Conservative Buzzwords: what they say, and what they really mean

1. Globalisation: The process of big business turning America into a third world country. (See link 1 below)

2. Free Trade: The process of moving good jobs to third world countries. (See link 2 below)

3. Labour Costs: Your wages and benefits (if applicable).

4. Labour shortage: A situation in a sector where people make a middle class wage. (See link 4 below)

5. H1-B: A visa type for guest workers to replace Americans with cheap imported labour.

6. Deregulation: The removal of laws to protect the citizens from the abuses of big business. (See link 6 below)

7. Laissez-Faire: The complete remove of labour laws, product safety laws, environmental laws, and workplace safety laws, with the intention of creating Social Darwinism. (See link 7 below)

8. Unfettered: See "laissez-faire" above.

9. Minimum Wage: An absurdly low wage that would render the worker among the working homeless. (See link 9 bwlow)

10. Inadequate Compansation: A term misused to describe CEO income. (See link 10 below)

11. Tax Cut: Reduction in taxes for capital gains, and never on worker wage income.

12. Tax Rebate: A lame failed attempt to start the economy by the government borrowing on itself against your tax return. (See link 12 below)

13. Trade Barrier: Any regulation in a country that regulates business. (See link 13 below)

14. NAFTA: A trade agreement intended to trade jobs for oil with a side effect of making America more third world.

15. GATT: A global version of NAFTA with a worse side effect of making America increasingly third world. (See link 15 below)

16. Liberal: anyone who doesn't buy into all of the above. (See link 16 below)


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