First, you'd need to know a few things about us as an organization, other than what you can read in our article sections in the menus you see at the top of this page.

Satanic Reds are not Communists "Reds" or Socialists "Reds." That is not to say that people who hold to those politics are excluded. It means that the organization is not that kind of Red. When we say "Satano-Communism," we mean commune-ism, community, in the literal sense.

We are SAT-TANIC Reds, which is different. We aren't political in the sense that regular "Reds" are, not exactly, and real Reds would say we are definitely not Red at all. We are Social Realists. We are Satanic in the modern sense in that we promote that which serves the self - but also manages to serve those around us and which would make countries into nice places, high quality of life - and it would be a very nice world if everyone did these things - and that is something considered NOT Satanic at all.

The guiding principles of the Sat-Tanic aspect of Satanic Reds can be read in the Nine SaTanic Postulates, which reflect the pure Dark Tradition, a tradition that is wholly independent of modern Satanism and the sentiments of the proponents of modern Satanism.

We have a true Left Hand Path tradition and most of us at Satanic Reds like the Dark Tradition documents on this website, which define the Left Hand Path using the standard (real, not confused) definitions and using the first words known to define these things, such as Asat, Sat and Tan. Everything about such traditions, ancient and modern, Western and Eastern, can be learned by obtaining essays advertised on this page. These are excellent if you are interested in these specific traditions and their history, with definitions clearly explained. They are not necessary to know or have in order to be a Satanic Red. (What? No obligation to buy? Nope.)

Satanic Reds to date has people in it who are still Thelemites, Wiccans, Atheists, Mormons, Protestants, Catholics, Jews, Moslems, Hindus, Setians, Pagans, Vampires, Buddhists, Taoists, Native American Shamanists and a few hard core Dark Tradition people, or people who see aspects in their own religion that fit in with that, or who see the whole of what they culturally believe and grew up with in the whole of the Dark Tradition. One does not have to change any of this to be a Satanic Red. We focus on the Darkness aspect, true. But without that Darkness First, there is no Flame within, no Light. (The Darkness is One explains this eloquently.)

Social Realism can be seen in articles on our socio-political page. They are self explanatory.

Furthermore, we are not against the religions mentioned in above, some of which have members that are more politically aligned with us on issues having to do with the real world, and not religion. We are NOT pro-Fascist, pro Dictator or pro Hierarchy, since this type of thinking and feeling is anathema to the Satanic Idea "Do As Thou Wilt" and the concept of the Self First. We are NOT "Devil Worshipers," as clearly defined in "Which KIND of Satanists" also on this Website. We are not puritans of any kind, eg, social justice warriors are puritans - they just have another religion.

The founders of this organization agreed to set things up this way, but there are specific things that are self-serving while, at the same time, would prove to serve others around us. You either agree with these or not. These are our only rules and criteria for joining this organization.

Are you a Satanic Red - Social Realist? See if you answer yes to the 10 questions following:

Do you agree with these 10 questions below:

1. Do you agree that WORKERS should be paid a livable wage, a wage that Labor Unions would probably demand, and that workers have a right to organize? A neighborhood and/or community filled with overworked and underpaid workers eventually becomes a slum, since the people living next to you can't afford the necessities of life with a few frills. A stress filled community is a dangerous community.

2. Do you agree that HEALTH CARE is not a privilege but a Human Right that all citizens should have in a civilized technological country? Included in this would be Medicare for our formerly hard-working elderly folks who are now losing all the money they worked honestly and hard for due to the high cost of prescription drugs. Included in this is the strengthening of the Social Security System which once guaranteed a continued good life after retiring from a life of work. Sick people who can't afford health care could spread the plague. Plagues do not discriminate between rich or poor.

3. Do you agree that PUBLIC EDUCATION should be available to all citizens, not just in primary and secondary schools, but including day-care if necessary and up through college and definitely trade school, which in many ways is much more important than college; the trades and skills learned are what made countries great. This should be available for all who qualify in a race/gender blind merit system where the best, no matter who they are, are encouraged to excel? This would mean an EQUAL RIGHT, blind equal rights, to excel or fail in a public education system, preferably one in which you can choose the school for younger people. An educated nation is a civilized nation. Educated people are informed people.

4. Do you agree that CORPORATE WELFARE must stop - and that money needs to get back to the workers who make everything, and not drain out to the big corporations? Corporations have the same rights as citizens, but right now they do not have to abide by the same laws governing citizens. They should be made to. When they harm the workers, they harm the country that the workers live in.

5. Do you believe in stringently maintaining a SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE so that people not only have freedom OF religion, but also freedom FROM religion if they so choose? Right now, Congress can make no laws regarding religion. But City Ordinances can be passed and States can make laws.

6. Do you believe in striving for a clean and healthy ENVIRONMENT and an end to needless environmental destruction? This includes ANIMAL RIGHTS for animals other than human animals when it comes to non-health care uses of animals. Animals need not be slaughtered for vanity purposes. This entails working for clean energy (or cleaner) and making this affordable to all citizens. Note that this does not mean we are anti-technology or Luddites; we are in favor of new technology being developed and used (we already have much of it) to create a less wasteful and clean environment.

7. Do you believe that the Multi-national corporations and Trans-national corporations need to HIRE OUR OWN CITIZENS and not wander outside for cheap labor (who are like SCABS in Union talk)? A scab is a person that works for super low wages and takes your job away from you. You can't possibly live on a wage as low as the scab is working for - for instance, $1.00 an hour.

8. Do you believe in cutting the military budget and putting more of our own tax dollars to the service of the people? This incorporates the idea that we need not fear foreign invasion if people own guns! This includes the idea that we don't need to waste tax payer's money on being the "police of the world" or trying to solve the problems of other sovereign nations. The military budget need not be used to make MORE nuclear weapons, it could be used to enhance the nation and definitely, for the quality of life of the men and women that are in the military. The old G. I. Bill was much better than the new one in terms of quality of life for our armed forces.

9. Do you believe that in any civilized society that PEOPLE should be put BEFORE PROFITS? Keep in mind, the key word here is CIVILIZED.

10. Do you agree with us on these very important issues pertaining to Occultism of any kind: we are DEAD AGAINST bloody rituals and/or human or animal sacrifices; we are DEAD AGAINST policies that promote sexual relations with children - and by that we mean CHILDREN, not males and females who are nubile and already having sex or who live in countries that promote marriage of younger people who are nubile (physically and biologically at the child-bearing age). We mean children. Support for anything like this is one of the biggest dangers threatening Occultism and/or Alternate Religion. Groups that have links to such things, or organizations that advocate them, have their own websites. Linking to them has nothing to do with "freedom of speech." Actively linking to them is active promotion of what they advocate, or what they promote, it's giving them free advertising. If you have such links, do not link to us or try to join us. If you wish to join us, remove those links. Freedom of speech means nothing without responsibility to the self. There is also Freedom of CHOICE.

If you agree with these 10 items, then you are a SATANIC RED - SOCIAL REALIST.

You may wish to join this organization.

If you join SR, then what can you do aside from writing nice articles, being creative, emailing each other, or practicing your Craft in a group or solitary manner?

As Social Realists, you can support the BILL OF RIGHTS, which is threatened now. You can get a Bill of Rights in your country if you don't already have one. If you don't know what the Bill of Rights is, look it up! You should know what this is, whether you join this organization or not.

You can support the NEW DEAL that was implemented by the great President F. D. Roosevelt. The Great Roosevelt was elected by the People of the United States for FOUR TERMS. Those were the days when a dollar went somewhere. Life was good back then. President FD Roosevelt saved the United States during the Great Depression. His programs have been eroded by the military industrial corporate powers and further given a bad name by social parasites who were allowed to wallow in generational welfare, which put a burden on the "middle class," gave social programs a bad name, and otherwise helped to propel the reactionary forces of both the Christian Coalition types and the political thought police to power. In other words, the ultra left eroded the New Deal by abusing it, and now the ultra right wants to finish the job of destroying it.

You can GET OUT THERE and make a difference no matter how "small" a difference that may be. That is a Satanic Red! That is Social Realism!

As members of a Left Hand Path organization called Satanic Reds, by whatever label you choose to define yourself by, what can you do? Well, you can do pretty much what any other of the many and varied Satanic or Wiccan and/or other organizations out there are doing, if you choose to do this: there are risks with some of the things they do. Teach people about it, set the record straight. Or don't. Form a coven or grotto; Or don't do that at all, especially if you live in an intolerant town; use the internet instead as a method. In other words, do what you want with the Magick. Remember, a strong act of Will is Magick.

The founders suggest that you find large groups that are already established that agree with any of the 10 points and join up with them, work with them. Don't bring religion up; that's not a good idea and it's off the mark and tends to cause friction. Work to attain Social Realism in a spirit of cooperation with groups that are already huge in number, who have the clout and experience. If you engage in Magick, try a working that might help gets these things done. You have everything to gain by doing that, even if you agree with the 10 SR statements and choose not to join the SR.

If, however, you are known to be the sort of person that causes trouble, you can be refused membership by any of the founders or moderators (if it's in the yahoogroup).

If you would like to join Satanic Reds - Social Realists, send an email to get a short questionnaire. The SUBJECT heading in the email should be the word "APPLICATION". If that does not come up in your email program, just send an email to satredsorg at gmail dot com and type the word "application" in the subject line. Click for application: HERE

We used to have yahoogroups as our members egroup, but alas, that is going to perish. satanicreds at googlegroups dot com is the new one. Take note that these days, unlike the past, most members are OFFLINE and not in the egroup. Who knows if that will change. You do have to be a member of the SR Org to join the egroup.

Other questions and answers are addressed in our FAQ


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