Written for the not-so-smart non-thinking types that occasionally crash our lounge and spam us with their silly buzz words.

Every once in a rare while, we at the #satanmuse lounge have our party crashed by "you know who." They are SO very recognizable. They come in there spewing out their new, knee-jerk buzz words: "blah blah equality" or "blah blah survival of the fittest" and occasionally "social Darwinism, you know." They actually imagine that these misunderstood buzz words have something to do with Satanism. These natural born idiots imagine that they'd love a hierarchy; yet don't even understand the challenges to their non-thinking words that our lounge regulars throw at them. They are in way over their heads and, the pity is, they have no clue that this is the case. They do not know what it is they don't know! Never do they get greeted in a friendly manner since our lounge is used to "those others" sending in their "lackey spies" or shit disturbers. And so the guys, ever ready to kick butt or bust the heads of "invaders," start to go into a diatribe of abuse against the organization these people OBVIOUSLY belong to. They give them an earful: isn't that what they want? We think it is. Prove us wrong! Later on I get to see logs - and I think: oh dear.

This not only abruptly chops off whatever other happy conversations anyone was having, but it positively mystifies the people in the lounge that don't have a clue what this hullabaloo is about.

One of the things that poses a problem for those parroting these buzz words is that most of the #satanmuse loungers are smart and they can think and debate. They give these idiots a run for their money with ideas that are simple, yet far too complex for the members of "that other organization, you know who." Our people are fast thinkers and tend to throw the ideas out rapidly. The morons can't grasp what is being said and seldom even read it. They are there only to shit disturb. They throw the concepts at them in rapid fire before the poor idiot can think them out. And of course, the poor morons are dutifully wasting their time trying to type their more-than-obvious buzz words, or saying something as stupid in another sense. In the future, you'll all be able to simply direct these angst ridden idiots HERE, to read THIS.

EQUALITY! Ooooo, the bugaboo word. Well, of course no two things are the same. Didn't we explain that in "Sat and Tan?" Oh, that flew way over their heads. Do these idiots, who are trying to tell us that "some folks run fast and some run slow, some folks are dumb and some are smart," actually think they are saying something that is not obvious? What world do they live in that they don't know that EVERYONE KNOWS THIS? Do they really think they are telling us something? Well, obviously they do. And it is their incredible stupidity that makes our lounge regulars give them a run for their money, in order to toy with their incredible stupidity. It's a way of head-bashing. Well, that's not nice. :) Some of them even claim they came in there to test the waters, or claim they are not satisfied with their own org, but no one listens because it is clear that they came in there filled with brainless buzz words to either preach to us or shit disturb: and so they got their heads chopped off for it. They complain that we chopped their heads off. LOL! Well, come on. They come in there with STUPID SHIT and they get treated like they are STUPID PEOPLE. We don't fuss about typos like they try to do either. That's only something STUPID PEOPLE do because they have a hang up on "being smart."

EQUALITY, or more to the point EGALITARIANISM, originally had the same meaning as meritocracy. Meritocracy is where everyone, not just a few people related and usually inbred by family ties, not just a few people that happen to own a patch of land, but everyone has an equal chance to the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. One can get a very clear idea of what equalitarianism is by reading this article right here. sovieted.html "On Education in a Real Merit System." And this article was actually written by a person from their own organization and who usually sticks to his own chat room and doesn't bother ours. Now, he IS smart but look where he was educated! Heh heh heh. Equalitarianism means equality UNDER THE LAW. It means that whether you are a housewife, floor sweeper, computer programmer or doctor, no matter what race or gender or age you are, you have the same RIGHTS under the law in a fair system. Otherwise, the system is simply not fair and the system will, indeed, deteriorate to conditions that prevail in all Third World Countries where bribes and absolute corruption rule the day and where life is absolutely dog-eat-dog HELLISH. Of course, the idiots spewing the buzz words don't realize that because they are: IGNORANT IDIOTS! UGH!!! And while they do deserve to get their stupid heads chopped off, this only serves to destroy the normal conversations in our lounge.

Egalitarianism (equalitarianism) means the same thing as meritocracy in our legal system. Meritocracy is NOT the same as hierarchy. Not at all. This is a DANGEROUS misconception that I believe is born in the smothered hearts of people who are presently RAGING against society; it is a misconception that can only be made by NON-thinking, VERY stupid people. This is also the sickening bwaak bwaak that is parroted by every moron in "that other organization, you know."

You do not have any meritocracy in any hierarchy, whether that "-archy" is Monarchy, Oligarchy, Patriarchy or other. NONE. What you have instead is stasis, static classes, static positions in society, static roles based not on what you are or can do, but on WHO you are, who you are related to, who you know, and other such arbitrary rubbish. This is an example of pure monkey-think: "I'm related to you know who," or "I met you know who 10 times." Pure monkey think. From generation to generation, or group to group, you have the STATUS QUO. The appearance of stratification in hierarchies are nothing but appearances that have nothing at all to do with the merit of the individual. I say "most often" because such systems are overthrown and what you get as a result is anarchy and slaughter. Lots of slaughter. Vengeance is sweet. Therein you can see the Satanic urge that is not-monkey. The tendency to REBEL!

But here is the trick: meritocracies lead to stratification, and each "strata" that forms in the society at any given time (important), could be looked at as a hierarchy in a very loose way, the loosest of ways - so loose that it's not even a hierarchy - because it's an ever changing hierarchy, it's always in motion and never the same. Not only from generation to generation but even within one lifetime, the strata changes. This is a major difference. This is also how the entire web of life works in real nature. The other is only the way nature is in the minds of those that either desire to make nature what it is not, or those just too stupid to understand the NOT-so-subtle difference.

One example a so-called visitor "only wanting to chat" came up with was the floor sweeper and the computer programmer. Should they get paid the same wage? Well, without the floor sweeper, the dust would pile up and endanger public health - and clog up the computer. But our visitor never thought of that because he is incapable of thinking. Since both are doing a job that serves society in some way (if it didn't, there wouldn't be such a job) we say they should both be compensated for their labor and we realize that the labor they do doesn't just stay there, where they are doing it. Their labor has wide reaching ramifications.

Another example of a so-called visitor "only wanting to chat" was another moron that read "Eugenics in China" and thought it meant something fascist. Oh brother. MORON MORON MORON! What shall we do with these MORONS? Fascism, that is corporations allied with military ruling a country, LOVES morons since they make perfect work slaves. They love an underclass of leeches to be present so that the workers can point to them as the scapegoat and vent their hate on them. In such societies the labor, done by laborers who make everything, goes unrewarded. And of course, such societies end in chaos and destruction. No forethought there.

SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST: this is a strictly biological concept that means: whoever has their genes spread out all over the place most, is the fittest since their descendents, their GENES, survive. In the most brutal primate terms, this means that the "best fucker gets the most girls and has the most descendents." Ok, it's "natural," but primates using this method for 5 million years never managed to produce ONE SINGLE SOCIETY or evolve beyond what they are today! In our modern society it means that the welfare leech is fitter than those who pay for the welfare by working "smart jobs," since the leeches have used the strategy of parasites to further spread their own genes around, and they are doing it at YOUR EXPENSE. You are the COLLECTIVE guardians of their children, you pay to feed them, cloth them, school them. It would seem to me that most of you also BACK DOWN when these welfare born kids grow up and migrate into your neighborhood - and chase you out. You are AFRAID OFTHEM! This is the clearest example of "habitat tracking, migrating" and "replacement" that is visible in the human realm. It doesn't matter how this situation arose (which we are dead against here, in case the lackeys weren't paying attention - and we know they weren't), the point is, in biological terms, these human leeches have won in the game of survival. PERIOD. 99% of the species that went extinct were not fit. All the species you see here today are the winners - and they are the 1%. That is what "survival of the fittest" means. It doesn't mean anything else. It doesn't mean that the computer programmer is "more fit" than the floor sweeper. We can easily live without computers and be healthy. We can't live in filth and be healthy.

The Fittest are what you see alive right now, today. They ARE the fittest, the survivors. In 100 years the FITTEST will be the people (and animals) who are here then. Do these shit disturbers have children? If not, then they are genetically dead. If they never have children, their line will have perished into oblivion with 99% of the other UNFIT species that vanished. Simple as that. The fittest, in terms of biology, does not mean "those who can make computer" or "make culture." Nope. It means those who are HERE - and even moreso, those who REPRODUCE.

SUPERIORITY! Ooooo, another hang up of those with inferiority complexes. Some regard the makers of industry and technology as superior to those who do not make it. But if you make industry/technology, you also pollute the environment your own offspring need to live in. Then again, there are those who regard people who do NOT make industry/technology as superior. This has to do with values, human value; and it has nothing to do with biology. Again, superior in what way? At what? The shit disturbers are merely disturbed people who want to bother us when we are having fun.

Social Darwinism has been mistaken for "survival of the fittest." It is NOT a scientific term - it is purely political and based on hindsight. Nature IS organized based on this. But it is not true that you can plan a society to be organized on it. It is possible to use hindsight and imagine that Social Darwinism is taking place but, as pointed about above with the leeches, much in the realm of reality is being overlooked. Reality in terms of biological Darwinism shows us that the welfare leeches have the advantage in all ways - they are the FITTEST - and those complaining about it are the WEAKEST!

Now, why are these no-brainers parroting this crap and imagining it has to do with Satanism? Well, because their not-so-fearless, not-so-strong leader rambled some nonsense about it and called for a police state and a dictatorship. Because they belong to an organization that claims to be a hierarchy with some of the stupidest garbage on top. Let us look at undefiled reality. Did this hermit know what a real police state was like? No, he had no clue. He should have visited the Third World to see real police states in real life. He should have been DEPORTED there and forced to live there for 10 years to get a taste of it. On his own without the benefit of all those Hollywood people, he'd have perished. Did he realize that he would be rounded up as a non-productive leech, a "religion peddler," in such a state? No, not a clue. Did he realize he was unemployed and unemployable? Did he realize that he would get sick and then die being wholly DEPENDENT on the charity of Catholics? No, he had no clue. Enough said. Point should be clear.

In the future, send the idiots here to read this.

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