The Toe Duh Ching


#satanmuse log December 21, 2000

[1:55] <ExplodingZERO> The Tao, is that pronounced toe?

[1:56] <Commissar> It is pronounced DAO.

[1:56] <Metadromos> Yeah like when you call the DAO truck

[1:56] <Commissar> As in DOW like Dow Jones?

[1:56] <Nominus_Barabbas> yes, but 'Toe' yields far greater results... if you want to see a stuttering china'men...

[1:56] <ExplodingZERO> capitalist??,,, uhh.. TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE!!.. so nyaa

[1:57] <Metadromos> "Doh!"

[1:57] <ExplodingZERO> lol

[1:57] <Nominus_Barabbas> 'You know nothing of the Toe, Mr Yen'

[1:57] <Metadromos> lol

[1:57] <ExplodingZERO> lol

[1:57] <ExplodingZERO> lmao

[1:57] <Metadromos> The Toe that can be spoken, that is not the true Toe.

[1:57] <ExplodingZERO> lol!

[1:57] <ExplodingZERO> stop I'm gonna hurt myself! lol

[1:58] <GeneralSecretary> Gives an entire new meaning to walking the left hand path.

[1:58] <GeneralSecretary> Tip-taoing on the left-hand path?

[1:58] <GeneralSecretary> If you want to be *real* quiet?

[1:58] <Nominus_Barabbas> The Toe, which is not a Toe, but a way, a path to travel,

a moutain to climb, yet never to see... that is the Toe

[1:58] <Metadromos> This is terrible.

[1:58] <ExplodingZERO> lol...

[1:58] <ExplodingZERO> terribly funny

[1:58] <Commissar> HA HAAAAAAA

[1:58] <Commissar> you peopoe have dipped into my stash??

[1:58] <Nominus_Barabbas> The Tao of the Toe is silent and clothed within a size 13

[1:58] <ExplodingZERO> that is the toe... lol

[1:58] <Metadromos> lol

[1:59] <Nominus_Barabbas> why 13? dare you question the Toe

[1:59] <Metadromos> When you have learned the Toe you have failed. The Toe that is

learned is not the true Toe.

[1:59] <ExplodingZERO> lol

[1:59] <ExplodingZERO> i do not dare question the toe..

[2:00] <Nominus_Barabbas> to learn the Toe is to learn their is no Toe, there is no foot, and you can not stand, but not because you have no Toe, but because you have no feet.

[2:00] <Metadromos> Master, why do you step on my toe?

[2:00] <ExplodingZERO> lol

[2:00] <ExplodingZERO> lmao

[2:00] * GeneralSecretary uses an "all fits one" size for his toe.

[2:00] <Commissar> HA HA HAAAAAAA - the One Fits All. YES YES!!

[2:01] <ExplodingZERO> my face is turning red and i cant breath!!!!!

[2:01] <Nominus_Barabbas> the Japanese stepped on the Toe, but only the Chinaman understands the pain which is the mashing of the Toe

[2:01] <Metadromos> lol

[2:01] <ExplodingZERO> toe mashing..

[2:01] <Commissar> The "All fits One."

[2:01] <Commissar> shit...... double me over.

[2:01] <Nominus_Barabbas> oh... you could always go for the broken toe on the doorframe of wisdom... but i have no idea where to pull the punchline from...

[2:01] <Metadromos> Wrapped in invisible shoes was the Toe, when the foot powder slumbered, and the nail clippers had not yet been called by name.

[2:02] <Commissar> HA HA HA

[2:02] <Commissar> AA,......tjpoooooo

[2:02] <ExplodingZERO> lmao Nominus_Barabbas

[2:02] <Lucifer-Satan> there is a long road to understanding the toe, for it is a road neverending. with many sharp, up-jutting stones. and many large pebbles which bounce down randomly.

[2:02] <Commissar> Metadromos that is from cosmogenesis....

[2:02] <Metadromos> Oh!

[2:02] <Commissar> yeah!!

[2:02] <Commissar> lol lMAO...

[2:02] <Nominus_Barabbas> haha!

[2:02] <Nominus_Barabbas> Welcome Lucifer-Satan

[2:02] <Metadromos> Moon Hobbits have 11 toes

[2:03] * Lucifer-Satan nods to barabbas.

[2:03] <Metadromos> did you know that?

[2:03] <Nominus_Barabbas> to know the Toe one must first learn the path of the Finger, ensuring the avoidence of the path of the phallus

[2:03] <Commissar> oh god.....

[2:03] * Lucifer-Satan chops off one of those toes. "don't you know, they're lucky?"

[2:03] <ExplodingZERO> I dont know what a moon hobbit is

[2:03] <Metadromos> lol

[2:03] <Commissar> OHNO NOoooooooooo.......

[2:03] <ExplodingZERO> pfft! Nominus_Barabbas

[2:03] <ExplodingZERO> lol

[2:03] <Metadromos> ExplodingZERO: when you are meant to know you will know.

[2:03] <Metadromos> heh

[2:03] * Lucifer-Satan gives barabbas the traditional greeting of the order of the finger.

[2:03] <ExplodingZERO> :P

[2:04] <Nominus_Barabbas> haha

[2:04] <ExplodingZERO> LMAO

[2:04] <Nominus_Barabbas> i bet i know which one...

[2:04] <Commissar> moon hobbits are ....ancestors of the chandravansa oh god....

[2:04] <ExplodingZERO> did you make that up?

[2:04] <Commissar> the reasoning......ancestors, nooooooooo

[2:04] <Metadromos> You have seen the sacred handsign, but do you know the toe gesture of the temple?

[2:05] <Metadromos> I dont know what moon hobbits are either.

[2:05] <Metadromos> lol

[2:05] <Lucifer-Satan> Metadromos1:1 sure *starts hopping on one foot, while holding the other*

[2:05] <ExplodingZERO> lol

[2:05] <Nominus_Barabbas> one may make a fist by the clenching of his fingers, but to clench ones toes will cause nothing more than for the man to trip, this is the way of the Toe, the way of staggering...

[2:05] <Metadromos> Apparently they are the ancesotrs of the chandravansa.

[2:05] <Metadromos> ??

[2:05] <Metadromos> News to me.

[2:05] <Lucifer-Satan> Metadromos1:1 and the traditional call of the order of the toe, "ow ow ow ow ow!"

[2:05] <ExplodingZERO> lol

[2:05] <Metadromos> LOL

[2:05] <Metadromos> ow ow ow

[2:05] <Commissar> wrapped in invisible SOCKS.

[2:05] <Commissar> OH, this should go on the Vadian clique website. It's TOO fucking funny.

[2:05] <Metadromos> Behold the Grand STUBBED TOE

[2:06] <ExplodingZERO> my toes are as long as fingers... what does that mean.. I have a greater... uhh.. toe force?

[2:06] <Lucifer-Satan> Commissar1:1 no, the socks are only invisible to fools! haven't you heard?

[2:06] <GeneralSecretary> Do five defenders come forth from within the socks, then?

[2:06] <Commissar> no no, from the TOES,

[2:06] <Metadromos> Dr. Shoels is our messiah!

[2:06] <Commissar> but to think there are TOES means you lost sight of the TOE

[2:06] * GeneralSecretary isn't sure he knows the sock doctrines.

[2:06] <Metadromos> He has the sacred corn pad.

[2:06] <Commissar> YES YES..

[2:06] <Nominus_Barabbas> their are three veils which cover the Toe, yet yeild little in the way of arch support, by this clothe is the Toe obscured, but rendered to indeed be the Toe

[2:07] <Commissar> nylons.

[2:07] <Commissar> peds

[2:07] <Commissar> and socks.

[2:07] <Commissar> the 3 veils.

[2:07] <Metadromos> lol

[2:07] <Lucifer-Satan> Metadromos1:1 ah, your order has been claiming that The Shoels will come with the corn pad... I say, he will come with the insert!

[2:07] <ExplodingZERO> lol

[2:07] <Lucifer-Satan> Metadromos1:1 for a thousand years you've claimed that it's the corn pads, when the texts clearly state it's the insert that he shall come with!

[2:08] <ExplodingZERO> lol

[2:08] <ExplodingZERO> what have I done?????

[2:08] <Nominus_Barabbas> no my child (ExplodingZERO), you merely have more Toe to know before you have but to realise there is no toe, and there is not figure, therefore you are not making an obscene gesture at me

[2:08] <Commissar> Zero, you have creatied and inspired HAIL SILLY!

[2:08] <Metadromos> Then there is Leather (the crown), Nike (wisdom) and Adidas (knowledge)

[2:08] <Nominus_Barabbas> finger

[2:08] <Commissar> A HA HA H

[2:09] <ExplodingZERO> lol...

[2:09] <Lucifer-Satan> Metadromos1:1 feh, your order doesn't even believe in Payless, the eternal walking place for the faithful! where all paths shall be smooth and all shoes fit!

[2:09] <Commissar> This has to be the TOE duh Ching

[2:09] <Nominus_Barabbas> and yea, god spake unto the people and he said 'I am the way, I am the toe, and only through clipping may man know me'

[2:10] <Commissar> ah, but shoes are but the garment, the shadow. the TOE is the truth.

[2:10] <Metadromos> Pardon me, the Book of Toes chapter 2 verse 58 CLEARLY states that the Toe MUST be one with the odor eater, lest it fall into sin.

[2:10] <Metadromos> LOL Toe duh Ching

[2:10] <Metadromos> HAHAHA

[2:11] <Metadromos> Turn in your hymnals now...let us sing "this little piggy"

to the Grand Stubbed Toe.

[2:11] <ExplodingZERO> lol

[2:11] <Nominus_Barabbas> But by Chapter 8, of the book of Cuticle, it states clearly that none save those who have partaken of the pedicure may enter into the soften grounds of pardise

[2:11] <Lucifer-Satan> Metadromos1:1 you quote selectively. with the nike came words of wisdom, that said the toe must not always be one with the odor eater, but that it should not be excessively without it!

[2:12] <Metadromos> Lucifer-Satan: but the Toe alone is dead. Do you not know that Toeses climbed mount Toenail to retrieve the Law?

[2:13] <Metadromos> TOESES!

[2:13] <Metadromos> lol

[2:13] <ExplodingZERO> LOL!

[2:13] <Nominus_Barabbas> and Job cried forth 'God, why hath thou forsaken me with that which is ingroan. I have washed my feet often but am still accursed with the fire that caneth not be quenched, and the corn which may not be partaken'

[2:13] <ExplodingZERO> u my friend.. are a weirdo

[2:14] <Metadromos> He recieved the TEN TOEMANDMENTS

[2:14] <Metadromos> hence we have 10 toes

[2:14] <ExplodingZERO> lol.. uh huh...

[2:14] <Lucifer-Satan> Metadromos1:1 HERETIC! the toeses doctrines are *not* officially recognized or sanctioned by the Prime Arch Supporter!

[2:14] <Nominus_Barabbas> BLASHPEMER!

[2:14] <Metadromos> Ahh I see that a Toephet is not appreciated in his own shoe.

[2:15] * Lucifer-Satan chuckles.

[2:15] <Commissar> oh, I'm gonna save this log - and it's going up on VAdaian clique!!!

[2:15] <Commissar> YES...

[2:15] <Commissar> It's TOO good to let pass by...

[2:15] <Nominus_Barabbas> You wear not the seal of the sandle, yet profess to know the way of the prophet who's feet and toes shown as the color of brass!

[2:15] <Commissar> But Nom you have lost the toe!

[2:16] <Commissar> You are lost in the illusion of feet.

[2:16] <Metadromos> You must first know the TOERAH before you can know Toebalah.

[2:16] <Commissar> hahaaaaa

[2:16] <Nominus_Barabbas> you know not of that which you speak, for the toe has chosen me, and I shall be the savior of the land, and many a clipping shall yield to me and gather... for I am the way and the keeper of the sacred seal

[2:16] <Lucifer-Satan> Metadromos1:1 it is only through your peticure that you can be saved!

[2:17] <Lucifer-Satan> or is that pedicure?

[2:17] <Metadromos> Have you been to the middle sephirah? Tip-toe-reth?

[2:17] <Commissar> HA A HA HA....

[2:17] <Nominus_Barabbas> Metadromos, bad joke, bad joke

[2:17] <Nominus_Barabbas> man... reeeeaaaalllyyy bad...

[2:17] <Metadromos> heehee

[2:18] <Commissar> no no that's HILARIOUS...

[2:18] <Lucifer-Satan> beware ! there shall come one whose nails are cloven, and whose callus knows no bounds! he shall try to tempt you!

[2:18] <Metadromos> Before arriving at the Crown of the Foot thou must pass through a Baath. This is how you must rise on the pillar of the Toe.

[2:19] <Metadromos> NEVER

[2:19] <Metadromos> Do not be tempted by false apostoes

[2:19] <Metadromos> We know who they are!

[2:19] <Lucifer-Satan> but those true to the toe shall remain faithful, and the toe shall triumph on the return of the The Shoels, with his insert!

[2:19] <Nominus_Barabbas> Unity Uttermost Shown! Hail unto they lord of the cuticle, which nature hath not hown. Lord of the sandle and of the moccasin. I shall maketh a secret door into the ways of tip-toe-reth!

[2:20] <Nominus_Barabbas> such is the way of the blackened nail which, in accordance to the universal will which is that of nike, shall fall from the toe and be known to the land no longer...

[2:20] <Metadromos> The 9 Sa-toe-nic statements... 1. Sa-toe represents Suede, rather than cheap canvas shoes.

[2:20] <Nominus_Barabbas> haha!

[2:21] <Commissar> And that which shall fall shall be known as the clipped off.

[2:22] <Metadromos> hehe

[2:22] <Nominus_Barabbas> on the path of the Toe shall many a discarded soul be shown unto you, these are the protectors of the realm these are the clipped-offeth

[2:22] <Lucifer-Satan> beware! the shoeless one shall tempt you, with beautiful foot oils, and soft cushiony imitation inserts! the true faithful will know, it is only after the time of tribulation, the time of shoddy shoe manufacture, will the The Shoels come! that time may come soon, in your lifetimes perhaps, perhaps before you next trim your toenails!

[2:23] <Metadromos> Indeed!

[2:23] <Metadromos> When the Raptoe occurs, only the faithfully shoed shall be saved.

[2:23] <Commissar> HA HA HA.....

[2:23] <Nominus_Barabbas> 'Come the Raptoe, these shoes shall be abandoned'

[2:24] <Metadromos> You shall cast off your mortal shoes and the toe shall be clothed with Nike Airs.

[2:24] <Lucifer-Satan> and the world shall be stretched, as if by a shoe- stretcher!

[2:24] <Commissar> then for ten thousand toerlas shall toe slumber in the womb of sock.

[2:25] <Metadromos> When Haysus Christoe shall return!

[2:25] <Metadromos> lol

[2:25] <GeneralSecretary> He shall return Toe-day!

[2:25] <Commissar> LOL

[2:25] <GeneralSecretary> As it was written in the Toerah.

[2:25] <Nominus_Barabbas> he who hath lost a toe in thine life of living will find it waiting upon entering the softened ground of paradise, where all men shall walk as one whole, with ample arch support, for in paradice the flat shall be curved and the grim shall be padded

[2:26] <Metadromos> Yes, then shall the toe awaken and say to itself...Am I not a Toe? I shall WALK!

[2:26] <Lucifer-Satan> the odour of the fungus shall be rancid! by this shall you know the time is here, the time is now, for the raptoe! and beside the insert, the The Shoels shall bringeth a spray, that shall drive back the fungus!

[2:26] <Commissar> And by their Smell Shall Ye Know Them: the Toekrah rebels against the Toetalitarianism of the Toe.

[2:27] <Metadromos> And you shall eat at Toegos, lest the shoe become angry and smite thee.

[2:27] <Nominus_Barabbas> but a Toe I can not be, for to know I am a Toe is not to be a Toe, which neither a foot may connecteth to, ever on from thense i will be nothing more then a pebble... a pebble by which to stub the glory of others...

[2:28] * GeneralSecretary announces the birth of the millennium of the Toe, the year toe-thousand.

[2:28] <Metadromos> You shall see the Toegoic Ray that shall issue forth from the eternal Burritoe and the heathen shall be smitten.

[2:29] <Nominus_Barabbas> all foods, by the laws of Toeses, having been professed Toesher, must first be dipped within the whatever of edson and purified thereby to be partaken by the people as sacred

[2:29] <Lucifer-Satan> Metadromos1:1 surely you don't believe in the burrito- ray. that was an obvious fabrication of the Generics, an early order of the Toe!

[2:29] <Metadromos> LOL nominus

[2:29] <Nominus_Barabbas> water... not whatever

[2:29] <Metadromos> Thou art the Epson Salt of the Earth!

[2:30] <Nominus_Barabbas> they knew not of the Toe, they were of but the foot, the arch had been revealed not unto these people

[2:31] <Metadromos> I...and if thy brother shall step on thy toe, that is whould break, thy brither shall pay the 100 toellars and sacrifice the shoe on the altar.

[2:31] <Nominus_Barabbas> and the Great Horn said unto the blessed of toe, 'As the Generics know me not, never shall they be known to thee, the blessed of the 12 Toes which arisen from the deformed foot'

[2:32] <Lucifer-Satan> Metadromos1:1 bah, with inflation that's but three and a half clippings' worth back then!

[2:32] <Metadromos> lol

[2:33] <Metadromos> You have not learned Toeism.

[2:33] <Nominus_Barabbas> And if your brother shall smite you with a great weight upon they foot, offer him thy 9 others, and if he should as well smite them, offer him thy fingers and hands... for you can runneth not...

[2:33] <Metadromos> Why should I listen to you, your toenails grow disorderly and your shoes are not toesher.

[2:34] <Nominus_Barabbas> haha

[2:34] <Metadromos> Now we have to call the Rabbis to create the Toelmud.

[2:34] <Lucifer-Satan> and there was a great ingrowing between the orders of the Toe, and they made to step upon each other's feet. the order of the twelve toes, having more to step on, fell to the merciless generics, who were in turn conquered by the Reeboks!

[2:35] <Nominus_Barabbas> I have been dipped in the waters of ebson as he who was born by the wooden horn within the coblers shack

[2:35] <Metadromos> And he said to him, "Toeses, remove thy shoes, for you stand upon Toely ground."

[2:37] <Nominus_Barabbas> By the fornication of twine pinkies was the Great Horns wrath invoked upon the people are Adidus and Pony, and from this world were the wiped forever

[2:37] <Metadromos> To purify the sole of the foot, one must recite the purification of the heel, that the sole may be purified and not be cast into the fires of Athletes Foot.

[2:38] <Lucifer-Satan> Commissar1:1 lol, we're getting a toehold on there? =P~~~

[2:38] <Nominus_Barabbas> pfft

[2:38] <Commissar> oh, you don't know?

[2:38] <Metadromos> Now, we accept the apocryphal book of Toebit. You have only the lesser canon.

[2:39] <Nominus_Barabbas> I'm sure I'll make it in the chronicles a few times...

[2:39] <Commissar> OH, the Book of Toebit where in the demon I's-mo-deus seduced Sarah! He say to da Toe: I's MO Deus 'an you, mofo.

[2:39] <Metadromos> lol

[2:40] <Commissar> And the TOE spoke, "yo y'all gotsa exorcise out I's mo deus 'an you mofo.

[2:40] <Metadromos> We TOED here to go somewhere else...

[2:40] <Nominus_Barabbas> By the greater and lesser seals of Tolomon may one invoke the powers of many a fungi, and invoke great destruction upon the earth

[2:41] <Metadromos> By the Great Seal of Toelomon's Toemple...we command the elemental Toeman to appear.

[2:41] <Valah> Hello all!

[2:41] <Commissar> oh oh....someone wandered into Sillymuse

[2:42] <Metadromos> Doorkeeper! How has this infidel entered the Toely of Toelies?

[2:42] <Nominus_Barabbas> Valah, flee, for you are not of the Toesher way, and by the commandments of the Great Horn may none among us fornicate with thy decadent self

[2:42] <Valah> ?

[2:42] <Nominus_Barabbas> hahaha!

[2:42] <Metadromos> We are insane.

[2:42] <Valah> funny yeah

[2:42] <Commissar> The lounge has dipped into my stash....

[2:42] <Nominus_Barabbas> I am sane

[2:43] <Nominus_Barabbas> my company is sane

[2:43] <Metadromos> You shall have no part in the Toe to come.

[2:43] <Nominus_Barabbas> you are mad

[2:43] <Valah> maybe i can give a help I am a psychology student

[2:43] <Nominus_Barabbas> you know nothing of the Toe

[2:43] <Commissar> It's the stash I tell ya....

[2:43] <Nominus_Barabbas> the Toe has no part in you

[2:44] <Metadromos> I took the little pill that said "Take Me"

[2:44] <Metadromos> Wake up Neo, the Toetrix has you.

[2:44] <Nominus_Barabbas> the toe could be in you though, if you were into that kind of thing, but it would not be my toe, nay it shall be a rubber toe but crafted in the manner of a man

[2:44] <Commissar> The Toekhra hath called me.

[2:45] <Commissar> The Star Gate awaits!

[2:45] <Metadromos> You must learn to arouse the Kuntoelini

[2:45] <Nominus_Barabbas> haha

[2:46] <Metadromos> Until you have masteres Toega you are no Toegi

[2:46] <Commissar> Toe Sex?

[2:46] <Commissar> Toetalitarianism is great in the Vadian Clique!

[2:46] <Nominus_Barabbas> well... rubber toe...

[2:46] <Metadromos> LOL

[2:47] <Metadromos> You have a Toekra block

[2:47] <Commissar> TOO obscure.

[2:47] <GeneralSecretary> Toe obscure?

[2:47] <Commissar> The Toekra were formed to fight against Toetalitarianism!

[2:48] <Nominus_Barabbas> Tolaphio = Bad falaphio joke and no one got

[2:48] <Metadromos> lol

[2:48] <Metadromos> You have been eating Toefu?

[2:48] <Nominus_Barabbas> ha!

[2:48] <Commissar> no, you been drinking toequila??

[2:49] <Metadromos> lol

[2:49] <Nominus_Barabbas> these are getting horrible

[2:49] *** Joins: SmokeMirror (

[2:49] <SmokeMirror> greetings

[2:49] <Commissar> hi Smoke...

[2:49] * GeneralSecretary had a rum toeddy.

[2:49] <Commissar> laughed 2 fuckin hours straight.

[2:49] <SmokeMirror> hi Commissar...

[2:49] <Nominus_Barabbas> SmokeMirror, would you like to expieriance that which is the rubber toe?

[2:50] <Nominus_Barabbas> it vibrates...

[2:50] <SmokeMirror> :)

[2:50] <Nominus_Barabbas> my jaw and head hurts now

[2:50] <SmokeMirror> more hilarious that the mint vs spoon fights? :)

[2:50] <Commissar> to think it started when Zero asked how to pronounce Tao. LOL!

[2:50] <Metadromos> hehe

[2:50] <Commissar> YES, Smoke, double over 2 hours.

[2:50] <Commissar> CHOKED.

[2:50] <Nominus_Barabbas> and he bloody ran away

[2:50] <GeneralSecretary> And especially noting that Zero isn't here any more.

[2:51] <Metadromos> He probably thinks we are all crazy

[2:51] <Metadromos> lol

[2:51] <GeneralSecretary> It became toe much for him, I guess.

[2:51] <Commissar> yeah, poor kid. once before he asked a question and well, it started a 2 hour FIGHT in here!

[2:51] <Commissar> and it was HILARIOUS.

[2:51] <Commissar> He did stop to say "what did I start."

[2:51] <Commissar> kid seeing all of us usually serious people going insane like this....LOL LMAO

[2:51] <GeneralSecretary> Did he ever get an actual answer?

[2:51] <Commissar> HAIL SILLY!!!!!!!!!

[2:51] <Metadromos> He asked, and we TOELD him

[2:51] <Commissar> GeneralSecretary yeah, I answered him.

[2:51] <GeneralSecretary> Okay.

[2:51] <Commissar> DAO.

[2:52] <Metadromos> Yes he did.

[2:52] <Metadromos> We have composed the Toe duh Ching here tonight,

[2:52] <Commissar> YEAH!!!

[2:52] <Nominus_Barabbas> have to be posted...

[2:52] <Nominus_Barabbas> definately

[2:52] <GeneralSecretary> I think we should give Zero a copy of it, as a

toeken of appreciation.

[2:52] <Commissar> It will be up on Vadian Clique!!!

[2:58] <Nominus_Barabbas> damnit! they used 94!

[2:58] <Nominus_Barabbas> haha...

[2:59] <Nominus_Barabbas> that started with me and a couple of guys with my '93s'

[3:00] <Commissar> OH, clique eh? They want us to be a clique?

[3:00] <Commissar> FLYING MONKEYS?

[3:00] <Commissar> US?

[3:00] <Commissar> ok. We are the FLYING MONKEYS.

[3:00] <Nominus_Barabbas> the 93 part was a series of stuff between me and

the Lillith guy

[3:01] <Nominus_Barabbas> To Lilith

[3:01] <Commissar> everything is mocked on there, incuding ourselves.

[3:01] <Nominus_Barabbas> whenever i said 93, it was 94... we had this long

joke going.. nevermind

[3:01] <Commissar> OH, kaiden Fox???

[3:01] <Commissar> OK. yeah, him...

[3:01] <Nominus_Barabbas> yeah

[3:01] <Commissar> he's funy.

[3:01] <Metadromos> Oh yeah... 94 is the number of Vad

[3:01] <Commissar> everyone contributed.

[3:02] <Nominus_Barabbas> 93 is one less then vad

[3:02] <Commissar> ok.

[3:02] <Nominus_Barabbas> it is near, but not of vad, for it is lessened by one

[3:03] <Metadromos> The Toe has enemies....

[3:03] <Commissar> I have to go,

[3:03] <Commissar> HEH>>

[3:03] <GeneralSecretary> See you! :)

[3:03] * Commissar LOVES you guys. but HAS to go. I'll bb 1-2 AM E. time.

Session Close: Thu Dec 21 12:03:27 2000

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