metaphorical descriptions of life processes that have since been verified by modern science. Despite what LIARS say now AFTER the fact, his agricultural techniques FED the people, and he was promoted by Stalin to be the head of biological science in the Soviet Union. Is it not coincidental that it was this country that later honored Anton LaVey, whose ancestors hailed from these Eastern lands, in its Museum of Atheism?

As for the much-hyped "brainwashing" attributed to the Soviet Union and other Communist countries, such as Maoist China, Satanists should not be disappointed to hear that the official school of psychology in the Soviet union was Pavlovianism (not psychology at all, but neurophysiology), which is famous for its drooling dogs and ringing bells. Stalin's regime tried to create a "New Man" by manipulation of the social environment, removing stimuli that produce broken people and neurotic antisocial behaviors, and encouraging those that build healthy, functional humans. Despite what humanitarians imagine about the people in such regimes, the average citizen of the USSR in Stalin's times did not FEEL oppressed, because they were happy with their lives, which were affluent with material animal comfort (unlike the average person in a stressful Hobbesian capitalist society).

In this Pavlovian school of psychology, the disassociated non-limbic "spiritual" types of people WERE considered insane, in contrast to THIS society, where such types are considered the "Norm," or even GLORIFIED as ROLE MODELS: neurotics and psychotics like Mother Theresa, Winston Churchill, Cardinal Spellman, etc. In the Soviet Union, those who showed a lack of interest in carnal life, for example, teenage boys who weren't horny for girls, were suspected of "creeping schizophrenia." In fact, that Pavlovian school of neurophysiology, which is so offensive to human illusions of what B.F. Skinner called "freedom and dignity," is verified by recent hard-science neurology findings, such as the work of Dr. Antonio Damasio, whose book "Descartes' Error" thoroughly discredited Western mind-body dualism, and sparked the recent fad in "Emotional Intelligence."

As for "thoughtcrime," people were not arrested for what they thought about the government, as the case of the Christian scientist Pavlov demonstrates: he was never arrested, nor were people who voiced sincere discontent over policies. However, people WERE arrested for such crimes as screwing up on important jobs, wasting money (The People's resources!), and other things that Westerners pretend were "trivial, innocent mistakes"---in an era of real sabotage in the face of a war of annihilation. As such, many people who were simply emotionally confused, unaware waste products (whose unconscious exploits fill Freud's books) were eliminated along with avowed enemies of society. Since these unaware types fill American society, their arrests might be seen as inhuman. We Satanists say, "Good riddance!" Ironically, it is America's refusal to deal decisively with some classes of such angry incompetents, destroyers, and obstructers (as the Stalinists tried to do) that has CREATED the modern American "welfare" system of spending billions of tax dollars for certain parasites to stay home and raise illegitimate, unemployable and usually asocial children. However, many right wing American politicians complain about parasites of the "welfare queen" variety. What differentiates these right wingers from the Stalinists is that the Stalinists targeted ALL parasites equally, instead of prosecuting only those from a certain class or race, as Americans usually do. (One Corporation alone gets more tax-payer funded WELFARE than all the "welfare queens" combined!)

Since the USSR was created by people who had been, by their own admission, literally on the cultural level of New Guinea savages, their social life had not been poisoned by the decadence typical of the civilized Western world, where is it normal for children to hate their parents, pick on their friends, hate themselves, repress their emotions and sexuality, et cetera (which is one reason Westerners fail to grasp the nature of Soviet society). However, the Soviet Union was not completely free of the degenerate types described above (as attested to by the confused moralistic whinings of such anti-Communist "luminaries" as Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Mikovan Djilas and the Medvedev brothers), and these dissatisfied (with THEMSELVES) people plagued Stalin's new regime. The existence of genuine industrial saboteurs and Vragi Naroda (Enemies of the People) in Stalin's times is attested to by non-political and even anti-Communist American first-hand observers, such as recorded by United States Ambassador to the Soviet Union John Davies.

These discontents, which included both people with relatively normal motives such as nationalism, as well as genuine mental degenerates, were dealt with in a period of sweeping purges by the NKVD (People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs), who were infamous in the West as agents of the Stalinist Terror, and who were THE EPITOME of a truly Satanic police force. The NKVD was responsible for cleaning out the garbage in Soviet society, and did so with terrifying efficiency: they apprehended not only criminals, but also their extended families, friends, spouses, and anyone connected with them. This sort of thoroughness strikes most Jewish and Christian Westerners as paranoid, bloodthirsty, and excessive, but a Satanist might note that all of those people were either physically related to the criminal, or they associated with the criminal of their own free will. As the saying goes, you can judge a man by the friends he keeps, and recent scientific findings about the hereditary and familial nature of personality and mental disease make these methods seem very reasonable, if perhaps "unethical" by Judeo-Christian standards.

Another aspect of NKVD operations that might interest the Satanist is that NKVD officers were not content with merely catching criminals and then presenting evidence of their guilt and then exiling jailing or executing them. They made the guilty admit the reality of what they did and then insisted that they admit WHY they did it. Of course, after many denials of "I didn't do it," the guilty ones came clean (the innocent were let go, but one never hears about the innocent in propaganda). This is the Satanic, Asian "Durga" method of forcing someone to not just spit out a phony excuse but painfully dig into their souls to remember what DESIRE compelled them to commit crimes against their society, which often involved seeing some buried awful TRUTH about oneself, a process to which most people would find DEATH preferable. Sometimes these criminals would be brought before the citizenry and international media for "show trials," where they would publicly confess to what they had done and why. Western scholars usually dismiss these trials and confessions as faked, but, for one example, experienced lawyer John Davies considered the testimony at the famous Bukharin trial to be genuine, and he was a first-hand observer who had no political agenda or reason to distort the truth.

The NKVD was the internal police force of the Soviet Union that fought corruption and prevented counter-revolution, and when Khrushchev had his violent coup d'etat after Stalin's death, the first thing he did was dismantle it in order to instate his poisonous state-capitalist programs. From then on, Communism was doomed in the Soviet Union, and life there was not the same and destined to get increasingly bad. The Soviet economy (which was already severely crippled by World War 2) was strained to collapse by excessive military expenditure in the Cold War. All of Khrushchev's rhetoric about de-Stalinization and the "crimes" of Stalinism were a COVER for his vile destruction of the USSR, and people who had lived through the era of a man who had made their country great, despite poverty and a war that wiped out one third of their new industrial achievements, were horrified to hear him derided as a criminal.

According to the recently published memoirs of Anatoly Dobrynin, former member of the Central Committee of the Party and Soviet Ambassador to Washington for 24 years (1962-1986), Gorbachev, the West's little "hero," is as much to blame for the collapse of the Soviet Union as Khrushchev. Dobrynin says that Khrushchev kept antagonizing the U.S. military (this kind of antagonism doesn't work for a SOCIALIST system) and this misdirected Soviet energies to war, (instead of building their Socialist society) while Gorbachev's "wonderful reforms" (as the West thinks) unleashed chaos and confusion that Dobrynin says Gorby, could not even understand or deal with. Gorby was too hasty and did not understand economic problems (as Stalin DID), and became increasingly helpless as "glasnost" progressed. According to Dobrynin, Gorbachev did not know how to deal with "practical problems" (sound familiar?). Now Mikhail Gorbachev works in Pizza Hut commercials. Let us not forget that WWII destroyed almost everything the Soviets under Stalin had built. An arms build up is not the way to build socialism; it anything it destroys it.

Now that the Iron Curtain has fallen, the many detractors of Communism have loudly proclaimed the victory of "freedom of the individual" and "democracy." Meanwhile, the former Soviet Union has become a Hobbesian cesspool of massive starvation, crime, and all of the other HELLISH results of confused humans struggling for survival (however, it is not nearly as bad as EVERY SINGLE American inner city is; of course, the capitalists won't be happy until it is). The nation that rose from literally MEDIEVAL social and technological conditions to become a world superpower, to build the world's first space station, and to give HOPE of a better future for humanity, has been degraded to a level where its former General Secretary can be seen on American television peddling for Pizza Hut. THIS is where the "free market" road to profit incentives and unnecessary "luxuries" (of consumer SUCKERISM where people don't even enjoy the JUNK, such as the HIDEOUS $150 sneakers popular with school-age ghetto dwellers and their selfless imitators)

They, or more correctly, those fools and saboteurs who bought into the Western web of Capitalism (definition: the greedy, desperate searching after material TRINKETS by those attempting to fill up a black VORTEX inside themselves), have brought the Soviet Union: to utter DEGENERACY, REAL bread lines, a society without even medical care, and, of course, a resurgence of Christianity. Like most people, the citizens of what was once Genghis Khan's empire, the impenetrable wilderness unknown to the degenerate temperate zone civilizations, have been deceived by the shiny, deceptively pretty SHELL and tried to snatch up the shiny and glamorous but illusory "treasures" of Capitalism (just like the "treasures" of Christianity) they offer, only to find crumpled-up FOIL in their hands, or at least SOME of them have bought into this NOTHINGNESS. Perhaps when it is too late, once they are past the point of no return and are spiraling uncontrollably into oblivion, when they have long since sealed their own fates, they will look back and realize that they too have forsaken something more valuable than any ugly, overpriced "designer" suit or rip-off skimpy, bland "gourmet" cuisine in the world: normal creature comfort, good food, loving friendship and family, the kind of things NKVD chief Felix Dzerzhinsky called life, happiness, and inner liberty (Dzerzhinsky had never heard of Jefferson), and that we Satanists call vital animal existence.

Maybe they will realize that it IS possible to have a life with material comfort and luxury and real friends and family as communal primitives do, and have it (as Gene Roddenberry dreamed) in a MODERN technological society.

Right now, the greedy klippoths in the American capitalist world have had their wildest dreams fulfilled, their own big businesses are moving their operations OVERSEAS, into the labor markets newly-opened by the fall of Communism, gradually depleting the once prosperous standard of living in even the so-called First World. A Satanist might have warned them, "Be careful what you wish for: you just might GET IT."



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