SLAVA STALIN! Satano-Commissar Bren, Proletariat

Note: this article is written tongue-in-cheek, intended to mock out both Commie and anti-Commie crusaders. It is not intended as an endorsement of a Bolshevik or Communist political agenda in the USA or anywhere else.

"Stalin was a thug - a train robber in the Caucuses," say his critics.

Right. Just like George Washington was a "thug." Or Spartacus. Or Robin Hood of legend. Or ANYONE ELSE who achieved ANYTHING in this fucked-up world.

Do you really think it's an insult to point out that Stalin was a train robber or bank robber from the Caucuses? Do you really think that reflects negatively on his character?

Stalin was a man of action. He DID THINGS. However, he was at the TOP OF HIS CLASS in school. He was SMART. But he was NOT some cerebral talking head or defective wimp "intellekshool" who sat in a goddamned chair and pontificated like an "above it all" Sage on the Stage wannabe.

Ever notice who writes all these biographies about how evil Stalin was?? They are mostly shriveled, diseased-looking, sneering SCUM who hide their JEALOUSY behind a veneer of "scholarly, moral discourse." They project their OWN impotent sadism onto leaders like Stalin, who were considered HEROES by hundreds of millions of their OWN people.

People like Trotsky and Conquest and the rest of these armchair critics are DO NOTHINGS in the world. They are dry, sterile WASTE PRODUCTS who delight in SNEERING all over libraries and, more recently, the Internet, and putting down anyone who DID SOMETHING POSITIVE.

Stalin's critics like to sit in comfortable seats, lying to themselves, PRETENDING that everything they HAVE is "good" and "moral" and "right" and "upstanding." They don't want to know that what they call "law and order" or "justice" or "natural reality" were ALL WON WITH BLOOD AND GUTS. ALL of it.

That's the nasty TRUTH they don't want to see. Meanwhile cops and soldiers and a HUGE elaborate system of oppression keeps REVOLTS in check, because this entire civilization is built on SUFFERING and EXPLOITATION.

So the so-called "libertarian types" or "liberals" their ilk talk about how "evil" Stalin or the "Indian Savages" or the "Heathens" or the "Negroes" or WHOEVER the latest scapegoat is. And part of the reason they do it is SCAPEGOATING: "The Evil Empire" making Stalin into the latest greatest Satan out there.

These critics are JEALOUS of what Stalin and his kind DID. They were SMART, SUCCESSFUL people that boldly forged their OWN PATH in life. They MADE A WORLD they liked, or tried to. They are the historical movers and shakers in the world. Maybe they are just sensitive to a time of historical change, but they SEEK that change and seek to MAKE IT THEIR WAY. Stalin did that, and his vision of a future was a MARXIST society for his people. And he worked and worked, applied himself tirelessly and with strength of Will, and ACHIEVED what he set out to achieve, against AMAZING odds.

Bolshevism died with Khrushchev, unfortunately.

Most people are TERRIFIED of the THREAT that people like Stalin pose to both their own feeling of security and self-delusive "moral righteousness" and to real life AFFLUENCE, which depends on a COMPLAISANCE of underclasses. They don't like how the Bolsheviks told the Capitalist West, effectively "FUCK YOU! GET OUT! WE WILL NOT BE YOUR SLAVES!" because it alerts them a LITTLE BIT to the fact that the few who are the "they's" are in reality SLAVEMASTERS----or, more accurately, LACKIES of a system of slavemasters. They don't want to think that, they don't want that to be true. So they tell themselves that a class hierarchy is "natural" or justified in some other way.

The truth is that capitalist civilization is maintained by BRUTE FORCE filled with the lowest dupes saying "yes sir" to the next highest dupes on the dupe-ladder. FACT. Try and deny it! Enough LITTLE facts have leaked out about CIA atrocities to match ANYTHING said about the Soviet Union under Stalin. But they don't want to know that. I'm sure they have a million excuses about why the CIA or NATO or WHOEVER they want the "good guys" (inevitably, YOUR GUYS, never the OTHER GUYS) to be, were justified in their atrocities. Tell us that they are "YOUR GUYS" when you come home from fighting THEIR war with sickness that THEY say doesn't exist!

And they above all are terrified of how the Bolsheviks actively CHALLENGED imperialism and the Almighty Religion Orders. If Africa and Latin America did that, the West would have to completely restructure its economy, since the West is economically DEPENDANT on Third World labor and resources.

Actions speak louder than words. People like Stalin DO GOOD in the world by forging ahead and by BREAKING UP old entrenched oppressive systems. Stalin, and many other Bolsheviks, were people of VISION. They had a goal and they FOUGHT to achieve it. They brought wonderful gains for hundreds of millions of people. Bravo to them!

And FUCK YOU to every sniveling sewer rat of an "historian" or "commentator" who likes to SNEER DOWN at everything those people did. ALWAYS REMEMBER: Stalin and people like him were those who STOOD UP for the oppressed workers - seeing clearly that these workers made EVERYTHING we all use and enjoy. Stalin and those like him STOOD UP to the bullies.

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