By Wicked Witch of the East

See: Cruxtoid Page of Faces ... and Turanian Page of Faces

PLEASE refer to the PAGE OF FACES and notice Stalin, Yezhov and Dzerzhinsky and others of note who are obviously Slav-Turanians of some kind. Here is where one can even hear Satanists say "they look EVIL." Compare it to the other page of the goodie goodie Jesus-like faces, the "good" person image. You'll have to have a LOOK at it to appreciate it. We used to have random faces up there, but then it was decided to put more well-known faces up there to demonstrate a point.

BWhahahahaha. PAVLOV! Bwhahaha! PAVLOV INSTITUTE! Bwhahahahaha.... (You'd HAVE to be an American to appreciate this. You'd have to grasp the Red Scare in the USA, McCarthy, all that). The GODLESS ATHEIST EVIL EMPIRE, Bwhahahaha...

You know.

It's FUNNY. And the impression is SO deep in the specifically Anglo-American West; I don't think it's just because of Hollywood, either. But, wait: where did Hollywood get the idea? It's an idea, a notion, a kind of unconscious THING that most Western people have about our looks. The politics only made it worse.

As some of you know all too well, I've gotten into conversations with some of you only to hear you say to me: "Gee, your relatives have such satanic names." And you laugh at the notion of it because there really are real people, lots of us, that HAVE names like that (I'm so sad, I don't have a name like that but that's because the real last name never made it to the birth certificate!).

Check it out: Boris, Vlad, Radu, Igor, Bela. Bela Kun! Vlad Lenin! Radu (short form) Radovan forgot his last name, the Serbian guy these days, not Slobodan Mi-LO-se-vich (pronounced like that). And Karloff, Lysenko (pronounced Li-SYEN-ko) was born in KARLOFFka or Karlovka, also spelled Gorlovka. How's this for a name (accented syllable capitalized): BOGdan KoBUlov. Let us not forget Pavlov (bwhahaha Manchurian Candidate, brrrrr, brainwashing, horrors). Now, the Vampire in the show might have such a name as any of these, but the hero of the show would NEVER have such a name.

Recently our one and only Casey Jaws from Hell came over with a bunch of photos, laughing her ass off. "Oh, T, LOOK at them, come on, it's too much." She held out the page and was just LAUGHING at it. I suggested she look in the mirror.

She had Felix Dzerzhinsky, Lenin, a young Stalin, Yezhov and even the one of Lysenko where he is posing with "demon eyes" and a very Rasputin-like look on his face. LOTS of his posed photos resemble Rasputin, remarkably so, just add the beard. I have to wonder if he wasn't told to pose like that. But: oooo, Rasputin - the popular opinion of the guy was that he was a magician like SVENGALI (check out the name, it sure ain't Irish, Jewish, or Anglo!) I HAVE to admit, there is a definite "br-rr-rr" or "BOOO eh eh eh" or "Welcome to my house, enter at your own risk" said in the Vampire accent that seems to be a knee-jerk idea people get seeing these faces. They even TALK like that when they speak English with their accent, in fact, they do Lugosi 100 times better and it's not an act.

Some of you reading this know Anton LaVey - and you know how he liked to pose to make himself look MORE sinister. (All I see is this kinda cute guy making a face!) Well, Dzerzhinsky doesn't have to pose, he looks like that all the time, so does Lenin to some degree and Lenin looks a lot like LaVey. And of course, I can dress like a nice office-dressed old lady and you can put me next to practicing Wiccans dressed the part, pentacle and robe and all, and ask ANYONE on the street "Who is the witch" and they pick ME because of the way my features are. We tried it out, me and a Wiccan guy and girl down here -we asked both blacks and whites about it: "If you had to guess WHO is the witch or magician, who would you pick?" They ALL picked me. So it's not the clothes! I like black hair but one friend said "Oh no, red's your color. If you died your hair black with your features you'd look like a vampire." THERE IT IS AGAIN. (In fact, I'd pass for Japanese if I did this).

If you think this did NOT affect Soviet-Western relations, guess again. This stuff is VERY deep and it's unconscious! Of course, when I or another brings it into the conscious realm, people laugh at their own impressions and think it's funny.

The FUNNIEST thing lately was Howard Stern apparently making fun of the Pope's speaches, but doing it in a definite vampire accent. HUH? We didn't get it, was Stern trying to imply that the Pope was a blood sucker or something? Then we heard the actual Pope speaking Italian and he DOES speak Italian with a vampire accent. It's HILARIOUS. It's actually a Polish accent, but from that part of the world. It was HILARIOUSLY funny.

Even Phil said: Lenin and Dzerzhinsky look like demons, they have the demon look. Yezhov also, and I definitely look like Yezhov as B's crazy "morph of our faces" proves - the points to make the morph lined up except I was smiling, Yezhov was not. Phil thinks that Lysenko looks like he has a bit of the demon look and looks like a gangster, definitely a gangster, he'll break your knees for a fee. Casey insists that Lysenko has demon eyes but that Yezhov and Dzerzhinsky definitely qualify for demonhood. This definitely feeds into people's impressions, unconsciously. I KNOW that this definitely feeds into the utter skepticism I encounter when I try to talk of the good deeds these people did or how nice they were. When Stalin was young, he was VERY good looking in a very macho way - TOUGH looking. However, Phil sees that when the whole of us with these looks SMILE, we have the ultimate "happy faces." Not the round yellow-circle happy face, but that the whole cheekbone area, the eyebrows and eyes all slant upward, the cheeks bulge forward and the lips make a bow-shaped smile like the corners of the lips go up in the smile: HAPPY FACE. Our faces tend to be triangular from the eyes down to the point of the chin due to this bone structure. He doesn't know if most Europeans see this as happy face, they might instead be seeing a "diabolical" grin.

I, of course, think we are the ultimately pretty people! The prettiest!

Casey topped it off with a book ("The Psychotronic Encyclopedia of Film" by Michael Weldon) that had write ups of old classic series or movies and there it was, a photo of Flash Gordon with Dale Arden (both round eyed, blonde and stereotypically anglo) shown with MING the MERCILESS of the planet MONGO. Oh brother. That's about as hammed up as Ronny Reagen's "Evil Empire" hype. Ming fits right in there with Lenin and Dzerzhinsky. And then there was Fu Manchu, only he doesn't look Chinese at all, he looks more like us. Christopher Lee sort of vaguely has the look if they put enough makeup on him and arch his brows, but his face is far too long: still, he COULD be dressed up to look like Dzerzhinsky.

Yeah, it's hilariously funny, I agree, I laughed. But this is a VERY subtle kind of propaganda that has deeper effects than anything the "war ministry" could dream up. Lee van Cleef who has that kind of look, always used to be typecast as a bad guy, evil cowboy; then people liked him so they changed his roles. Even Roddenberry was hesitant to put Nimoy on screen as he looked as Mr. Spock because it looked too "demonic." Demonic? Has Roddenberry SEEN a demon?

What does a demon look like? Everyone seems to KNOW what everyone else means by this, but does anyone wonder about it? Well, we who HAVE these looks are KEENLY aware of it: aware enough to "Europeanize" photos of Stalin and Yezhov and others to show to the west! I know the Chinese are aware of it big time. But they don't seem to understand that the "look" is not Chinese - maybe they THINK it's white people trying to look Chinese. We don't tend to have the soft features and softer looks of the Chinese. Uh, yeah, we look more like MING THE MERCILESS FROM THE PLANET MONGO. HA!!! TOOOOOO much.

Keep in mind, I'm the one that came up with a mockery of the "angelic looking ones" with their long dour faces, thin lips, startled looking round eyes and no cheekbones. The austere, ascetic looking Jesus-faces. UGLY, sterile or ascetic looking, wimpy looking though they can look like what I stereotype as sadists, stern, pent-up, malicious and loveless. HA! Then there are the soft-faced looking types, no cheekbones either, round eyes, but kind of wide or square faces, no pointy jaws on them: Churchill had that kind of soft pudgy look but he wasn't that way at all. Beria had the look of what stereotypes as a Jewish school teacher or ascetic professor type: he wasn't like that for real at all, either nor was Beria Jewish at all. It's interesting to me that even SOVIET people had this stereotype of Beria: where did THEY get it?

I would assume they get it from some kind of racial memory that's very, very deep! Another angle on it is to call it Serpents Versus Adamites: Adamites fear the Serpents, Serpents are CUNNING and bwhahaha diabolical

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