Let's hear it for Violence Against Boiled Rice.
By the King of the Flying Monkeys, GM Dawg

Boyd Rice is for beating and slapping,
Not for singing or for rapping,
His lyrics sound worse than those grunting while crapping.


Boyd Rice walks into a single's bar,
He spies a woman smoking a miniature cigar.
She is drunk, all's a blur,
As he takes the seat right next to her.
He places his hand on her loin,
She turns around and kicks him in the groin.
She stands over that fallen skunk,
She says "Look, you bastard, I'm not that drunk"


Boyd struts down the street,
Wanting service for his throbbing meat.
He sees a black hooker in the alley,
"Hey Sugar! Come to Suck'em Sally"
He says, "Look Baby, I'm hard as a rock"
She says "For ten dollars, I'll suck that cock"
He brings a knife to her knee,
He says, "Bitch, you gonna suck me for free."
As he threatens to stab her right leg socket,
She reaches deep in to her dress pocket.
She pulls out her little black bottle of mace,
And then proceeds to ignite his face.
Around the corner appeared her pimp,
He plugged Boyd's knee, making him a gimp,
Then grimaced as Boyd staggered with a newfound limp.


Boyd and a fat chick leave a keg party,
Off to a motel ran by a guy named Marty.
In the room, alone at last,
She says she will not, due to his racist past.
He pushes her on to the bed,
Then tries to force her to give him head.
He takes his hand and squeezes her rump,
She hits him between the eyes, leaving a lump.
He spreads her ass, Ready to ram,
She turns around and delivers a choke slam.
He lies and withers on the floor,
He utters "I'll get you, you filthy whore'
She says "You ain't nothing but a wussy,
She hikes up her dress and forces him to eat her dirty pussy.


Screams heard by motel manager Marty,
He says "Oh My God, That doesn't sound like a private party"
"It sounds like some one is violating a little girl",
"I better call officer Bill"
She straddled his face, violating him more,
Just as officer Bill kicked down the door.
"He tried to rape me" She cried.
Boyd laid helpless as she lied.
Officer Bill said "I'll make his life hell,
I throw him in the minority section of the county jail"


He stood in a cell, with those he spent his life hating,
Not knowing he was about to experience some inter-racial male to male mating.


Inmate 1: Here's the story, Here's the scoop, Bubba gonna fuck you where you poop.
Inmate 2: Honkeys come in droves, they come in masses, Bubba done tagged all their asses.
Inmate 3:He'll bend you over, squeeze your tit, Bubba gonna fuck you where you shit.
Inmate 4: He takes no lip, he takes no sass, Now Bubba gonna have your sweet white ass.
Bubba: You say your straight and not a queer, So said those klansmen I found hunting deer. I violated their white power rears and celebrated by drinking all their beers
Bubba: I'll make you scream, I'll make you dance... My cock so big, I named it Deliverance.
I know you fear my cock so black and big.. I'll now make you squeal like a pig!


Boyd.. Boyd.. Turn on the lights,
Time for you to realize that women have rights.
You better learn to treat them nice,
Until then.... Let's hear it for violence against Boyd Rice!!!!!!!!


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