The Cyclone Rollercoaster!

Way back in the 1970s, before all those straps were used to strap people in tight on the waste and around their necks, back when there was only one single bar that closed about one foot (30mm) away from a person's body, way back during a time where the Safety Patrol wasn't in force - the BEST Rollercoaster on the planet existed. Understand that the only thing separating the rider from mid-air was that one, single bar

That Rollercoaster was the CYCLONE at Coney Island, New York! This ride went 90 miles per hour and the first drop was almost completely verticle.

Below are two pictures. One is a close up picture taken at the Fiftieth anneversary of the Cyclone with Tani and Phil in the front seat. We are desperatly trying to wave at the camera with one arm and holding the bar with the other arm - and having a hard time. At the time, you had to be in the front seat to have the photo taken. However, the last seat was always the best seat and the wildest ride. This ride was one huge cosmic HOOO WEEEE! The rollercoasters today that loop around can't compare to it. The Cyclone was on a wooden track, you were not constrained in the seat and could easily fly out when it went into free-fall, if you were small and not holding on. The second picture below is of the entire train of the Cyclone

Close up shot with Tani and Phil:

Full shot of whole train:

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