To all the LADIES out there, about the Bolsheviks

This goes out to all the ladies out there. It’s a different TAKE on who the Bolsheviks were and what they represented. Fellas, listen up!

Let’s talk about the Bolsheviks. No, not Lenin – I mean the rank and file Bolsheviks: the thousands of soldiers, peasants, and workers who came around to give PEOPLE POWER to the Bolshevik regime with their support and hard work building a nation and defending it from enemies. Even back in 1917, the Bolsheviks had a reputation as a party supported by people like that: hard-working, strong, young people who wanted to build a better world for themselves. They are just ONE example of regular people standing up for themselves, in one place and time.

They were "MACHO" – but not in the sense of woman-hating or woman-demeaning (as one might find in the dick… oops, I mean DIC-tatorships of many Third World countries, where misogyny and plutocracy reign supreme). They were macho, as in determined, willful, and ABLE to achieve what they wanted. They did not have a vision of women as "weaker" or "fragile" either, but that mentality never existed there even before that time. In the face of horrible adversity, the Soviet people built a new society, including its institutions and its infrastructure. But these men, such as Felix Dzerzhinsky, were also sensitive, caring people whose desire to build socialism was motivated by a SYMPATHY for the suffering they and millions of others had endured under the despotism of the Tsarist state, petty agricultural lords, and greedy industrialists.

Take a look at some old pictures of those guys. Good looking, well built guys who could do the job right, collectively. Team players who loved their people and their country. Bolshevism wasn’t driven by overpaid glutton millionaires, by wimpy autocrats with genetic diseases, or any of the defective-penis types of men inclined towards establishing ego hierarchies. Those types of men were DETHRONED by the Bolsheviks, who were a party and state OF, BY, and FOR the WORKING PEOPLE. The REAL power behind any society, whether they acknowledge it and assert it as the Bolsheviks did, or resign or suck up to the disgusting male dick-tators that always want to run the show (and usually eventually succeed through sheer tenacity and nothing ELSE better to do). People who have REAL biological, practical power don’t feel a NEED to lord it over anyone, or set themselves up as petty dictators anywhere. Bolshevism was a party of the BUILDERS of society. DOERS. ACHIEVERS. People who HAD real power of the biological and practical kind – power of the inner kind: the FLAME that shines and creates.

And it wasn’t just the guys either: the Soviet Union was the first modern nation to give WOMEN the vote! What other nation awarded women medals for MOTHERHOOD – one of the hardest but also TOUGHEST jobs around, a job demeaned or ignored in most of the world? Not only that, but many Soviet women also worked alongside their male comrades in all parts of the economy, and distinguished themselves as leaders and examples for their peers all over the world. They were powerful, assertive women – and beautiful to boot!

Take a look at pictures of these people. They were PRIME biological material (I can’t resist: hubba hubba!!!). And if you are curious, crack a book and take a look at the leering, twisted abortions that heap calumny on the People of the Soviet Union and their achievements under socialism, writing books full of distortions and lies about how "evil" it was. They OBSESS over power, and some even overtly bring in SEX as an issue. LOOK at these slanderous writers, and SEE what this axe they have to grind was and is REALLY about: JEALOUSY. And beware, because these are the same jealous TYPES that are the enemies of real achievement everywhere. They are motivated by a desire to slander and defile that which is alive and healthy and creative (everything THEY are not) - they try to make good people out to be villains, and truly evil people out to be saints. Educate yourself to empower yourself, and don't be fooled by the curtains of malicious lies they try to weave. Look at deeds, not words.

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