Welcome to the Official Embassy of
The Flying Monkeys


YOU WILL COMPLY. (Um, er, uh.. Or Else!)

Now, we gotta have some kinda seekrit word. Okay! We got TWO words.

The Word of the Aeon is Spoon.
The Other Word of the Aeon is Mint.

94! 911! 411! 747!

This is the place were NOTHING is sacred! Ridero ergo sum!


These secrets are revealed to you by the Salt of Ystanbul Grotto, under the command of the Council of PTTP. So read on, but beware... dangers are many on the path for the face has PHI and then there is PI - and the PI ends up on the PHI!!! Heh heh... Lemon meringue, cherry, or apple: what's your choozy choice?

We, the Flying Monkey Sssaytanists, are the cream of the Sssaytanic Elite. Alien to the eyes of the herd. Unknown to their inferior minds. So bow down - we are the Masters of Mysteries, the Rulers of the Realms, the Tyrants of Time and the Seizers of Space (how much bandwidth is this taking up?! No matter. We are INFINITE.)

Have no doubts, here you will find the True Elite Chosen Elect Alien Empire - superior in Might and Strength! Secret Spy Power! Hidden agendas. The Really Real, Truly True Illuminati, which controls All the World! We are the Alienest of the Aliens, the Elitest of the Elite! Dontcha believe us?

YOU WILL BE ASSIMILATED BY FORCE if you do not comply!

WE ARE: THE CLIQUE!!! >}:o)>


Walking the Path of Mysteries

"The Most Holy Words of the Aeon are: Spoon. Mint." -

Brotherhood of Smuse, 1ANK

Indeed, Spoon and Mint are the Words through which the Initiates PTTP will remanifest. The Mysteries, ancient but virile, are the sweet milk that feeds the brilliance of the illumnatid mind of all True Magi.

O Spoon and Mint - we adore thee!

The Mint

"I asked her
for a pepermint.
I asked her
to get me one."

-A Divine Manifest as received by a Master during the Smusian Working. Decrypted and translated by KF, the Minister of the Sinister and a member of the Council of PTTP.

As can be seen above, Mint plays an important part in the revelation of the Mysteries. The Initiate must strive to perfect this Gift of Mint, for only by this Mint can his Essence Remanifest.

The Spoon

Ancient Rite translated from the Cosese text, the original was lost in Chasm when his Revolution failed due to an onset of @ amnesia:

The Spoon, then, is the Divine Process which PURIFIES the Mint. The Spoon is the Process of Becoming, an act dictated and compelled by the deity Gastrus Invictus. To Spoon is the Way, and thus Spoon is the Word of the Aeon. But be not mistaken - the Mysteries are deep: Mint as well is the Word of the Aeon!


A note: Um, if you read this and think this is supposed to be serious, please get off the internet NOW. (Editor)

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