The Real Bolshevik Ethic

Note: this article is written tongue-in-cheek, intended to mock out both Commie and anti-Commie crusaders. It is not intended as an endorsement of a Bolshevik or Communist political agenda in the USA or anywhere else.

Many things about the Soviet Union and its citizens have been said and repeated in the Western world. People like Winston Churchill, George Orwell, Ayn Rand, and other people alien to the Bolshevik way of thinking and way of life have written volumes of slander and given poignant, colorful speeches describing how horrible life in the Soviet Union was. People in the West give perk up attentive ears to hear the endless confused gibberings of criminals like Medvedev and Solzhenitsyn, and completely and immediately believe every mealy-mouthed, spiteful word about Communism to come from the insincere mouths of emigres clever enough to cash in on the anticommunist racket by writing about how "completely terrible" life had been before they came to abroad.

However, the voice and Will of the real people of the Soviet Union remains quiet, hidden, and unheard. Yet it is the voice the men and women who LIVED the Socialist ethic and whose deeds materialized the ideas of men like Nechaev, Marx, and Lenin, the citizens and comrades whose deeds brought centuries of hopes and daydreams into the light of day in the form of beautiful cities, factories, schools, jets, subways, and space stations. It is the clarion call of those people who turned the tables on their oppressors, courageously took their fate into their own hands, and together built a better world for themselves, the everyday working people who make society tick.

What did these people have to say, and what did they think? What vision guided their hand, and what feelings drove their Will? And what did they DO?

They did not see themselves as slaves to Communism, or feel oppressed by a Marxist ideology (as their Western denigrators depict them). They felt FREE of the old shackles of Tsarism and classism. They looked to the capitalist West, which was languishing in famine and Depression in the 1930's, and saw REAL nations of slaves. They remembered what it felt like to be ordered around by a factory overseer or landowner who pitilessly ruled their impoverished lives like petty dictators, and drained of their everyday enjoyment and the fruits of their hard work, yet self-righteously proclaimed themselves as the working peoples' "protectors" and even "natural superiors"! They knew what it felt like to work all day and be punished for as much as using the restroom in Tsarist days. They remembered what hunger felt like, what tireless slave labor work felt like, and most of all, what the FEAR of being abused or fired for standing up for themselves felt like.

They saw that modern technological society is a product of WORK, the work of millions of people doing millions of different tasks, yet all somehow working together, and all DEPENDENT on the work and cooperation of countless other people that they might never meet or see. They saw that THEY, the WORKERS, were the real creators and maintainers of society. That they, the DOERS - not the thinkers, not the owners, not the talkers - had the sole right to OWN and CONTROL their own labor, its tools, and its fruits, and to work in the way that they, the workers, collectively agreed was RIGHT, without interference from parasitic owners or domineering managers who served the parasites like cringing toadies.

They saw that people who tried to attach themselves or interfere with this process of work - this process of collectively creating and maintaining modern civilized LIFE - were obstructors, parasites, and bullies, malicious people who wanted something for nothing, or who wanted to abuse or degrade the achievements of others. When they looked at corpulent millionaires eating caviar while men and women starved on the street, they saw filthy, vampiric people who sucked the life and work out of honest, productive people. When they looked at an imperious boss or manager who treated workers on the factory floor like underlings or royal subjects or refused to cooperate with what the workers wanted, they saw a hateful obstructor getting in the way of WORK. When they saw a man or woman discouraging collective action or the will of the majority in favor of the opulently rich or powerful, they saw a cringing coward, a half-man or half-woman writhing like a worm for the benefit of an unjust "master." They felt that these kinds of ruinous people were CRIMINALS, and their influence must be eradicated by any means neccessary. They worked tirelessly to FIND and eliminate these kinds of people, and to prevent them from emerging anew.

As they saw it, to be a self-aware member of a gigantic cooperative society millions-strong, to be a worker in control of ones' own destiny, and to be the unwavering enemy of all who opposed the good of The People: was to be fully human. They felt that for the first time in history, they were able to direct their own collective Will towards the creation of a new kind of society, a Communist society, where all would be free to create and enjoy the fruits of their labor. They were strong people, regular people, and they deeply felt that their cause was Just, and their actions Right.

What they did? They created the most modern society in the Twentieth Century. Its death at the hands of Nazism, internal corruption and sabotage, and a demoralizing Cold War with the West is an unimaginable tragedy.

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